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Yelena Makoyed at the 2022 World Cup.


Makoyed, Albrecht secure gold in France, lead U.S. to seven medals

by Savannah Asmann, USA Wrestling

NICE, France – The United States saw seven wrestlers earn medals in women’s freestyle at the Grand Prix De France Henri Deglane on Friday, including two gold, one silver and four bronze medals.

Senior National Team member Katie Gomez captured silver at the tournament, going 3-1 with three strong wins. Gomez is a two-time age group World medalist, adding to her international competition resume.

At 68 kg, Kaylynn Albrecht earned gold, going undefeated in Nice. Albrecht adds to a gold medal from the 2023 Grand Prix of Spain and a third place finish at the Bill Farrell Memorial International.

Abigail Nette, a Senior World Team member in 2022, secured bronze in Nice at 57 kg. Lexie Basham led the group at 62 kg, capturing bronze at the tournament. This is Basham’s fourth international tournament, as she won bronze at the Grand Prix of Spain in 2022.

The United States dominated the 76 kg weight class, with Yelena Makoyed earning gold, and Dymond Guilford and Skylar Grote each bringing home bronze medals. Makoyed adds to her growing list of medals from international competitions, and is building on her first place finish at the Bill Farrell Memorial International last November. Guilford and Grote, both Pan American champions in 2022, navigated a tough bracket to claim bronze at the event.

Grand Prix de France Henri Deglane

At Nice, France, January 19-21, 2024

Full Women’s freestyle results

50 kg

Gold – Katie Dutchak (Canada)

Silver – Julie Sabatie (France)

Bronze – Josephine Haemmerle (France)     

Bronze – Emma Luttenauer (France)

5th – Erin Golston (United States)

5th – Svenja Jungo (Switzerland)

7th – Justine Vigouroux (France)

7th – Natalia Walczak (Poland)

9th – Georgiana Antuca (Romania)

9th – Lola Jacquinot (France)

9th – Joanna Samsonowicz (Poland)

9th – Amanda Tomczyk (Poland)

53 kg

Gold – Emma Malmgren (Sweden)

Silver – Katie Gomez (United States)

Bronze – Maria Baez Dilone (Spain)

Bronze – Christianah Ogunsanya (Nigeria)

5th – Lilya Cohen (France)

5th – Tetiana Profalitova (France)

7th – Alisha Howk (United States)

7th – Elena Ionescu (Romania)

9th – Lauren Mason (United States)

9th – Aintzane Gorria Goni (Spain)

9th – Maelyss Rousselet (France)

9th – Lobna Ichaoui (Tunisia)

57 kg

Gold – Guillia Rodrigues Penalber de Olivera (Brazil)

Silver – Hannah Taylor (Canada)

Bronze – Abigail Nette (United States)

Bronze – Mathilde Riviere (France)

5th – Graciela Sanchez Diaz (Spain)

5th – Celeste Sion (France)

7th – Ana Maria Puiu (Romania)

7th – Mia Olivier (France)

9th – Amel Rebiha (France)

9th – Patrycja Strzelczyk (Poland)

9th – Aleksandra Witos (Poland)

9th – Faten Hammami (Tunisia)

62 kg

Gold – Lais Nunes de Olivera (Brazil)

Silver – Siwar Bouseta (Tunisia)

Bronze – Lexie Basham (United States)

Bronze – Esther Kolawole (Nigeria)

5th – Lauren Louive (United States)

5th – Lydia Perez Tourino (Spain)

7th – Ana Luciano (United States)

7th – Annatina Lippuner (Switzerland)

9th – Bridgette Duty (United States)

9th – Sara Lindborg (Sweden)

9th – Olha Padoshyk (Poland)

9th – Nicola Wasilewska (Poland)

68 kg

Gold – Kaylynn Albrecht (United States)

Silver – Georgiana Andries (Romania)

Bronze – Paulina Danisz (Poland)

5th – Lorena Lera Celda (Spain)

5th – Nerea Blanco Pampin (Spain)

7th – Anna Braun (Sweden)

7th – Dalma Caneva (Italy)   

76 kg

Gold – Yelena Makoyed (United States)

Silver – Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia)

Bronze – Dymond Guilford (United States)

Bronze – Skylar Grote (United States)

5th – Brooklyn Hays (United States)

5th – Daniela Tkachuk (Poland)

7th – Precious Bell (United States)

7th – Patrycja Cuber (Poland)

9th – Pauline Lecarpentier (France)

9th – Meiriele Charamba Santos Hora (Brazil)

9th – Epp Mae (Estonia)

9th – Anna Braun (Sweden)

Team Rankings

  1. United States, 192 points
  2. France, 182 points
  3. Poland, 100 points
  4. Brazil, 79 points
  5. Romania, 65 points
  6. Tunisia, 63 points
  7. Canada, 60 points
  8. Spain, 59 points
  9. Sweden, 41 points
  10. Nigeria, 30 points

Full Women’s freestyle results

50 kg: Erin Golston (New York AC), fifth place

LOSS Emma Luttenauer (France), 8-4

WIN Jasmine Bouazeria (France), 11-0

WIN Amanda Tomczyk (Poland), 3-1

WIN Justine Vigouroux (France), 10-0

LOSS Emma Luttenauer (France), 8-0

53 kg: Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids), silver medal

WIN Maelyss Rousselet (France), 10-0

WIN Maria Baez Dilone (Spain), 9-1

WIN Chirstianah Ogunsanya (Nigeria), 12-1

LOSS Emma Malmgren (Sweden), 3:42

53 kg: Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids), seventh place

WIN Samantha Stewart (Canada), 1-1

LOSS Chirstianah Ogunsanya (Nigeria), 10-0

WIN Lauren Mason (United States), 7-1

LOSS Maria Baez Dilone (Spain), 3-2

53 kg: Lauren Mason (Titan Mercury WC), ninth place

LOSS Emma Malmgren (Sweden), 10-0

LOSS Alisha Howk, 7-1

53 kg: Hannah Hall (Colorado), 13th

LOSS Elena Ionescu (Romania), 3-1

LOSS Lobna Ichaoui (Tunisia), 12-3

57 kg: Abigail Nette (Army WCAP), bronze medal

WIN Sara Lindborg (Sweden), forfeit

LOSS Amel Rebiha (France), 4-3

WIN Evelina Hulthen (Sweden), 6-0

WIN Aleksandra Witos (Poland), 11-0

WIN Ana Maria Puiu (Romania), 5-0

WIN Graciela Sanchez Diaz (Spain), 11-0

62 kg: Bridgette Duty (Army WCAP), ninth place

LOSS Esther Kolawole (Nigeria), 10-0

LOSS Lydia Perez Tourino (Spain), 6-3

62 kg: Ana Luciano (New York AC), fifth place

LOSS Lais Nunes de Oliveira (Brazil), 7-0

WIN Mathilde Guedon (France), 6-0

WIN Nicola Wasilewska (Poland), 6-0

LOSS Lydia Perez Tourino (Spain), 4-3

62 kg: Lauren Louive (New York AC), fifth place

WIN Annatina Lippuner (Switzerland), 12-6

WIN Lydia Perez Tourino (Spain), 7-2

LOSS Siwar Bouseta (Tunisia), 8-3

LOSS Lexie Basham (United States), 5-0

62 kg: Lexie Basham (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC), bronze medal

LOSS Siwar Bouseta (Tunisia), 4-0

WIN Sara Lindborg (Sweden), injury default

WIN Annatina Lippuner (Switzerland), 7-0

WIN Lauren Louive (United States), 5-0

68 kg: Kaylynn Albrecht (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC), gold medal

WIN Nerea Pampin Blanco (Spain), 10-0

WIN Paulina Danisz (Poland), 3-1

WIN Georgiana Andries (Romania), 10-0

76 kg: Skylar Grote (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC), bronze medal

WIN Anna Braun (Sweden), 12-1

WIN Epp Mae (Estonia), 11-0

LOSS Yelena Makoyed (United States), 11-1

WIN Daniela Tkachuk (Poland), 10-0

76 kg: Brooklyn Hays (Minnesota Gold WC), fifth place

WIN Meiriele Charamba (Brazil), 6-1

LOSS Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia), 12-0

LOSS Dymond Guilford (United States), 6-2

76 kg: Yelena Makoyed (Titan Mercury WC/Cardinal WC), gold medal

WIN Daniela Tkachuk (Poland), 0:49 (Round of 16)

WIN Dymond Guilford (United States), 7-4

WIN Skylar Grote (United States), 11-1

WIN Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia), 15-8

76 kg: Dymond Guilford (Titan Mercury WC), bronze medal

LOSS Yelena Makoyed (United States), 7-4

WIN Pauline Lecarpentier (France), disq.

WIN Patrycja Cuber (Poland), 12-1

WIN Brooklyn Hays (United States), 6-2

76 kg: Precious Bell (Titan Mercury WC), seventh place
WIN Patrycja Cuber (Poland), 3:15

LOSS Zaineb Sghaier (Tunisia), 8-3

WIN Anna Braun (Sweden), 12-0

LOSS Daniela Tkachuk (Poland), 8-6