Champions crowned in Brian Keck Preseason Nationals in High School Grades 11-12 & Grade 9-10 divisions

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Cason Craft of the Threestyle Wrestling Of Oklahoma battles Kaison Schreier of Jackson County Wrestling in the 9-10 Grade finals at 100 pounds at the Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals. (Photo by Gary Abbott)

GRADES 11-12

  • Raekwon Shabazz of Connecticut, who competes for Mayo Quanchi, became the only returning champion in the 11th-12 Grade division to repeat as champion. He won the 113-pound title, defeating Mycah Beckett of the Askren Wrestling Academy in Wisconsin by major decision, 15-4. Shabazz won the 106-pound title last year.
  • Luke James of the Seasons Freestyle Club, who won the Preseason Nationals last year, moved up to Grades 11-12 and won the title here this year. He claimed the 175-pound title, beating Kriecg Roe of the Liberty WC in the finals, 7-1.
  • Noah Blair of Wrestling With Character scored a big win in the 190-pound finals, beating 2022 Boys National High School Recruiting Showcase champion Brent Slade, Jr. of the Moen Wrestling Academy in the finals, 3-2.

  • Elijah Poe of Calvary Chapel High School in California scored a big win over 2023 Boys National High School Recruiting Showcase champion Caden Correll of Illinois, 3-2 in the 106 pound finals. Correll was trying to win two divisions on the same day, and had won the Showcase shortly before stepping out in the 11th-12th grade finals against Poe.


  • There were no returning champions from last year’s Brian Keck Preseason Nationals in the 9th and 10th Grade division who returned in this age group and were able to repeat.

  • Two champions in the 7th and 8th Grade division from last year moved up to the 9th-10th Grade division this year and claimed gold medals, Cade Craft of Threestyle Wrestling of Oklahoma (100) and Cayden Rios of NXT Level Wrestling Academy of Texas (138). Craft scored an 8-1 decision over Kaison Schreir of Jackson County Wrestling in the finals. Rios stopped Mason Peterson of The Underground WC in their finals, 9-7.

  • Roman Lutrell of Cleveland High School in New Mexico defeated 2022 Boys National High School Recruiting Showcase champion Zaiyahn Ornelas of Team Zapas WC in Nebraska in the 113 pound finals, 9-3.


At Des Moines, Iowa, October 28

11th-12th Grade Boys Results

106 pounds

1st - Elijah Poe (Calvary Chapel High School Wrestling) dec. Caden Correll (Illinois) (Dec 3-2)

3rd - Dylan St Germain (Summit Wrestling Academy) dec. Angelo Lomonte (CRWC) (Dec 6-4)

5th - Aodhan Jimenez (512 Outlaw Wrestling) medical forfeit Jack Sponenburgh (Kearney MatCats Wrestling Club)

7th - Mohamed Mohamed (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Joshua Jaramillo (New Mexico) (Dec 9-4)

113 pounds

1st - Raekwon Shabazz (Mayo Quanchi) dec. Mycah Beckett (Askren Wrestling Academy) (Maj 15-4)

3rd - Brady Baker (Michigan West Wrestling Club) dec. Mitchell Schmauss (Immortal Athletics WC) (Dec 7-0)

5th - Cole Welte (MWC Wrestling Academy) maj. dec. Santiago Ramirez (Gracie Barra Westchase Wrestling Club) (Maj 10-0)

7th - Andrew Garcia (Greater Heights Wrestling Club) pin Kevin Contreras (Texas) (Fall 4:26)

120 pounds

1st Place - Archer Anderson (Michigan Revolution Wrestling Club) dec. Kalani Khiev (SPAR Wrestling Academy) (Dec 9-2)

3rd - Leland Camp (Guerrilla Wrestling Academy) dec. Cael Morrow (Iowa) (Dec 3-0)

5th - Justin Jones (Virginia) dec. Julius Soltero (Spring Klein Wrestling Club) (Dec 4-1)

7th - Daniel Guerrero (Cyclones Wrestling & Fitness) won by decision over Cilus Cabral (Grindhouse Wrestling Club) (Dec 4-2)

126 pounds

1st - Tyler Misenheimer (Oklahoma) pin Aiden Smith (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) (Fall 3:31)

3rd - Gabriel Tellez (Southwest Miami High School Wrestling) dec. Ty Annoura (Clear Lake High School Wrestling) (Dec 11-7)

5th - Hunter Jacobsen (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Dariuz Black (IceFighter U.) (SV-1 5-3)

7th - Camden Webb (Team Tulsa Wrestling Club) dec. Christian Chavez (Team El1te Wrestling) (Dec 7-2)

132 pounds

1st - Miles Anderson (The Best Wrestler) dec. Kenton Cooke (Anchorage Youth Wrestling Academy) (Dec 8-5)

3rd - Jarvis Little (Spartan Wrestling Club) dec. Richie Clementi (Gladiators Academy Wrestling) (SV-1 3-2)

5th - Colson Hoffman (Compound Wrestling) dec. Scott Meier Jr. (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center) (Dec 9-2)

7th - Connor Younts (Clinton Wrestling Club) dec. Gavin Braun (Mat Pack Wrestling Club) (Dec 6-2)

138 pounds

1st - Elliott Biba (Sarbacker Wrestling Academy) dec. Dillon White (PSF Wrestling Academy) (Dec 11-4)

3rd - Thomas Johnson (Legacy Elite Wrestling) dec. Damon Ingram (South Central Punisher Wrestling) (Dec 3-1)

5th - Aidan Huck (Izzy Style Wrestling) dec. Koy Davidson (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) (Dec 5-0)

7th - Olin Walker (Izzy Style Wrestling) dec. Lawrence Layman (Spartan Mat Club) (Dec 6-2)

144 pounds

1st - Dorian Olivarez (Texas) pin William Penn (Victory School of Wrestling) (Fall 4:47)

3rd - Gabriel Gallardo (Mustang Wrestling Club) maj dec. Jack DeSena (Spartan RTC@LHP) (Maj 11-1)

5th - Benjamin Smith (Threestyle Wrestling Of Oklahoma) pin Noah Danforth (Teknique Wrestling) (Fall 2:55)

7th - Edwyn Schroeder (Aviators Wrestling) dec. Sean Larkin (Beat the Streets Chicago-Midway) (Dec 8-2)

150 pounds

1st - Joey Iamunno (South Side Wrestling Club) dec. Trae Rios (Oklahoma) (Dec 6-0)

3rd - Jake Moon (Rockwall Training Center) dec. Henry Niebauer (Team Nazar Training Center) (Dec 5-1)

5th - Joseph Lohmar (Askren Wrestling Academy) medical forfeit Logan Glynn (The Best Wrestler)

7th - Brayden Leach (Spartan Wrestling Club) pin Jj Machnik (New Jersey) (Fall 2:11)

157 pounds

1st - Pablo Macias (Grindhouse Wrestling Club) dec. Tyler Deericks (Ohio) (Dec 4-3)

3rd - Alexander Hutchcraft (Greater Heights Wrestling) dec. Grant Kress (DC Elite Wrestling) (Dec 5-0)

5th - Gavin Ramos (NXT Level Wrestling Academy) pin Ammon Passey (Arizona) (Fall 2:22)

7th - Kale Baumann (North Montana Wrestling Club) maj. dec. Owen Laughlin (The Best Wrestler) (Maj 10-1)


1st - Kade Rule (RT Elite Wrestling) tech fall Jack Doughty (Lockdown Wrestling Club) (TF 15-0)

3rd - Colin McAlister (Mill Valley Kids Wrestling Club) pin Merrik Murray (Greater Heights Wrestling) (Fall 4:13)

5th - Jaxon Trotter (Keystone Kids) dec. Mason Plumski (Minnesota) (Dec 7-3)

7th - Vito Gentile (Pennsylvania) dec. over Drake Bowers (Christian Brothers High School Wrestling) (SV-1 9-7)

175 pounds

1st - Luke James (Seasons Freestyle Club) dec. over Kriecg Roe (Liberty Wrestling Club) (Dec 7-1)

3rd - Matthew Kubas (Built By Brunson Wrestling) medical forfeit Brady Westall (Pinnacle Wrestling Club)

5th - Jace Brownlow (Lake Gibson High School Wrestling) dec. Maximus Morse (Connecticut) (Dec 3-0)

7th - Asa Hemsted (Iowa) forfeit  Brody Wilson (MWC Wrestling Academy) (FF)

190 pounds

1st - Noah Blair (Wrestling With Character) dec. Brent Slade Jr. (Moen Wrestling Academy) (Dec 3-2)

3rd - Sonny Acuna (Legacy Wrestling Center) dec. Ethan Winkelman (Victory School of Wrestling) (Dec 3-2)

5th - Xander Myers (Ohio) medical forfeit Isaac Sheeren (Spring Klein Wrestling Club)

7th - Bryor Newbold (Illinois) dec. Maddox Quinonez (Texas) (Dec 6-2)

215 pounds

1st - Diego Morales (California) dec. Griffin Schultz (Iowa) (Dec 6-4)

3rd - Iyanu Akingbolagun (3F Wrestling) pin Walker Walls (Texas) (Fall 4:35)

5th - Mason Grow (Askren Wrestling Academy) dec. Makoa McCreadie (California) (Dec 4-3)

7th - Ali Aaron Vinson (Cardinal Wrestling Club) pin Ian Rogers (Stallions Wrestling Club) (Fall 3:00)

285 pounds

1st - Gabriel Garibaldi (New York) dec. Zack Chatman (Alabama) (Dec 7-1)

3rd - John Arellano (Lake Gibson High School Wrestling) maj. dec. Roy Phelps (Beat the Streets Chicago-Midway) (Maj 9-0)

5th - Peter Savarino (Spartan Wrestling Club) pin Kyan Jackson (North DeSoto Wrestling Academy) (Fall 1:54)

7th - Kade Crawford (All American Wrestling Club) pin Dylanger Taylor (Colleyville Heritage High School Wrestling) (Fall 1:40)

9th-10th Grade Boys Results

100 pounds

1st - Cason Craft (Threestyle Wrestling Of Oklahoma) dec. Kaison Schreier (Jackson County Wrestling) (Dec 8-1)

3rd - Jackson Soney (SOT-C) dec. Easton Enyeart (Moen Wrestling Academy) (Dec 13-8)

5th - Urijah Courter (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) dec. Carson Miles (Grindhouse Wrestling Club) (Dec 7-4)

7th - Maxwell Bradley (Oklahoma) won by major decision over Coy Mehlert (Big Game Wrestling Club) (Maj 13-3)

106 pounds

1st - Austin Brown (Purler Wrestling Academy) dec. Allen Woo (Cory Clark Wrestling) (Dec 7-3)

3rd - Bryan Sterling (Michigan) maj. dec. Mason Bauer (The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland) (Maj 11-3)

5th - Mason Katschor (Dundee Wrestling Club) maj. dec. Maddux Tindal (Best Trained Wrestling) (Maj 16-6)

7th - Jack Wallukait (Iowa) forfeit Noah Brown (Guerrilla Wrestling Academy)

113 pounds

1st - Roman Luttrell (Cleveland High School Wrestling) dec. Zaiyahn Ornelas (Team Zapas Wrestling Club) (Dec 9-3)

3rd - Vince Jasinski (Fox Lake Wrestling Club) pin Creighten Lassen (MWC Wrestling Academy) (Fall 3:24)

5th - Eric Casula (Oklahoma) dec. Anthony Nichols (Edina Wrestling Association) (Dec 3-2)

7th - Bryson Rockers (Paola High School Wrestling) dec. Andrew DiPiazza (Askren Wrestling Academy) (Dec 3-0)

120 pounds

1st - Gage Spurgeon (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) dec. Kiernan Meink (The Best Wrestler) (Dec 9-5)

3rd - Jet Brown (MO West Championship Wrestling Club) pin Andrew Huerta (Boneyard Wrestling Academy) (Fall 4:01)

5th - Keagan Sieracki (3F Wrestling) pin Linden Phetxoumphone (Moen Wrestling Academy) (Fall 2:43)

7th - Griff Powell (Izzy Style Wrestling) medical forfeit Sebastian Serrano (Mustang Wrestling Club) (MFF)

126 pounds

1st - Isaiah Jones (Threestyle Wrestling Of Oklahoma) dec. Kameron Luif (Team El1te Wrestling) (Dec 10-6)

3rd - Sean Hall (Team Idaho Wrestling Club) dec. Shawn Kogan (Built By Brunson Wrestling) (Dec 8-3)

5th - Jake Kos (MN Elite Wrestling Club) medical forfeit Gavin Green (M2 Training Center)

7th - Thomas Banas (Demolition Wrestling Club) dec. Aaron Silva (California) (TB-1 6-3)

132 pounds

1st - Conner Giedd (Berge Elite Wrestling Academy) dec. Landen Kocher-Munoz (Washburn Rural High School Wrestling) (Dec 6-2)

3rd - Christian Jelle (Scoring Edge Wrestling Center) dec. Dominic Wilson (Rockwall Training Center) (Dec 3-0)

5th - Cade Aaberg (Team Nazar Training Center) medical forfeit Tristan North (Ringers Wrestling Club) (MFF)

7th Owen Dennis (Ohio) pin Julio Aguirre (Cowboy Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:31)

138 pounds

1st - Cayden Rios (NXT Level Wrestling Academy) dec. Mason Petersen (The Underground Wrestling Club) (Dec 9-7)

3rd - Ashton Hobson (Fitz Wrestling Academy) dec. Cody Trevino (Big Game Wrestling Club) (Dec 7-0)

5th - Maximus Dhabolt (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) dec. Dalton Compton (North DeSoto Wrestling Academy) (Dec 11-5)

7th - Quinten Cassiday (Michigan) dec. Wil Oberbroeckling (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) (Dec 7-5)

144 pounds

1st - Tyler Harrill (MWC Wrestling Academy) won by decision over Jordan Fincher (BullTrained Wrestling) (Dec 6-4)

3rd - Zachary Stewart (Fitz Wrestling Academy) maj. dec. Don Beaufait (Michigan) (Maj 13-3)

5th - Lorenzo Gallegos (SJF/HAC) maj. dec. William Fullhart (Iowa City Wrestling Club) (Maj 10-0)

7th - Aaron Camacho (Bolingbrook Junior Raiders Wrestling Club) medical forfeit Lake Waters (Odessa Youth Wrestling Club) (MFF)

150 pounds

1st - Joseph Jeter (Husky Wrestling Club) dec. Brody Kelly (Izzy Style Wrestling) (Dec 6-2)

3rd - Nathan Murphy (West Virginia) dec. Cole Aguirre (Purler Wrestling Inc) (Dec 8-4)

5th - Isac Deonigi (Mat Demon Wrestling Club) pin Carter Howard (Neosho Youth Wrestling) (Fall 4:29)

7th - Samuel Zanton (RT Elite Wrestling) dec. Drake Brasiel (Arsenal Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-2)

157 pounds

1st - Brodie Bedford (Spartan Mat Club) dec. Luke Hayden (BullTrained Wrestling) (Dec 6-4)

3rd - Kyler Walters (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) dec. David Burchett (Goldman`s Wrestling Academy of the Rockies) (Dec 9-2)

5th - Jacob Kidder (Wisconsin) pin Jaxon Busse (Sarbacker Wrestling Academy) (Fall 1:16)

7th - Dayne Serio (SPAR Wrestling Academy) dec. Jozeph Valenzuela Smith (Warrior Wrestling Club - Tucson) (Dec 3-1)

165 pounds

1st - Thomas McDermott (Illinois) dec. Riley Johnson (MWC Wrestling Academy) (Dec 8-6)

3rd - Eli Leonard (Sarbacker Wrestling Academy) tech fall Brock Mulder (Iowa) (TF 20-4)

5th - Alexander Tack (Illinois) dec. Gage Herrin (Cardinal Wrestling Club) (SV-1 5-3)

7th - Landen Grow (Askren Wrestling Academy) forfeit Ryan Schneider (South Side Wrestling Club) (FF)

175 pounds

1st - Tad Forsyth (Southwest Timberwolves Kids Wrestling Club) dec Lucas Ricketts (Union County High School Wrestling) (TB-1 3-

3rd - Sean Perez (Jflo Trained) dec. Brock Gustaveson (Washington) (Dec 9-4)

5th - Jt Smith (MWC Wrestling Academy) tech fall Mauricio Bryant (Heart and Pride Wrestling Club) (TF 17-2)

7th - Mateo Martinez (South Broward Wrestling Club) pin Braxton Nimeh (Oklahoma) (Fall 1:33)

190 pounds

1st - Camden Smith (Iowa) dec. Michael Novero (Nebraska) (Dec 10-9)

3rd - Simon Schulte (Southern Illinois Regional Training Center) dec. Bryce Williams (Moen Wrestling Academy) (Dec 8-1)

5th - Ethan Miller (Iowa) medical forfeit Noah Mathis (Bobcat Wrestling Club)

7th - Guillermo Morales (Dodge City Wrestling Academy) maj. dec. Fernando Anaya (Blackhawk Wrestling Club) (Maj 12-3)

215 pounds

1st - Ashton Honnold (Moen Wrestling Academy) maj. dec. Samuel Stockton (GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club) (Maj 9-1)

3rd - Brodie Purtle (Angry Fish Wrestling) dec. Joe Constable (Team Valley Wrestling Club) (Dec 3-0)

5th - Dax Youngblut (Immortal Athletics WC) dec. Jackson Barnhisel (Liberty Warriors Wrestling Club) (Dec 6-0)

7th - Joaquin Capra (Blue Valley Southwest High School Wrestling) dec. Brenden Watts (Minnesota) (Dec 7-1)

285 pounds

1st - Leland Day (Black Fox Wrestling Academy) pin Grant Bahnsen (Vici Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:28)

3rd - Andrew Olson (Pinnacle Wrestling Club) pin Regan Roberts (Iowa) (Fall 1:39)

5th - Kaden Stitt (Tough N Technical Wrestling Club (TNTWC)) forfeit Carson Ferguson (Iowa)

7th - Josiah Garcia-Gurule (FM Wildcat Wrestling Club)