NCAA No. 1 Iowa women ahead of NAIA No. 1 Life by 10.5 points at Soldiers Salute

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Reece Larramendy (Iowa) with arm raised after a win at Soldiers Salute (Photo by Joseph Cress, ThinkIowaCity)

Two of the top teams in women’s college wrestling, NCAA No. 1 Iowa and NAIA No. 1 Life University are in a tight battle after day one of women’s freestyle at the Soldier Salute.

Iowa has a 10.5 point lead, with 84.5 points, ahead of Life with 84.5 points. Rounding out the top five are NAIA No. 13 Indiana Tech with 49 points, NAIA No. 6 Texas Wesleyan with 41.5 points and NCAA William Jewell with 23.5 points.

Iowa punched 11 athletes into the semifinal round (which includes one round robin), while Life has 10 athletes in the round.

There are only two semifinal matches in which Iowa will battle Life. Depending upon the results of the semifinals and consolations in the morning, this battle could come right down to the end of the tournament.

Nine different teams have at least one semifinalist, with three unattached wrestlers also in the semifinals.


At Coralville, Iowa

Women’s freestyle Semifinals pairings

101 pounds

Sterling Dias (Iowa) vs. Juliana Alejandro (Tiffin)

Makayla Young (Indiana Tech) vs. Sydney Kutzke (Indiana Tech)

109 pounds

Ava Bayless (Iowa) vs. Tehani Soares (Indiana Tech)

Diana Gonzalez (Life) vs. Jenavi Alejandro (Tiffin)

116 pounds

Brianna Gonzalez (Iowa) vs. Estefany Garcia (Life)

Ariana Martinez (Life) vs. Morgan Johnson (unattached)

123 pounds

Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell) vs. Carolina Rios (Texas Wesleyan)

Josie Bartishofski (Victory School of Wrestling) vs. Isabella Ngo (Iowa)

130 pounds

Zainab Ibrahim (Umpqua CC) vs. Emily Frost (Iowa)

Ellyana Kuzma (Indiana Tech) vs. Sarah Savidge (Life)

136 pounds

Emmily Patneaud (unattached) vs. Lilly Luft (Iowa)

Anayka Besco (Iowa) vs. Zaynah McBryde (Life)

143 pounds

Jamilah McBryde (Life) vs. Maia Crumb (Indiana Tech)

Athena Willden (William Jewell) vs. Reese Larramendy (Iowa)

155 pounds

Latifah McBryde (Life) vs. Alex Hoftichter (Dubuque)

Leilani Hernandez (Texas Wesleyan) vs. Bella Mir (Iowa)

170 pounds

Haley Ward (Iowa) vs. Kaley Rice (Texas Wesleyan)

Katelyn Lewis (unattached) vs. Margaret Graham (Life)

190 pounds

Round Robin 5

Jane Allen (Life) vs. Madeline Welch (Life)

Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan) vs. Alivia White (Iowa)

Women’s Freestyle Semifinalists

Iowa – 11

Life – 10

Indiana Tech – 5

Texas Wesleyan - 4

Unattached – 3

William Jewell - 2

Tiffin – 2

Victory School of Wrestling – 1

Umpqua CC – 1

Univ. of Dubuque - 1

Women’s freestyle Quarterfinal results

101 pounds

Sterling Dias (Iowa) pin Teye Garner (William Penn), 0:52

Juliana Alejandro (Tiffin) tech fall Whitley Blake (Indiana Tech), 10-0 2:31

Makayla Young (Indiana Tech) pin Devyn Gomez (Life), 2:19

Sydney Kutzke (Indiana Tech) pin Brianna Richey (Dubuque), 1:29

109 pounds

Ava Bayless (Iowa), bye

Tehani Soares (Indiana Tech) dec. Alyssa Valdivia (William Jewell), 14-5

Diana Gonzalez (Life) dec. Brianna Funakoshi (Life), 10-2

Jenavi Alejandro (Tiffin) tech fall Adrianna Rodriguez (Texas Wesleyan), 11-0, 5:10

116 pounds

Brianna Gonzalez (Iowa) tech fall Taryn Evans (Umpqua CC), 12-1 2:33

Estefany Garcia (Life) forfeit Miranda DiBenedetto (Life)

Ariana Martinez (Life) dec. Emma Jones (Indiana Tech), 9-3

Morgan Johnson (unattached) pin Rose Le (William Jewell), 0:26

123 pounds

Alexandra Waitsman (William Jewell) dec. Cali Leng (Iowa), 8-0

Carolina Rios (Texas Wesleyan) tech fall Emarie Bolosan (William Jewell) 14-4, 5:55

Josie Bartishofski (Victory School of Wrestling) tech fall Isabella Silva (Indiana Tech), 11-1, 3:40

Isabella Ngo (Iowa) tech fall Shea Reisel (Dubuque), 10-0, 2:05

130 pounds

Zainab Ibrahim (Umpqua CC), bye

Emily Frost (Iowa) pin Alexandra Baudhuin (Iowa), 4:16

Ellyana Kuzma (Indiana Tech) pin Riley Dalrymple (Life), 4:45

Sarah Savidge (Life) pin Marisa Moffitt (Indiana Tech), 0:30

136 pounds

Emmily Patneaud (unattached) dec. Angie Prado (Life), 7-2

Lilly Luft (Iowa) tech fall Mattison Parker (Texas Wesleyan), 12-2, 2:32

Anayka Besco (Iowa) tech fall Emma Gruenhagen (Victory School of Wrestling), 10-0, 2:06

Zaynah McBryde (Life) pin Carley Anderson (Indiana Tech), 0:48

143 pounds

Jamilah McBryde (Life) tech fall Naida Abdijanovic (William Penn), 10-0 2:53

Maia Crumb (Indiana Tech) pin Tarleen Saroya (Umpqua CC), 0:38

Athena Wilden (William Jewell) inj. dft. Paige Barber (William Jewell)

Reese Larramendy (Iowa) tech fall Jalyn Patino (Texas Wesleyan), 10-0, 1:14

155 pounds

Latifah McBryde (Life) pin Erin Martin (Tiffin), 1:25

Alex Hoftichter (Dubuque) pin Jennifer De La Torre (Umpqua CC), 5:29

Leilani Hernandez (Texas Wesleyan) pin Cydney Bassett (Indiana Tech), 2:02

Bella Mir (Iowa) forfeit Janida Garcia (Tiffin)

170 pounds

Haley Ward (Iowa) tech fall Zoey Smalley (Umpqua), 10-0, 1:37

Kaley Rice (Texas Wesleyan) pin Catherine McNulty (Indiana Tech), 2:24

Katelyn Lewis (unattached) pin Grace Doering (Indiana Tech), 2:09

Margaret Graham (Life) tech fall Kiara Meek (Dubuque), 10-0, 0:52

191 pounds

Round Robin Matches

Jaycee Foeller (unattached) tech fall Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan), 10-0. 2:40

Alivia White (Iowa) pin Jane Allen (Life), 2:14

Madeline Welch (Life) pin Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan), 4:48

Jaycee Foeller (unattached) dec. Alivia White (Iowa), 4-0

Jaycee Foeller (unattached) tech fall Madeline Welch (Life), 10-0, 1:58

Tiffany Curry (Texas Wesleyan) dec. Jane Allen (Life), 7-1

Jaycee Foeller (unattached) inj dft Jane Allen (Life), 0:00

Alivia White (Iowa) dec. Madeline Welch (Life), 5-0

Women’s Freestyle Team Standings

1. Iowa, 95

2. Life, 84.5

3. Indiana Tech, 49

4. Texas Wesleyan, 41.5

5. William Jewell, 23.5

6. Umpqua CC, 22

7. Tiffin, 19.5

8. Univ. of Dubuque, 15.59. William Penn, 3