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Iowa wins 16U Freestyle National Duals over Illinois, 41-26

by Savannah Asmann, USA Wrestling

LOVES PARK, Ill.-- The 16U Freestyle Nationals concluded with Iowa as the champion on Saturday afternoon in Loves Park, Illinois.

In the final dual of the tournament, Iowa came out victorious with a 41-26 win over Illinois. Of Iowa’s 11 wins, four were bonus point wins.

Iowa got off to a strong start with wins in the first four matches of the dual. Gavin Landers (Iowa) bested his opponent by 10-0 technical fall to start the dual, and Iowa followed with two wins by decision. At 120 kg, Dawson Youngblut earned another 10-0 technical fall win for Iowa.

Illinois countered with a close 9-8 decision at 126 pounds to score their first three team points of the dual. Iowa responded with an 8-0 decision at 132 pounds before Illinois fired back with a close 6-5 decision at 138 pounds.

The dual went back-and-forth between Iowa and Illinois in the remaining weight classes with Iowa’s Jaxon Miller (152 pounds) and Jaxon Penovich (195 pounds) picking up wins by technical fall.

Iowa reached the finals with wins over Michigan Blue (47-27), Pennsylvania Blue (41-19) and Minnesota Blue (39-33). Illinois defeated Ohio Gray (59-16), Wisconsin Red (49-26) and Ohio Scarlet (45-26) on its side of the Gold/Silver pool.

In the third-place match, Ohio Scarlet defeated Pennsylvania Blue 34-32. Ohio Scarlet picked up wins in nine of the 17 weight classes, including four bonus point victories. Zack Aquila (145), Carson Thomas (170), Aiden Peterson (182) and Alex Taylor (220) recorded wins by technical fall for Ohio Scarlet in the win.

Securing fifth place was Wisconsin Red with a 46-27 victory over Minnesota Blue. Eight of Wisconsin Red’s victories were bonus point wins, including one fall. Seven wins by Wisconsin Red were also by technical fall, whereas all but one of Minnesota Blue’s wins were by technical fall.

Ohio Gray came home with seventh place after defeating Michigan Blue 39-35. Michigan Blue won the majority of the matches with nine wins, but seven of Ohio Gray’s eight wins were bonus point victories that included two falls.

At Loves Park, Illinois, June 8, 2023

Freestyle results

Gold/Silver Pool (Places 1-8):
1st place match — Iowa dec. Illinois, 41-26
100 pounds: Gavin Landers (Iowa) tech. fall Caleb Noble (Illinois), 10-0
106 pounds: Alexander Pierce (Iowa) dec. Rocco Cassioppi (Illinois), 4-2
113 pounds: Carter Pearson (Iowa) dec. Domenic Munaretto (Illinois), 4-2
120 pounds: Dawson Youngblut (Iowa) tech. fall Jason Hampton (Illinois), 10-0
126 pounds: Maksim Mukhamedaliyev (Illinois) dec. Maximus Riggins (Iowa), 9-8
132 pounds: Timothy Koester (Iowa) dec. Justin Wardlow (Illinois), 8-0
138 pounds: Evan Gosz (Illinois) dec. Cody Trevino (Iowa), 6-5
145 pounds: Brody Sendele (Illinois) dec. Nolan Fellers (Iowa), 8-3
152 pounds: Jaxon Miller (Iowa) tech. fall Zachary Montez (Illinois), 10-0
160 pounds: Kyler Knaack (Iowa) dec. Jimmy Mastny (Illinois), 5-0
170 pounds: Aaron Stewart (Illinois) tech. fall Lincoln Jipp (Iowa), 10-0
182 pounds: Broedy Collins Hendricks (Iowa) dec. Nicholas Ronchetti (Illinois), 11-6
195 pounds: Jaxon Penovich (Illinois) tech. fall Brayden Koester (Iowa), 12-0
220 pounds: Dreshaun Ross (Iowa) tech. fall Asher Sheldon (Illinois), 10-0
285 pounds: Cooper Martinson (Iowa) dec. Kai Calcutt (Illinois), 5-3
88 pounds: Vincent DeMarco (Illinois) tech. fall Ethan Humphrey (Iowa), 12-2
94 pounds: Nico DeSalvo (Iowa) dec. Allen Woo (Illinois), 1-1

3rd place match — Ohio Scarlet dec. Pennsylvania Blue, 34-32
88 pounds: Loc Webber (Ohio scarlet) dec. Eli Herring (Pennsylvania Blue), 8-2
94 pounds: Brayden Wenrich (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Brandon Bickerton (Ohio scarlet), 3-0
100 pounds: Marius Garcia (Ohio scarlet) dec. Emilio Albanese (Pennsylvania Blue), 4-2
106 pounds: Lincoln Sledzianowski (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Grey Burnett (Ohio scarlet), 12-10
113 pounds: Emeric McBurney (Ohio scarlet) dec. Dominic Deputy (Pennsylvania Blue), 2-2
120 pounds: Landon Sidun (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Harrison Haffner (Ohio scarlet), 9-0
126 pounds: Blaze Van Gundy (Ohio scarlet) dec. Aiden Grogg (Pennsylvania Blue), 8-0
132 pounds: Quinn McBride (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Cole Evans (Ohio scarlet), 6-5
138 pounds: Brennan Warwick (Ohio scarlet) dec. Ned Kauffman (Pennsylvania Blue), 8-7
145 pounds: Zack Aquila (Ohio scarlet) tech. fall Owen McMullen (Pennsylvania Blue), 10-0
152 pounds: Nicholas Singer (Pennsylvania Blue) fall Grayson Woodcock (Ohio scarlet), 0:19
160 pounds: Cael Weidemoyer (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Eli Esguerra (Ohio scarlet), 10-0
170 pounds: Carson Thomas (Ohio scarlet) tech. fall Hunter Snyder (Pennsylvania Blue), 11-0
182 pounds: Aiden Peterson (Ohio scarlet) tech. fall Kyle Scott (Pennsylvania Blue), 10-0
195 pounds: Jake Conroy (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Aidan Weimer (Ohio scarlet), 6-4
220 pounds: Alex Taylor (Ohio scarlet) tech. fall Dean Bechtold (Pennsylvania Blue), 15-4
285 pounds: Mark Effendian (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Edward German (Ohio scarlet), 7-0

5th place match — Wisconsin Red dec. Minnesota Blue, 46-27
88 pounds: Landon Thoennes (Minnesota Blue) dec. Bryson Busler (Wisconsin Red), 6-5
94 pounds: Turner Ross (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Easton Felchlin (Wisconsin Red), 10-0
100 pounds: Liam Collins (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Camden Rugg (Wisconsin Red), 10-0
106 pounds: Andrew DiPiazza (Wisconsin Red) dec. Owen LaRose (Minnesota Blue), 2-1
113 pounds: Titan Friederichs (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Mycah Beckett (Wisconsin Red), 10-0
120 pounds: Dale Corbin (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Jack Bridenstine (Minnesota Blue), 10-0
126 pounds: Declan Koch (Wisconsin Red) dec. Christian Jelle (Minnesota Blue), 10-3
132 pounds: Jacob Herm (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Jake Kos (Minnesota Blue), 12-1
138 pounds: Owen Seffrood (Wisconsin Red) dec. Easton Dircks (Minnesota Blue), 8-6
145 pounds: Daniel Heiser (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Austin West (Minnesota Blue), 10-0
152 pounds: Jarrett Wadsen (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Kade Rule (Wisconsin Red), 10-0
160 pounds: Nash Banko (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Jackson Barron (Minnesota Blue), 14-4
170 pounds: Caleb Dennee (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Luke Hoag (Minnesota Blue), 14-4
182 pounds: Max Matthias (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Jacob Duitsman (Minnesota Blue), 17-4
195 pounds: Tyson Martin (Wisconsin Red) fall John Murphy (Minnesota Blue), 3:00
220 pounds: Garett Kawczynski (Wisconsin Red) tech. fall Caleb Kurtti (Minnesota Blue), 12-0
285 pounds: Hunter Vander Heiden (Wisconsin Red) dec. Hayden Skillings (Minnesota Blue), 4-2

7th place match — Ohio Gray dec. Michigan Blue, 39-35
88 pounds: Pilot Swab (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Chance Wuhr (Ohio gray), 11-0
94 pounds: Layne Martin (Michigan Blue) dec. Derion Williams (ohio gray), 11-6
100 pounds: Jarrett Smith (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Ben Takats (ohio gray), 10-0
106 pounds: Liston Seibert (ohio gray) tech. fall Mason Haines (Michigan Blue), 11-0
113 pounds: Nicholas Sorrow (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Austin Bickerton (ohio gray), 10-0
120 pounds: Ryan Kennedy (ohio gray) tech. fall Dale Gant III (Michigan Blue), 10-0
126 pounds: Kyle Jardine (ohio gray) dec. Braden Broderick (Michigan Blue), 8-0
132 pounds: Cayden Pluhar (ohio gray) forfeit Unknown (Unattached)
138 pounds: Cameron Plotts (ohio gray) tech. fall Quinten Cassiday (Michigan Blue), 17-6
145 pounds: Blake Sloan (Michigan Blue) dec. Cael Gilmore (ohio gray), 6-5
152 pounds: Dylan Granger (Michigan Blue) forfeit Unknown (Unattached)
160 pounds: Sebastian Martinez (Michigan Blue) dec. Caige Horak (ohio gray), 7-4
170 pounds: Frederick Hammond (Michigan Blue) dec. Jonathan Sims (ohio gray), 4-2
182 pounds: Logan Hammingh (Michigan Blue) forfeit Unknown (Unattached)
195 pounds: Jacob Earnest (ohio gray) forfeit Unknown (Unattached)
220 pounds: James Bechter (ohio gray) fall Logan Tollison (Michigan Blue), 1:12
285 pounds: Jeffery Blair (ohio gray) fall Landon Morris (Michigan Blue), 2:45

Bronze/Copper Results
1st Place - Missouri Red
2nd Place - California
3rd Place - Team Indiana
4th Place - Oklahoma Outlaws Red
5th Place - Washington
6th Place - Minnesota Red
7th Place - Team Utah
8th Place - Tennessee

1st Place Match
Missouri Red defeated California 38-36.
3rd Place Match
Team Indiana defeated Oklahoma Outlaws Red 49-25.
5th Place Match
Washington defeated Minnesota Red 38-35.
7th Place Match
Team Utah defeated Tennessee 49-24.

Red/Blue Results
1st Place - Team Florida
2nd Place - Wisconsin Blue
3rd Place - Missouri Blue
4th Place - Georgia BLACK
5th Place - Team Colorado
6th Place - Pennsylvania Red
7th Place - Team Nebraska
8th Place - Michigan Red

1st Place Match
Team Florida defeated Wisconsin Blue 43-30.
3rd Place Match
Missouri Blue defeated Georgia BLACK 42-36.
5th Place Match
Team Colorado defeated Pennsylvania Red 40-33.
7th Place Match
Team Nebraska defeated Michigan Red 50-24.

Green/Yellow Results
1st Place - Team Texas A
2nd Place - Kansas Red
3rd Place - South Dakota Blue
4th Place - Team Oregon
5th Place - Team Alabama
6th Place - West Virginia
7th Place - Oklahoma Outlaws Blue
8th Place - Georgia RED

1st Place Match
Team Texas A defeated Kansas Red 39-31.
3rd Place Match
South Dakota Blue defeated Team Oregon 41-35.
5th Place Match
Team Alabama defeated West Virginia 36-28.
7th Place Match
Oklahoma Outlaws Blue defeated Georgia RED 54-23.

Purple/Grey Results

1st Place - Team Idaho
2nd Place - LA
3rd Place - North Dakota Blue
4th Place - Team Virginia
5th Place - TEAM NC
6th Place - Team Texas B

Round 1
Team Virginia defeated Team Texas B 41-30.
North Dakota Blue defeated TEAM NC 57-18.
Team Idaho defeated LA 46-29.
Round 2
LA defeated Team Texas B 39-35.
Team Idaho defeated North Dakota Blue 42-37.
TEAM NC defeated Team Virginia 37-31.
Round 3
Team Idaho defeated Team Texas B 56-23.
North Dakota Blue defeated Team Virginia 43-21.
LA defeated TEAM NC 46-24.
Round 4
Team Texas B defeated TEAM NC 38-33.
LA defeated North Dakota Blue 40-40.
Team Idaho defeated Team Virginia 56-16.
Round 5
North Dakota Blue defeated Team Texas B 52-26.
Team Idaho defeated TEAM NC 57-24.
LA defeated Team Virginia 43-26.

Pink Results
1st Place - Arkansas
2nd Place - New Jersey
3rd Place - Kansas Blue
4th Place - North Dakota Red
5th Place - South Carolina

Round 1
Arkansas defeated North Dakota Red 53-17.
Kansas Blue defeated South Carolina 43-20.
New Jersey defeated null 0-0.
Round 2
Arkansas defeated null 0-0.
New Jersey defeated Kansas Blue 34-26.
North Dakota Red defeated South Carolina 24-22.
Round 3
Arkansas defeated New Jersey 51-26.
Kansas Blue defeated North Dakota Red 37-19.
South Carolina defeated null 0-0.
Round 4
Arkansas defeated South Carolina 55-15.
Kansas Blue defeated null 0-0.
New Jersey defeated North Dakota Red 35-16.
Round 5
Arkansas defeated Kansas Blue 46-23.
New Jersey defeated South Carolina 29-15.
North Dakota Red defeated null 0-0.
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