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Pennsylvania Blue wins eight straight to stop Ohio, 50-27 to claim 14U National Duals Greco-Roman title

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Pennsylvania Blue, the 2023 14U National Duals champion.
Pennsylvania Blue, the 2023 14U National Duals champion. Photo courtesy of Joe Stabilito.

OAKS, Pa. – The home field advantage came true, as Pennsylvania Blue scored an impressive 50-27 victory over Ohio in the Greco-Roman finals of the 14U National Duals on Friday.

After losing three of the four opening matches, Pennsylvania went on a run of eight straight victories to put away the dual meet.

Ohio got off to a strong start, with three technical falls by Tommy Rowlands (125), Gavin Cantera (130) and Jakob Hoke (149). Sandwiched in there was on victory for Pennsylvania Blue, a 10-4 win by James Whitbred over Andrew Moro at 136 pounds.

Mario Hutcherson started the Pennsylvania Blue run with a 4-1 victory over Xander Horak at 165. Then the Keystone State team tossed in three straight bonus point wins. Kendahl Hoare stopped Gradyn Sillman, 12-4 at 187 for a technical fall. Kevin Oswalt put away Parker Williamson with a 38 second pin at 250. Leo Murillo scored a 10-0 technical fall over Xander Webber, 10-0 at 71 pounds.

The next four matches also went to Pennsylvania, with technical falls from Nico Emili (83) and Keegan Bassett (87), with Kooper Deputy (77) and Max Dinges (92) also scoring decisions.

Conner Whitley of Ohio ended the streak at 97 pounds with a 5-0 decision over Mateo Gallegos. Pennsylvania Blue put the pedal down with four more wins in the final five matches. Technical falls were scored by Jax Fuhrman (102), Izaya Schickley (106), plus a pin by Greyson Music (119) and a decision by Luke Young (114). The lone Ohio win in the closing bouts came from Urijah Lopez at 110 pounds by injury default.

Pennsylvania Blue reached the finals with victories over Illinois (45-31), Iowa (50-30) and New Jersey (45-32). Ohio also had three wins on its side of the pool, stopping Washington (43-36), Wisconsin (54-26) and Oklahoma Blue (44-35).

Third place went to Wisconsin, which stopped Illinois, 42-35. Wisconsin won the last five matches in the dual meet to take the match, with four technical falls by Martez Sheard (102), Thiago Guardiola (110), Alexander Penzkover (114) and Carson Neubert (119).

Iowa came home with fifth place, stopping Oklahoma Blue 43-38. Iowa had a five match winning streak all by technical fall to secure the victory, led by Cain Crosson (92), Jaimon Mogard (97), Hendrix Schwab (102), Matthew Prine (106) and Weston Porter (110).

Seventh place was secured by last year’s champion New Jersey, a 47-33 winner over Washington. New Jersey won nine matches by bonus points, a margin that Washington could not keep up with.

Pennsylvania Blue was No. 2 in the pre-event seeding, behind Illinois, which finished fourth. Ohio was fifth in the pre-event seeding.

The All-Tournament Team will be posted later this afternoon.

At Oaks, Ill., June 9

Gold/Silver Pool Results

1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue
2nd Place - Ohio
3rd Place - Wisconsin
4th Place - Illinois
5th Place - Iowa
6th Place - Oklahoma Blue
7th Place - New Jersey
8th Place - Washington

1st Place Match - Pennsylvania Blue defeated Ohio 50-27.
125 Tommy Rowlands (Ohio) over Braden Williams (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 8-0
130 Gavin Cantera (Ohio) over Nolan Savage (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 8-0
136 James Whitbred (Pennsylvania Blue) over Andrew Moro (Ohio) Dec 10-4
149 Jakob Hoke (Ohio) over Alek Palko (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-2
165 Mario Hutcherson (Pennsylvania Blue) over Xander Horak (Ohio) Dec 4-1
187 Kendahl Hoare (Pennsylvania Blue) over Graydn Sillman (Ohio) TF 12-4
250 Kevin Oswalt (Pennsylvania Blue) over Parker Williamson (Ohio) Fall 0:38
71 Leo Murillo (Pennsylvania Blue) over Xander Webber (Ohio) TF 10-0
77 Kooper Deputy (Pennsylvania Blue) over Rylen Wax (Ohio) Dec 3-2
83 Nico Emili (Pennsylvania Blue) over Bradley Bauman (Ohio) TF 9-0
87 Keegan Bassett (Pennsylvania Blue) over Tommy Wurster (Ohio) TF 11-2
92 Max Dinges (Pennsylvania Blue) over William Schork (Ohio) Dec 2-0
97 Conner Whitely (Ohio) over Mateo Gallegos (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 5-0
102 Jax Fuhrman (Pennsylvania Blue) over Grayson Debevoise (Ohio) TF 12-2
106 Izaya Schickley (Pennsylvania Blue) over Weston Borgers (Ohio) TF 9-0
110 Urijah Lopez (Ohio) over Grayson Davis (Pennsylvania Blue) Inj 1:19
114 Luke Young (Pennsylvania Blue) over Grady Hayden (Ohio) Dec 10-8
119 Greyson Music (Pennsylvania Blue) over Joel Brink (Ohio) Fall 1:26

3rd Place Match - Wisconsin defeated Illinois 42-35.
125 Thomas Banas (Illinois) over Jacob Lootans Jr. (Wisconsin) TF 9-0
130 Davian Hall (Illinois) over Everett Knospe (Wisconsin) TF 9-0
136 Owen Schacht (Wisconsin) over Chase Krantz (Illinois) TF 8-0
149 Elias Reed (Wisconsin) over Radic Dvorak (Illinois) Dec 12-8
165 Isaac Barrientos (Illinois) over Leland Havens (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
187 Blake Livdahl (Illinois) over Reed Falk (Wisconsin) Dec 6-3
250 Garrett Dagestad (Wisconsin) over Aiden Bishop (Illinois) Fall 1:02
71 Eldon Roth (Wisconsin) over Dominic DeMarco (Illinois) TF 8-0
77 Hogan Rice (Illinois) over Cullen Zellner (Wisconsin) Fall 0:29
83 Brodey Lewis (Wisconsin) over Tanner Stone (Illinois) Dec 7-1
87 Michael Rundell (Illinois) over Isaac Weber (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
92 Kolten Bollig (Wisconsin) over Colton Schultz (Illinois) Dec 12-7
97 Robert Ruscitti (Illinois) over Michael Daleiden (Wisconsin) Inj 0:59
102 Martez Sheard (Wisconsin) over Aidan McClure (Illinois) TF 9-0
106 Parker Neu (Wisconsin) over Lukas Foster (Illinois) Dec 10-10
110 Thiago Guardiola (Wisconsin) over Shane Stream (Illinois) TF 8-0
114 Alexander Penzkover (Wisconsin) over John Hanrahan (Illinois) TF 17-8
119 Carson Neubert (Wisconsin) over Aiden Arnett (Illinois) TF 12-2

5th Place Match - Iowa defeated Oklahoma Blue 43-38.
125 Kylan Ooton (Oklahoma Blue) over Hayden Hutt (Iowa) Fall 1:24
130 Levi Dicksion (Oklahoma Blue) over Colin Sesker (Iowa) Dec 9-6
136 Corbin Wooley (Oklahoma Blue) over Camron Bennett (Iowa) TF 8-0
149 Parker Casey (Iowa) over Mack Powell (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 3-1
165 Rhodes Molenda (Oklahoma Blue) over Tyde Nelsen (Iowa) Fall 0:15
187 Joe Constable (Iowa) over Damarius Moton (Oklahoma Blue) TF 8-0
250 Paden Pearson (Oklahoma Blue) by forfeit
71 Johnathan Thompson (Iowa) over Rylan Sandoval (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 10-6
77 Ty Martin (Iowa) over Bostik Marple (Oklahoma Blue) Inj 0:53
83 Cash Bratt (Oklahoma Blue) over Chase Watkinson (Iowa) Dec 11-8
87 Cale Richardson (Oklahoma Blue) over Dylan Williamson (Iowa) TF 9-1
92 Cain Crosson (Iowa) over Drake Sheffield (Oklahoma Blue) TF 8-0
97 Jaimon Mogard (Iowa) over Braden Heath (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-4
102 Hendrix Schwab (Iowa) over Kale Livingston (Oklahoma Blue) TF 8-0
106 Mathew Prine (Iowa) over Aiden Jalajel (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-2
110 Weston Porter (Iowa) over Quinn Livingston (Oklahoma Blue) TF 13-5
114 Brooks McCollom (Oklahoma Blue) over Brett Johnson (Iowa) TF 8-0
119 Riley Watts (Iowa) over Bryson Burton (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:56

7th Place Match - New Jersey defeated Washington 47-33.
125 Ethan De La Cruz (New Jersey) over Fransisco Valencia (Washington) Fall 1:46
130 Easton Eilers (Washington) by forfeit
136 Vedwin Nivas (New Jersey) over Gavin Wells (Washington) TF 8-0
149 Dayton Fitzgibbon (Washington) over Nick Schwartz (New Jersey) TF 11-2
165 Kannon Freschette (Washington) over Brian Clifford (New Jersey) Dec 14-11
187 Caden Brooks (Washington) over Ralphie Barca (New Jersey) TF 9-0
250 Corban Patchett (Washington) over August Moser (New Jersey) Dec 5-1
71 Logan Tuck (New Jersey) over Elijah Jensen (Washington) Dec 4-3
77 Anthony Lopera (New Jersey) over Colton Roberts (Washington) TF 10-1
83 Anthony Curlo (New Jersey) over Elijah Governor (Washington) Fall 1:28
87 Lazarus McEwen (Washington) over Hayden Lauterback (New Jersey) Dec 5-2
92 Ryder Owen (Washington) by forfeit
97 Christian Ramirez (New Jersey) over Hoyt Harshman (Washington) TF 10-2
102 Matthew Mulligan (New Jersey) over Trandyn Lundquist (Washington) TF 8-0
106 Connor Crum (Washington) over Sean Elliott (New Jersey) Dec 5-1
110 Tommy Marchetti (New Jersey) over Audon Clark (Washington) TF 11-0
114 River Hibler (New Jersey) over Dakota Anderson (Washington) Fall 3:11
119 Robert Rodriguez (New Jersey) over Kobe Cunanan (Washington) TF 8-0

Bronze/Copper Pool Results
1st Place - Minnesota Blue
2nd Place - California
3rd Place - Maryland
4th Place - Utah
5th Place - Pennsylvania Red
6th Place - Michigan
7th Place - Florida
8th Place - Kansas
1st Place Match
Minnesota Blue defeated California 61-23.
3rd Place Match
Maryland defeated Utah 44-40.
5th Place Match
Pennsylvania Red defeated Michigan 48-36.
7th Place Match
Florida defeated Kansas 53-23.

Red/Blue Pool Results
1st Place - Indiana
2nd Place - Idaho
3rd Place - New York
4th Place - Colorado Red
5th Place - Missouri
6th Place - Minnesota Red
7th Place - Texas
8th Place - Alabama
1st Place Match
Indiana defeated Idaho 45-39.
3rd Place Match
New York defeated Colorado Red 48-27.
5th Place Match
Missouri defeated Minnesota Red 48-33.
7th Place Match
Texas defeated Alabama 49-14.

Green Pool Results
1st Place - Georgia
2nd Place - Tennessee
3rd Place - Virginia
4th Place - North Carolina
Georgia defeated Virginia 44-40.
Tennessee defeated North Carolina 49-28.
Round 2
Tennessee defeated Virginia 45-38.
Georgia defeated North Carolina 78-4.
Virginia defeated North Carolina 52-21.
Georgia defeated Tennessee 42-32.

Yellow Pool Results
1st Place - Oklahoma Red
2nd Place - Arkansas
3rd Place - Louisiana
4th Place - Colorado Blue
5th Place - South Carolina
Oklahoma Red defeated Louisiana 65-23.
Arkansas defeated South Carolina 42-28.
Arkansas defeated Colorado Blue 55-15.
Louisiana defeated South Carolina 28-27.
Colorado Blue defeated South Carolina 35-28.
Oklahoma Red defeated Arkansas 44-38.
Oklahoma Red defeated Colorado Blue 64-15.
Arkansas defeated Louisiana 43-24.
Louisiana defeated Colorado Blue 37-18.
Oklahoma Red defeated South Carolina 62-24.
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