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Day 1 preview: Junior Women and 16U Women kick off event, powering through the quarterfinals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestliing

Cadence Diduch (IL) powers Emily Sindoni (NY) in 2022 Junior National finals.
Cadence Diduch (IL) powers Emily Sindoni (NY) in 2022 Junior National finals. Diduch is one of seven returning Junior National champions. Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.

The new format of the USMC Junior and 16U Nationals will be very apparent on Saturday, as the first two tournaments of the competition will include only women.

The Junior National Championships and the 16U National Championships in women’s freestyle will cover the 30 mats on the floor of the FargoDome all day. Both tournaments will go advance through the quarterfinal rounds on Saturday night. This round will not only determine four athletes in each weight class who still have a chance to become champions but will also determine the first four All-Americans. Any athlete who reaches the semifinals is guaranteed a top-eight finish.

We will take a more data-driven preview of each tournament separately below.


Returning Junior champions – Clare Booe of Florida (106, now at 112), Alexandra Szkotnicki of Maryland (112), Cadence Diduch of Illinois (122, now 138), Sydney Perry of Illinois (144), Mishell Rebisch of Michigan (152, now at 144), Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (180) and Savannah Isaac of Ohio (200).

Returning Junior runners-up – Aspen Blasko of Minnesota (106), Aubre Krazer of Pennsylvania (112, now 122), Skylar Little Soldier of Minnesota (132, now at 144), Stella Steigler of Virginia (152), Ella Pagel of Minnesota (164) and Alivia White of Washington (180)

Other returning Junior All-Americans (and current weight class) – Mia Zuniga of Washington (100), Makenzie Smith of Indiana (106), Chloe Dearwester of Ohio (106), Jasmine Leudke of Iowa (106), Alexis Jacques of Colorado (106), Gigi Bragg of Michigan (112), Avy Perez of California (112), Janessa George of Colorado (112), Diana Gonzalez of California (112), Zao Estrada of South Dakota (112), Fernanda Lopez of Texas (117), Alejandra Valdiviezo of California (122), Savannah Witt of Pennsylvania (122), Jaclyn Dehney of Massachusetts (127), Taylor Graveman of South Dakota (132), Camryn Brown of Connecticut (138), Netavia Wickson of Illinois (138), Kryssceah Ravenelle of Rhode Island (138), Gianna DiBennedeto of California (138), Allyssa Johnson of North Dakota (138), Alessandra Elliott of New York (144), Nebi Tsarni of Maryland (144), Eduarda Rodrigues of California (152), Naomi Simon of Iowa (164), Jael Miller of Pennsylvania (164), Genevieve An of Georgia (180), Isabella Renfro of Missouri (180), Ella Murphy of Tennessee (180), Tirza Twoteeth of Montana (200), Mariyah Brumley of Missouri (200), Zoe Adam of South Dakota (200), Kiara Ganey of Illinois (200), Alysse Phillips of California (22)

National Girls High School Rankings Pound-4-Pound wrestlers entered: Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (No. 4), Alexandra Szkotnicki of Maryland (No. 9), Savannah Isaac of Ohio (No. 10), Eduarda Rodrigues of California (No. 21), Alyvia White of Washington (No. 24),

2022 16U National champions moving up into Juniors – Katey Valdez of Colorado (100), Skylar Little Soldier of Minnesota (144), Nebi Tsarni of Maryland (144), Mishell Rebisch of Michigan (144), Ella Pagel of Minnesota (164), Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (180), Savannah Isaac of Ohio (200).

Triple Crown Eligible: Tilisa Matakaiongo of Utah (200)

Teams with the most separated athletes: Colorado (11), Michigan (9), Kansas (8), Wisconsin (8), California (7), Illinois (7), Missouri (7), Pennsylvania (7), Utah (7), Washington (7), Indiana (6), Iowa (6), Minnesota (5), Ohio (5)

Top 10 in Freestyle PIN:

1. Bella Williams of Oklahoma (122 lbs., 1,264 PIN)

2. Isabella Marie Gonzales of California (117 lbs., 1,235 PIN)

3. Skylar Slade of Iowa (144 lbs., 1,231 PIN)

4. Jordyn Fouse of Pennsylvania (132 lbs., 1,227 PIN)

5. Piper Fowler of Tennessee (164 lbs, 1,220 PIN)

6. Emma Bacon of Pennsylvania (112 lbs., 1,215 PIN)

7. Morgan Turner of Illinois (94 lbs., 1,210 PIN)

8. Sierra Chiesa of Pennsylvania (117 lbs., 1,192 PIN)

9. Isis France of Arizona (132 lbs., 1,181 PIN)

10. Caley Graber of Minnesota (100 lbs., 1,179 PIN)

Something different: In past years in Fargo, the Junior and 16U Nationals were held on different days. This time, they are at the same time. A number of 15- and 16-year olds who were also in high school wrestled in both tournaments, sometimes winning All-American in both. That will not happen this year, although we will watch to see if anybody in trying to go both age divisions and report on their progress.


Returning 16U champions – Sarah Henckel of Connecticut (138, now at 152),

Returning 16U runners-up – Mary Manis of Florida (100, now at 106), Isabella Marie Gonzales of California (117), Carley Ceshker of Wisconsin (122, now at 127), Skylar Slade of Iowa (144), Piper Fowler of Tennessee (164)

Other returning 16U All-Americans – Kendall Moore of Indiana (94), Caley Graber of Minnesota (100), Mia Galindo of Virginia (100), Alexandra Sebek of Illinois (106), Reanah Utterback of Iowa (106), Bella Williams of Oklahoma (122), Evelyn Holmes-Smith of Alabama (122), Isabella Cepak of Michigan (122), Dealya Collins of Wisconsin (127), Sophie Bowers of Illinois (132), Audrey Rogotzke of Minnesota (132), Jordyn Fouse of Pennsylvania (132), Isis France of Arizona (132), Madilyn Haynes of Missouri (132), Makenzie Pratt of Illinois (138), Morgan Lucio of Arizona (144), Madison Westerberg of New York (144), Jahlia Miguel of Iowa (144), Cali Dupree of Missouri (152), Phoenix Lindseth of North Dakota (200)

2022 14U National champions moving up into 16U Nationals: Morgan Turner of Illinois (94), Bianca Eide of Minnesota (100), Charlie Wylie of New Jersey (106), Logan Elsmore of Minnesota (112), Stevie Joyce Martin of California (112), Danica Torres of Arizona (122), Millie Azlin of Oklahoma (164).

National Girls High School Rankings Pound-4-Pound wrestlers entered: Morgan Turner of Illinois (No. 11), Piper Fowler of Tennessee (No. 13), Isabella Marie Gonzales of California (117), Carley Ceshker of Wisconsin (No. 25).

Triple Crown eligible: None

Teams with the most separated athletes: Missouri (11), Illinois (10), Michigan (9), Pennsylvania (9), Arizona (8), Oklahoma (8), Indiana (8), Wisconsin (8), Ohio (6), New York (5), Nebraska (5), Iowa (4), Minnesota (4), Massachusetts (4), New Jersey (4), Nevada (4), Colorado (4), Utah (4), Washington (4)

Top 10 in Freestyle PIN:

1. Zao Estrada of South Carolina (112 lbs., 1,276 PIN)

2. Sabrina Nauss of Michigan (180 lbs., 1,252 PIN)

3. Clare Booe of Florida (112 lbs., 1,242 PIN)

4. Alexandra Szkotnicki of Maryland (112 lbs., 1,239 PIN)

5. Heather Crull of Indiana (106 lbs., 1,236 PIN)

6. Skylar Little Soldier of Minnesota (144 lbs., 1,235 PIN)

7. Faith Bartoszek of Wisconsin (138 lbs., 1,205 PIN)

8. Lexia Schecterly of Pennsylvania (106 lbs., 1,204 PIN)

9. Alexandra Hofrichter of Wisconsin (164 lbs., 1,203 PIN)

10. Janessa George of Colorado (112 lbs, 1,202 PIN)

Saturday, July 15th schedule

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM - Session I

16U Women/Junior Women’s Championship (2 rounds) and Consolation (2 or 3 rounds)

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Session II -

16U Women/Junior Women: Championship & Quarterfinals (3 rounds) and Consolation (2 or 3 rounds)

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