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Iowa State’s Carr new No. 1 at 165 in WIN’s final regular-season rankings

by Mike FInn, WIN Magazine

David Carr (Iowa State) controls Keegan O'Toole (Missouri).
David Carr (Iowa State) controls Keegan O'Toole (Missouri). Photo courtesy of Iowa State Athletics.

NEWTON, Iowa — As most NCAA Division I wrestling programs now focus on the postseason in two weeks, Iowa State’s David Carr has taken over the top spot at 165 pounds in WIN Magazine’s Feb. 20 rankings, presented by Cliff Keen Athletic.

Carr, a 2021 NCAA champion, closed out the regular season with a 7-2 decision over Missouri’s defending national champ Keegan O’Toole last week in Columbia, Mo. But the Tigers did beat the Cyclones, 23-12, to earn the No. 3 spot in WIN’s final Dual Rankings, while ISU fell to No. 4.

Penn State, which completed an undefeated regular season (16-0) for the seventh time in the past eight years, remained No. 1 in both WIN’s Dual Rankings and Tournament Power Index, which projects how high a team will finish in this year’s national tournament, based on rankings points associated with their individuals’ rankings. The Nittany Lions feature nine ranked wrestlers, seven in the Top 8 (which would earn All-American status), and three top-ranked wrestlers: Roman Bravo-Young (133), Carter Starocci (174) and Aaron Brooks (184).

Iowa and Nebraska are tied for second in WIN’s TPI with 62.5 points. The Hawkeyes, who ended their regular season with a 28-7 win over Oklahoma State on Sunday, are ranked second in the Dual Rankings. Iowa is the only school that features a wrestler ranked at all 10 weight classes, three in the Top 8, including top-ranked Spencer Lee at 125 pounds. The Huskers, which defeated Arizona State last weekend, have six ranked wrestlers, four in the Top 8 and one top-ranked wrestler: Peyton Robb at 157 pounds. Nebraska is ranked sixth in the Dual Rankings behind No. 5 NC State.

Cornell is ranked No. 4 in the TPI with six ranked wrestlers, with four in the Top 8, including No. 1-ranked Yianni Diakomihalis at 149 pounds.

The other three No. 1-ranked spots remain the same: Northern Colorado’s Andrew Alirez at 141, Pitt’s Nino Bonaccorsi at 197 and Michigan’s Mason Parris at heavyweight.

The following is a breakdown of the points from the TPI, based on a wrestler’s ranking: 20 for 1st, 16 for 2nd, 13.5 for 3rd, 12.5 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 9 for 6th, 6.5 for 7th and 5.5 for 8th. Wrestlers ranked 9-12 earn two points each, followed by one and a half points for wrestlers ranked 13-16 and one point for those ranked 17-20.

This will be WIN’s final regular-season rankings until after the seven conference tournaments are held the first weekend in March. Those NCAA-qualifying tournaments will determine most of the 330 wrestlers qualifying for the NCAA Division I Nationals, March 16-18, in Tulsa, Okla. (The only schools with a remaining dual meet this season are Oregon State and Stanford, which wrestle next Sunday in Corvallis, Ore.)

The following is a list of the when and where the conference tournaments will be held:

* Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), March 5 in Raleigh, N.C.
* Big Ten Conference, March 4-5 in Ann Arbor, Mich.
* Big 12 Conference, March 4-5 in Tulsa, Okla.
* Eastern Intercollegiate Athletic Association (EIWA), March 4-5 in Philadelphia, Pa.
* Mid-American Conference (MAC), March 3-4 in Fairfax, Va.
* Pac-12 Conference, March 5 in Stanford, Calif.
* Southern Conference (SOCON), March 4 in Boone, N.C.

The NCAA will soon announce how many automatic qualifiers, per weight class, each conference will earn for the Nationals, based on regular-season performances.

WIN Magazine’s Final 2022-23 Dual Rankings

Rk School Record Prev. Upcoming
1. Penn State (16-0) 1st off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
2. Iowa (15-1) 2nd off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
3. Missouri (8-3) 4th off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
4. Iowa State (16-3) 3rd off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
5. NC State (14-1) 5th off until ACC Championships (March 5)
6. Nebraska (12-3) 6th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
7. Oklahoma State (14-3) 7th off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
8. Ohio State (13-3) 8th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
9. Cornell (12-3) 9th off until EIWA Championships (March 4-5)
10. Virginia Tech (10-3) 10th off until ACC Championships (March 5)
11. Michigan (11-4) 11th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
12. Minnesota (12-3) 12th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
13. Northwestern (7-3) 13th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
14. Wisconsin (8-8) 17th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
15. Pittsburgh (10-4) 16th off until ACC Championships (March 5)
16. Northern Iowa (7-5) 14th off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
17. North Dakota State (11-3) 15th off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
18. Illinois (6-7) 18th off until Big Ten Championships (March 4-5)
19. South Dakota State (12-4) 25th off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
20. Appalachian State (12-2) 19th off until SoCon Championships (March 4)
21. Arizona State (7-5) 20th off until Pac-12 Championships (March 5)
22. West Virginia (10-5) 22nd off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
23. Penn (9-5) 23rd off until EIWA Championships (March 4-5)
24. Oklahoma (9-8) 24th off until Big 12 Championships (March 4-5)
25. Oregon State (7-7) 21st vs. Stanford (Feb. 26)

WIN Magazine’s Feb. 20 Tournament Power Index

Rk. School Total Rank Top 8 TPI Pts
1. Penn State 9 7 117.5
2t. Iowa 10 3 62.5
2t. Nebraska 6 4 62.5
4. Cornell 6 4 55.5
5. Missouri 9 4 54.5
6. Iowa State 6 4 51.5
7. Virginia Tech 6 5 50
8. Ohio State 9 3 44
9. Wisconsin 5 3 41.5
10. Pitt 4 3 41
11. NC State 8 4 40.5
12. Arizona State 4 4 38
13. Michigan 6 2 36.5
14. Northwestern 6 2 31.5
15. Oklahoma State 8 1 26.5
16. Princeton 2 2 26
17. Northern Iowa 7 1 24.5
18. Minnesota 8 2 24
19. North Carolina 3 2 23
20. Lehigh 3 2 22
21. North Dakota State 6 1 21.5
22. Northern Colorado 2 1 21
23. Purdue 2 2 19
24. Illinois 4 2 18.5
25t. Stanford 2 1 15
25t. West Virginia 4 2 15
27. Cal Poly 2 1 14.5
28. Oregon State 4 1 13.5
29t. Oklahoma 6 1 12.5
29t. South Dakota State 6 1 12.5
31. Penn 4 1 9.5
32. Air Force 1 1 9
33. Utah Valley 3 1 7.5
34t. Appalachian State 2 1 7
34t, Harvard 2 1 7
36. Michigan State 4 0 6
37. Rutgers 4 0 4.5
38t. Campbell 2 0 2.5
38t. Wyoming 2 0 2.5
40t. Columbia 2 0 2
40t. Drexel 1 0 2
40t. Lock Haven 1 0 2
43t. Indiana 1 0 1.5
43t. Maryland 1 0 1.5
43t. Northern Illinois 1 0 1.5
46t. Army-West Point 1 0 1
46t. Bucknell 1 0 1
46t. Chattanooga 1 0 1
46t. CSU Bakersfield 1 0 1
46t. Virginia 1 0 1


WIN Magazine’s Feb. 20 NCAA Div. I Individual Rankings

125 pounds  

Wt Name School Year Previous
125-1 Spencer Lee Iowa Sr 1st
125-2 Pat Glory Princeton Sr. 2nd
125-3 Matt Ramos Purdue So. 4th
125-4 Liam Cronin Nebraska Gr. 5th
125-5 Eric Barnett Wisconsin Sr. 6th
125-6 Pat McKee Minnesota Sr. 8th
125-7 Killian Cardinale West Virginia Sr. 3rd
125-8 Brandon Courtney Arizona State Sr. 7th
125-9 Malik Heinselman Ohio State Sr. 9th
125-10 Anthony Noto Lock Haven So. 10th
125-11 Noah Surtin Missouri So. 11th
125-12 Brandon Kaylor Oregon State Jr. 12th
125-13 Michael DeAugustino Northwestern Sr. 13th
125-14 Jack Medley Michigan Gr. 14th
125-15 Caleb Smith Appalachian State So. 15th
125-16 Ryan Miller Penn So. 16th
125-17 Dean Peterson Rutgers RSFr. 17th
125-18 Jore Volk Wyoming Fr. 18th
125-19 Nick Babin Columbia Jr. NR
125-20 Stevo Poulin Northern Colorado RSFr. 20th


133 pounds

Wt Name School Year Previous
133-1 Roman Bravo-Young Penn State Gr. 1st
133-2 Daton Fix Oklahoma State Sr. 2nd
133-3 Vito Arujau Cornell Jr. 3rd
133-4 Michael McGee Arizona State Sr. 4th
133-5 Sam Latona Virginia Tech So. 5th
133-6 Lucas Byrd Illinois So. 6th
133-7 Micky Phillippi Pitt Sr. 7th
133-8 Michael Colaiocco Penn Jr. 8th
133-9 Jesse Mendez Ohio State Fr. 9th
133-10 Chris Cannon Northwestern Jr. 10th
133-11 Dylan Ragusin Michigan So. 11th
133-12 Connor McGonagle Lehigh Jr. 12th
133-13 Aaron Nagao Minnesota RSFr. 13th
133-14 Brody Teske Iowa Sr. 14th
133-15 Kai Orine NC State So. 15th
133-16 Zach Redding Iowa State Jr. 16th
133-17 Joe Heilman Rutgers Gr. 17th
133-18 Chance Rich CSU Bakersfield Jr. 18th
133-19 RayVon Foley Michigan State Gr. 19th
133-20 Kyle Biscoglia Northern Iowa Jr. 20th


141 pounds  

Wt Name School Year Previous
141-1 Andrew Alirez Northern Colorado Jr. 1st
141-2 Real Woods Iowa Sr. 2nd
141-3 Cole Matthews Pitt Sr. 3rd
141-4 Beau Bartlett Penn State Jr. 5th
141-5 Brock Hardy Nebraska So. 4th
141-6 Ryan Jack NC State So. 8th
141-7 Mosha Schwartz Oklahoma Jr. 6th
141-8 Lachlan McNeil North Carolina RSFr. 7th
141-9 Vince Cornella Cornell Fr. 9th
141-10 Clay Carlson South Dakota State Sr. 10th
141-11 Jakob Bergeland Minnesota Gr. 11th
141-12 Frankie Tal Shahar Northwestern Jr. 12th
141-13 Carter Young Oklahoma State So. 13th
141-14 Allan Hart Missouri Sr. 14th
141-15 Cael Happel Northern Iowa So. 16th
141-16 Jordan Titus West Virginia RSFr. 17th
141-17 Joe Olivieri Rutgers So. 18th
141-18 Darren Miller Bucknell Sr. 19th
141-19 Dylan Droegemueller North Dakota State Sr. 15th
141-20 Ty Smith Utah Valley Jr. 20th


149 pounds

Wt Name School Year Previous
149-1 Yianni Diakomihalis Cornell Sr. 1st
149-2 Austin Gomez Wisconsin Sr. 2nd
149-3 Sammy Sasso Ohio State Sr. 3rd
149-4 Yahya Thomas Northwestern Gr. 4th
149-5 Kyle Parco Arizona State So. 5th
149-6 Brock Mauler Missouri Jr. 6th
149-7 Caleb Henson Virginia Tech Fr. 7th
149-8 Jon Millner Appalachian State Sr. 8th
149-9 Paniro Johnson Iowa State Fr. 9th
149-10 Max Murin Iowa Sr. 10th
149-11 Colin Realbuto Northern Iowa Jr. 11th
149-12 Shayne Van Ness Penn State RSFr. 12th
149-13 Doug Zapf Penn Sr. 13th
149-14 Jaden Abas Stanford Jr 14th
149-15 Michael Blockhus Minnesota Sr. 15th
149-16 Kellyn March North Dakota State Jr. 16th
149-17 Jackson Arrington NC State Fr. 17th
149-18 Victor Voinovich Oklahoma State RSFr. 18th
149-19 Mitch Moore Oklahoma Gr. 19th
149-20 Dom Demas Cal Poly Sr. NR


157 pounds        

Wt Name School Year Previous
157-1 Peyton Robb Nebraska Jr. 1st
157-2 Austin O’Connor North Carolina Gr. 2nd
157-3 Jared Franek North Dakota State Sr. 3rd
157-4 Bryce Andonian Virginia Tech Sr. 4th
157-5 Josh Humphreys Lehigh Sr. 5th
157-6 Levi Haines Penn State Fr. 6th
157-7 Ed Scott NC State So. 7th
157-8 Kendell Coleman Purdue Sr. 8th
157-9 Chase Saldate Michigan State Jr. 9th
157-10 Kaden Gfeller Oklahoma State Sr. 11th
157-11 Cobe Siebrecht Iowa Jr. 10th
157-12 Will Lewan Michigan Sr. 12th
157-13 Jarrett Jacques Missouri Sr. 13th
157-14 Brayton Lee Minnesota Sr. 15th
157-15 Jacob Wright Wyoming Sr. 16th
157-16 Mike Carr Illinois Sr. 17th
157-17 Garret Model Wisconsin Sr. NR
157-14 Derek Holschlag Northern Iowa Sr. 14th
157-19 Paddy Gallagher Ohio State RSFr. 19th
157-20 Trevor Chumley Northwestern So. 20th


165 pounds   

Wt Name School Year Previous
165-1 David Carr Iowa State Sr. 2nd
165-2 Keegan O’Toole Missouri So. 1st
165-3 Shane Griffith Stanford Sr. 3rd
165-4 Dean Hamiti Wisconsin So. 4th
165-5 Quincy Monday Princeton Sr. 5th
165-6 Cameron Amine Michigan Jr. 6th
165-7 Julian Ramirez Cornell So. 7th
165-8 Peyton Hall West Virginia Jr. 8th
165-9 Patrick Kennedy Iowa So. 9th
165-10 Alex Facundo Penn State RSFr. 10th
165-11 Michael Calliendo North Dakota State RSFr. 11th
165-12 Carson Kharchla Ohio State Jr. 12th
165-13 Izzak Olenjnik Northern Illinois Sr. 13th
165-14 Austin Yant Northern Iowa Sr. 14th
165-15 Matt Olguin Oregon State So. 15th
165-16 Gerrit Nijenhuis Oklahoma So. 16th
165-17 Josh Ogunsanya Columbia Jr. 17th
165-18 Holden Heller Pitt Sr. 18th
165-19 Justin McCoy Virginia Sr. 19th
165-20 Tanner Cook South Dakota State Jr. 20th


174 pounds  

Wt Name School Year Previous
174-1 Carter Starocci Penn State Jr. 1st
174-2 Mikey Labriola Nebraska Sr. 2nd
174-3 Mekhi Lewis Virginia Tech Sr. 3rd
174-4 Chris Foca Cornell Jr. 4th
174-5 Ethan Smith Ohio State Sr. 5th
174-6 Peyton Mocco Missouri Jr. 6th
174-7 Edmond Ruth Illinois So. 8th
174-8 Demetrius Romero Utah Valley Sr. 10th
174-9 Dustin Plott Oklahoma State Jr. 7th
174-10 Bailee O’Reilly Minnesota Gr. 11th
174-11 Michael O’Malley Drexel Sr. 12th
174-12 Rocky Jordan Chattanooga Sr. 9th
174-13 Nelson Brands Iowa Sr. 16th
174-14 Donnell Washington Indiana Jr. 19th
174-15 Tate Picklo Oklahoma Fr. 17th
174-16 Philip Conigliaro Harvard Jr. 15th
174-17 Cade Devos South Dakota State So. 18th
174-18 Nick Incontrera Penn So. 13th
174-19 Ben Pasiuk Army West Point Jr. 20th
174-20 Alex Faison NC State Jr. NR


184 pounds                                                                                                 

Wt Name School Year Previous
184-1 Aaron Brooks Penn State Sr. 1st
184-2 Parker Keckeisen Northern Iowa So. 2nd
184-3 Trent Hidlay NC State Jr. 3rd
184-4 Marcus Coleman Iowa State Sr. 4th
184-5 Kaleb Romero Ohio State Sr. 5th
184-6 Trey Munoz Oregon State So. 6th
184-7 Hunter Bolen Virginia Tech Sr. 7th
184-8 Isaiah Salazar Minnesota Jr. 8th
184-9 Matt Finesilver Michigan Gr. 9th
184-10 Abe Assad Iowa Jr. 11th
184-11 Travis Wittlake Oklahoma State Sr. 10th
184-12 Lenny Pinto Nebraska RSFr. 12th
184-13 Gavin Kane North Carolina So. 13th
184-14 Deanthony Parker North Dakota State So. 14th
184-15 Layne Malczewski Michigan State Sr. 15th
184-16 Brian Soldano Rutgers Fr. 16th
184-17 Colton Hawks Missouri So. 17th
184-18 Keegan Moore Oklahoma Sr. 18th
184-19 Cade King South Dakota State Jr. 19th
184-20 Caleb Hopkins Campbell Jr. 20th


197 pounds  

Wt Name School Year Previous
197-1 Nino Bonaccorsi Pitt Sr. 1st
197-2 Max Dean Penn State Sr. 2nd
197-3 Bernie Truax Cal Poly Jr. 3rd
197-4 Rocky Elam Missouri So. 4th
197-5 Michael Beard Lehigh So. 5th
197-6 Yonger Bastida Iowa State Jr. 6th
197-7 Isaac Trumble NC State Jr. 7th
197-8 Tanner Sloan South Dakota State Sr. 8th
197-9 Owen Pentz North Dakota State So. 9th
197-10 Ethan Laird Rider Sr. 10th
197-11 Jacob Warner Iowa Sr. 11th
197-12 Silas Allred Nebraska So. 12th
197-13 Jaxon Smith Maryland RSFr. 13th
197-14 Cameron Caffey Michigan State Gr. 14th
197-15 Zach Braunagel Illinois Jr. 15th
197-16 Gavin Hoffman Ohio State Sr. 16th
197-17 Evan Bockman Utah Valley So. 17th
197-18 Tanner Harvey Oregon State Sr. 18th
197-19 Luke Surber Oklahoma State Jr. 19th
197-20 Michial Foy Minnesota Gr. 20th



Wt Name School Year Previous
Hwt-1 Mason Parris Michigan Sr. 1st
Hwt-2 Greg Kerkvliet Penn State Jr. 2nd
Hwt-3 Tony Cassioppi Iowa Sr. 3rd
Hwt-4 Lucas Davison Northwestern Sr. 4th
Hwt-5 Cohlton Schultz Arizona State So. 5th
Hwt-6 Wyatt Hendrickson Air Force Jr. 6th
Hwt-7 Sam Schuyler Iowa State Sr. 9th
Hwt-8 Yaraslau Slavikouski Harvard Sr. 8th
Hwt-9 Zach Elam Missouri Jr. 7th
Hwt-10 Trent Hillger Wisconsin Gr. 10th
Hwt-11 AJ Nevills South Dakota State Gr. 11th
Hwt-12 Tate Orndorff Ohio State Sr. 12th
Hwt-13 Owen Trephan NC State So. 13th
Hwt-14 Taye Ghadiali Campbell Jr. 14th
Hwt-15 Michael Wolfgram West Virginia Jr. 17th
Hwt-16 Tyrell Gordon Northern Iowa Jr. 19th
Hwt-17 Hunter Catka Virginia Tech So. 20th
Hwt-18 Connor Doucet Oklahoma State So. NR
Hwt-19 Josh Heindselman Oklahoma Jr. 18th
Hwt-20 Lewis Fernandes Cornell Jr. 16th

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