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Women’s college intrasquad results, as of November 2

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Jasmine Godinez of Life University, competing in Life's intrasquad match.
Picture of Jasmine Godinez (Life) competing in her team's intrasquad match. Photo by Philani Simamane.

USA Wrestling has reached out to the coaches of the nation’s women’s college varsity programs, seeking to collect intrasquad results.

At this time, we have collected the results from Colorado Mesa, the University of the Cumberlands, Life, Linfield and Minot State, which are posted below.

We are aware of some other intrasquad matches and have reached out to those coaches for results. In addition, if there are coaches or sports information directors who have intrasquad results from their women’s wrestling team which we don’t currently have, please send them to Gary Abbott at

We plan one more posting if we receive additional results from the community.

Colorado Mesa

October 27

Isabella Morales pin Isabella Richards, 0:10

Israel Resendez pin Carisa Epling, 1:40

Marissa Gallegos pin Cordey Mallo,1:12

Holly Beaudoin pin Delaney Graves, 0:39

Jada Llamido pin Celina Cooke, 1:38

Aynslee Hester pin Kimberly Carli, 0:33

Jayleen Sekona pin Samantha Vasquez, 0:51

Isabella Morales pin Kaylie Catalano, 1:23

Claire DiCugno pin Alyssa Jacksom, 0:43

Celina Cooke tech. fall Erica Schroeder, 12-2

Dalia Garibay tech. fall Kimberly Carlin, 10-0

Melena Jones pin Samantha Vasquez, 3:37

Shandiin Largo dec. Alex Brulotte, 10-4

Kaylie Catalano tech fall Isabella Richards, 10-0

Hailey Chapman dec. Elizabeth Miller, 11-5

Delaney Graves pin Alyssa Jacksom, 0:45

Claire DiCugno tech. fall Holly Beaudoin, 10-0

Jada Llamido pin Erica Schroeder, 2:03

Dalia Garibay tech. fall Aynslee Hester, 12-2

Jayleen Sekona tech fall Melena Jones, 10-0


Friday, October 21

Blue 28, Red 21

Elizabeth Dosado (Blue) tech fall Alex Uribe (Red) 10-0

Ariana Pereira (Red) tech fall over Leah Brown (Blue) 13-2

Rontaysia Payne (Blue) tech fall over Olivia Hogan (Red) 10-0

Lena Taylor (Red) tech fall 10-0 over Courtney Pittman (Blue)

Hailey Foster (Blue) Dec 16-8 over Zoey Smith (Red)

Ivy Partin (Red) fall over Vanessa Smith (Blue)

Mady Dow (Blue) fall over Dylan Hernandez (Red)

Lianna Ward (Blue) fall over Tatiana Esperanza (Red)

Kathleen Janis (Red) dec 6-2 over Cierra Abrego (Blue)

Aliyah Yates (Red) tech fall over Rontaysia Payne (Blue) 10-0

Jesse Kirby (Blue) fall over Ariana Pereira (Red)


Friday, October 28

(Weight class listed, and national ranking as appropriate)

(123) Anna Krejsa over (130) Estefany Garcia, 10-0 Technical Fall

(136) Kailey Rees over (136) Coleby Velasquez, 10-0 Technical Fall

(155) Latifah McBryde(7) over (155) Elizabeth Bound, Fall 1:33

(155) Emma Diaz over (155) Dayna Gomez, Fall 1:22

(109) Jasmine Godinez over (116) Kory Phillips (4), Fall 1:50

(130) Zaynah McBryde (18) over (130) Olivia Mottley (13), Fall 1:56

(101) Devyn Gomez over (109) Miranda DiBenedetto, 8-0 Decision

(130) Estefany Garcia over (123) Kaci Bice, Fall 1:57

(143) Jamilah McBryde over (136) Riley Dalrymple (20), 14-4 Technical Fall


123: Emily Sullenger WBF over Mikayla Pool, 9-2

136: Brielle Brick WBF over Hanna Gillas

136: Brielle Brick dec. over Klaira Flatt, 9-0

136: Klaira Flatt WBF over Hanna Gillas

155: Elena Kroll WBF over Marlene Ramirez

Minot State

October 30

116 -Jazmin Gorder over Zoe Desloges (Fall)

116 - Jazmin Gorder over Zoe Desloges (TF 10-0)

130 - Annika Gotlieb over Keela Kary (Dec 10-1)

155 - Shelby Zachmeier over Carolyn Goebel (Fall)

155 - Nina Sandoval over Shelby Zachmeier (Fall)

170 - Madison Parson over Shelby Zachmeier (Fall)

191 - Nina Sandoval over Madison Parson (Fall)

155 - Extra: Annika Gotlieb over Carolyn Goebel (TF 10-0)

Other intrasquad matches listed on team schedules.

Thursday, October 20 - Avila

Thursday, October 27 – Quincy

Sunday, October 30 - Oklahoma City

Monday, October 31 – Texas Women’s

Wednesday, November 2 - Schreiner

Any other programs with intrasquad results should send them to

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