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Wyoming Seminary beats Team Europe, 8-5, in girls freestyle dual in Estonia, alongside Tallinn Open

by USA Wrestling

Wyoming Seminary girls team after its victory over Team Europe in a dual meet. Photo courtesy of Chad Vandiver.

TALLINN, Estonia – The girls wrestling team from Wyoming Seminary defeated a European all-star team on Saturday, 8-5, in a friendly dual meet, the night before competing in the girls freestyle division at the Tallinn Open

Winning bouts for Wyoming Seminary were Amelia Murphy (U15 46 kg), Tiffany Stoshak (Cadet 46 kg) , Arianna Hernandez (Cadet 57 kg), Madison Wellen (Cadet 57 kg), Carina Giangeruso (Cadet 57 kg), Faith Bartoszek (Cadet/65 kg), Virginia Foard (Junior 50 kg) and Avery Kibelbek (Junior 50 kg).

“The Wyoming Seminary girls wrestling team took themselves to another level tonight. You couldn’t tell that for many of them, this was their first international tour and competition. Each of them stepped to the line ready to battle; they embraced the fight and came out victorious as a team. The dual was packed with exciting action from start to finish - lead changes, comebacks, and falls,” said Erin Vandiver, Wyoming Seminary head women’s coach.

Scoring pins for Wyoming Seminary were Murphy, Wellen and Bartoszek, while Stoshak, Hernandez, Giangeruso and Foard secured technical fall victories.

Wellen’s victory was against Inna Alimova of Ukraine. The hosts of the Tallinn Open is providing free room, board and entry fees for Ukrainian wrestlers at the Tallinn Open tournament. Wyoming Seminary’s girls team raised money to give to Ukrainian wrestlers who have attended the competition this weekend.

“This was great for us to see the rewards of a long training phase. The improvements made amongst the entire team were impressive. We appreciate the opportunity and our opponents from Team Europe. All 22 girls are excited and ready to compete tomorrow in the Tallinn Open,” said Vandiver

Results from the boys Greco-Roman tournament at the Tallinn Open will be posted later today.

Wyoming Seminary (USA) 8, Team Europe 5

Girls Freestyle wrestling dual meet

In Tallinn, Estonia, March 25, 2022

U15 bouts

50kg - Sophie Ritter (Team Europe/HUN) tech. fall Lisa Pastoriza (USA/SEM/AZ), 10-0

50kg - Darja Jeremejeva (Team Europe/EST) dec. Savannah Arroyo (USA/SEM/NJ), 7-1

46kg - Amelia Murphy (USA/SEM/IN) pin Aida Lachinova (Team Europe/NOR)
Cadet bouts

46kg - Tiffany Stoshak (USA/SEM/PA) tech. fall Daniella Beky (Team Europe/NOR), 13-2

49kg -. Fabiana Rinella (Team Europe/ITA) pin Rianne Murphy (USA/SEM/IN)

57kg - Arianna Hernandez (USA/SEM/IL) tech. fall Mirijam Hansen (Team Europe/NOR), 10-0

57kg - Madison Wellen (USA/SEM/PA) pin Inna Alimova (Team Europe/UKR)

61kg - Carina Giangeruso (USA/SEM/NJ) tech. fall Melina Samsonsen (Team Europe/NOR), 10-0

65kg - Iveta Cesnauskaite (Team Europe/LTU) pin Charlotte Gilfoil (USA/SEM/PA)

65kg - Faith Bartoszek (USA/SEM/WI) pin Tea Baglo Holten (Team Europe/NOR)
Junior bouts

50kg - Virginia Foard (USA/SEM/VA) tech. fall Kamile Sernauskaite (Team Europe/LTU), 11-0

50kg - Avery Kibelbek (USA/SEM/TN) dec. Vestina Daniseviciute (Team Europe/LTU). 8-5

62kg - Viktoria Overby (Team Europe/NOR) pin Piper Staniford (USA/SEM/PA)