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Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Minnesota Gold win freestyle preliminary pools at Junior National Duals

by Ellen Paddock, USA Wrestling

Action from the Wisconsin and Illinois preliminary pool 1st place dual.  Photo by Austin Bernard. 

TULSA, Okla. — Preliminary pool competition concluded on Friday with Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Minnesota Gold coming out victorious. The second-place teams in each pool will join the winners in the Gold/Silver pools tomorrow to determine the national championship team.
In a full team effort, Iowa pounded Washington with 11 technical falls and one pin by Nicholas Fox (170) to win Pool A, 58-6. Nine Iowa wrestlers won without allowing a single point to be scored on them. Mitchell Neiner (126) had Washington’s only win of the dual. Iowa, the defending national championship team, is in a position to repeat last year’s success.
Wisconsin ascended to the top of Pool B after getting past Illinois 37-33. The two teams traded bonus point wins in most bouts with only two matches being won by decision. A pin by Spencer Brewton (Wisconsin) over Ghee Rachal (Illinois) at 220 pounds secured the win for Wisconsin. Other Wisconsin wrestlers with pins in the pools finals were Cael Erickson (138) and Aeoden Sinclair (182).
In Pool C, Ohio topped Oklahoma Blue, 42-21, recording six technical falls by Kaiyon McKinney (113), Ismael Ayoub (138), Tyler Lillard (170), Seth Shumate (195), Carter Neves (220) and Javaan Yarbrough (100). Cael Hughes was Oklahoma Blue’s only wrestler able to secure a technical fall, with the other four wins being by decision.
In the tightest pool final of the day, Minnesota Gold defeated California Gold 35-33 to win Pool D. California Gold started the dual out strong with three technical falls in the first three bouts by Michael Olson (106), Brandon Morvari (113) and Alan Koehler (120). Minnesota Gold answered back with three straight wins to get back into the dual. In the second to last bout, California Gold’s Daniel Herrera pinned Minnesota Gold’s Elijah Novak at 285 pounds, putting California Gold in the lead, 33-31. Getting it done in the end for Minnesota Gold was Lawson Eller (100) with the perfect 10-0 technical fall.
The second-place teams in each pool join the winners in the Gold/Silver Pool. All four pools held true second-place duals to decide the spots. The Gold/Silver Pool is split into two pools, which will determine the medal matches among the top eight teams.
In Pool A, Ohio Scarlet stopped runner-up Washington with a dominant 45-22 win for a spot in the Gold/Silver Pool. Ohio Scarlet earned bonus points with each win, recording seven technical falls and three pins.
In Pool B, runner-up Illinois secured a spot in the Gold/Silver pool after a 42-28 victory over Florida. Illinois was dominant throughout the dual with all nine victories by bonus points.
Runner-up Oklahoma Blue defeated New Jersey 42-23 in Pool C. New Jersey was first on the board with two wins by decision, but Oklahoma Blue responded with six straight wins to take the lead and finished with five technical falls, three wins by decision and two wins by forfeit.
In Pool D, runner-up California Gold topped Utah 42-26 to claim the last spot in the Gold/Silver Pool. California Gold won nine matches– two by fall, five by technical fall, one by decision and one by forfeit.
Saturday continues with the freestyle color pool duals and final placement matches. Wrestling starts at 9 a.m. All of the action is live on FloWrestling.


At Tulsa, Okla. June 17, 2022

Pool A Results

1st Place - Iowa
2nd Place - Ohio Scarlet
3rd Place - Washington
4th Place - Nebraska
5th Place - Colorado
6th Place - Virginia
7th Place - Kentucky
8th Place - Kansas Red
1st Place Match - Iowa defeated Washington 58-6.
106 Dru Ayala (Iowa) over Anthony Nguyen (Washington) TF 10-0
113 Kade Blume (Iowa) over Nolan Crosby (Washington) TF 10-0
120 Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Kaleb Marciszewski (Washington) TF 10-0
126 Mitchell Neiner (Washington) over Carter Freeman (Iowa) Dec 6-5
132 Evan Frost (Iowa) over Tyler Rhue (Washington) TF 14-3
138 Ryder Block (Iowa) over Smokey McClure (Washington) TF 11-0
145 Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Dustin Baxter (Washington) TF 11-0
152 Hunter Garvin (Iowa) over Tyler Fouts (Washington) TF 12-0
160 Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Thor Michaelson (Washington) Dec 3-2
170 Nicholas Fox (Iowa) over Lars Michaelson (Washington) Fall 1:57
182 Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) over Trevor Latta (Washington) TF 10-0
195 Wyatt Voelker (Iowa) over Hunter Sonnenberg (Washington) TF 15-5
220 Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Donald Schmidt (Washington) TF 10-0
285 Jacob Walker (Iowa) over Leighton Jensen (Washington) TF 10-0
100 Jayden Rinken (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
2nd Place Wrestleback – Ohio Scarlet defeated Washington 45-22.
3rd Place Match - Ohio Scarlet defeated Nebraska 50-16.
5th Place Match - Colorado defeated Virginia 38-29.
7th Place Match - Kentucky defeated Kansas Red 41-26.

Pool B Results

1st Place - Wisconsin
2rd Place - Illinois
3rd Place - Florida
4th Place - Oklahoma Red
5th Place - Minnesota Silver
6th Place - Georgia Blue
7th Place - North Dakota Blue
8th Place - California
1st Place Match - Wisconsin defeated Illinois 37-33.
106 Liam Neitzel (Wisconsin) over Ethan Spacht (Illinois) TF 14-2
113 Deion Johnson (Illinois) over Thai Yang (Wisconsin) TF 11-0
120 Massey Odiotti (Illinois) over Wyatt Skebba (Wisconsin) TF 12-0
126 Brayden Sonnentag (Wisconsin) over Gylon Sims (Illinois) TF 10-0
132 Kannon Webster (Illinois) over Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) TF 14-4
138 Cael Erickson (Wisconsin) over William Baysingar (Illinois) Fall 2:48
145 Noah Manuel Tapia (Illinois) over Gavin Drexler (Wisconsin) Fall 4:08
152 Braden Stauffenberg (Illinois) over Zane Licht (Wisconsin) TF 16-6
160 Braeden Scoles (Wisconsin) over Chris Moore (Illinois) Dec 12-5
170 Noah Mulvaney (Wisconsin) over Bradley Gillum (Illinois) Dec 17-9
182 Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin) over Dominic Thebeau (Illinois) Fall 3:30
195 Peter Marinopoulos (Illinois) over Ryan Rambo (Wisconsin) TF 13-3
220 Spencer Brewton (Wisconsin) over Ghee Rachal (Illinois) Fall 2:54
285 Dillan Johnson (Illinois) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
100 Evan Gill (Wisconsin) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
2nd Place Wrestleback – Illinois defeated Florida 42-28.
3rd Place Match - Florida defeated Oklahoma Red 36-34.
5th Place Match - Minnesota Silver defeated Georgia Blue 50-14.
7th Place Match - North Dakota Blue defeated California 41-28.

Pool C Results

1st Place - Ohio
2nd Place - Oklahoma Blue
3rd Place - New Jersey
4th Place - Michigan Blue
5th Place - Tennessee
6th Place - Pennsylvania
7th Place - Kansas Blue
8th Place - North Carolina
1st Place Match - Ohio defeated Oklahoma Blue 42-21.
106 Colyn Limbert (Ohio) over Christopher Kiser (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 2-2
113 Kaiyon McKinney (Ohio) over Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Blue) TF 14-4
120 Marcus Blaze (Ohio) over Sam Smith (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 9-4
126 Jaxon Joy (Ohio) over Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 14-11
132 Cael Hughes (Oklahoma Blue) over Omar Ayoub (Ohio) TF 10-0
138 Ismael Ayoub (Ohio) over Caden Kelley (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
145 Jace Roller (Oklahoma Blue) over Brock Herman (Ohio) Dec 7-7
152 Cutter Sheets (Oklahoma Blue) over Wynton Denkins (Ohio) Dec 11-6
160 Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Blue) over Antwuan Burns (Ohio) Dec 7-5
170 Tyler Lillard (Ohio) over Talon McCollom (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
182 AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Blue) over Brody Conley (Ohio) Dec 6-3
195 Seth Shumate (Ohio) over Jersey Robb (Oklahoma Blue) TF 11-0
220 Carter Neves (Ohio) over Gunner Wilson (Oklahoma Blue) TF 11-0
285 Logan Shephard (Ohio) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
100 Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio) over Aydan Thomas (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-2
2nd Place Wrestleback – Oklahoma Blue defeated New Jersey 42-23.
3rd Place Match - New Jersey defeated Michigan Blue 34-29.
5th Place Match - Tennessee defeated Pennsylvania 42-28.
7th Place Match - Kansas Blue defeated North Carolina 55-13.

Pool D Results

1st Place - Minnesota Gold
2nd Place - California Gold
3rd Place - Utah
4th Place - Missouri
5th Place - Alabama
6th Place - North Dakota Red
7th Place - Texas B
8th Place - Georgia Red
106 Michael Olson (Minnesota Gold) over Ethan Ward (California Gold) TF 12-2
113 Brandon Morvari (Minnesota Gold) over Jeremy Oani (California Gold) TF 12-2
120 Alan Koehler (Minnesota Gold) over Ray Ray Harris (California Gold) TF 18-8
126 Ryan Lobato (California Gold) over Nolan Ambrose (Minnesota Gold) Dec 14-14
132 Brock Bobzien (California Gold) over Tyson Charmoli (Minnesota Gold) Dec 12-6
138 Johnny Lopez (California Gold) over Walker Bents (Minnesota Gold) TF 12-1 1
145 Zach Hanson (Minnesota Gold) over Collin Guffey (California Gold) Dec 11-8
152 Beau Mantanona (California Gold) over Brendan Howes (Minnesota Gold) TF 13-2
160 Jed Wester (Minnesota Gold) over Erik McCown (California Gold) TF 13-1
170 Lucas Condon (California Gold) over Maximus Hanson (Minnesota Gold) TF 14-3
182 Timothy McDonnell (California Gold) over Antony Tuttle (Minnesota Gold) Dec 16-9
195 Joseph Novak (Minnesota Gold) over Ryland Whitworth (California Gold) Dec 13-6
220 Jacob Meissner (Minnesota Gold) over Sonny Kling (California Gold) Dec 7-5
285 Daniel Herrera (California Gold) over Elijah Novak (Minnesota Gold) Fall 3:57
100 Lawson Eller (Minnesota Gold) over Nathaniel Granados (California Gold) TF 10-0
2nd Place Wrestleback – California Gold defeated Utah 42-26.
3rd Place Match - Utah defeated Missouri 45-22.
5th Place Match - Alabama defeated North Dakota Red 48-23.
7th Place Match - Texas B defeated Georgia Red 52-13.

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