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Minnesota Gold, Illinois, California, Oklahoma Red win Greco-Roman preliminary pools at Junior National Duals

by Adam Engel, USA Wrestling

Day one action at the 2020 Junior National Duals in Greco-Roman. Photo by Austin Bernard.

TULSA, Okla. — A national championship is a day away.

The preliminary pools for the Greco-Roman competition at the Junior National Duals were held Wednesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Illinois became the first team to win a pool after it clipped Florida, 33-33, on criteria, to win Pool B. In the dual’s last bout, Florida’s Franklin Ordonez-Fernandez teched Illinois’ Matthew Jens, 9-0, at 182 to force a tie in the dual team score. Illinois held criteria with more bouts won (8-7).

With the win, Illinois, the defending national champions, became one of four teams to win its pool, and advance to Thursday’s Gold/Silver Pool, which determines the top eight teams.

In Pool A, Minnesota Gold manhandled Washington, 56-12. Minnesota Gold recorded a 100% bonus point rate in its 13 wins. California dominated Wisconsin, 44-17, with eight bonus point victories to win Pool C.

In Pool D, Oklahoma Red defeated Iowa, 34-32, in a dual that was won in the last bout. Tied at 31, a battle of future Big 12 opponents decided the dual at 182 pounds. Oklahoma Red’s AJ Heeg, an Oklahoma commit, scored a wining takedown with two seconds left to win 7-5 against, Iowa’s Tate Naaktgeboren, an Iowa State commit.

The second-place teams in each pool will join the pool winners in the Gold/Silver Pool. The Gold/Silver Pool is split into two pools, which will determine the medal matches.

Three pools held true second place duals. Washington dominated Tennessee, 45-22, in Pool A. In Pool B, Florida edged Oklahoma Blue, 33-32. In Pool D, Iowa whooped Colorado, 52-14, to claim the last spot in the Gold/Silver Pool.

There will be some color pool matches on Wednesday night. Thursday continues with the Greco-Roman color pool duals and placement matches. Session times are 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Every bout will be streamed on FloWrestling.


At Tulsa, Okla. June 15, 2022

Greco-Roman results

Pool A results:

1st place — Minnesota Gold

2nd place —Washington

3rd place — Tennessee

4th place — Nebraska

5th place — California Gold

6th place — Virginia

7th place — Kansas Red

8th place — North Dakota Red

1st place match — Minnesota Gold dec. Washington, 56-12

195 Soren Herzog (Minnesota Gold) over Hunter Sonnenberg (Washington) TF 17-6

220 Donald Schmidt (Washington) over Max Balow (Minnesota Gold) TF 17-8

285 Elijah Novak (Minnesota Gold) over Leighton Jensen (Washington) Fall 1:52

100 Lawson Eller (Minnesota Gold) over Tanner Crosby (Washington) Fall 0:17

106 Michael Olson (Minnesota Gold) over Curtis Carlisle (Washington) TF 8-0

113 Brandon Morvari (Minnesota Gold) over Nolan Crosby (Washington) TF 8-0

120 Alan Koehler (Minnesota Gold) over Kaleb Marciszewski (Washington) Fall 1:25

126 AJ Smith (Minnesota Gold) over Elijah Cater (Washington) Fall 0:40

132 Tyson Charmoli (Minnesota Gold) over Tyler Rhue (Washington) TF 8-0

138 Walker Bents (Minnesota Gold) over Smokey McClure (Washington) TF 12-4

145 Zach Hanson (Minnesota Gold) over Dustin Baxter (Washington) TF 9-0

152 Brendan Howes (Minnesota Gold) over Tyler Fouts (Washington) TF 8-0

160 Thor Michaelson (Washington) over Jed Wester (Minnesota Gold) Dec 4-2

170 Lars Michaelson (Washington) over Maximus Hanson (Minnesota Gold) Dec 6-5

182 Connor Tulenchik (Minnesota Gold) over Michael Ager (Washington) Fall 1:44

2nd place wrestleback— Washington dec. Tennessee, 45-22

3rd place match — Tennessee dec. Nebraska, 35-31

5th place match — California Gold dec. Virginia, 33-33, on criteria

7th place match — Kansas Red dec. North Dakota Red, 37-21

Semifinals — Minnesota Gold dec. Tennessee, 48-17; Washington dec. Nebraska, 34-28

Quarterfinals — Minnesota Gold dec. Kansas Red, 68-2; Tennessee dec. Virginia, 43-24; Washington dec. California Gold, 48-19; Nebraska dec. North Dakota Red, 54-16

Pool B results

1st place — Illinois

2nd place — Florida

3rd place — Oklahoma Blue

4th place — Pennsylvania

5th place — Georgia Blue

6th place — Indiana

7th place — Texas B

8th place — Michigan Red

1st place match — Illinois dec. Florida, 33-33, on criteria

195 Sawyer Bartelt (Florida) over Peter Marinopoulos (Illinois) TF 9-1

220 Ghee Rachal (Illinois) over Chris Greil (Florida) Dec 7-2

285 Ethan Vergara (Florida) over Joey Pineda (Illinois) TF 9-0

100 Rocco Hayes (Illinois) over Rudy Messner (Florida) TF 8-0

106 Anthony Alanis (Illinois) over Derrick Williams (Florida) Fall 1:33

113 Tyler Washburn (Florida) over Deion Johnson (Illinois) TF 9-0

120 Massey Odiotti (Illinois) over Patrick Jones (Florida) TF 8-0

126 Ethan Vugman (Florida) over Gylon Sims (Illinois) DQ

132 Kannon Webster (Illinois) over Anderson Heap (Florida) TF 8-0

138 William Baysingar (Illinois) over Cooper Haase (Florida) TF 9-0

145 Brennan Van Hoecke (Florida) over Noah Manuel Tapia (Illinois) Fall 1:26

152 Braden Stauffenberg (Illinois) over Christopher Minto (Florida) TF 11-3

160 Brendon Abdon (Florida) over Chris Moore (Illinois) Fall 1:25

170 Bradley Gillum (Illinois) over Roman Garcia (Florida) TF 9-0

182 Franklin Ordonez-Fernandez (Florida) over Matthew Jens (Illinois) TF 9-0

2nd place wrestleback — Florida dec. Oklahoma Blue, 33-32

3rd place match — Oklahoma Blue dec. Pennsylvania, 47-21

5th place match — Georgia Blue dec. Indiana, 37-27

7th place match — Texas B dec. Michigan Red, 47-22

Semifinals — Illinois dec. Oklahoma Blue, 48-18; Florida dec. Pennsylvania, 45-21

Quarterfinals — Illinois dec. Michigan Red, 61-5; Oklahoma Blue dec. Indiana, 47-19; Pennsylvania dec. Texas B, 43-25; Florida dec. Georgia Blue, 60-7

Pool C results

1st place — California

2nd place — Wisconsin

3rd place — Utah

4th place — Kansas Blue

5th place — North Dakota Blue

6th place — Minnesota Silver

7th place — North Carolina

8th place — South Carolina

1st place match — California dec. Wisconsin, 44-17

195 Ryland Whitworth (California) over Brady Elvers (Wisconsin) TF 12-4

220 Nolan Frank (California) over Grant Stromberg (Wisconsin) TF 9-1

285 Jaren Rohde (Wisconsin) over Jamikael Lytle (California) Fall 1:40

100 Nathaniel Granados (California) over Aidan Gruenenfelder (Wisconsin) TF 13-5

106 Ethan Ward (California) over Brayten Casey (Wisconsin) TF 8-0

113 Victor Ramirez Jr. (California) over Charles Meudt (Wisconsin) TF 10-1

120 Ray Ray Harris (California) over Easton Cooper (Wisconsin) Fall

126 Ryan Lobato (California) over Brett Birchman (Wisconsin) Dec 14-7

132 Brock Bobzien (California) over Rhett Koenig (Wisconsin) Fall 0:46

138 Gunnar Hamre (Wisconsin) over Benjamin Hernandez (California) TF 8-0

145 Collin Guffey (California) over Cael Kahle (Wisconsin) TF 8-0

152 Laird Root (California) over Brett Back (Wisconsin) Dec 8-5

160 Ashton Miess (Wisconsin) over Erik McCown (California) TF 8-0

170 Zachary Eliszewski (Wisconsin) over Lucas Condon (California) Fall 4:10

182 Sergio Montoya (California) over David Malin (Wisconsin) TF 10-0

Wisconsin deducted one team point - straps down

3rd place match — Utah dec. Kansas Blue, 44-19

5th place match — North Dakota Blue dec. Minnesota Silver, 37-31

7th place match — North Carolina dec. South Carolina. 34-32

Semifinals — California dec. Kansas Blue, 41-23; Wisconsin dec. Utah, 41-31

Quarterfinals — California dec. South Carolina, 67-3; Kansas Blue dec. North Dakota Blue, 47-20; Utah dec. North Carolina, 61-7; Wisconsin dec. Minnesota Silver, 50-16

Pool D results

1st place — Oklahoma Red

2nd place — Iowa

3rd place — Colorado

4th place — Texas A

5th place — Michigan Blue

6th place — Missouri

7th place — Alabama

8th place — Georgia Red

1st place match — Oklahoma Red dec. Iowa, 34-32

195 Jackson Dewald (Iowa) over Jersey Robb (Oklahoma Red) TF 14-5

220 Jared Thiry (Iowa) over Oscar Williams (Oklahoma Red) TF 9-1

285 Hayden Simpson (Oklahoma Red) over Wyatt Smith (Iowa) Fall 0:28

100 Aydan Thomas (Oklahoma Red) over Jayden Rinken (Iowa) Dec 7-3

106 Christopher Kiser (Oklahoma Red) over Ryker Graff (Iowa) Dec 5-2

113 Connor Fiser (Iowa) over Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Red) TF 9-0

120 Garret Rinken (Iowa) over Blade Walden (Oklahoma Red) Dec 23-18

126 Eli Kirk (Oklahoma Red) over Jaiden Moore (Iowa) TF 10-2

132 Gable Porter (Iowa) over Rhett Peak (Oklahoma Red) TF 11-2

138 Cael Hughes (Oklahoma Red) over Chase Fiser (Iowa) TF 8-0

145 Jace Roller (Oklahoma Red) over Kael Scranton (Iowa) Dec 15-10

152 Hunter Garvin (Iowa) over Layton Schneider (Oklahoma Red) TF 8-0

160 Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Red) over Gabe Carver (Iowa) TF 9-0

170 Nicholas Fox (Iowa) over Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Red) TF 12-2

182 AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Red) over Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) Dec 7-5

2nd place wrestleback — Iowa dec. Colorado, 52-14

3rd place match — Colorado dec. Texas A, 42-21

5th place match — Michigan Blue dec. Missouri, 42-25

7th place match — Alabama dec. Georgia Red, 39-24

Semifinals — Oklahoma Red dec. Colorado, 43-27; Iowa dec. Michigan Blue, 36-27

Quarterfinals — Oklahoma Red dec. Georgia Red, 50-20; Colorado dec. Texas A, 44-26; Michigan Blue dec. Missouri, 46-22; Iowa dec. Alabama, 57-11