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Quintanilla, Voelker win quarterfinals and seek to repeat at Junior Greco-Roman Nationals; Illinois has most semifinalists with six

by Koral Sugiyama, Special to

Q’veli Quintanilla of Washington controls the overhook and wrist
Photo of Q’veli Quintanilla of Washington during his winning quarterfinals match at the USMC Junior Greco-Roman Nationals. Photo by Austin Bernard

FARGO, N.D.––The semifinalists have been set for the USMC Junior Men’s Greco-Roman Nationals after the conclusion of the Thursday evening session. 

Two returning champions are still gunning to repeat––Q’veli Quintanilla (145) and Wyatt Voelker (195). 

Q’veli Quintanilla of Washington broke through the round of 16 with a 10-0 tech and faced Leandro (LJ) Araujo from North Dakota in the quarterfinals where he defeated him in a 5-2 decision. Quintanilla will wrestle Brennan Van Hoecke of Florida in the morning semifinals. 

At 195 lbs, Wyatt Voelker from Iowa added another tech-fall in the round of 16 to earn his way into the quarterfinals. He teched Minnesota’s Anthony Tuttle to earn a spot in the semifinals where he will toe the line against Wisconsin’s 2021 16U All-American Ian Smith. 

Three athletes are still in contention for the coveted Junior Triple Crown.

Mack Mauger of Idaho will return for a semifinal bout at 106 lbs. Mauger won his first match of the session with an 8-0 tech before moving into the quarterfinals where he defeated Jason Goodin of Oklahoma who is the Southern Plains Junior Regional champion. Mauger will wrestle last year’s fourth-place winner Tyson Roach from Louisiana in the semifinals. The two last met two years ago at the 14U Nationals semifinals, where Mauger won 10-0. 

Another Triple Crown contender, Aden Attao of Idaho, has had no trouble on day one of Junior Greco-Roman. Attao has yet to be scored on with an 8-0 and 10-0 tech in the second session. He will wrestle Ethan Vergara of Florida in the 285-pound semifinals. 

Also in the run for Triple Crown is Cory Land from Alabama at 132 pounds, who has also been dominating through his bracket. Land opened the second session with a 36 second pin in the round of 16 and an 8-0 tech in the quarters. He will face Iowa’s Matthew Beem. 

Blade Walden of Oklahoma took out returning champion Kolter Burton of Idaho in the round of 16. Walden, who was runner-up at the Folkstyle Nationals High School Open. Walden, himself, dropped in the quarterfinals to 2021 16U All-American, Carter Nogle of Maryland. Nogle will wrestle Utah’s Layne Kleimann who was a Western Regional double champ in the 106-pound semifinals. 

Another returning champion who dropped in the round of 16 was Ray Ray Harris of California. Massey Odiotti from Illinois was on his way to being teched when he earned the two points he needed to stay in the match. Odiotti dominated the rest of the match into the second period to tech Harris, 17-9. Odiotti made it through to the semifinals by defeating Elijah Carter of Washington. 

One side of the 100-pound semifinals will be a rematch of the freestyle finals between Javaan Yarbrough of Ohio and Tyler Garvin of Maryland; Garvin beat Yarbrough in the Junior Nationals freestyle finals earlier this week, 9-6. 

At 160 lbs, Cody Chittum of Tennessee is also making his run towards another title this week. In the semifinals, Chittum will wrestle Brendon Abdon of Florida who came into Fargo ranked No. 10. 

Also notable is Junior freestyle runner-up Kannon Webster from Illinois, who will wrestle last year’s U16 freestyle champion Nash Singleton of Oregon tomorrow morning. The two wrestled each other earlier this week in the freestyle quarterfinals where Webster won 11-1. 

Other 2021 16U champions who reached the Junior Greco-Roman finals include Mack Mauger, Lane Kleinmann of Utah (113) Anthony Ruzic of Illinois (113), Kael Lauridsen of Nebraska (120), Pierson Manville of Pennsylvania (138), and Sawyer Bartelt of Florida (220). 

The final day of #Fargo2022 begins at 9 a.m. The championship finals have been moved up to 12:30 p.m. The matches can be streamed live on FloWrestling.

Semifinal pairings:

Isaac Stewart of Montana vs Nathaniel Granados of California
Tyler Garvin of Maryland vs Javaan Yarbrough of Ohio

Jeremy Oani of California vs Brayten Casey of Wisconsin
Tyson Roach of Louisiana vs Mack Mauger of Idaho

Carter Nogle of Maryland vs Layne Kleimann of Utah
Anthony Ruzic of Illinois vs Michael Longo of Connecticut

Kael Lauridsen of Nebraska vs Alan Koehler of Minnesota
Massey Odiotti of Illinois vs Kenneth Hendriksen of Tennessee

Otto Black of Colorado vs Gable Porter of Iowa
Derek Guanajuato of Arizona vs Brandon Cannon of Colorado

Cory Land of Alabama vs Matthew Beem of Iowa
Nash Singleton of Oregon vs Kannon Webster of Illinois

Keith Smith of Nebraska vs Pierson Manville of Pennsylvania
Colton Parduhn of Alaska vs Gunnar Hamre of Wisconsin

Brennan Van Hoecke of Florida vs Q’veli Quintanilla of Washington
Jaden New of Alabama vs Jayden Colon of Illinois

Braden Stauffenberg of Illinois vs Patrick Brackett of Colorado
Dylan Evans of Pennsylvania vs Tyler Sagi of New Jersey

Jadon Skellenger of Idaho vs Jeremy Paradice of Georgia
Cody Chittum of Tennessee vs Brendon Abdon of Florida

Omaury Alvarez of Georgia vs Christian Moder of Florida
Bradley Gillum of Illinois vs Brayden Gautreau of Michigan

Michael Altomer of New York vs Matthew Waddell of Georgia
Tate Naaktgeboren of Iowa vs Ryder Rogotzke of Minnesota

Wyatt Voelker of Iowa vs Ian Smith of Wisconsin
Robert Plympton of Oregon vs Jack Darrah of Missouri

Max Ramberg of Wisconsin vs Sawyer Bartelt of Florida
Bronx Wood of Kansas vs Ryan Stein of New York

Aden Attao of Idaho vs Ethan Vergara of Florida
Hayden Simpson of Oklahoma vs Sebastian Lopez of Kansas

Quarterfinal results:

Isaac Stewart (Montana) victory by caution Caden Smith (Virginia), 5-1
Nathaniel Granados (California) tech fall Hunter Sanchez (Utah), 8-0 4:39
Tyler Garvin (Maryland) dec. Cadyn Coyle (Nebraska), 4-1
Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio) dec. Jayden Rinken (Iowa), 9-6

Jeremy Oani (California) tech fall Colyn Limbert (Ohio), 8-0 0:46
Brayten Casey (Wisconsin) fall Ezekiel Witt (Kansas), 1:36
Tyson Roach (Louisiana) tech fall Gage Singleton (Oregon), 10-1 1:42
Mack Mauger (Idaho) dec. Jason Goodin (Oklahoma), 10-3

Carter Nogle (Maryland) tech fall Blade Walden (Oklahoma), 9-0 0:26
Anthony Ruzic (Illinois) dec. Reid Spurley (Wisconsin), 4-3
Michael Longo (Connecticut) tech fall Sloan Johannsen (South Dakota), 8-0 0:34
Layne Kleimann (Utah) tech fall Daniel Guanajuato (Arizona), 11-2 1:12

Massey Odiotti (Illinois) tech fall Elijah Cater (Washington), 10-0 0:45
Kenneth Hendriksen (Tennessee) dec. Austin Laudenbach (Minnesota), 3-2
Kael Lauridsen (Nebraska) tech fall Garret Rinken (Iowa), 10-2 1:24
Alan Koehler (Minnesota) tech fall Cooper Shore (Ohio), 10-1 4:31

Otto Black (Colorado) tech fall Rhett Peak (Oklahoma), 9-0 4:50
Gable Porter (Iowa) tech fall Bobby Cuevas jr. (California), 9-0 1:47
Derek Guanajuato (Arizona) tech fall Teegan Vasquez (Montana), 8-0 5:40
Brandon Cannon (Colorado) fall Anthony Aniciete (Nevada), 5:38

Cory Land (Alabama) tech fall William Baysingar (Illinois), 8-0 0:33
Matthew Beem (Iowa) tech fall Mason Gibson (Pennsylvania), 8-0 1:35
Nash Singleton (Oregon) dec. Rhett Koenig (Wisconsin), 6-2
Kannon Webster (Illinois) dec. Jordon Oehme (South Dakota), 7-0

Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania) disqualification Landon Drury (Colorado), 7-6
Colton Parduhn (Alaska) tech fall Trason Oehme (South Dakota), 8-0 0:57
Keith Smith (Nebraska) tech fall Smokey Mcclure (Washington), 8-0 0:37
Gunnar Hamre (Wisconsin) fall Elijah Paulson (Minnesota), 6:00

Q'veli Quintanilla (Washington) dec. Leandro (lj) Araujo (North Dakota), 5-2
Brennan Van Hoecke (Florida) tech fall August Hibler (New Jersey), 10-0 1:34
Jaden New (Alabama) dec. Owen Hicks (New York), 10-8
Jayden Colon (Illinois) tech fall Corbin Ramos (Wisconsin), 9-0 3:26

Braden Stauffenberg (Illinois) fall Hunter May (Indiana),1:22
Dylan Evans (Pennsylvania) dec. Javani Majoor (Colorado), 5-3
Patrick Brackett (Colorado) tech fall Ian Mcgehee (Tennessee), 8-0 2:55
Tyler Sagi (New Jersey) tech fall Noah Rice (Pennsylvania), 12-2 5:16

Jadon Skellenger (Idaho) tech fall Dylan d. Elmore (Kansas), 9-0 1:50
Jeremy Paradice (Georgia) tech fall1 Erik Mccown (California), 10-1 2:52
Cody Chittum (Tennessee) dec. Gavin Fernandez (California), 5-4
Brendon Abdon (Florida) tech fall Tyler Martinez (Illinois), 8-0 1:50

Omaury Alvarez (Georgia) tech fall Tyler Haydon (Wisconsin), 8-0 2:58
Christian Moder (Florida) dec. Roman Garcia (Florida), 10-5
Bradley Gillum (Illinois) tech fall Riggin Boger (Utah), 9-0 3:36
Brayden Gautreau (Michigan) dec. Nicholas Fox (Iowa), 7-5

Matthew Waddell (Georgia) tech fall Noah Poe-hatten (Montana), 13-5 4:22
Michael Altomer (New York) tech fall Wyatt Ferguson (Ohio), 14-2 1:41
Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) dec. Raymond Weed (New Jersey), 10-6
Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota) dec. Garrett Wells (Oklahoma), 5-2

Wyatt Voelker (Iowa) tech fall Antony Tuttle (Minnesota), 8-0 4:021
Robert Plympton (Oregon) dec. Stephen Little (Kentucky), 7-2
Jack Darrah (Missouri) tech fall Tanner Meyers (South Dakota), 8-0 1:52
Ian Smith (Wisconsin) tech fall Aiden Hight (Pennsylvania), 10-2 5:07

Sawyer Bartelt (Florida) dec. Caden Ferris (Michigan), 2-1
Max Ramberg (Wisconsin) tech fall Peter talon Macchione (Alaska), 8-0 2:14
Bronx Wood (Kansas) fall Christopher Murphy (Connecticut), 1:18
Ryan Stein (New York) dec. Ryan Arrington (California), 7-4

Aden Attao (Idaho) tech fall Noah Linford (Utah), 10-0 0:31
Ethan Vergara (Florida) dec. Bruce Wagers (Ohio), 9-2
Hayden Simpson (Oklahoma) fall Aidan Fockler (Ohio), 3:24
Sebastian Lopez (Kansas) tech fall1 Shilo Jones (Idaho), 10-2 3:56

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