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Finals set in five divisions after semifinals at NWCA Multi-Division National Duals, with title matches later this afternoon

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

McKendree women's wrestling action from National Duals. Photo by Andy Hamilton, FloWrestling.

The semifinals in five different divisions were held this morning at the 2022 NWCA Multi-Division National Dual Meet Championships in Louisville, Ky.

The NCAA Div. II finals will feature feature Central Oklahoma against St. Cloud State. UCO dominated Newberry in a 47-4 semifinals match, claiming nine of the 10 weight class victories. St. Cloud State won the last two matches to edge Nebraska-Kearney 19-4.

The women’s NCAA finals will feature No. 1 King against No. 2 McKendree. King won eight of the 10 weight classes in defeating North Central, 35-10. McKendree won nine of the 10 bouts in their 40-10 win over Tiffin.

The NCAA Div. III finals will feature Wabash against Wisconsin-LaCrosse. Wabash won the last three bouts to secure a 24-16 win over surprising RIT. Wisconsin-LaCrosse won six of 10 bout to stop North Central 24-13

The women’s NAIA finals will feature Campbellsville against Life. Campbellsville won six of 10 matches, including the final heavyweight bout, for a 26-18 win over Grand View. Life won five straight weight classes in the middle weights to score a 28-15 win over Southern Oregon.

The NAIA finals will feature Grand View against Life. Grand View won the last six matches to secure a 34-12 win over Reinhardt. Life won five of the first six matches and went on to stop Doane, 25-15.

The championship finals in all of the bracketed divisions is set for 3:00 p.m. ET. The competition is broadcast live by FloWrestling.

The NJCAA tournament began on Friday, as a five-team roundrobin tournament. We will post the early dual meet scores below (from rounds 1-3). Placement will be based upon the final records of all five teams, with appropriate tie-breakers.


Central Oklahoma 47, Newberry 4
125 Paxton Rosen (Central Oklahoma) by forfeit
133 Tanner Cole (Central Oklahoma) over Fletcher Swindell (Newberry) TF 16-1
141 Nate Keim (Central Oklahoma) over Devan Moore (Newberry) Dec 11-10
149 Brik Filippo (Central Oklahoma) over Josh Blatt (Newberry) Maj 17-3
157 Ty Lucas (Central Oklahoma) over Will Evans (Newberry) TF 20-1
165 Hunter Jump (Central Oklahoma) over Nolan Wheeler (Newberry) Fall 2:11
174 Caleb Spears (Newberry) over Anthony Des Vigne (Central Oklahoma) Maj 12-3
184 Alex Kauffman (Central Oklahoma) over Armando Acosta (Newberry) Fall 1:13
197 Dalton Abney (Central Oklahoma) over Kaleb Haven (Newberry) Fall 1:39
285 Christian Arriola (Central Oklahoma) over Devon Rice (Newberry) Fall 2:28

St. Cloud State 19, Nebraska-Kearney 14
125 Paxton Creese (St. Cloud State) over Josh Portillo (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 5-3
133 Wesley Dawkins (Nebraska-Kearney) over Daniel Valeria (St. Cloud State) Maj 8-0
141 Joey Bianchini (St. Cloud State) over Nick James (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 8-5
149 Sam Turner (Nebraska-Kearney) over Jake Barzowski (St. Cloud State) Dec 3-2
157 Anthony Herrera (St. Cloud State) over Jacob Wasser (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 3-1
165 Matt Malcom (Nebraska-Kearney) over Devin Donovan (St. Cloud State) Maj 10-1
174 Dominic Murphy (St. Cloud State) over Terrell Garraway (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 7-2
184 Austin Eldredge (Nebraska-Kearney) over William Pitzner (St. Cloud State) Dec 6-5
197 Noah Ryan (St. Cloud State) over Hayden Prince (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 6-5
285 Kameron Teacher (St. Cloud State) over Lee Herrington (Nebraska-Kearney) Maj 14-4


King 35, North Central 10
101 Jaclyn McNichols (King University) over Kate Cacho (North Central College) TF 10-0
109 Samara Chavez (King University) over Sydney Petzinger (North Central College) Dec 10-8
116 Sage Mortimer (King University) over Mateah Roehl (North Central College) TF 14-3
123 Cheyenne Sisenstein (King University) over Amani Jones (North Central College) Dec 9-4
130 Montana Delawder (King University) over Asia Nguyen-Smith (North Central College) Fall 4:10
136 Ana Luciano (King University) over Sara Sulejmani (North Central College) Fall 2:53
143 London Houston (King University) over Riley Aamold (North Central College) TF 12-1
155 Tiera Jimerson (North Central College) over Tiffani Baublitz (King University) Fall 3:50
170 Cheyenne Bowman (King University) over Yelena Makoyed (North Central College) Dec 9-6
191 Nia Crosdale (King University) over Alondra Aguayo (North Central College) TF 11-0

McKendree 40, Tiffin 10
101 Lizette Rodriguez (McKendree University) over Shanna Morris (Tiffin University) Fall 3:48 0 5.0
109 Pauline Granados (McKendree University) by forfeit
116 Sugey Ceja (Tiffin University) over Aliyah Rollins (McKendree University) Dec 9-6
123 Caitlyn Thorne (McKendree University) over Grace Jones (Tiffin University) Dec 3-0
130 Cameron Guerin (McKendree University) over Solana Mottola (Tiffin University) TF 15-2
136 Emmily Patneaud (McKendree University) over Michal Buska (Tiffin University) Fall 3:50
143 Alara Boyd (McKendree University) over Nia Miranda (Tiffin University) TF 10-0
155 Kayla Marano (McKendree University) over Taylor Hites (Tiffin University) TF 11-0
170 Grace Kristoff (McKendree University) over Taryn Martin (Tiffin University) TF 10-0
191 Jaycee Foeller (McKendree University) by forfeit


Wabash 24, RIT 16
125 Carlos Champagne (Wabash) over Lee Rubin (RIT) Maj 11-2
133 Blake McGee (Wabash) over Josh Post (RIT) TF 19-2
141 Chris Horton (RIT) over Andrew Sinkovics (Wabash) Dec 8-3
149 Mike Glynn (RIT) by forfeit
157 Kaidon Winters (RIT) over Tyson Nisley (Wabash) Maj 13-2
165 Kyle Hatch (Wabash) over Austin Lamb (RIT) Dec 11-7
174 Zach Stedeford (RIT) over Raymond Arebalo (Wabash) Dec 3-2
184 Charles Baczek (Wabash) over Trevor Snow (RIT) Dec 5-1
197 Jack Heldt (Wabash) over Josh Harkless (RIT) Fall 2:01
285 Max Bishop (Wabash) over Calik Kennedy (RIT) Dec 5-1

Wisconsin-LaCrosse 24, North Central 13
125 Brandon Murphy (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Julian Valtierrez (North Central) Dec 2-7
133 Robbie Precin (North Central) over Sawyer Sarbacker (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 5-3
141 Tyler Shackle (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Bradley Rosen (North Central) Fall 0:48
149 Alex Villar (North Central) over Jake Mandt (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Maj 10-2
157 Nolan Hertel (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Cole Cervantes (North Central) Dec 4-2
165 Nick Fetzner (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Payton Geigner (North Central) Dec 11-5
174 Joey Jens (North Central) over Luke Clark (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 6-1
184 Kayln Jahn (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Mateen Taylor (North Central) Fall 3:00
197 Cody Baldridge (North Central) over Isaac Lahr (Wisconsin-La Crosse) Dec 6-4
285 Ben Kawczynski (Wisconsin-La Crosse) over Robby Bates (North Central) Dec 3-0


Campbellsville 26, Grand View 18
101 Emma Cochran (Grand View) over Mia Diaz (Campbellsville University) Dec 7-6
109 Kelsey Bilz (Campbellsville University) over Chloe Krebsbach (Grand View) Dec 8-2
116 McKayla Campbell (Campbellsville University) over Ashley Tobe (Grand View) Fall 3:59
123 Jacqueline Ghent (Campbellsville University) over Adrienna Turner (Grand View) Fall 3:44
130 Andrea Schlabach (Grand View) over Angela Vitiritti (Campbellsville University) Fall 2:35
136 Randi Robison (Campbellsville University) over Leilani Rodriguez (Grand View) TF 10-0
143 Emma Walker (Campbellsville University) over Alexis Gomez (Grand View) Dec 8-8
155 Madison Diaz (Grand View) over Brelane Huber (Campbellsville University) TF 10-0
170 Abby McIntyre (Grand View) over Leilani Martinez (Campbellsville University) TF 11-0
191 Liliana Vergara (Campbellsville University) over Grace Brown (Grand View) Fall 1:05

Life 28, Southern Oregon 15
101 Emma Baertlein (Southern Oregon University) by forfeit
109 Kory Phillips (Life University) over Macie Stewart (Southern Oregon University) Fall 2:34
116 Peyton Prussin (Life University) over Valeree ornelas (Southern Oregon University) TF 10-0
123 Salyna Shotwell (Life University) over Tara Othman (Southern Oregon University) Dec 10-6
130 Briana Kellin (Life University) over Jordynn Robson (Southern Oregon University) Dec 8-0
136 Olivia Mottley (Life University) over Julissa Taitano (Southern Oregon University) Fall 5:29
143 Emily Se (Southern Oregon University) over Sylvia Pierce (Life University) Fall 0:54
155 Sienna Ramirez (Southern Oregon University) over Destinee Rivera (Life University) Dec 4-1
170 Jordan Nelson (Life University) over dennis bailey (Southern Oregon University) Dec 9-2
191 Gabrielle Hamilton (Life University) over Karrah Smith (Southern Oregon University) TF 10-0


Grand View 34, Reihnardt 12
125 Justin Portillo (Grand View (Iowa)) over Koby Milner (Reinhardt University (GA)) Dec 7-5
133 Ivan Arguello (Reinhardt University (GA)) over Mikey Mascarenas (Grand View (Iowa)) Fall 5:59
141 Shea Ruffridge (Grand View (Iowa)) over Trent Leon (Reinhardt University (GA)) Maj 13-5
149 Avry Mutschler (Reinhardt University (GA)) over Jack Latimer (Grand View (Iowa)) Inj 6:44
157 Giovanni Bonilla (Grand View (Iowa)) over Wyatt Higgins (Reinhardt University (GA)) Fall 1:32
165 Marty Margolis (Grand View (Iowa)) over Matt Jenkins (Reinhardt University (GA)) Dec 8-4
174 Casey Randles (Grand View (Iowa)) over Cole Tenety (Reinhardt University (GA)) Dec 10-4
184 Ben Lee (Grand View (Iowa)) over Kyle Homet (Reinhardt University (GA)) Dec 3-0
197 Owen Braungardt (Grand View (Iowa)) over Jacob Henderson (Reinhardt University (GA)) Fall 2:44
285 Greg Hagan (Grand View (Iowa)) over Nic Jarvis (Reinhardt University (GA)) Fall 2:06

Life 25, Doane 15
125 Brandon Orum (Life University) over Daniel Vargas (Doane University) Dec 6-0
133 Hunter Sparks (Life University) over Justin Ramirez (Doane University) Dec 5-0
141 Baterdene Boldmaa (Doane University) over Jacob Ruiz (Life University) Fall 6:56
149 Denver Stonecheck (Life University) over Tristan Zamilpa (Doane University) Dec 8-1
157 Jack Bass (Life University) over Chinges Tsermaa (Doane University) Dec 1-0
165 Sid Ohl (Life University) over Benjamin Dobler (Doane University) Fall 1:09
174 Michael Scarponi (Doane University) over Mason McDaniel (Life University) Dec 4-2
184 Micheal Gibson (Life University) over Garrett Cornwell (Doane University) Dec 8-3
197 Zane Lanham (Life University) over Bradley Antesberger (Doane University) Maj 11-3
285 Odgerel Batkhishig (Doane University) by forfeit

NJCAA MEN (roundrobin so far)
Rounds 1-3
Niagara CC 28, Jamestown CC 19
Joliet JC 30, Garrett College 18
Rochester Community & Tech College 34, Garrett College 0
Joliet JC 29, Jamestown CC 21
Rochester Community & Tech College 34, Joliet JC 15
Niagara CC 32, Garrett College 18
(two more rounds to complete)

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