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No. 2 McKendree dominates NCWWC Southwest Regional with nine champions, with No. 7 Colorado Mesa in second

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Action image of Alara Boyd (McKendree) courtesy of McKendree Athletics.

LEBANON, Ill. – No. 2 McKendree, the defending national and regional champion, hosted the NCWWC Southwest Regional on Sunday, and dominated the action with nine champions, while qualifying all 15 entries for the national championships.

The top five place winners in each weight class qualified to compete at the NCWWC National Championships held at Adrian College on March 4-5. This event is for varsity women’s programs from the NCAA.

Individual champions for McKendree were Lizette Rodriguez (101), Natalie Reyna (109), Felicity Taylor (116), Cameron Guerin (130), Emmily Patneaud (136), Alara Boyd (143), Kayla Marano (155), Grace Kristoff (170) and Sydnee Kimber (191). Rodriguez, Reyna, Taylor, Boyd and Kimber repeated as Southwest Regional champions, while Marano won a Regional for the second straight year, after claiming the Southeast Region title in 2021 for Emmanuel. Taylor, Guerin, Boyd and Kimber are also returning national champions.

McKendree was so dominant that in the five weight classes where they had two entries, both of their athletes reached the gold-medal finals.

McKendree scored 175.5 points, followed by No. 7 Colorado Mesa with 117.5 points. No. 13 Lindenwood was third with 85.5 points, and Schreiner placed fourth with 58.5 points.

Colorado Mesa had the only other individual champion, with 123-pound champion Marissa Gallegos. Colorado Mesa qualified 13 wrestlers for the NCWWC Nationals.

National qualifiers for the other teams in the Regional were Lindenwood with seven, Schreiner with five, William Jewell with five, Chadron State with four and Westminster with one.


At Lebanon, Ill., February 20


1st Place Match - Lizette Rodriguez (McKendree University ) won by tech fall over Odelia Lopez (Schreiner University) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Kaylie Catalano (Colorado Mesa University ) won by decision over Kinsey Smith (Chadron State) (Dec 6-0)

5th Place Match - Taylor Lindstrom (Chadron State)


1st Place Match - Natalie Reyna (McKendree University ) won by tech fall over Pauline Granados (McKendree University ) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Alina Kinsey (Schreiner University) won by decision over Allicia Mahoe (Schreiner University) (Dec 5-0)

5th Place Match - Valeriia Mamleeva (Lindenwood University ) won by tech fall over Natalie Maya Cortes (Colorado Mesa University ) (TF 18-8)


1st Place Match - Felicity Taylor (McKendree University ) won by tech fall over Aliyah Rollins (McKendree University ) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Anja Tschohl (Colorado Mesa University ) won by decision over Emalie Olson (William Jewell College) (Dec 12-11)

5th Place Match - Amanda McAleavey (Lindenwood University ) won by fall over Cristal De Santiago (Schreiner University) (Fall 2:40)


1st Place Match - Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa University ) won by tech fall over Cayden Condit (Lindenwood University ) (TF 17-4)

3rd Place Match - Caitlyn Thorne (McKendree University ) won by decision over Elizabeth Miller (Colorado Mesa University ) (Dec 5-0)

5th Place Match - Allison Meyer (William Jewell College) won by fall over Illyuana Martinez (University of the Ozarks ) (Fall 0:33)


1st Place Match - Cameron Guerin (McKendree University ) won by tech fall over Claire DiCugno (Colorado Mesa University ) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Athena Willden (Lindenwood University ) won by fall over Lillian Broadrick (Colorado Mesa University ) (Fall 0:55)

5th Place Match - Serena Cervantes (Schreiner University) won by fall over Jasmine Ward (Lindenwood University ) (Fall 5:11)


1st Place Match - Emmily Patneaud (McKendree University ) won by decision over Skye Realin (McKendree University ) (Dec 2-1)

3rd Place Match - Jolynn Harris (Colorado Mesa University ) won by forfeit over Holly Beaudoin (Colorado Mesa University ) (FF)

5th Place Match - Ryleigh Dye (Chadron State) won by fall over Justice Seely (Lindenwood University ) (Fall 0:23)


1st Place Match - Alara Boyd (McKendree University ) won by tech fall over Kaylee Lacy (Colorado Mesa University ) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Erica Schroeder (Colorado Mesa University ) won by decision over Julianna Moreno (Lindenwood University ) (Dec 8-5)

5th Place Match - Tristan Folkner (Westminster University) won by fall over Karstin Hollen (Chadron State) (Fall 1:34)


1st Place Match - Kayla Marano (McKendree University ) won by fall over Jordan Johnston (Schreiner University) (Fall 0:45)

3rd Place Match - Sarina Bertram (William Jewell College) won by decision over Sara Lake (Lindenwood University ) (Dec 8-2)

5th Place Match - Caylee Collins (Colorado Mesa University ) won by injury default over Mayte Villada (Colorado Mesa University ) (Inj. 6:00)


1st Place Match - Grace Kristoff (McKendree University ) won by forfeit over Joye Levendusky (McKendree University ) (FF)

3rd Place Match - Tatum Heikkila (Colorado Mesa University ) won by decision over Kamila Montenegro (Chadron State) (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match - Emma Carter (William Jewell College) won by fall over Mariah Dow (Lindenwood University ) (Fall 0:36)


1st Place Match - Sydnee Kimber (McKendree University ) won by tech fall over Jaycee Foeller (McKendree University ) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Jayleen Sekona (Colorado Mesa University ) won by tech fall over Sydni Scott (William Jewell College) (TF 11-1)

5th Place Match - Kaycee Fitero (Lindenwood University ) won by fall over Kalyn Martinez (Schreiner University) (Fall 1:29)

Team Standings

1. McKendree University, 175.5

2. Colorado Mesa University, 117.5

3. Lindenwood University, 85.5

4. Schreiner University, 58.5

5. William Jewell College, 43.0

6. Chadron State, 30.5

7. University of the Ozarks, 10.5

8. Westminster University, 10.5

9. Augustana, 2.0

NCWWC Nationals qualifiers, by team

McKendree University, 15 qualifiers

Lizette Rodriguez (1st at 101, SW Regional)

Natalie Reyna (1st at 109, SW Regional)

Pauline Granados (2nd at 109, SW Regional)

Felicity Taylor (1st at 116, SW Regional)

Aliyah Rollins (2nd at 116, SW Regional)

Caitlyn Thorne (3rd at 123, SW Regional)

Cameron Guerin (1st at 130, SW Regional)

Emmily Patneaud (1st at 136, SW Regional)

Skye Realin (2nd at 136, SW Regional)

Alara Boyd (1st at 143, SW Regional)

Kayla Marano (1st at 155, SW Regional)

Grace Kristoff (1st at 170, SW Regional)

Joye Levendusky (2nd at 170, SW Regional)

Sydnee Kimber (1st at 191, SW Regional)’

Jaycee Foeller (2nd at 191, SW Regional)

Colorado Mesa University, 13 qualifiers

Kaylie Catalano (3rd at 101, SW Regional)

Anja Tschohl (3rd at 116, SW Regional)

Marissa Gallegos (1st at 123, SW Regional)

Elizabeth Miller (4th at 123, SW Regional)

Claire DiCugno (2nd at 130, SW Regional)

Lillian Broadrick (4th at 130, SW Regional)

Jolynn Harris (3rd at 136, SW Regional)

Holly Beaudoin (4th at 136, SW Regional)

Kaylee Lacy (2nd at 143, SW Regional)

Erica Schroeder (3rd at 143, SW Regional)

Caylee Collins (5th at 155, SW Regional)

Tatum Heikkila (3rd at 170, SW Regional)

Jayleen Sekona (3rd at 191, SW Regional)

Lindenwood University, 7 qualifiers

Valeriia Mamleeva (5th at 109, SW Regional)

Amanda McAleavey (5th at 116, SW Regional)

Cayden Condit (2nd at 123, SW Regional)

Athena Willden (3rd at 130, SW Regional)

Julianna Moreno (4th at 143, SW Regional)

Sara Lake (4th at 155, SW Regional)

Kaycee Fitero (5th at 191, SW Regional)

Schreiner University, 5 qualifiers

Odelia Lopez (2nd at 101, SW Regional)

Alina Kinsey (3rd at 109, SW Regional)

Allicia Mahoe (4th at 109, SW Regional)

Serena Cervantes (5th at 130, SW Regional)

Jordan Johnston (2nd at 155, SW Regional)

William Jewell College, 5 qualifiers

Emalie Olson (4th at 116, SW Regional)

Allison Meyer (5th at 123, SW Regional)

Sarina Bertram (3rd at 155, SW Regional)

Emma Carter (5th at 170, SW Regional)

Sydni Scott (4th at 191, SW Regional)

Chadron State College, 4 qualifiers

Kinsey Smith (4th at 101, SW Regional)

Taylor Lindstrom (5th at 101, SW Regional)

Ryleigh Dye (5th at 136, SW Regional)

Kamila Montenegro (4th at 170, SW Regional)

Westminster University, 1 qualifier

Tristan Folkner (5th at 143, SW Regional)