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King dominates NCWWC Southeast Regional with nine champions and 14 national qualifiers

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Ashlynn Ortega of King, now a two-time Southeast Regional champion. Photo by Brooke Dobson, King University.

FRANKLIN SPRINGS, Ga. - No. 1 ranked King University dominated the field at the NCWWC Southeast Regional held at Emmanuel University, winning nine of the 10 weight classes and qualifying 14 of its 15 entries for the national championships.

The top five place winners in each weight class qualified to compete at the NCWWC National Championships held at Adrian College on March 4-5. This event is for varsity women’s programs from the NCAA.

King scored an impressive 198.5 points in the team standings, 105.5 points ahead of second place No. 6 ranked Presbyterian with 93 points. Taking third in the standings was No. 14 Limestone with 91.5 points. King repeated as Southeast Regional team champions.

King athletes winning Southeast Regional titles for the second straight year were Jaclyn McNichols (101), Cheyenne Sisenstein (123), Ana Luciano (136) and Ashlynn Ortega (143). Also claiming titles for King were Samara Chavez (109) , Montana Delawder (130), Tiffani Baublitz (155), Cheyenne Bowman (170) and Nia Crosdale (190). Chavez, Delawder, Baublitz and Bowman are all freshmen.

There were four weight classes where King has two athletes in the gold-medal finals.

The only other individual champion was Jaslynn Gallegos of Presbyterian, who defeated highly-touted freshman Sage Mortimer of King in the 116-pound finals, 8-5. Gallegos repeated as Southeast Regional champion.

In regards to qualifying athletes for the national tournament, King had the most qualifiers with 14. Limestone was next with 10 qualifiers, Presbyterian with eight qualifiers and Emmanuel with seven qualifiers. Other teams qualifying athletes for the NCWWC Nationals were Greensboro College and Ferrum College with two, plus Emory & Henry with one.


At Franklin Springs, Ga., February 19


1st Place Match - Jaclyn McNichols (King University) won by decision over Samantha Miller (Presbyterian University) (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match - Angelina Gomez (Emmanuel College)


1st Place Match - Samara Chavez (King University) won by fall over Danielle Garcia (King University) (Fall 1:51)

3rd Place Match - Cassy Lopez (Presbyterian University) won by fall over Alejandra Perez (Emmanuel College) (Fall 5:54)


1st Place Match - Jaslynn Gallegos (Presbyterian University) won by decision over Sage Mortimer (King University) (Dec 8-5)

3rd Place Match - Ainslie Lane (Presbyterian University) won by tech fall over Kasey Baynon (Emmanuel College) (TF 15-4)

5th Place Match - Gabriela Ramos Diaz (Limestone University) won by decision over Dianna Holmes (King University) (Dec 5-0)

7th Place Match - TaQwai Seburn (Limestone University) won by decision over Giavanna Ablonsky (Emmanuel College) (Dec 13-4)


1st Place Match - Cheyenne Sisenstein (King University) won by decision over Melanie Mendoza (King University) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match - Catherine Bertrand (Presbyterian University) won by tech fall over Ariana Wolkerstorfer (Greensboro College) (TF 10-0)

5th Place Match - Caroline Schmitt (Limestone University) won by fall over Dafne Aguilar Martinez (Emory & Henry) (Fall 3:58)

7th Place Match - Annika Lindberg (Emmanuel College) won by tech fall over Destiny Whitehead (Emmanuel College) (TF 10-0)


1st Place Match - Montana Delawder (King University) won by tech fall over Phoenix Dubose (King University) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Sierra Marie Miller (Presbyterian University) won by fall over Katrina Anderson (Ferrum College) (Fall 0:50)

5th Place Match - Isabela Ruiz (Greensboro College) won by decision over Evelyne Vazquez (Emmanuel College) (Dec 4-4)


1st Place Match - Ana Luciano (King University) won by tech fall over Samantha Larios (Emmanuel College) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Hannah Mains (Limestone University) won by tech fall over Kathe Wilken-Yoder (Limestone University) (TF 10-0)

5th Place Match - Hannah McElroy (Presbyterian University


1st Place Match - Ashlynn Ortega (King University) won by tech fall over Mika Walters (Limestone University) (TF 11-0)

3rd Place Match - Clara Padua-Cruz (Limestone University) won by forfeit over Gianna Anaya (Emmanuel College) (FF)

5th Place Match - Morgan Norris (Presbyterian University)


1st Place Match - Tiffani Baublitz (King University) won by fall over Viktorya Torres (King University) (Fall 1:03)

3rd Place Match - Caitlyn Gilmore (Limestone University) won by fall over Shelsy Renous (Limestone University) (Fall 3:44)

5th Place Match - Skyla Armstrong (Emmanuel College) won by decision over Isabella Badon (Presbyterian University) (Dec 6-2)

7th Place - Ryan Tyree (Ferrum College)


1st Place Match - Cheyenne Bowman (King University) won by tech fall over Kalani Rivas (Limestone University) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Gabrielle Mendoza (Ferrum College)


1st Place Match - Nia Crosdale (King University) won by tech fall over Journey Land (Limestone University) (TF 10-0)

3rd Place Match - Andreia Langley (Emory & Henry) won by forfeit over Cristina Santoyo (Emmanuel College) (FF)

Team Standings

1. King University, 198.5

2. Presbyterian University, 93.0

3. Limestone University, 91.5

4. Emmanuel College, 75.5

5. Ferrum College, 28.0

6. Emory & Henry, 21.0

7. Greensboro College, 19.51

NCWWC National Qualifiers, by team

King University (14 qualifiers)

Jaclyn McNichols (1st at 101, SE Regional)

Samara Chavez (1st at 109, SE Regional)

Danielle Garcia (2nd at 109, SE Regional)

Sage Mortimer (2nd at 116, SE Regional)

Cheyenne Sisenstein (1st at 123, SE Regional)

Melanie Mendoza (2nd at 123, SE Regional)

Montana Delawder (1st at 130, SE Regional)

Phoenix Dubose (2nd at 130, SE Regional)

Ana Luciano (1st at 136, SE Regional)

Ashlynn Ortega (1st at 143, SE Regional)

Tiffani Baublitz (1st at 155, SE Regional)

Viktorya Torres (2nd at 155, SE Regional)

Cheyenne Bowman (1st at 170, SE Regional)

Nia Crosdale (1st at 190, SE Regional)

Limestone University (10 qualifiers)

Gabriela Ramos Diaz (5th at 116, SE Regional)

Caroline Schmitt (5th at 123, SE Regional)

Hannah Mains (3rd at 136, SE Regional)

Kathe Wilken-Yoder (4th at 136, SE Regional)

Mika Walters (2nd at 143, SE Regional)

Clara Padua-Cruz (3rd at 143, SE Regional)

Caitlyn Gilmore (3rd at 155, SE Regional)

Shelsy Renous (4th at 155, SE Regional)

Kalani Rivas (2nd at 170, SE Regional)

Journey Land (2nd at 191, SE Regional)

Presbyterian University (8 qualifiers)

Samantha Miller (2nd at 101, SE Regional)

Cassy Lopez (3rd at 109, SE Regional)

Jaslynn Gallegos (1st at 116, SE Regional)

Ainslie Lane (3rd at 116, SE Regional)

Catherine Bertrand (3rd at 123, SE Regional)

Sierra Marie Miller (3rd at 130, SE Regional)

Hannah McElroy (5th at 136, SE Regional)

Morgan Norris (5th at 143, SE Regional)

Emmanuel College (7 qualifiers)

Angelina Gomez (3rd at 101, SE Regional)

Alejandra Perez (4th at 109, SE Regional)

Kasey Baynon (4th at 116, SE Regional)

Samantha Larios (2nd at 136, SE Regional)

Gianna Anaya (4th at 143, SE Regional)

Skyla Armstrong (5th at 155, SE Regional)

Cristina Santoyo (4th at 191, SE Regional)

Greensboro College (2 qualifiers)

Ariana Wolkerstorfer (4th at 123, SE Regional)

Isabela Ruiz (5th at 130, SE Regional)

Ferrum College (2 qualifiers)

Katrina Anderson (4th at 130, SE Regional)

Gabrielle Mendoza (3rd at 170, SE Regional)

Emory & Henry (1 qualifier)

Andreia Langley (3rd at 191, SE Regional)