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Chaid repeats as Veterans World freestyle champion; USA wins eight World medals on first day

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Dan Chaid of the USA with the USA flag after winning the Veterans Worlds. Photo courtesy of Chris Brown.

LOUTRAKI, Greece – Daniel Chaid of San Jose, Calif. repeated as a Veterans World freestyle champion with a gold-medal performance at 130 kg in Div. E on Tuesday.

Chaid won his gold medal with an injury default victory over American teammate Brian Jones of Los Angeles, Calif. in 24 seconds in the finals. Chaid won his two preliminary matches, with a pin of Igor Poletaev of Russia in 46 seconds and 10-0 technical fall over Saadanbek Niiazov of Kyrgyzstan.

The last Veterans World Championships was held in 2019, and Chaid also won a freestyle gold medal at that event. Chaid was an NCAA champion for Oklahoma and a longtime member of the U.S. freestyle national team.

Jones reached the finals with two victories, with a 5-2 win over Vedat Kirgiz of Turkey and a pin of Royshan Ismayilkhani of Azerbaijan in 29 seconds. He was one of three U.S. Veterans silver medalists on Tuesday, joined by Michael Madry of Saint Petersburg, Fla. (Div. E, 70 kg) and Petros Petrosyan of Los Almanitos, Calif (Div. E, 88 kg).

Madry won his first two bouts, with wins over Sandor Pali of Hungary, 3-2 and David Manville of the USA, 5-4. He was defeated in the finals by Talant Begaliev of Kyrgyzstan in an 11-0 technical fall.

Petrosyan, a past Veterans World champion, reached the finals after a forfeit over Kalkabay Bopiyev of Kazakhstan and a pin of Ayhan Ozdemir of Turkey in 1:35. In the finals, Petrosyan was defeated by Gyozo Gyula Lakatos of Hungary, 5-1.

Tuesday’s eight medal haul also included bronze medals from David Yi of Folsom, Calif. (Div. B, 62 kg), Dennis Wymer of Wilson, Va. (Div. B, 70 kg), Joseph Ballavia (Div. B, 130 kg) and Joseph Cattan (Div. E, 100 kg).

Yi won his bronze with a 10-0 technical fall over Daniel Franke of Germany. Wymer pinned Vakhtang Nariashvili of Georgia in 37 seconds to get his bronze medal. Bellavia’s bronze-medal victory came by disqualification over Spyridon Koursaris of Greece. Cattan won his bronze-medal bout over Klaus Brueske of Germany, 6-4.

The freestyle tournaments for Divisions C and D hit the mat on Wednesday, while Thursday will conclude the freestyle action with Division A. The draws for U.S. teams in Div, C and Div. D are listed below.

All of the competition is broadcast live on FloWrestling

At Loutraki, Greece, October 19

Div. B results

62 kg
Gold - Ramazan Medzhidov (Russia)
Silver - Aidyn Irgit (Russia) -
Bronze - Givi Sikharulidze (Georgia)
Bronze - David Yi (USA)

70 kg
Gold - Amiran Tsikvadze (Georgia)
Silver - Aslan Kaitov (Russia)
Bronze - Dennis Wymer (USA)
Bronze - Rashid Isakov (Russia)

78 kg
Gold - Magomedgadzhi Magomedov (Russia)
Silver - Csaba Fazakas (Romania)
Bronze - Oleksii Polosenko (Ukraine)
Bronze - Genadi Piliev (Russia)

88 kg
Gold - Mateusz Gucman (Poland)
Silver - Dmitrii Darmodekhin (Russia)
Bronze - Mohamed Ahmed (Egypt)
Bronze - Mukhamed Shebzukhov (Russia)

100 kg
Gold - Krzysztof Czerczak (Poland)
Silver - Hamza Ergut (Turkey)
Bronze - Mehmed Kodakov (Bulgaria)
Bronze - Serik Amanshiyev (Kazakhstan)

130 kg
Gold - Leif Eddy Bengtsson (Sweden)
Silver - Avraam Papadopoulos (Greece)
Bronze - Joseph Thomas Bellavia (USA)
Bronze - Apostolos Stamos (Greece)

U.S. performances

62 kg – Nicholas Hull, Indianapolis, Ind., 6th place
WIN Roger Stewart Frederick (USA), pin 0:39
LOSS David Yi (USA), 5-0

62 kg – David Yi, Folsom, Calif., bronze medal
WIN Nicholas Hull (USA), 5-0
LOSS Ramazan Medzhidov (Russia), 6-2
WIN Daniel Franke (Germany), tech. fall 10-0

62 kg – Roger Stewart Frederick, Dumfries, Va., 7th place
LOSS Nicholas Hull (USA), pin 0:39

70 kg – William Anderson, Danville, Calif., 7th place
LOSS Dennis Wymer (USA), pin 1:53

70 kg – Dennis Wymer, Mouth, Wilson, Va., bronze medal
WIN William Anderson (USA), pin 1:53
LOSS Amiran Tsikvadze (Georgia), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Vakhtang Nariashvili (Georgia), pin 0:37

88 kg – Michael Burgett, Fishers, Ind., 8th place
LOSS Mateusz Gucman (Poland), tech. fall 10-0

88 kg – Rudolph James, St. Paul, Minn., withdrew
WIN Vitaliy Horodnytskyy (Ukraine), 4-0
LOSS Dmitrii Darmodekhin (Russia), fft., 2:00

88 kg – Sion King, McKinney, Texas, 5th place
WIN Filippos Markakis (Greece), pin 3:18
WIN Serghei Bolgar (Moldova), 5-2
LOSS Mukhamed Shebzukhov (Russia), 8-0

100 kg – Karl Junitz, Chicago, Ill., 5th place
WIN Ebrahim Tavakkoli (Iran), forfeit
LOSS Hamza Ergut (Turkey), pin 1:00
WIN Serik Amanshiyev (Kazakhstan), 4-1

130 kg – Joseph Bellavia, San Diego, Calif., bronze medal
WIN Seyed Mirvahedi (Iran), tech fall 15-5
LOSS Avraam Papadopoulos (Greece), tech. fall 11-0
WIN Spyridon Koursaris (Greece), disqualification

130 kg – Christopher Pierce, Lemont Furnace, Pa., 5th place
LOSS Leif Eddy Bengtsson (Sweden), 3-0
LOSS Apostolos Stamos (Greece), pin 0:48

Div. E results

62 kg
Gold - Boris Savva (Moldova)
Silver - Roger Célestin Papotto (France)
Bronze - Winfried Thomas Hoefflich (Germany)
Bronze - Abdujalil Abdurakhmanov (Uzbekistan)

70 kg
Gold - Talant Begaliev (Kyrgyzstan)
Silver - Michael Lee Madry (USA)
Bronze - Sandor Pali (Hungary)
Bronze - Domenico Piccinini (Italy)

78 kg
Gold - Turpalali Sulimanov (Kazakhstan)
Silver - Malkhaz Rozomashvili (Georgia)
Bronze - Imre Timar (Hungary)

88 kg
Gold - Gyozo Gyula Lakatos (Hungary)
Silver - Petros Peter Petrosyan (USA)
Bronze - Ayhan Ozdemir (Turkey)
Bronze - Radislav Navazhap (Russia)

100 kg
Gold - Igor Zadnepryannyy (Kazakhstan)
Silver - Idris Iasulov (Russia)
Bronze - Joseph Raymond Cattan (USA)

130 kg
Gold - Daniel Chaid (USA)
Silver - Brian Alan Jones (USA)
Bronze - Saadanbek Niiazov (Kyrgyzstan)
Bronze - Rovshan Ismayilkhani (Azerbaijan)

U.S. performance

62 kg – Jeffrey Mallett, Lanham, Md., 6th place
WIN Kassenkhan Sergaziyev (Kazakhstan), 8-4
LOSS Abujalil Adburakhmanov (Uzbekistan), pin 1:01

70 kg – David Manville, State College, Pa., 5th place
WIN Borys Bitsukov (Ukraine), 6-2
LOSS Michael Madry (USA), 5-4
LOSS Sandor Pali (Hungary), 4-4

70 kg – Michael Madry, Saint Petersburg, Fla., silver medal
WIN Sandor Pali (Hungary), 3-2
WIN David Manville (USA), 5-4
LOSS Talant Begaliev (Kyrgyzstan), tech. fall 11-0

78 kg – Louis Orr, Rochester, Minn., 5th place
WIN Yadollah Dadashi (Iran), forfeit
LOSS Imre Timar (Hungary), pin 0:45
LOSS Turpalali Sulimanov (Kazakhstan), pin 1:18
LOSS Imre Timar (Hungary), tech. fall 11-0

88 kg – Kevin Kares, Henderson, Nev., 7th place
LOSS Gyozo Gyula Lakatos (Hungary), pin 3:11

88 kg – Petros Petrosyan, Los Almanitos, Calif., silver medal
WIN Kalkabay Bopiyev (Kazakhstan), forfeit
WIN Ayhan Ozdemir (Turkey), pin 1:35
LOSS Gyozo Gyula Lakatos (Hungary), 5-1

88 kg – James Miller, League City, Texas, 5th place
WIN Kim Skhashok (Russia), 5-2
LOSS Gyozo Gyula Lakatos (Hungary), 7-5
WIN Radislav Navazhap (Russia), pin 1:18

100 kg – Joseph Cattan, Mount Washington, Ky., bronze medal
LOSS Igor Zadnepryanyy (Kazakhstan), 6-4
WIN Gizbulla Vagidov (Russia), 4-2
WIN Davoud Baninosrat (Iran), forfeit
LOSS Idris Iasulov (Russia), 5-2
WIN Klaus Brueske (Germany), 6-4

130 kg – Daniel Chaid, San Jose, Calif., gold medal
WIN Igor Poletaev (Russia), pin 0:46
WIN Saadanbek Niiazov (Kyrgyzstan), tech. fall 10-0, 1:28
WIN Brian Jones (USA), inj. dft. 0:24

130 kg – Brian Jones, Los Angeles, Calif., silver medal
WIN Vedat Kirgiz (Turkey), 5-2
WIN Rovshan Ismayilkhanli (Azerbaijan), pin 0:29
LOSS Daniel Chaid (USA), inj. dft. 0:24

Day Two Draws for U.S. wrestlers

Div. C

62 kg – Gary Cook, Syracuse, N.Y.
Vs. Robinson Prebish (USA)

62 kg – Carlos Montano, Oceanside, Calif.
Vs. Ersin Basar (Turkey)

62 kg – Robinson Prebish, Richmond, Va.
Vs. Gary Cook (USA)

78 kg – Thomas Donahue, Bethel, Ohio
Vs. Mohammad Ahmadi Afshar (Spain)

78 kg – Brett Rainey, Highlands Ranch, Colo.
Vs. Piotr Calac (Moldova)

88 kg – Octavius Bellamy, Bollingbrook, Ill.
Vs. Vaclav Silovsky (Czechia)

130 kg – Gregory Conn, Antelope, Calif.
Round robin matches against
Mukerrem Yenici (Turkey)
Janos Szlavik (Hungary)
Reza Rahmani (Iran)

Div. D

62 kg – Joseph Raia Jr., South Elgin, Ill.
Round robin matches against
Saidmagomed Masiev (Russia)
Marat Kicheev (Russia)
Philippe Maupin (France)

70 kg – Stephen Horton, Cibolo, Texas
Vs. Stefan Bittmann (Germany)

78 kg – Jon Banko, New Kensington, Penn.
Round robin matches against
Osman Onder (Turkey)
Dirk Stastny (Germany)

88 kg – Jeffery Anderson, Zeeland, Mich.
Vs. Azat Sheroyan (Armenia)

88 kg – Kevin Pine, Aberdeen, Wash.
Vs. Antonio Albanese (Italy)

100 kg – Erik Hinckley, Lansing, Kan.
Round robin matches against
Adam Shojnacki (Poland)
Chynarbek Izabekov (Kyrgyzstan)
Farzad Helali (Iran)
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