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U15 Pan American Team selected at Women's Nationals, set to compete in Mexico City in October

by Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling

IRVING, Texas – The 2021 U.S. U15 Pan American Team has been decided after an exciting finals session on Sunday afternoon in Irving, Texas.

The winners of the 2021 U15 Women’s Nationals have earned the right to represent the United States at the U15 Pan American Championships in Mexico City, Mexico, Oct. 21-24.

The Pan Am team consists of Camryn Gresham of Ohio (33 kg), Morgan Turner of Illinois (36 kg), Emma Bacon of Florida (39 kg), Skye Schneider of California (42 kg), Julianna Ocampo of Indiana (46 kg), Rianne Murphy of Indiana (50 kg), Isabella Gonzales of California (54 kg), Haylie Jaffe of Pennsylvania (58 kg), Alicen Dillard of Colorado (62 kg) and Faith Bartoszek of Wisconsin (66 kg).

Gonzales earned the Outstanding Wrestler honor, who went 6-0 on the day with five of her six wins coming by technical fall.

Finals results
33 kg: Camryn Gresham (OH) df. Lily Runez (NH), two matches to one
Round 1 – Runez df. Gresham, 1-1
Round 2 – Gresham df. Runez, 1-0
Round 3 – Gresham df. Runez, 4-1

36 kg: Morgan Turner (IL)

39 kg: Emma Bacon (FL) df. Kayla Batres (CT), two matches to none
Round 1 – Bacon df. Batres, 13-2
Round 2 – Bacon df. Batres, 7-5

3rd- Talea Guntrum (OH) VPO1 Kylee Smith (OK), 8-2
5th- Lauren Elsmore (MN) VPO1 Khyla Lipumano (AZ), 4-4
7th- Lillian Rumsey (PA) VSU1 Athea Valenzuela (AZ), 13-2 3:48

42 kg: Skye Schneider (CA) df. Gabriella Gomez (IL), two matches to none
Round 1 – Schneider df. Gomez, 3-2
Round 2 – Schneider df. Gomez, 4-2

3rd- Caley Graber (MN) VSU Ysabelle Ocampo (IN), 10-0 1:40
5th- Jaelle Cortez (CA) VSU1 Mika Yoffee (NV), 13-2 3:58
7th- Katey Valdez (CO) VIN Aleena Nguyen (CA)

46 kg: Julianna Ocampo (IN) df. Kaylyn Harrill (NE), two matches to none
Round 1 – Ocampo df. Harrill, fall 0:59
Round 2 – Ocampo df. Harrill, fall 0:31

3rd- Karlee Brooks (AZ) VPO Aspen Blasko (MN), 6-0
5th- Sierra Chiesa (PA) VSU1 Julia Horger (PA), 12-1 1:23
7th- Libby Roberts (WA) VPO1 Alicia Serratos (CA), 4-1

50 kg: Rianne Murphy (IN) df. Heather Crull (IN), two matches to none
Round 1 – Murphy df. Crull, fall 0:55
Round 2 – Murphy df. Crull, fall 1:28

3rd- Carley Ceshker (WI) VPO1 Reanah Utterback (IA), 2-2
5th- Audrey Rogotzke (MN) VFA Ashley Naranjo (WA), 14-4 2:53
7th- Liz Donovan (NH) VFO Persaeus Gomez (CO)

54 kg: Isabella Gonzales (CA) df. Amelia Fawcett (AK), two matches to none
Round 1 – Gonzales df. Fawcett, 8-3
Round 2 – Gonzales df. Fawcett, 11-0

3rd- Savannah Witt (PA) VSU1 Joelle Scott (PA), 12-2 3:24
5th- Brooke Tarshis (NY) VIN Kira Cole (OH), 2-2 1:28
7th- Calli Gilchrist (CT) VPO1 Alexis Segura (CO), 14-6

58 kg: Haylie Jaffe (PA) df. Genevieve An (GA), two matches to none
Round 1 – An df. Jaffe, 5-3
Round 2 – Jaffe df. An, 5-3
Round 3 – Jaffe df. An, 10-2

3rd- Carina Giangeruso (NJ) VSU Gianna Dibenedetto (CA), 11-0 2:10
5th- Ragan Retell (NY) VSU1 Nicole Redmond (KS), 13-2 2:18
7th- Ryen Allen (MI) VPO1 Ella Gahl (IN), 8-2

62 kg: Alicen Dillard (CO) df. Kristen Schellenberg (NE), two matches to none
Round 1 – Dillard df. Schellenberg, fall 2:30
Round 2 – Dillard df. Schellenberg, fall 0:37

3rd- Skylar Little soldier (MN) VSU Sarah Henckel (CT), 10-0 2:00
5th- Sydney Perry (IL) VPO1 Morgan Lucio (AZ), 6-4
7th- Jahlia Miguel (HI) VFO Faith Blackburn (MI)

66 kg: Faith Bartoszek (WI) df. Avangeline Turner (CA), two matches to none
Round 1 – Bartozszek df. Turner, 5-0
Round 2 – Bartoszek df. Turner, fall 1:31

3rd- Piper Fowler (TN) VFA Nebi Tsarni (MD), 8-0 3:33
5th- Zaynah Mcbryde (NY) VSU Greta Garbuzovas (GA), 10-0 2:45
7th- Emma Villa (WA) VPO1 Millie Azlin (OK), 8-7

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