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Page repeats as Senior Nationals women’s champion, and Nelson is named Outstanding Wrestler

by Koral Sugiyama, Special to

Maya Nelson poses with her Senior Nationals champion trophyMaya Nelson celebrates after winning the Senior Nationals title at 59 kg. Photo by Justin Hoch.

CORALVILLE, IA– Jennifer Page of the Titan Mercury WC repeated as Senior National champion and Maya Nelson of the Sunkist Kids was named Outstanding Wrestler in the women’s freestyle division on Friday night.

Page won a three-athlete round-robin at 65 kg, winning both of her matches by 10-0 technical falls.

Nelson won a four-athlete round-robin at 59 kg, beating three very tough opponents by sizable margins. Nelson dropped down a weight class from her Olympic year weight and dominated. She defeated both of last year’s 57 kg Senior National finalists, Lauren Louive and Xochitl Mota-Pettis.

The top five place winners in each weight class earned a spot in the 2021 World Team Trials in September.

More notably, the three champions at the non-Olympic weights earned their spot on the 2021 Pan-American Championship team– Maya Nelson (59), Jennifer Page (65) and Alex Glaude (72). The final Pan-Am spot will be filled by runner-up Amy Fearnside since today’s champion, Jacarra Winchester, is the Olympic Trials champion at 53 kg and is already on the Pan American team.

The pandemic has made training and life difficult for everyone. Even more difficult, some programs cancelled their seasons and training entirely. Current Menlo star Gracie Figueroa and former Menlo star Solin Piearcy both claimed her first Senior Nationals titles, although their training was difficult.

The 76 kg finals match emphasized the wrestling mindset of taking it one takedown at a time. Dymond Guilford and Precious Bell have met many times before today. Bell was leading the match 5-0, but Guilford pancaked Bell to her back in the second period and claimed the fall and the national title.

Other individual champions were Erin Golston of the New York AC at 50 kg, Alex Hedrick of Titan Mercury WC at 53 kg and Vayle Baker of the Twin Cities RTC at 57 kg. Golston and Hedrick have previously won Senior National titles, while Baker was a first-time winner.

Titan Mercury took home the women’s team trophy this with 64 points. Twin Cities RTC claimed runner-up with 39 points.

Tomorrow’s action will continue at 10a CT live on FloWrestling, with men’s freestyle at the Senior and UWW Junior levels. You can continue to follow the brackets on FloArena.

At Coralville, Iowa

Women’s freestyle results

50 kg
1st- Erin Golston (NYAC)
2nd- Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (McK WC)
3rd- Chloe Krebsbach (GV WC)
4th- Hannah Michael (TCRTC)
Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (McK) VSU Hannah Michael (TCRTC) 10-0
Erin Golston IL (NYAC) VSU Chloe Krebsbach IA (GV WC), 11-0
Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez (McK) VFA Chloe Krebsbach (GV WC), 2:28
Erin Golston (NYAC) VSU Hannah Michael (TCRTC), 10-0
Chloe Krebsbach IA (GVWC) VFA Hannah Michael (TCRTC), 9-0 1:15
Erin Golston IL (NYAC) VSU Natalie Reyna-rodriguez CA (McK WC), 10-0 1:13

53 kg
1st-Alex Hedrick (TMWC)
2nd-Ali Howk (SKWC)
3rd-Vanessa Ramirez (IN)
4th-Arelys Valles (GV WC)
Alisha Howk (SKWC) VSU Arelys Valles (GVWC) 10-0
Alexandra Hedrick (TMWC) VSU Vanessa Ramirez (IN), 10-0
Alisha Howk (SKWC) VSU Vanessa Ramirez (IN), 10-0
Alexandra Hedrick (TMWC)VSU Arelys Valles (GV WC), 10-0

1st-Jacarra Winchester (TMWC)
2nd-Amy Fearnside (TMWC)
3rd-Areana Villaescusa (WCAP)
4th-Samantha Klingel (WCAP)
5th-Ngao Shoua Whitehorn (Victory)
Amy Fearnside (TMWC) VPO Areana Villaescusa (WCAP), 5-0
Jacarra Winchester (TMWC) VSU Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory), 10-0
Areana Villaescusa (VFA) Samantha Klingel (WCAP), 5:37
Amy Fearnside (TMWC) VSU Ngao Shoua Whitethorn MN (Victory), 10-0
Samantha Klingel (WCAP) VPO1 Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Victory), 4-2
Jacarra Winchester (TMWC) VSU Amy Fearnside (TMWC), 10-0
Sophia Smith (WI) VPO Estrella Dorado Marin (WCAP), 8-0
Lauren Mason (CA) VSU Tateum Park (TCRCT), 10-0
Jacarra Winchester (TMWC) VSU Samantha Klingel (WCAP), 10-0
Areana Villaescusa (WCAP) VSU1 Ngao Shoua Whitethorn MN (Victory), 12-2
Amy Fearnside (TMWC) VFA Samantha Klingel (Army (WCAP) 2:35
Jacarra Winchester CO (TMWC) VSU Areana Villaescusa (WCAP), 10-0

57 kg
1st-Vayle Baker (TCRTC)
2nd-Lauren Mason (CA)
3rd-Sophia Smith (WI)
4th- Tateum Park (TCRTC)
5th-Estrella Dorado (WCAP)
Vayle Baker (TCRTC) VSU1 Tateum Park (TCRTC), 12-2
Lauren Mason (CA) VSU Sophia Smith (WI)), 10-0
Vayle Baker (TCRTC) VSU1 Estrella Dorado Marin (WCAP), 12-2
Sophia Smith (WI) VPO1 Tateum Park (TCRTC), 4-1
Sophia Smith (WI) VPO Estrella Dorado Marin (WCAP), 8-0
Lauren Mason (CA) VSU Tateum Park (TCRCT), 10-0
Lauren Mason CA (California) VPO1 Estrella Dorado Marin CO (WCAP), 6-2
Vayle Baker PA (TCRTC) VPO1 Sophia Smith (WI), 6-2
Tateum Park (TCRTC) VFA Estrella Dorado Marin (Army (WCAP), 3:45
Vayle Baker PA (TCRTC) VPO1 Lauren Mason (CA), 8-7

59 kg
1st-Maya Nelson (SKWC)
2nd-Lauren Louive (NYAC)
3rd-Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC)
4th-Megan Black (WCAP)
Lauren Louive OH (NYAC) VSU1 Xochitl Mota-Pettis TX (Rise RTC), 20-9
Maya Nelson CO (SKWC) VSU1 Megan Black (WCAP), 14-2
Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC) VSU1 Megan Black (Army (WCAP), 12-1
Maya Nelson CO (SKWC) VPO1 Lauren Louive (New York Athletic Club), 9-4
Lauren Louive OH (NYAC) VFO Megan Black (Army (WCAP))
Maya Nelson CO (SKWC) VPO Xochitl Mota-pettis (Rise RTC), 8-0

62 kg
1st-Gracie Figueroa (TMWC)
2nd-Alexandria Liles (WCAP)
3rd-Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC)
4th-Briana Kellin (Life WC)
Alexandria Liles (WCAP) VSU Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC), 10-0
Gracie Figueroa (TMWC) VPO1 Briana Kellin FL (Life WC), 6-2
Alexandria Liles CO (Army (WCAP)) VSU Briana Kellin FL (Life WC), 10-0 3:33
Gracie Figueroa (TMWC) VSU Sierra Brown Ton (TCRTC), 10-0
Sierra Brown ton TX (TCRTC) VPO1 Briana Kellin (Life WC), 3-2
Gracie Figueroa CA (TMWC)) VSU1 Alexandria Liles CO (Army (WCAP)), 11-1 5:26

65 kg
1st-Jennifer Page (TMWC)
2nd-Andrea Schlabach (GV WC)
3rd-Zoe Wright (Life WC)
Andrea Schlabach (GV WC) VPO1 Zoe Wight GA (Life WC), 6-3
Jennifer Page (TMWC) VSU Andrea Schlabach (GV WC), 10-0
Jennifer Page (TMWC) VSU Zoe Wight (Life WC), 10-0 0:45

68 kg
1st-Solin Piearcy (Menlo WC)
2nd-Alyvia Fisk (TMWC)
3rd-Rachel Watters (NYAC)
4th-Anna Naylor (Life WC)
Rachel Watters (NYAC) VSU1 Anna Naylor (Life WC), 12-1
Solin Piearcy CA (Menlo WC) VPO1 Alyvia Fiske (TMWC), 7-2
Solin Piearcy (Menlo) VPO1 Rachel Watters IA (NYAC), 10-7
Alyvia Fiske (TMWC)) VPO1 Anna Naylor GA (Life WC), 12-4
Alyvia Fiske (TMWC)) VPO1 Rachel Watters (NYAC), 2-1
Solin Piearcy (Menlo) VPO1 Anna Naylor GA (Life WC), 4-4

72 kg
1st-Alex Glaude (TMWC)
2nd-Skylar Grote (NYAC)
Alexandria Glaude (TMWC)VPO1 Skylar Grote (NYAC), 8-1
Alexandria Glaude (TMWC) VPO Skylar Grote (NYAC), 8-0

76 kg
1st- Dymond Guilford (TMWC) VFA Precious Bell WI (TMWC), 4:39
3rd- Emily Cue (CO) VFA Marlynne Deede (TCRTC),5:18
5th- Ashley Lekas (Texas Pride WC) VSU Hunter Robinson TX (GV WC), 10-0
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