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Important tips on how to watch the NBC wrestling coverage of the Olympic Games

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

With the start of the wrestling competition at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2000 in about 24 hours, we wanted to provide as much updated information and detail for the wrestling fans who are back home.

USA Wrestling has reached out to the production staff for the wrestling broadcast, which has provided the information that follows. Please note that while some of the schedule will not change (specifically on The Olympic Channel) that this is a tentative schedule subject to change.

1) The first concept to understand is that all of the matches will be streamed live on

To find these live streams, click the schedule tab, or go directly to, scroll down to the area where all of the current live streams can be found.

Please note: To watch the stream, as well as to watch the television broadcasts, you must have existing cable system log in information, or your log in for other digital outlets that provide your NBC package of stations. Be prepared to have this information if you wish to watch the live stream.

Also note, the commentary for the live stream will be provided by announcers who are handling the world feed. This coverage will not have the NBC announcing crew that you will find on all of the NBC broadcast television shows of the wrestling action. At this time, NBC does not know who the world feed announcers will be.

2) The foundation of the NBC television coverage is on The Olympic Channel, Home of Team USA. This is a cable network which is available in many packages, but may or may not be on your current plan. If you want to watch the wrestling, contact your local provider and make sure you are signed up for a package that includes The Olympic Channel.

Wrestling will be on The Olympic Channel all seven days. In the first two days, some of the coverage will be a bit tape delayed. Starting on the third day, all of The Olympic Channel coverage of wrestling will be live.

The announcers for the NBC coverage of wrestling are play-by-play announcer Jason Knapp, plus color commentators John Smith and Jordan Burroughs. Smith is a two-time Olympic champion and four-time World champion. Burroughs is an Olympic champion and four-time World champion. Also included in the NBC coverage on the Olympic channel is studio host Carolyn Manno.

Wrestling will see some time on CNBC and on USA Network, and could appear on other networks, at NBC’s discretion.

Here is some additional information that the production team for wrestling has shared with USA Wrestling for you to know.

A. Session 1 is set to air on Olympic Channel 7p ET on Sunday Aug. 1 (delayed from it's live timeslot of 10p ET on July 31).

B. As of now, there are plans to have Adeline Gray's 1/4 final match air live on CNBC at about 11:20pm-midnight. Live shows such as CNBC get fluid due to weather, length of competitions, other factors

C. Session 2 is set to air on The Olympic Channel 9pm ET on Sunday Aug. 1 (delayed from its live timeslot of 5:15a ET on Aug. 1)

D. As of now, there are plans to show select 1/4 final matches on USA Network at about 3:15-4p ET. Again, these tend to be fluid.

E. There will be 5.5 hrs of Wrestling on The Olympic Channel starting on Aug. 1 at 7pm - Three hours on tape followed by 2.5 hours of live coverage.

F. Session 3 and beyond are slated be AIR live on Olympic Channel.

G. Beyond Olympic Channel, there will likely be segments of Wrestling that will air in the different NBC shows and channels. It is difficult to know what those are at this point, and will be determined based upon what is happening with the U.S. wrestling team, as well as what is happening with other sports.

For those who have not already seen the NBC schedule for wrestling at the Olympics, click the USA Wrestling article link below.

Please read closely. Understand, for television coverage, The Olympic Channel is serving as the home for wrestling during these Olympic Games. In addition, every match of wrestling is available as a live stream on, but you must have an appropriate cable plan or digital plan.

If additional information becomes available, USA Wrestling will share that immediately. It is our goal that every wrestling fan in the USA can have access to what NBC provides in its coverage of wrestling.

Please share this with friends and colleagues within wrestling. GO TEAM USA.

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