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Teams drafted for Captains’ Cup, competition set for Feb. 13-14

by Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling

The teams are set for the Captains’ Cup after a virtual draft took place live on FloWrestling on Saturday night. The competition will take place Feb. 13-14 on FloWrestling.

The Captains’ Cup presented by Titan Mercury Wrestling Club is a women’s freestyle dual-meet event that will showcase six teams comprised of the USA’s top women’s freestyle athletes competing for $50,000.

Each team is headed up and drafted by some of the biggest names in the U.S., including World champions Tamyra Mensah-Stock, Jacarra Winchester, Senior World silver medalist Sarah Hildebrandt and 2019 World Team members Kayla Miracle, Victoria Francis and Jenna Burkert.

Each captain will compete at their respective weight class, and as a result, drafted five athletes each.

The draft was conducted in a snake style with the first round order as follows: Mensah-Stock, Winchester, Hildebrandt, Miracle, Francis and Burkert.

Below are the captains’ picks as well as when each athlete was drafted:

*Find out more about the athletes and captains in our SPECIAL SECTION

Team Mensah-Stock
50 kg: Amy Fearnside (12)
53 kg: Cheyenne Sisenstein (replacement)
57 kg: Abby Nette (25)
62 kg: Xochitl Mota-Pettis (24)
68 kg: Tamyra Mensah-Stock (captain)
76 kg: Dymond Guilford (1)
Coach: Afsoon Johnston

Team Winchester
50 kg: Alyssa Lampe (11)
53 kg: Jacarra Winchester (captain)
57 kg: Gracie Figueroa (23)
62 kg: Macey Kilty (2)
68 kg: Alex Glaude (14)
76 kg: Geneva Gray (replacement)
Coach: Sara McMann

Team Hildebrandt
50 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt (captain)
53 kg: Alex Hedrick (replacement)
57 kg: Lauren Louive (22)
62 kg: Jennifer Page (3)
68 kg: Kayla Marano (27)
76 kg: Precious Bell (15)
Coach: Emma Randall

Team Miracle
50 kg: Erin Golston (9)
53 kg: Ronna Heaton (16)
57 kg: Koral Sugiyama (28)
62 kg: Julia Salata (replacement)
68 kg: Ashlynn Ortega (replacement)
76 kg: Hannah Gladden (21)
Coach: Tricia Saunders

Team Francis
50 kg: Emily Shilson (20)
53 kg: Felicity Taylor (replacement)
57 kg: Lauren Mason (replacement)
62 kg: Emma Bruntil (17)
68 kg: Skylar Grote (5)
76 kg: Victoria Francis (captain)
Coach: Ashley Sword

Team Burkert
50 kg: Aleeah Gould (replacement)
53 kg: Katherine Shai (7)
57 kg: Brenda Reyna (replacement)
62 kg: Mallory Velte (18)
68 kg: Alyvia Fiske (19)
76 kg: Tristan Kelly (30)
Coach: Kristie Davis



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