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America’s Cup teams named for trailblazing Black wrestling legends; event schedule is now finalized

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Names have been given to the six dual meet teams for America’s Cup, presented by the Sunkist Kids, Titan Mercury WC and the New York AC. This new event will be held in Concord, N.C., Feb. 10-11 and broadcast live by FloWrestling.

In recognition of Black History Month, the teams are named in honor of great Black wrestling legends who have achieved historic firsts within American wrestling. The teams will be named:

• Team Kenny Monday – 1st Olympic champion

• Team Lloyd Keaser – 1st World champion

• Team Lee Kemp – 1st 3x World champion, 1st 4x NCAA finalist

• Team Bobby Douglas – first coach of NCAA champion team (and many other firsts)

• Team Simon Roberts – first NCAA champion

• Team Carl Adams – first freshman NCAA All-American (any race), first inventor of takedown training equipment

These wrestling legends have agreed to their names being included on a team in the America’s Cup. It is possible that a few of these history makers may be able to be at the event.

This is six-team format, and there will be two pools of three teams formed. The complete Captains Cup schedule has now been finalized and is listed below. Wednesday, February 10 will feature pool competition. Thursday, Feb. 11 will include two quarterfinals, two semifinals, and medal matches.

1. Team Kenny Monday

57 kg – Frank Perrelli (Titan Mercury WC/ Lehigh Valley RTC)

65 kg – Yianni Diakomihalis (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)

74 kg – Quincy Monday (New Jersey RTC)

86 kg – Ryan Epps (Gopher WC)

97 kg – Austin Schafer (New York AC)

125 kg – Shawn Streck (Titan Mercury WC/Cowboy RTC)

Alternate 65 kg - Josh Saunders (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)

2. Team Lloyd Keaser

57 kg – Josh Kramer (Sunkist Kids

65 kg – Evan Henderson (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)

74 kg – Chad Walsh (Wrecking Crew Academy LLC)

86 kg – Jonathan Loew (Spartan Combat RTC)

97 kg – Mike Macchiavello (Titan Mercury WC/Wolfpack RTC)

125 kg – Nick Gwiazdowski (Titan Mercury WC/Wolfpack RTC)

Alternate 86 kg - Chris Foca (Spartan Combat RTC)

3. Team Lee Kemp

57 kg – Zach Sanders (Gopher WC)

65 kg – Mitch McKee (Gopher WC)

74 kg – Jasmit Phulka (Canada/Cyclone RTC)

86 kg – Gabe Dean (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)

97 kg – Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC)

125 kg – Tanner Hall (Sunkist Kids)

Alternate 86 kg - Max Dean (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)

4. Team Bobby Douglas

57 kg – Vito Arujau (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)

65 kg – Nahshon Garrett (Titan Mercury WC/Southeast RTC)

74 kg – Elroy Perkin (Gopher WC)

86 kg – Brett Pfarr (Gopher WC)

97 kg – Scott Boykin (Titan Mercury WCSpartan Combat RTC)

125 kg – Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids/Tiger Style WC)

Alternate 57 kg - Guesseppe Rea Villarroel (Ecuador/Lehigh Valley RTC)

5. Team Simon Roberts

57 kg – Daniel DeShazer (Gopher WC)

65 kg – Pat Lugo (Titan Mercury WC/Hawkeye WC)

74 kg – Evan Wick (Titan Mercury WC/Wisconsin RTC)

86 kg – Mark Hall (Titan Mercury WC/Pennsylvania RTC)

97 kg – Ben Honis (Titan Mercury WC/Pennsylvania RTC)

125 kg – Garrett Ryan (Sunkist Kids)

Alternate 74 kg - Jevon Balfour (Canada/Spartan Combat RTC)

6. Team Carl Adams

57 kg – Sean Russell (Gopher WC)

65 kg – Ethan Lizak (New York AC/PRTC)

74 kg – Josh Shields (Sunkist Kids)

86 kg – Muhamed McBryde (New York AC/USOPTC)

97 kg – J'den Cox (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC)

125 kg – Tony Nelson (Gopher WC)

Alternate 74 kg - Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC)


Wednesday, Feb 10

2:00 pm: Pool A: Team Kenny Monday vs Team Lloyd Keaser

3:00 pm: Pool A: Team Kenny Monday vs Team Lee Kemp

4:00 pm: Pool A: Team Lloyd Keaser vs Team Lee Kemp

6:00 pm: Pool B: Team Bobby Douglas vs. Team Simon Roberts

7:00 pm: Pool B: Team Bobby Douglas vs Team Carl Adams

8:00 pm: Pool B: Team Simon Roberts vs Team Carl Adams

Thursday, Feb 11

1:00 pm: Quarterfinal 1: Pool A #2 vs Pool B #3

2:00 pm: Quarterfinal 2: Pool B #2 vs Pool A #3

3:00 pm: Semifinal 1: Winner Quarterfinal 1 vs Pool B#1

4:00 pm: Semifinal 2: Winner Quarterfinal 2 vs Pool A#1

6:00 pm: 5th place match

7:00 pm: Consolation championship match

8:00 pm: Championship match