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NCAA Div. I dual meet weekend recap on Monday, Dec. 6

by USA Wrestling

Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech Athletics


Despite a large group of NCAA Div. I schools competing at the 2021 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, there were still plenty of dual meets to be watched across the country this weekend. Below, find the results from all of the dual meet action.



Duke defeats Drexel, 25-20

Duke falls to Maryland, 23-17

Duke falls to Hofstra, 25-19

Duke falls to American, 22-18

NC State defeats Gardner-Webb, 45-0

Virginia Tech defeats Northern Iowa, 39-3

Virginia Tech defeats Missouri, 18-16


Big Ten

Iowa defeats Iowa State, 23-11

Maryland defeats Drexel and Duke

Michigan State defeats Lock Haven, 19-17

Michigan State defeats Bucknell, 23-10

Penn State defeats University of Pennsylvania, 20-16

Penn State defeats Lehigh, 23-16

Rutgers defeats American, 41-3


Big 12

Air Force Academy defeats Western State, 44-3

Iowa State falls to Iowa in Cy-Hawk rivalry, 22-11

Missouri defeats Northern Iowa, falls to Virginia Tech

North Dakota State defeats Augustana, 28-10

Northern Iowa falls to Missouri and Virginia Tech

West Virginia falls Ohio, 30-9



American defeats Duke, 22-18

American falls to Rutgers, 41-3

American falls to Hofstra, 27-13

Bucknell falls to Michigan State, 23-10

Drexel falls to Duke, 20-25

Drexel falls to Maryland, 21-19

Franklin and Marshall defeats VMI, 24-12

Franklin and Marshall defeats LIU, 32-16

Hofstra defeats Duke, 25-19

Hofstra defeats American, 27-13

Lehigh defeats Lock Haven, 37-3

Lehigh falls to Penn State, 23-16

LIU falls to George Mason, 24-16

LIU falls to VMI, 24-22

LIU falls to Franklin and Marshall, 32-16

Penn falls to Penn State, 20-16



Buffalo defeats Edinboro, 26-9

Buffalo defeats Gannon, 30-9

Central Michigan defeats Rider, 24-12

Clarion defeats Bloomsburg, 33-6

Clarion defeats Ohio, 25-12

Edinboro defeats Gannon, 38-3

George Mason defeats LIU, 24-16

Lock Haven falls to Michigan State, 19-17

Lock Haven falls to Lehigh, 37-3

Ohio defeats West Virginia, 30-9



Gardner-Webb falls to NC State, 45-0

VMI defeats LIU, 24-22

VMI falls to Franklin and Marshall, 24-12