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Updated Entries: World Team Trials is loaded with Olympians, World medalists, age-group World champions and more

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

J’den Cox of the USA at the 2019 World Championships. Photo by Justin Hoch

Early registration has closed for the World Team Trials, which will be held in Lincoln, Neb., September 11-12. A total of 238 entries have already signed up, with numerous top stars registered to compete in the 22 weight classes being contested.

The weight classes are loaded with numerous past Olympians, World medalists, Senior World Team members, age-group World medalists, NCAA men’s champion and women’s college champions.

The field is not finalized, as there is late registration opportunity, both online and onsite still available. However, a vast majority of the athletes who have qualified have signed up at this time.

Included among the entries are these Senior World or Olympic medalists:
• Olympic champion and four-time World champion Jordan Burroughs at 79 kg in men’s freestyle
• Two-time World champion and 2016 Olympic medalist J’den Cox in men’s freestyle at 92 kg
• World champion and 2020 Olympian Jacarra Winchester in women’s freestyle at 55 kg
• Two-time World medalist James Green at 70 kg in men’s freestyle
• Two-time World medalist Alyssa Lampe at 53 kg in women’s freestyle
• Two-time World medalist Nick Gwiazdowski at 125 kg in men’s freestyle
• World medalist Mallory Velte at 62 kg in women’s freestyle
• World medalist Tyler Graff at 61 kg in men’s freestyle
• World medalist Joe Colon (TMWC) at 61 kg in men’s freestyle

Joining Burroughs, Cox and Winchester as past Olympians in the draw are:
• Two-time Olympian Ildar Hafizov at 60 kg in Greco-Roman
• Two-time Olympian Ben Provisor at 82 kg in Greco-Roman
• Olympian Kayla Miracle at 62 kg in women’s freestyle
• Olympian Alejandro Sancho at 67 kg in Greco-Roman
• Olympian John Stefanowicz at 87 kg in Greco-Roman

Age-group World champions in the draw will include
• 2015 and 2016 Cadet World champion Yianni Diakomihalis at 65 kg in men’s freestyle
• 2018 Cadet World champion, 2021 Junior World champion Emily Shilson at 53 kg in women’s freestyle
• 2012 University World champion Max Nowry at 55 kg in Greco-Roman
• 2009 Junior World champion Dominique Bradley at 125 kg in men’s freestyle
• 2017 Junior World champion Maya Nelson at 59 kg in women’s freestyle
• 2017 Junior World champion Daton Fix at 61 kg in men’s freestyle
• 2019 Junior World champion Mason Paris at 125 kg in men’s freestyle
• 2021 Junior World champion Kylie Welker at 72 kg in women’s freestyle
• 2012 Cadet World champion Zain Retherford, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club at 70 kg in men’s freestyle
• 2015 Cadet World champion Ronna Heaton at 53 kg in women’s freestyle
• 2017 Cadet World champion Cohlton Schultz at 130 kg in Greco-Roman

Here is the list of entries as of today.

238 entries as of morning of August 19


61 kg
Vitali Arujau, Spartan Combat RTC,
Jakob Camacho (TMWC)
Joe Colon (TMWC)
Daniel DeShazer, Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC
Dane Durlacher, Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC
Sean Fausz (TMWC)
Daton Fix (TMWC)
Nahshon Garrett, (TMWC)
Tyler Graff (TMWC)
Seth Gross, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Josh Kramer, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Brady Kyner, Burg Training Center
Ethan Lizak, New York Athletic Club
Austin Macias, Southern Illinois Training Center
Shelton Mack (TMWC)
Zane Richards (TMWC)
Ethan Rotondo, Wisconsin Regional Training Center
Zach Sanders Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC
Nick Suriano, SKWC-RTC
Nathan Tomasello, (TMWC)
Carter Young, Cowboy Wrestling Club

65 kg
Anthony Ashnault, New York Athletic Club
Domonick Demas, Oklahoma Regional Training Center
Yianni Diakomihalis (TMWC),
Jaydin Eierman, (TMWC)
Dean Heil (TMWC)
Evan Henderson, (TMWC)
Patricio Lugo, Hawkeye Wrestling Club
Luke Pletcher, Pittsburgh Wrestling Club
Henry Pohlmeyer, Wisconsin Regional Training Center
Joseph McKenna (TMWC)

70 kg
Tyler Berger, Nebraska
Ryan Deakin (TMWC)
James Green (TMWC)
Jarrett Jacques, Tiger Style Wrestling Club
Brayton Lee, Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC
Harold 'Brock' Mauller, Tiger Style Wrestling Club
Jordan Oliver, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Alec Pantaleo (TMWC)
Elroy Perkin, Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC
Zain Retherford, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club

79 kg
Branson Ashworth, Wyoming Wrestling Reg Training Ctr
Jordan Burroughs, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Pat Downey, Florida,
Alex Dieringer, (TMWC)
Thomas Gantt (TMWC)
Hayden Hidlay (TMWC)
Joey Lavallee (TMWC)
Taylor Lujan, Panther Wrestling Club RTC
Chance Marsteller (TMWC)
Isaiah Martinez (TMWC)
Muhamed McBryde New York Athletic Club
David McFadden (TMWC)
Jason Nolf, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club,
Michael O'Malley, Pennsylvania RTC
Quentin Perez, Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club
Devin Skatzka, Michigan
Carter Starocci, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club
Evan Wick (TMWC)

92 kg
Miguel Baray. River Valley Wrestling Club
Scottie Boykin, (TMWC)
J'den Cox (TMWC)
Timothy Dudley, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Drew Foster, Panther Wrestling Club RTC
Kyven Gadson, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Nathan Jackson, New York Athletic Club
Trent Hidlay, (TMWC)
Michael Macchiavello,(TMWC)
Myles Martin, (TMWC)
Willie Miklus, Michigan Wrestling CLub
Kollin Moore, (TMWC)
Andrew Morgan, Spartan Combat RTC
Isaac Trumble, Wolfpack Wrestling Club
Jakob Woodley, Oklahoma Regional Training Center
Hayden Zillmer, Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC

125 kg
Jacob Boyd, Oklahoma Regional Training Center
Dominique Bradley, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Tyrell Gordon, Panther Wrestling Club RTC
Nick Gwiazdowski, (TMWC)
Joshua Heindselman, Oklahoma Regional Training Center
Christian Lance, Nebraska Wrestling Training Center
Mason Paris, Cliff Keen Wrestling Club
Austin Schafer, New York Athletic Club
Demetrius Thomas, Pittsburgh Wrestling Club
Ty Walz, (TMWC)
Jordan Wood, Pennsylvania


55 kg
Jacob Cochran, Florida
Dalton Duffield, Army (WCAP)
Gabriel Gray, Texas Panhandle Wrestling Club
Brady Koontz, (TMWC)
Max Nowry, Army (WCAP)
Kevon Powell, Scorpion Wrestling Club
Billy Sullivan 55 Legends of Gold Las Vegas

60 kg
Ildar Hafizov, Army (WCAP)
Dylan Koontz, (TMWC)
Aidan Nutter, NMU-National Training Center
Dalton Roberts, Army (WCAP)
King Sandoval, Bandits Wrestling Club

63 kg
Leslie Fuenffinger, Army (WCAP)
Dylan Gregerson, Brunson UVRTC
Sam Jones, New York Athletic Club
Chayse La Joie, Spartan Combat RTC
Mason Lewis, Pennsylvania
Corbin Nirschl, MWC Wrestling Academy
We Rachal, Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC
David Stepanian, New York Athletic Club

67 kg
Morgan Flaharty, New York Athletic Club
Alston Nutter, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Peyton Omania, New York Athletic Club
Robert Perez 111, Sunkids Wrestling Club
Alejandro Sancho, Army (WCAP)
Jessy Williams 67 Spartan Combat RTC

72 kg
Michael Hooker, Army (WCAP)
Payton Jacobson, Wisconsin
Jamel Johnson, Marines
Brandon Mueller, 505 Wrestling Club
Griffin Parriott, Minnesota
Benjamin Peak, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Justus Scott, Legends of Gold Las Vegas
Patrick Smith, Minnesota Storm

77 kg
Ryan Epps, Minnesota Storm
Zachary Grimes, Colorado
Britton Holmes, Army (WCAP)
Justin McCunn, Viking Wrestling Club (IA)
Austin Morrow, New York Athletic Club
Alec Ortiz, Minnesota Storm
Quentin Perez, Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club
Jesse Porter, New York Athletic Club
Fritz Schierl (TMWC)

82 kg
Tommy Brackett, Tennessee
Tyler Cunningham, MWC Wrestling Academy
John Hagey, 505 Wrestling Club
Ben Provisor, New York Athletic Club
George Sikes, New York Athletic Club
Peyton Walsh, Marines
Spencer Woods, Army (WCAP)

87 kg
Christian DuLaney, Minnesota
Tyler Hannah, Combat W.C. School of Wrestling
Patrick Martinez, New York Athletic Club
Joel Nivar, North Carolina
Dan Olsen, Combat W.C. School of Wrestling
John Stefanowicz, Marines
Alan Vera, New York Athletic Club

97 kg
Nicholas Boykin, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Tracy Hancock , Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Khymba Johnson, New York Athletic Club
MacAron Kukowski, Minnesota Storm
Chad Porter, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Lucas Sheridan , Army (WCAP)
James Souza, Army (WCAP)

130 kg
Malcolm Allen, Legends of Gold
West Cathcart, New York Athletic Club
Keaton Fanning, NMU-National Training Center
Tanner Farmer, New York Athletic Club
Courtney Freeman , Marines
Lee Herrington, Nebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club
Donny Longendyke, Minnesota
Daniel Miller, Marines
Jacob Mitchell, Army (WCAP)
Cohlton Schultz, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Kaleb Reeves, Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club


53 kg
Torieonna Buchanan, Team Green Wrestling Club
Estrella Dorado Marin, Army (WCAP)
Amy Fearnside, (TMWC)
Jaslynn Gallegos, Blue Chip Wrestling Club
Erin Golston, New York Athletic Club
Ronna Heaton, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Alexandra Hedrick (TMWC)
Alisha Howk, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Samantha Klingel, Army (WCAP)
Chloe Krebsbach, Grand View Wrestling Club
Alyssa Lampe,Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Alleida Martinez (TMWC)
Melanie Mendoza, Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Hannah Michael, Grand View Wrestling Club
Sage Mortimer (TMWC)
Dominique Parrish, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Nina Pham, Texas Panhandle Wrestling Club
Peyton Prussin, Nevada
Vanessa Ramirez , McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club
Emily Shilson (TMWC),
Arelys Valles, Grand View Wrestling Club
Areana Villaescusa, Army (WCAP)

55 kg
Vayle Baker, Twin Cities Regional Training Center
Jenna Burkert, Army (WCAP)
Marissa Gallegos , Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
Amanda Martinez, Cardinal Wrestling Club
Lauren Mason, Brunson UVRTC
Sophia Mirabella, Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Cheyenne Sisenstein, Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Makayla Welch, Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Ngao Shoua Whitethorn, Twin Cities Regional Training Center
Jacarra Winchester, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

59 kg
Michaela Beck, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Megan Black, Army (WCAP)
Claire DiCugno, Takedown Express Wrestling Club
Phoenix Dubose , Team Tornado Wrestling Club
Cameron Guerin, (TMWC)
Esther Han, Utah
Briana Kellin, Florida
Xochitl Mota-Pettis, Rise RTC
Maya Nelson, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Tateum Park, Twin Cities Regional Training Center
Brenda Reyna, (TMWC)
Desiree Zavala, Texas Panhandle Wrestling Club

62 kg
Sierra Brown Ton, Twin Cities Regional Training Center
Gracie Figueroa , (TMWC)
Ana Luciano, Osceola High School Wrestling
Kayla Miracle, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Morgan Norris, Blue Chip Wrestling Club
Zoe Nowicki, Bulldog Wrestling Club
Jennifer Page (TMWC)
Andrea Schlabach, Grand View Wrestling Club
Mallory Velte, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

65 kg
Emma Bruntil, (TMWC)
Skylar Grote, New York Athletic Club
Forrest Molinari , Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
Marisol Nugent, Tar Heel Wrestling Club
Ashlynn Ortega, Colorado
Solin Piearcy, Menlo Wrestling Club
Julia Salata, New York Athletic Club

72 kg
Kennedy Blades, Sunkids Wrestling Club
Marlynne Deede, Twin Cities Regional Training Center
Alyvia Fiske, (TMWC)
Alexis Gomez, Grand View Wrestling Club
Dymond Guilford, (TMWC)
Ashley Lekas, Texas Pride Wrestling Club
Nahiela Magee, Army (WCAP)
Yelena Makoyed, Cardinal Wrestling Club
Aury Naylor, Georgia
Jordan Nelson, Georgia
Lilliann Marie Restrepo , Umpqua Wrestling Club
Hunter Robinson, Grand View Wrestling Club
Rachel Watters, New York Athletic Club
Kylie Welker, (TMWC),
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