Wisconsin, 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior Nationals Duals Men’s Freestyle Champions.
Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

Wisconsin, 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior Nationals Duals Men’s Freestyle Champions.


Wolbert pin delivers men’s freestyle title to Wisconsin at AFSW Junior National Duals

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling


TULSA, Okla. – No. 1 overall seed Wisconsin completed its journey to the top of the podium at the Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals with a heart-pounding, 33-32, victory over Ohio Blue in the championship dual.

Trailing by four points entering the last match of the meet, Wales, Wis. native Kellen Wolbert delivered the knockout blow for the Badger State squad by pinning Khimari Manns of Ohio in 52-seconds. Wolbert countered a Manns double leg attempt with a head pinch and iced it with a cow catcher—a fitting end for a sensational Wisconsin run in Tulsa.

Wolbert, a U17 World Team Trials runner-up and 2022 16U Nationals champion, came to the mat immediately following Ohio’s headliner Marcus Blaze, who pushed Ohio’s lead to four with a 12-2 technical fall over Lucas Peters at 132 pounds. Blaze is a 2023 U17 World champion and 2024 U.S. Senior National Team member.

Wisconsin went on a powerful run with five straight wins from 165 pounds through heavyweight to take control of the dual, 23-11. U20 World Team Trials challenge tournament finalist Charlie Millard (165), 16U Nationals All-American Jake Stoffel (175), 2023 U17 World Team member Aeoden Sinclair (190), 2023 Junior Nationals runner-up Cole Mirasola (215) and 2022 U17 World champion Koy Hopke (285) were the key contributors to this strength area of the Wisconsin lineup.

Also picking up critical wins for Wisconsin were Co’ji Campbell and Tyson Peach. Campbell took an action-packed, 14-8, match from Adam Mattin at 120 pounds, while Peach came out with a 12-6 win over Adam Butler at 144 pounds.

Ohio nearly rebounded throughout the back half of the dual meet with five wins in the final seven matches. During this stretch, Braedyn Tammarine earned a pin, Ayden Dodd, Grey Burnett and Blaze secured technical falls, and Karson Brown logged a decision.

Wisconsin finished with a 7-0 record on its way to first place. It had five wrestlers in its championship lineup go undefeated throughout the event—Wolbert (7-0), Millard (7-0), Sinclair (7-0), Mirasola (6-0) and Hopke (7-0).


Finishing in third place was Pennsylvania, who defeated Minnesota Blue, 39-25, in its placement dual. 2023 U17 World Team member Adam Waters, 2023 Junior Nationals champion Vince Bouzakis, 2023 Junior Nationals runner-up Aaron Seidel and perennial top performer Pierson Manville all scored shutout wins for Pennsylvania. Manville completed an impressive four-year undefeated stretch at the Junior Duals.

Illinois reversed a day one loss to Iowa in the fifth place dual with a 34-30 victory. Illinois captured wins in six of the final seven matches to fight back for the win.

Rounding out the Gold/Silver bracket results are California Blue and Oklahoma Blue, who finished in seventh and eighth place overall. The California crew took it by 12 points over the team with home mat advantage.

31 more teams battled it out for bragging rights in the Bronze/Copper, Red/Blue, Yellow/Green and Purple brackets on Saturday at the Cox Business Convention Center. Final placements for every color pool are listed below.

Archived matches from the Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals are available on-demand at FloWrestling.com. Multiple subscription options are available to watch. Updated brackets and match-by-match results are available at Trackwrestling.com.

USA Wrestling will announce the Men’s Freestyle All-Tournament Team, athletes who went undefeated with a minimum of five wins, at the conclusion of the event.     

Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals | June 19-22, Tulsa, Okla.

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Men’s Freestyle Gold/Silver Results

1st Place – Wisconsin

2nd Place – Ohio Blue

3rd Place – Pennsylvania

4th Place – Minnesota Blue

5th Place – Illinois

6th Place – Iowa

7th Place – California Blue

8th Place – Oklahoma Blue

1st Place Match – Wisconsin defeated Ohio Blue, 33-32

144 – Tyson Peach (Wisconsin) dec. Adam Butler (Ohio Blue), 12-6

150 – Jaxon Joy (Ohio Blue) dec. Daniel Heiser (Wisconsin), 8-5

157 – Brogan Tucker (Ohio Blue) fall Jacob Herm (Wisconsin), 0:58

165 – Charlie Millard (Wisconsin) tech. fall Luke James (Ohio Blue), 10-0

175 – Jake Stoffel (Wisconsin) dec. Aiden Peterson (Ohio Blue), 6-3

190 – Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin) tech. fall Carson Thomas (Ohio Blue), 10-0

215 – Cole Mirasola (Wisconsin) tech. fall Max Shulaw (Ohio Blue), 10-0

285 – Koy Hopke (Wisconsin) tech. fall Aidan Fockler (Ohio Blue), 12-2

100 – Braedyn Tammarine (Ohio Blue) fall Bryson Busler (Wisconsin), 1:11

106 – Ayden Dodd (Ohio Blue) tech. fall Camden Rugg (Wisconsin), 10-0

113 – Grey Burnett (Ohio Blue) tech. fall Shane Rochon (Wisconsin), 10-0

120 – Co’ji Campbell (Wisconsin) dec. Adam Mattin (Ohio Blue), 14-8

126 – Karson Brown (Ohio Blue) dec. Liam Neitzel (Wisconsin), 12-3

132 – Marcus Blaze (Ohio Blue) tech. fall Lucas Peters (Wisconsin), 12-2

138 – Kellen Wolbert (Wisconsin) fall Khimari Manns (Ohio Blue), 0:52

3rd Place Match – Pennsylvania defeated Minnesota Blue, 39-25

144 – Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Alex Braun (Minnesota Blue), 10-0

150 – Maddox Shaw (Pennsylvania) forfeit

157 – Vince Bouzakis (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Conlan Carlson (Minnesota Blue), 10-0

165 – Jarrett Wadsen (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Luca Felix (Pennsylvania), 10-0

175 – Adam Waters (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Bryce Burkett (Minnesota Blue), 11-0

190 – John Murphy (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Mason Hartung (Pennsylvania), 14-2

215 – Ben Schultz (Minnesota Blue) forfeit

285 – Mark Effendian (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Logan Bender (Minnesota Blue), 11-0

100 – Landon Thoennes (Minnesota Blue) tech. fall Grady Moore (Pennsylvania), 10-0

106 – Turner Ross (Minnesota Blue) forfeit

113 – Max Tancini (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Eli Schultz (Minnesota Blue), 10-0

120 – Titan Friederichs (Minnesota Blue) dec. Easton Mull (Pennsylvania), 14-5

126 – Lincoln Sledzianowski (Pennsylvania) forfeit

132 – Aaron Seidel (Pennsylvania) dec. Michael Olson (Minnesota Blue), 7-0

138 – Sam Herring (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Logan Swensen (Minnesota Blue), 10-0

5th Place Match – Illinois defeated Iowa, 34-30

144 – Jabari Hinson (Iowa) dec. Jayden Colon (Illinois), 7-5

150 – Nolan Fellers (Iowa) dec. Evan Gosz (Illinois), 6-4

157 – Kael Voinovich (Iowa) dec. Dominic Serio (Illinois), 24-16

165 – Lincoln Jipp (Iowa) fall Jimmy Mastny (Illinois), 0:29

175 – Matthew Jens (Illinois) over Daniel Magayna (Iowa) TF 12-0

190 – Brody Sampson (Iowa) dec. Jack Lesher (Illinois), 12-5

215 – Dreshaun Ross (Iowa) tech. fall Kaiden Morris (Illinois), 10-0

285 – Daniel Herrera (Iowa) tech. fall Wyatt Schmitt (Illinois), 10-0

100 – Vincent DeMarco (Illinois) tech. fall Coy Mehlert (Iowa), 17-6

106 – Caden Correll (Illinois) tech. fall Urijah Courter (Iowa), 10-0

113 – Caleb Noble (Illinois) fall Cooper Hinz (Iowa), 2:35

120 – Inocencio Garcia (Illinois) forfeit

126 – Maximus Riggins (Iowa) tech. fall Nicholas Garcia (Illinois), 12-2

132 – Seth Mendoza (Illinois) tech. fall Timothy Koester (Iowa), 10-0

138 – Zachary Stewart (Illinois) dec. Cale Seaton (Iowa), 6-0

7th Place Match – California Blue defeated Oklahoma Blue, 39-27

144 – Daniel Zepeda (California Blue) tech. fall Garrett Salt (Oklahoma Blue), 10-0

150 – Jagger French (California Blue) tech. fall Wesley Madden (Oklahoma Blue), 11-0

157 – Tigran Greyan (California Blue) tech. fall Kaden Wallace (Oklahoma Blue), 10-0

165 – Daegan Reyes (Oklahoma Blue) tech. fall Noah Daniels (California Blue), 11-0

175 – Brady Benham (Oklahoma Blue) fall Logan Bruce (California Blue), 0:30

190 – Thomas Sandoval (California Blue) tech. fall Peyton Callis (Oklahoma Blue), 14-4

215 – Khale McDonnell (California Blue) tech. fall Samuel Pritz (Oklahoma Blue), 10-0

285 – Nicholas Sahakian (California Blue) tech. fall Mason Harris (Oklahoma Blue), 12-2

100 – Niko Selianitis (California Blue) tech. fall Bobby Lima (Oklahoma Blue), 14-4

106 – Cason Craft (Oklahoma Blue) tech. fall Ethan Busby (California Blue), 16-6

113 – Eric Casula (Oklahoma Blue) fall Gabriel Dela Rosa (California Blue), 3:38

120 – Colt Collett (Oklahoma Blue) tech. fall Nathaniel Granados (California Blue), 10-0

126 – Edwin Sierra (California Blue) dec. Devon Miller (Oklahoma Blue), 7-0

132 – Isaiah Cortez (California Blue) tech. fall Hudson Hackbarth (Oklahoma Blue), 18-6

138 – Elijah Cortez (California Blue) dec. Thomas Verrette (Oklahoma Blue), 5-2

Men’s Freestyle Bronze/Copper Results

1st Place – Nebraska

2nd Place – Ohio Red

3rd Place – Idaho

4th Place – Michigan

5th Place – Texas Blue

6th Place – Washington

7th Place – Utah

8th Place – Indiana

1st Place Match – Nebraska defeated Ohio Red, 41-26

3rd Place Match – Idaho defeated Michigan, 40-29

5th Place Match – Texas Blue defeated Washington, 75-0

7th Place Match – Utah defeated Indiana, 33-30

Men’s Freestyle Red/Blue Results

1st Place – Minnesota Red

2nd Place – Florida

3rd Place – Kansas Blue

4th Place – Alabama

5th Place – Virginia Blue

6th Place – Oregon

7th Place – Louisiana Red

8th Place – Tennessee

1st Place Match – Minnesota Red defeated Florida, 48-20

3rd Place Match – Kansas Blue defeated Alabama, 41-27

5th Place Match – Virginia Blue defeated Oregon, 46-22

7th Place Match – Louisiana Red defeated Tennessee, 36-31

Men’s Freestyle Yellow/Green Results

1st Place – Colorado

2nd Place – New Jersey

3rd Place – North Dakota

4th Place – California Red

5th Place – Oklahoma Red

6th Place – Georgia

7th Place – Kansas Red

8th Place – Louisiana Blue

1st Place Match – Colorado defeated New Jersey, 36-32

3rd Place Match – North Dakota defeated California Red, 49-19

5th Place Match – Oklahoma Red defeated Georgia 43-25

7th Place Match – Kansas Red defeated Louisiana Blue, 39-23

Men’s Freestyle Purple Results

1st Place – Missouri

2nd Place – Arkansas Red

4th Place – Texas Red

4th Place – North Carolina

5th Place – Virginia Red

6th Place – Arkansas Blue

7th Place – Kentucky