Edge Black emerges for Ultimate Club Duals win over Meatballs at Boys Fall Folkstyle Championships

by Savannah Asmann, USA Wrestling

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa.--Edge Black came out on top at the Ultimate Club Duals Fall Folkstyle Championship in State College, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, over the Meatballs in a tight 28-24 dual.285 lbs - Mateo Vinciguerra (NJ Black and Yellow)  pin Justin Lekse (Quest School of Wrestling), 2:52

The first three matches went to Edge Black, with Jojo Burke (94 pounds), Matthew Mulligan (103 pounds) and Cameron Sontz (109 pounds) claiming nine team points. At 116 pounds, Dominic Deputy picked up the 3-1 decision for three team points for the Meatballs. Nathan Desmund followed at 123 pounds and evened the team score with six points for the Meatballs.

A forfeit at 129 pounds pushed Edge Black ahead, but the three weights following were won by the Meatballs. Brock Weiss (135 pounds), Luke Simcox (141 pounds) and Reagan Milheim (148 pounds) pushed the Meatballs back on top.

The next four weights were the difference, as Nick Campagna (155 pounds), Alessio Perentin (163 pounds), Louis Cerchio (175 pounds) and Vincenzo Lavalle (190 pounds) sealed the win for Edge Black. Cerchio won by 10-0 major decision, earning a bonus point in the victory.

Third place went to Quest School of Wrestling, who pulled out a commanding 42-24 victory over NJ Black and Yellow. In another close dual, Compound/RPW finished fifth, defeating 4M 29-27.

The results of the competition can be found on FloArena.


At State College, Pa., September 16-17

Gold Pool (Places 1-8)

1 Edge Black

2 Meatballs

3 Quest School of Wrestling

4 NJ Black and Yellow

5 Compound RPW

6 4M

7 Triumph Trained

8 Bad Karma

1st Place – Edge Black 28, Meatballs 24

94 lbs - Jojo Burke (Edge Black) dec. Max Dinges (Meatballs), 7-5

103 lbs - Matthew Mulligan (Edge Black) dec. Kael Davis (Meatballs), 9-4

109 lbs - Cameron Sontz (Edge Black) dec. Tanner Guenot (Meatballs), 3-0

116 lbs - Dominic Deputy (Meatballs) dec. Anthony DiAndrea (Edge Black), 3-1

123 lbs - Nathun Desmund (Meatballs) pin Devin Ryan (Edge Black)

129 lbs - Dalton Weber (Edge Black) by forfeit

135 lbs - Brock Weiss (Meatballs) dec. Carson Walsh (Edge Black), 7-5

141 lbs - Luke Simcox (Meatballs) dec. Donny Almeyda (Edge Black), 4-2

148 lbs - Reagan Milheim (Meatballs) dec. Luke Geleta (Edge Black), 8-4

155 lbs - Nick Campagna (Edge Black) dec. Ty Watson (Meatballs), 12-11

163 lbs - Alessio Perentin (Edge Black) dec. Luke Sipes (Meatballs), 8-4

175 lbs - Louie Cerchio (Edge Black) major dec. Andrew McMonagle, 10-0

190 lbs - Vincenzo Lavalle (Edge Black) dec. Alexander Berisha (Meatballs), 7-4

285 lbs - Nicholas Pavlechko (Meatballs) by forfeit

3rd Place – Quest School of Wrestling 42, NJ Black and Yellow 24

94 lbs - Brock Humphrey (Quest School of Wrestling) by forfeit      

103 lbs - Preston Bubash (Quest School of Wrestling) major dec. Riley Correal (NJ Black and Yellow), 11-0

109 lbs - Brooklyn Blasko (Quest School of Wrestling) by forfeit

116 lbs - Santino Sloboda (Quest School of Wrestling) dec. Matthew Gould (NJ Black and Yellow), 5-2

123 lbs - Antonio Boni (Quest School of Wrestling) dec. Bobby Duffy (NJ Black and Yellow), 5-2

129 lbs - Hudson Hohman (Quest School of Wrestling) dec. Logan Roman (NJ Black and Yellow), 3-0

135 lbs - Patrick O'Keefe (NJ Black and Yellow) pin Kai Vielma (Quest School of Wrestling), 1:05

141 lbs - Maddox Shaw (Quest School of Wrestling) dec. Jake Zaitsman (NJ Black and Yellow) , 5-1

148 lbs - Evan Petrovich (Quest School of Wrestling) tech. fall Dezmond Lenaghan (NJ Black and Yellow), 19-3

155 lbs - Jayden Iznaga (NJ Black and Yellow) by forfeit

163 lbs - Bode Marlow (Quest School of Wrestling) major dec. Cole Stangle (NJ Black and Yellow), 8-0

175 lbs - Bodie Morgan (Quest School of Wrestling) tech. fall John Saraiva (NJ Black and Yellow), 16-0

190 lbs - Pantaleo Varga (NJ Black and Yellow) by forfeit

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