World All-Stars defeat Caribbean, 41-36 in Beach friendly dual in Barbados

by Ed Duncan, Special to

Participants in the World vs Carribbean Beach Dual meet line up in Barbados (Photo by Barbados Beach Wrestling Association)

The final point of the final match decided a nail-biting match between some of the best beach wrestlers from the Caribbean and around the world. The World All-Stars edged the Caribbean team 41-36, on the strength of a 10-2 victory by Kwami Inniss of Barbados (competing for World all-stars) over Lemar Tull, also of Barbados.

Tull scored a victory over Inniss in round 1 of the 70kg bout, but Inniss evened the score in round 2, and captured the series in the final match with a spectacular throw to end the match.

The Over 90kg weight also saw a split in the first two rounds, with Gabe Rangel of the United States earning a hard fought 5-2 victory in round one. Tyece Thompson of Barbados came back in round two, earning a 6-0 victory by injury default, and securing a 8-0 victory by medical forfeit in the final round.

In other categories, defending 2022 Barbados Open grand champion Charlie Bowling of England scored two exciting victories over Josh Cooper of Trinidad & Tobago. at 75kg. Dmitriy Temirbayev of Kazakhstan scored two victories over Theron Rose-Green of Jamaica at 80kg. And hometown favorite Reuben Wilshire of Barbados defeated Reynoldo Diaz of Trinidad & Tobago in the 90kg division.

Caribbean All-Stars defeated the World All-Stars earlier this year at Carolina Beach as part of the US Nationals. The win by the World All-Stars evened the Ultimate X series at 1-1.

U.S. Beach wrestler Rangel will compete in the Barbados Beach Wrestling Open on Saturday.


At Barbados, November 18

Round One

Lemar Tull (Caribbean) dec. Kwamui Iniss (World), 5-1

Charlie Bowling (World) dec. Josh Cooper (Caribbean), 5-1

Dmitry (Temirbayev) World dec. Theron Rose (Caribbean), 3-0

Reuben Willshire (Caribbean) dec. Reynoldo Diaz (World), 6-0

Gabe Rangel (World) dec. Tyece Thompson (Caribbean), 5-2

Round Two

Kwamui Iniss (World) dec. Lemar Tull (Caribbean), 5-0

Charlie Bowling (World) dec. Josh Cooper (Caribbean), 6-0

Dmitry (Temirbayev) World dec. Theron Rose (Caribbean), 5-1

Reuben Willshire (Caribbean) dec. Reynoldo Diaz (World), 5-1

Tyece Thompson (Caribbean) dec. Gabe Rangel (World), 6-0

Round Three

Kwamui Iniss (World) dec. Lemar Tull (Caribbean), 10-2

Tyece Thompson (Caribbean) dec. Gabe Rangel (World), 8-0