With 11 semifinalists, Iowa men lead Minnesota after day one of Soldiers Salute

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Real Woods (Iowa) has hand raised in victory at Soldiers Salute. (Photo by Joseph Cress, ThinkIowaCity)

CORALVILLE, Iowa – Led by 11 semifinalists, Iowa leads Big Ten rival Minnesota after the first day of the Soldiers Salute in men’s folkstyle.

Iowa has 107.5 points, with Minnesota next with 81 points. Rounding out the top five teams are Northern Iowa with 56, South Dakota State with 50.5 and Wyoming with 46.5

Among the Iowa wrestlers in the semifinals are eight with FloWrestling national rankings: No. 1 Real Woods (141), No. 2 Jared Franek (157), No. 6 Gabe Arnold (174), No. 7 Michael Caliendo (165), No. 8 Victor Voinovich (149), No. 11 Brody Teske (133), No. 17 Drake Ayala (125) and No. 25 Zach Glazier (197).

Minnesota punched eight into the semifinals, led by nationally ranked No. 10 Isaiah Salazar (184), No. 19 Patrick McKee (125) and No. 31 Vance Vombaur (141).

The Ferrari brothers, competing unattached, both reached the semifinals, Anthony at 149 and past NCAA champion AJ at 197.

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Women’s results will be posted in a separate story.


At Coralville, Iowa

Men’s semifinal pairings (with Flo rankings)


#7 Jore Volk (Wyoming) vs. Brandon Morvari (Minnesota)

#17 Drake Ayala (Iowa) vs. #19 Patrick McKee (Minnesota)


Cullen Schriever (Iowa) vs. #33 Jacob Van Dee (Nebraska)

Kale Petersen (unattached) vs. #11 Brody Teske (Iowa)


#1 Real Woods (Iowa) vs. #13 Josh Koderhandt (Navy)

#31 Vance Vombaur (Minnesota) vs. #5 Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina)


Anthony Ferrari (unattached) vs. Alek Martin (South Dakota State)

Caleb Rathjen (Iowa) vs. #8 Victor Voinovich (Iowa)


#2 Jared Franek (Iowa) vs. Jason Kraisser (Iowa State)

Paniro Johnson (unattached) vs. #18 Cael Swensen (South Dakota State)


#7 Michael Caliendo (Iowa) vs. Blaine Brenner (Minnesota)

Izzy Moreno (UNI) vs. Patrick Kennedy (Iowa)


#6 Gabe Arnold (Iowa) vs. Elise Brown Ton (Nebraska)

Tyler Eischens (North Carolina) vs. #13 Lennox Wolak (Columbia)


#10 Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) vs. Zyan Hall (Navy)

Max McEnelly (Minnesota) vs. John Gunderson (unattached)


AJ Ferrari (unattached) vs. Joey Novak (Wyoming)

#25 Zach Glazier (Iowa) vs. #23 Grant Joles (Minnesota)


#33 Bennett Tabor (Minnesota) vs. Bowen McConville (South Dakota State)

Seth Nitzel (Missouri) vs. Luke Rasmussen (South Dakota State)

Semifinalists by team

Iowa - 11

Minnesota – 8

South Dakota State - 4

Unattached - 4

Nebraska - 3

Wyoming – 2

Navy – 2

North Carolina – 2

Iowa State – 1

UNI – 1

Columbia – 1

Missouri - 1

Quarterfinal results


Jore Volk (Wyoming) maj. dec. Brandon Paez (UNI), 12-0

Brandon Morvari (Minnesota) dec. Joey Cruz (Iowa), 4-3

Drake Ayala (Iowa) tech fall Hayden Benter (Navy), 19-4, 1:56

Patrick McKee (Minnesota) pin Ethan Perryman (Iowa), 1:20


Cullen Schriever (Iowa) dec. Eric Lovelace (Missouri), 8-6

Jacob Van Dee (Nebraska) dec. Jesse Ybarra (Iowa), 7-0

Kale Petersen (unattached) dec. Jace Palmer (North Carolina), 2-1

Brody Teske (Iowa) dec. Jake Gliva (Minnesota), 4-0


Real Woods (Iowa) tech fall Parker Janssen (South Dakota State), 16-0, 5:16

Josh Koderhandt (Navy) pin Kai Owen (Columbia), 6:09

Vance Vombaur (Minnesota) dec. Clay Carlson (South Dakota State), 4-2

Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina) maj dec. Connor Thorpe (UNI), 15-4


Anthony Ferrari (unattached) dec. Nick Vafiadis (Navy), 5-0

Alek Martin (South Dakota State) dec. Wil Guida (North Carolina), 6-4

Caleb Rathjen (Iowa) tech fall Cade Siebrecht (Iowa), 18-3 7:00

Victor Voinovich (Iowa) tech fall Zac Cowan (Bellarmine), 17-2, 4:58


Jared Franek (Iowa) tech fall Kyler Wong (Minnesota), 17-1, 4:58

Jason Kraisser (Iowa State) pin Jonathan Ley (Navy), 6:28

Paniro Johnson (Iowa State) maj dec. Sloan Swan (Wyoming), 19-6

Cael Swensen (South Dakota State) dec. Sonny Santiago (North Carolina), 8-2


Michael Caliendo (Iowa) tech fall Kyle Mosher (Columbia), 20-5, 5:39

Blaine Brenner (Minnesota) dec. Jack Thomsen (UNI), 9-5

Izzy Moreno (UNI) dec. Andrew Cerniglia (Navy), 6-5

Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) tech fall Brock Fettig (South Dakota State), 21-4, 4:32


Gabe Arnold (Iowa) maj. dec. Devin Hendricks (Bellarmine), 12-2

Elise Brown Ton (Nebraska) dec. Nick Fox (UNI), 16-9

Tyler Eischens (North Carolina) dec. Bubba Wilson (Nebraska), 5-2

Lennox Wolak (Columbia) maj dec. Graham Gambrall (Oregon State), 17-4


Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) tech fall Tyce Raddon (Wyoming), 17-1, 5:48

Zyan Hall (Navy) dec. Colton Hawks (Missouri), 4-3

Max McEnelly (Minnesota) dec. Aaron Ayzerov (Columbia), 12-8

John Gunderson (unattached) CJ Walrath (UNI), 3-2


AJ Ferrari (unattached) Med. Fft. Gabe Nagel (Minnesota)

Joey Novak (Wyoming) dec. Jack Wehmeyer (Colombia), 13-7

Zach Glazier (Iowa) tech fall Adam Haselius (Columbia), 21-4, 5:12

Grant Joles (Minnesota) maj dec. Thomas Dineen (South Dakota State), 15-2


Bennett Tabor (Minnesota) dec. Thad Huff (Belarmine), 5-0

Bowen McConville (South Dakota State) Nathan Schon (unattached), 5-1

Seth Nitzel (Missouri) dec. Bradley Hill (Iowa), 5-4

Luke Rasmussen (South Dakota State) dec. Tyler Mousaw (VMI), 12-6

Team Standings after day one

1. Iowa, 107.5

2. Minnesota, 81

3. Northern Iowa, 56

4. South Dakota State, 50.5

5. Wyoming, 46.5

6. Navy, 46

6. North Carolina, 46

8. Iowa State, 35

9. Nebraska, 30.5

10. Missouri, 28.5

(of 12 teams)