No. 10 Ohio State edges No. 2 NC State, 21-20, goes 3-0 on day two of Collegiate Duals

by USA Wrestling and Ohio State Athletics

Brendan McCrone (Ohio State) celebrates after pinning Jakob Camacho (NC State) at 125 pounds. Photo by Sam Janicki. (Photo by Sam Janicki)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. The second day of the Collegiate Duals featured four teams competing in a round robin: No. 2 NC State, No. 10 Ohio State, No. 25 UNI and Lock Haven.

The winner for the day came down to the heavyweight match in the dual between Ohio State and NC State. The Buckeyes, which jumped to a big early lead, led 21-17 heading into the final match between No. 16 Owen Trephan of NC State and No. 18 Nick Feldman of Ohio State. With the bout tied at 5-5 late in the third period, Trephan scored a late takedown to win 8-6. Trephan needed bonus points for NC State to catch up, so the final score was 21-20 in favor of Ohio State.

What helped the Buckeyes gain control of the match were three straight pins in the opening bouts.

Brendan McCrone pinned Jakob Camacho at 125, Nic Bouzakis pinned Kai Orine at 133 and Jesse Mendez pinned Ryan Jack with six seconds left at 141 pounds. The score was 18-0 at the time. While the Wolfpack won six of the next seven bouts, it was not enough to overcome all of those early bonus points.  Rocco Welsh’s 9-6 win over Alex Faison at 174 gave the Buckeyes just enough points to hold off the Wolfpack.

Ohio State finished with a 3-0 record, NC State had a 2-1 record. UNI went 1-2 for the day, while Lock Haven was 0-3.

No. 10 Ohio State 21, No. 2 NC State 20

125 - Brendan McCrone (OSU) pin Jakob Camacho (NCST)

133 - Nic Bouzakis (OSU) pin Kai Orine (NCST)

141 - Jesse Mendez (OSU) pin Ryan Jack (NCST)

149 - Jackson Arrington (NCST) dec. Dylan D'Emilio (OSU), 5-3

157 - Ed Scott (NCST)dec. Paddy Gallagher (OSU), 5-3

165 - Derek Fields (NCST) dec. Isaac Wilcox (OSU), 4-2

174 - Rocco Welsh (OSU) dec. Alex Faison (NCST), 9-6

184 - Dylan Fishback (NCST) dec. Ryder Rogotzke (OSU), 7-3

197 - Trent Hidlay (NCST) tech fall Luke Geog (OSU), 22-7

HWT - Owen Trephan (NCST) dec. Nick Feldman (OSU), 8-6

No. 10 Ohio State 28, Lock Haven 9

125     Anthony Noto (LH) dec. Vinny Kilkeary (OSU), 10-3  

133     Gable Strickland (LH) dec. Andre Gonzales (OSU), 6-1       

141     Jesse Mendez (OSU) tech fall Zack Zeamer (LH), 19-3, 5:16      

149     Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) dec. Nick Stonecheck (LH), 9-6   

157     Paddy Gallagher (OSU) tech fall J.T. Hogan (LH), 19-4 4:25    

165     Bryce Hepner (OSU) dec. Eric Alderfer (LH), 7-1      

174     Tyler Stoltzfus (LH) dec. Carter Chase (OSU), 9-6        

184      Gavin Hoffman (OSU) maj. dec. Colin Fegley (LH), 20-6         

197      Luke Geog (OSU) tech. fall Brad Morrison (LH), 21-4, 4:36      

HWT    Hogan Swenski (OSU) dec. Ethan Miller (LH), 8-1     

No. 10 Ohio State 26, No. 25 UNI 6

125        Brendan Mccrone (OSU) dec. Trevor Anderson (UNI), 10-8

133        Julian Farber (UNI) dec. Nic Bouzakis (OSU), 5-1

141        Jesse Mendez (OSU) dec. Cael Happel (UNI), 4-2  

149        Dylan Demilio (OSU) maj. dec. Adam Allard (UNI), 11-1  

157        Paddy Gallagher (OSU) dec. Ryder Downey (UNI), 4-1   

165        Isaac Wilcox (OSU) dec. Evan Yant (UNI), 4-2        

174        Rocco Welsh (OSU) dec. Jared Simma (UNI), 4-1         

184        Parker Keckeisen (UNI) maj. dec. Rogotzke (OSU), 17-4              

197        Luke Geog (OSU) major dec. Kalob Runyon (UNI), 14-4       

285       Hogan Swenski (OSU) dec. Jose Valdez (UNI), 8-2       

No. 2 NC State 34, Lock Haven 6

125: Anthony Noto (Lock Haven) dec. Jakob Camacho (NC State), 4-2

133: Gable Strickland (Lock Haven) dec. Jarrett Trombley (NC State), 5-3

141: Koy Buesgens (NC State) dec. Zack Zeamer (Lock Haven), 8-2

149: Ryan Jack (NC State) tech fall Ty Linsenbigler (Lock Haven), 17-2 (7:00)

157: Ed Scott (NC State) tech fall Connor Eck (Lock Haven), 17-2 (4:53)

165: AJ Kovacs (NC State) dec. Eric Alderfer (Lock Haven), 4-1

174: Alex Faison (NC State) major dec. Tyler Stoltzfus (Lock Haven), 14-2

184: Brock DelSignore (NC State) dec. Colin Fegley (Lock Haven), 7-3

197: Trent Hidlay (NC State) pinned Brad Morrison (Lock Haven), 2:26

285: Chase Horne (NC State) tech fall Ethan Miller (Lock Haven), 15-0 (3:00)

No. 2 NC State 25, No. 25 UNI 16

125 - Trever Anderson (UNI) dec. Jakob Camacho (NCST), 4-2

133 - Kai Orine (NCST) dec. Julian Farber (UNI), 2-0

141 - Cael Happel (UNI) maj. dec. Koy Buesgens (NCST), 14-4 MD

149 - Jackson Arrington (NCST) pins Adam Allard (UNI), 5:26

157 -  Ed Scott (NCST) dec. Ryder Downey (UNI), 7-6

165 - Derek Fields (NCST) tech falls Evan Yant (UNI), 18-3 TF (7:00)

174 - Jared Simma (UNI) pins Alex Faison (NCST), 3:41

184 - Parker Keckeisen (UNI) dec. Dylan Fishback (NCST), 5-2

197 - Trent Hidlay (NCST) tech fall Kalob Runyon (UNI), 19-4 TF (4:21)

285 -  Owen Trephan (NCST) dec. Tyrell Gordon (UNI), 4-1

No. 25 UNI 35, Lock Haven 3

125 - Trever Anderson (UNI) dec. Logan Sallot (LHU), 8-1

133 - Julian Farber (UNI) dec. Gable Strickland (LHU), 3-1

141 - Cael Happel (UNI) tech falls Zack Zeamer (LHU), 16-4 (4:10)

149 - Adam Allard (UNI) dec. Nick Stonecheck (LHU), 12-5

157 - Ryder Downey (UNI) maj. dec. Conner Eck (LHU), 12-2

165 - RJ Weston (UNI) dec. Eric Alderfer (LHU), 9-3

174 - Jared Simma (UNI) pins Tyler Stoltzfus (LHU), 2:12

184 - Parker Keckeisen (UNI) maj. dec. Colin Fegley (LHU), 14-2

197 - Brad Morrison (LHU) dec. Kalob Runyon (UNI), 5-1

285  - Tyrell Gordon (UNI) maj. dec. Ethan Miller (LHU), 11-0

Ohio State press release

Buckeyes Down No. 2 NC State, Win Collegiate Duals Title

COLUMBUS, Ohio – No. 8 Ohio State (7-1) won a 2023 Collegiate Duals Title Tuesday with a 26-7 win over No. 21 Northern Iowa, a 28-9 win over Lock Haven and an upset victory over No. 2 NC State, 21-20, at the Montgomery Bell Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Against the Wolfpack, Ohio State redshirt freshman Brendan McCrone (125) got the match underway with a pin of No. 1 ranked Jakob Camacho just 37 seconds into the first period. No. 12 Nic Bouzakis then pinned No. 5 Kai Orine 51 seconds into the 133 pound match to give Ohio State a 12-0 lead.

No. 3 ranked Jesse Mendez then pinned No. 4 Ryan Jack in the 141-pound match for an 18-0 lead for the Buckeyes.

NC State chipped away at the Ohio State lead before true freshman Rocco Welsh won his bout with a late third-period takedown for a 9-6 win by decision and Ohio State’s final points at the event in the 21-20 win. 

Ohio State vs. North Carolina State

125-Brendan McCrone (OSU) def No. 1 Jakob Camacho (NCST) | F 0:37 (OSU 6, NCST 0)

McCrone wasted no time in getting a takedown and then the win by fall just 37 seconds into the match.

133-No. 12 Nic Bouzakis (OSU) def. No. 5 Kai Orine (NCST) | F, 0:51 (OSU 12, NCST 0)

Bouzakis, not to be outdone, put the Buckeyes up 12-0 in the team standings with a fall of his own 51 seconds into his bout.

141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (OSU) def. No. 4 Ryan Jack (NCST) | F, 6:54 (OSU 18, NCST 0)

Mendez trailed 3-1 after the first and closed it to 3-2 with an escape early in the second. Jack took a 4-2 lead early in the third with an escape. Mendez took a 5-4 lead with a takedown with 1:20 to go. Jack got a reversal to tie it at 6-all before Mendez got the fall late in the third.

149- No. 5 Jackson Arrington (NCST) def. No. 4 Dylan D'Emilio (OSU) | D, 5-3 (OSU 18, NCST 3)

Arrington took a 4-1 lead into the third period when D’Emilio got an immediate reversal to trail 4-3 but Arrington got the win by decision, 5-3. 

157- No. 6 Ed Scott (NCST) def. No. 13 Paddy Gallagher (OSU) | D, 4-2 (OSU 18, NCST 6)

There was no score in the first period. Gallagher took the 1-0 lead with an escape to start the second. Scott tied it at 1-all with an escape to open the third. Scott got the takedown late in the third and won the bout by decision, 4-2.

165- Derek Fields (NCST) def. No. 21 Isaac Wilcox (OSU) | D, 4-1 (OSU 18, NCST 9)

After a scoreless first period, Fields took a 1-0 lead with an escape in the second. Fields added a late takedown for a 4-0 lead going to the third where he won by decision, 4-1.

174-Rocco Welsh (OSU) def. No. 23 Alex Faison (NCST) | D, 9-6 (OSU 21, NCST 9)

Faison led 3-1 after three minutes with an opening-period takedown. Welsh made it 3-2 Wolfpack with an escape early in the second. Welsh scored a takedown followed by a Faison reversal for a 5-all match. Welch escaped to go up 6-5 heading to the third. Faison then escaped to tie it up again at 6-all. Facing overtime, Welch scored a late takedown for the 9-6 win by decision.

184-No. 15 Dylan Fishback (NCST) def. Ryder Rogotzke (OSU) | D, 7-3 (OSU 21, NCST 12)

Fishback got the opening takedown before a Rogotzke escape made it 3-1. Fishback got an escape in the second and Rogotzke escaped in the third to make it 4-2. Fishback then got the winning takedown to earn the win by decision, 7-3.

197- No. 4 Trent Hidlay (NCST) def. No. 23 Luke Geog (OSU) | TF, 22-7 (OSU 21, NCST 17) 

Hidlay led 8-1 after the first with a couple takedowns and two stalling points. Geog fought back to make it 11-6 Wolfpack before a Hidlay takedown late made it 15-6 after five minutes. Hidlay then finished off the bout to win by technical fall, 22-7.

HWT- No. 17 Owen Trephan (NCST) def. No. 18 Nick Feldman (OSU) D 8-4, (OSU 21, NCST 20)

There was no score after the first. Feldman got the first score with an escape to open the second for a 1-0 lead. Trephan got the point back with an escape early in the third to make it 1-all. Trephan then got a takedown for a 4-1 lead Feldman added an escape to make it 4-2. Feldman then got his first takedown of the match to go up 5-4. Trephan then escaped to tie it at 5-all before getting the winning takedown with less than 10 seconds to go for an 8-6 win by decision.

Ohio State vs. Lock Haven

125- No. 2 Anthony Noto (LHU) def Vinny Kilkeary (OSU) | D, 10-3 (LHU 3, OSU 0)

Noto struck first with a pair of takedowns to lead after three minutes 6-2. Noto led 7-2 after the second period. After another takedown, Noto got the win by decision, 10-3.

133- Gable Strickland (LHU) def. Andre Gonzales (OSU) | D, 6-1 (LHU 6, OSU 0)

An escape by Strickland to open the second put Lock Haven in the lead 1-0. Gonzales tied it at 1-all with an escape early in the third. A last second takedown and two-point nearfall gave Strickland the 6-1 win by decision.

141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (OSU) def. Zack Zeamer (LHU) | TF, 19-3 (LHU 6, OSU 5)

Mendez led 9-2 after the first and then added a takedown and four-point nearfall early in the second for a 16-3 lead. He added a takedown in the third to win by technical fall, 19-3.

149-No. 4 Dylan D'Emilio (OSU) def. Nick Stonecheck (LHU) | D, 9-6 (OSU 8, LHU 6)

Stonecheck took a 3-1 lead in the first with a late takedown. D’Emilio escaped and took the lead, 5-3, with a takedown early in the second. A Stonecheck escape made it 5-4 Buckeyes after five minutes. Another escape by Lock Haven tied it at 5-all. D’Emilio then scored the go-ahead takedown to finish off the match for a 9-6 win by decision.

157-No. 13 Paddy Gallagher (OSU) def. J.T. Hogan (LHU) | TF, 19-4 (OSU 13, LHU 6)

Gallagher headed to the second period with a 6-2 lead before taking the match by technical fall, 19-4. 

165- Bryce Hepner (OSU) def. Eric Alderfer (LHU) | D, 7-1 (OSU 16, LHU 6)

Hepner scored first with a takedown to lead 3-1 after three minutes. He led 4-1 after two and added an escape for a 5-1 lead early in the third and finished off the bout with a 7-1 win by decision.

174- Tyler Stoltzfus (LHU) def. Carter Chase (OSU) | D, SV-1 9-6 (OSU 16, LHU 9)

Just over 30 seconds into the first period Chase went up top 3-0 with a takedown. He added another to lead 6-2 after three minutes. There was no scoring in the second. Stoltzfus added an escape early in the third to cut the Ohio State lead 6-3. Stoltzfus then tied it with a takedown to send the bout into overtime where he got the winning takedown for a 9-6 win by decision.  

184-No. 16 Gavin Hoffman (OSU def. Colin Fegley (LHU) | MD, 20-6 (OSU 20, LHU 9)

Hoffman scored three takedowns in the first for a 9-2 lead after three minutes. Hoffman then finished off the match for the win by major decision, 20-6.

197-No. 23 Luke Geog (OSU) def. Brad Morrison (LHU) | TF, 21-4 (OSU 25, LHU 9)

Geog jumped to a 12-3 lead after three minutes. Keeping up the pressure, Geog finished off the match to win by technical fall, 21-4. 

HWT- Hogan Swenski (OSU) def. Ethan Miller (LHU) | D, 8-1 (OSU 28, LHU 9)

Swenski led 3-1 after the first period and added a four-point nearfall in the second for a 7-1 lead after five minutes. With a point for riding time, Swenski won by decision, 8-1.

Ohio State vs. UNI

125-Brendan McCrone (OSU) def. Trever Anderson (UNI) | D, 10-8 (OSU 3, UNI 0)

McCrone opened the scoring with a takedown and four points for a nearfall. Anderson got on the board with a reversal to trail 7-2 after the first period. An Anderson takedown midway through the second period made it 7-5 McCrone. A Buckeye reversal then made it 9-5 Buckeyes after five minutes. Anderson cut it to 10-8 with a takedown 45 seconds into the third after a McCrone escape. That’s how it ended to give McCrone a win by decision.

133- No. 17 Julian Farber (UNI) def. No. 12 Nic Bouzakis (OSU) | D, 5-1 (OSU 3, UNI 3)

After three minutes there was no score. Bouzakis started from the down position to open the second and quickly earned the escape for the 1-0 lead through the period. Farber evened the bout at 1-all with an escape early in the third. A takedown put Farber in the lead 4-1 and the win by decision, 5-1.

141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (OSU) def. No. 9 Cael Happel (UNI) | D, 4-2 (OSU 6, UNI 3)

Neither wrestler was able to put points on the board over the first three minutes. Mendez escaped for a 1-0 lead early in the second. He added a late period takedown for a 4-0 lead after five minutes. Happel added an escape and a stalling point but fell 4-2 by decision to the Buckeyes.

149-No. 4 Dylan D'Emilio (OSU) def. Adam Allard (UNI) | MD, 11-1 (OSU 10, UNI 3)

D’Emilio opened the scoring with a takedown with 30 seconds left in the first period for a 3-0 lead. Allard got the escape in the second before a D’Emilio takedown put the Buckeyes up 6-1 with two minutes to go. After a D’Emilio escape and takedown plus a point for riding time gave D’Emilio an 11-1 win by major decision.

157-No. 13 Paddy Gallagher (OSU) def. No. 12 Ryder Downey (UNI) | D, 4-1 (OSU 13, UNI 3)

After a scoreless first period, Gallagher escaped to open the second for a 1-0 lead. He added a takedown late to lead 4-0 going into the third. Downey escaped to make it 4-1 Buckeyes and that’s where it ended for a Gallagher win by decision.

165-No. 21 Isaac Wilcox (OSU) def. Evan Yant (UNI) | D, 4-2 (OSU 16, UNI 3)

Wilcox got on the board first with a takedown. A Yant escape sent the bout to the second with Ohio State leading 3-1. Wilcox added an escape point in the second that was countered by one for Yant but Wilcox held on for the 4-2 win by decision. 

174-Rocco Welsh (OSU) def. Jared Simma (UNI) | D, 4-1 (OSU 19, UNI 3)

Welsh scored a takedown two-minutes into the first for a 3-0 lead. Simma scored an escape in the second and Welsh got one late in the third to earn the win by decision, 4-1.

184-No. 1 Parker Keckeisenz (UNI) def. Ryder Rogotzke (OSU) | MD, 17-4 (OSU 19, UNI 7)

Keckeisenz opened the scoring with a takedown before a Rogotzke escape made it 3-1 Panthers. Another UNI takedown and Rogotzke escape made it 6-2 Keckeisenz, who finished off the bout for a 17-4 win by major decision. 

197-No. 23 Luke Geog (OSU) def. Kalob Runyon (UNI) | MD, 14-4 (OSU 23, UNI 7)

With under a minute left in the first, Geog scored a takedown for a 3-1 lead heading into the second after a Runyon escape. Another Runyon escape early in the second cut it to 3-2 before another Geog takedown made it 6-2 Buckeyes. After a late second-period escape made it 6-3 Ohio State. Geog increased the lead to 10-3 with an escape and takedown. Another takedown gave Geog the win by major decision, 14-4.

HWT- Hogan Swenski (OSU) def. Jose Valdez (UNI) | D, 8-2 (OSU 26, UNI 7)

Valdez scored with a takedown to open the second for a 1-0 lead. Swenski added a takedown in the second and a third-period takedown to take a 4-2 lead. Swenski added a late takedown to win by decision, 8-2.