Hafizov, Sancho, Bey, Stefanowicz, Provisor among top Greco-Roman stars at Senior Nationals – U.S. Olympic Team Trials Qualifier

by Savannah Asmann, USA Wrestling

Kamal Bey (USA) celebrates his victory at the 2023 Pan American Games (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

The stage is set for Greco-Roman competition at the 2023 Senior National Championships in Fort Worth, Texas, this weekend

The Greco-Roman competition at the Senior Nationals in Fort Worth will be held Friday, December 15 and Saturday, December 16.

USA Wrestling is using the 2023 Senior Nationals as its qualifying event for the U.S. Greco-Roman team that will compete in the 2024 Pan American Olympic Games Qualifier in Acapulco, Mexico, February 28-March 1.

The winners of the 2023 Senior Nationals in Greco-Roman will be the representatives for the United States at the Pan American Olympic Games Qualifier. The United States has not yet qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France at any of the Greco-Roman Olympic weight classes: 60 kg, 67 kg, 77 kg, 87 kg, 97 kg, 130 kg.

According to the procedures for the 2024 Pan American Olympic Games Qualifier in Greco-Roman, any “2023 World Championships participants, at the Olympic weight classes, that also were medalists in the 2023 Pan American Games will get a bye to the finals of the December 2023 Senior Nationals Tournament.”

This sit-out rule impacts three Greco-Roman athletes, Ildar Hafizov of the U.S. Army at 60 kg, Kamal Bey of the U.S. Army at 77 kg and Cohlton Schultz of the Sunkist Kids at 130 kg.

All three competed for the USA at the 2023 Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. At the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, Hafizov and Bey won gold medals and Schultz won a silver medal. All three will advance directly to the Senior Nationals finals on Saturday, December 16.

The opponents to face Hafizov, Bey and Schultz will be determined on Friday, December 15. The winners of the Senior Nationals semifinals at 60 kg, 77 kg and 130 kg will wrestle off during Session II at the conclusion of the semifinals round to determine who advances to the finals on Saturday, December 16.

In the other three Greco-Roman weight classes contested at the Senior Nationals (67 kg, 87 kg, 97 kg), the winners of the semifinals on Friday, December 15 will advance to the finals on Saturday, December 16.

There will be a one-match finals at the Senior Nationals in all weight classes.

The Senior Nationals in Fort Worth is NOT a qualifier for the U.S. Pan American Olympic Games Qualifier team in men’s freestyle and women’s freestyle.

In addition, the top five placewinners in each weight class qualify to compete at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Wrestling at Penn State, April 19-20.

Tickets for the event are available for purchase at All session tickets are priced at $60 per adult and $40 per child. Those unable to attend in-person can watch the event live online at A FloWrestling subscription is required to view the event.

A preview and entries for each weight class, are provided below. USA Wrestling will announce the seeds for each bracket later this week.

For more information about this event visit Stay tuned to and USA Wrestling social media channels for continued coverage of this event and the Road To Paris.

60 kg Preview

The competition at 60 kg is loaded with talent that includes experienced wrestlers battling it out to represent the U.S. at the Pan American Olympic Qualifier. All three Senior National Team members at 55 kg are registered to compete at 60 kg in Brady Koontz, Dalton Duffield and Camden Russell. Koontz, a 2023 Senior World Team member, has had a strong year and looks to build upon a solid foundation that includes winning the U.S. Open, Final X and a 10th place finish at the Senior World Championships. Russell is coming off of a seventh place finish at the U23 World Championships in Albania in October. Senior World Team member and two-time Olympian Ildar Hafizov will sit out of the tournament until the finals, following a gold medal finish at the Pan American Games. Dalton Roberts and Randon Miranda, both Senior National Team members at 60 kg, are also registered for the event. Two Senior National Team members at 63 kg join the group in Hayden Tuma and two-time Senior World Teamer Sammy Jones.

60 kg Entries

Otto Black, Colorado Top Team Wrestling Club

Max Black, NMU-National Training Center

Mitchell Brown, Air Force Regional Training Center

Paxton Creese, Minnesota Storm

Peter Del Gallo, South Side Wrestling Club

Dalton Duffield, Army (WCAP)

Kaden Ercanbrack, NMU-National Training Center

Justin Feldman, South West Washington Wrestling Club

Israel Gonzalez, PEAK Wrestling Club

Dylan Gregerson, New York Athletic Club

Jonathan Gurule, NMU-National Training Center

Ildar Hafizov, Army (WCAP)

Sammy Jones, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

Tyler Klein, Dubuque RTC

Brady Koontz, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

Dylan Koontz, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

Taylor LaMont, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

Riley Lomenick, Illinois

Randon Miranda, Greco-Roman National Team

Phillip Moomey, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

Corbin  Nirschl, MWC Wrestling Academy

Rhett Peak, Checkmate WC

Dalton Roberts, Army (WCAP)

Dominic Robertson, 10 Year Active Athlete List

Camden Russell, MWC Wrestling Academy

Van Schmidt, MWC Wrestling Academy

Ryder Smith, NMU-National Training Center

Warren Soik, World Gold Wrestling Club

Billy Sullivan, Army (WCAP)

Hayden Tuma, New York Athletic Club

67 kg Preview

With a dynamic blend of experience and emerging talent, the 67 kg weight class at Senior Nationals promises to be full of strong and exciting competition. Alejandro Sancho of U.S. Army WCAP, a Senior World Team member at 67 kg, brings an impressive resume that includes the 2020 Olympics and two Senior World Teams. Robert Perez III, 2023 Senior National Team and 2023 U23 World Team member, is in the mix at 67 kg. Pat Smith, a 2023 Senior World Team member at 72 kg, will compete at 67 kg for this tournament. Xavier Johnson, Senior World Team member at 63 kg, bumps up to 67 kg for Senior Nationals. Justus Scott enters the mix as another exciting wrestler to watch. Scott comes off of a runner-up finish at the Bill Farrell Memorial International and Final X. 2022 U17 World Champion and 2023 U20 World Team member Joel Adams is another to watch in this weight class.

67 kg Entries

Joel Adams, The Best Wrestler

Scott Akers, Liberty Warriors Wrestling Club

Christopher Anderson,Rise RTC

Brett Back, Dubuque RTC

Jaxon Bearden, NMU-National Training Center

Jeremy Bockert, Interior Grappling Academy

Scottie Bonds, Minnesota Storm

Patrick Brackett, Mile High Wrestling Club

Charlie Dill, Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club

Morgan Flaharty, New York Athletic Club

Christopher Fraley, New Jersey

Gunnar Hamre, Combat W.C. School of Wrestling

Xavier Johnson, Army (WCAP)

Maddox Khalimsky, NMU-National Training Center

Chayse La Joie, California Regional Training Center (CA RTC)

Nicholas Leonetti, Suples Wrestling Club

Hunter Lewis, North Carolina

Ty Lydic, New York Athletic Club

Lenny Merkin, New York Athletic Club

Duncan Nelson, Illinois

Aidan Nutter, New York Athletic Club

Peter Ogunsanya, West Point Wrestling Club

Peyton Omania, Michigan

Colton Parduhn, Interior Grappling Academy

Robert Perez 111, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

We Rachal, Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC

Diego Romero, NMU-National Training Center

Farrokh Safaeinejad, Florida

Alejandro Sancho, Army (WCAP)

Logan Savvy, New York Athletic Club

Max Schierl, NMU-National Training Center

Justus Scott, Army (WCAP)

Patrick Smith, New York Athletic Club

David Stepanian, New York Athletic Club

Charles Welcome, NMU-National Training Center

Ryan Wheeler, UP Vikings Wrestling Club

Jessy Williams, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

77 kg Preview

Kamal Bey, a Senior World Team member and past U20 World champion, advances to the finals of the 77 kg weight class after winning gold at the 2023 Pan American Games last month. Also in the mix at 77 kg is Benji Peak, a 2022 Senior World Team member and 2022 US Open champion. RaVaughan Perkins and Aliaksandr Kikiniou are both Senior National Team members in 2023, and bring strength and technique to this bracket. Kikiniou was an Olympian and World Team member for Belarus prior to becoming a U.S. citizen. Payton Jacobson, a 2023 U23 World Team member and Bill Farrell Memorial International champion, is registered for this event at 77 kg. Jacobson qualified for the 2024 Olympic Team Trials after winning the Bill Farrell in New York. Others to watch at 77 kg include Tyler Eischens and Noah Wachsmuth.

77 kg Entries

Zarik Anderson, Iowa

Kamal Bey, Army (WCAP)

Danny Braunagel, Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC

Tyler Cunningham, MWC Wrestling Academy

Patrick Curran, NMU-National Training Center

Thomas Dantzler, Front Range Twisters WC

Aaron Dobbs, NMU-National Training Center

Tyler Eischens, Tar Heel Wrestling Club

Raymond Favaza, Wrestling Academy of Louisiana

Javian Garrett, Rise RTC

Logan Hatch, Greco-Roman Development

Britton Holmes, Army (WCAP)

Payton Jacobson, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

Timothy Johnson-Thompson, Texas

Aliaksandr Kikiniou, California

Quentin LaCour, Rise RTC

Ashton Miess, Combat W.C. School of Wrestling

Caden Natale, NMU-National Training Center

Quinlan Nelson, Illinois

Alec Ortiz, Minnesota Storm

Terrance Parks, New York Athletic Club

Benjamin Peak, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

RaVaughn Perkins, New York Athletic Club

Jesse Porter, New York Athletic Club

Glenn Rhees, Graham Greco

Aydin Rix McElhinney, Northern Colorado Wrestling Club

Alec Robeson, Dubuque RTC

Eddie Smith, Dubuque RTC

Chase Sophus, Rise RTC

Bobby Treshock, NMU-National Training Center

Noah Wachsmuth, New York Athletic Club

Dellton Warren, Rise Wrestling

Caden Young, Mustang Wrestling Club

87 kg Preview

John Stefanowicz, a two-time gold medalist at the Pan American Wrestling Championships and a 2020 Olympian at 87 kg, brings experience and success to the group at 87 kg. Zac Braunagel, a 2023 Senior World Team member and Final X champion, and Richard Carlson, Senior National Team member at 87 kg, showcase consistency with notable performances in 2023. Spencer Woods bumps to 87 kg after being a two-time World Team member at 82 kg. Woods was also a 2023 Senior Pan American Championships gold medalist. Ben Provisor, a seasoned two-time Olympian and Pan American Championships gold medalist, adds to the competition. Additionally, Michael Altomer enters as an emerging talent on the 2023 U23 World Team, ready to challenge the established hierarchy in this weight class. Ryan Epps, Senior National Team member and 2023 Senior World Team Trials Challenge tournament champion, is another strong contender at 87 kg. Mahmoud Sebie, a 2016 Olympian for Egypt, has received U.S. citizenship and makes his American debut. Others to watch include Andrew Berreyesa and Timothy Young.

87 kg Entries

Michael Altomer, Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club

Andrew Berreyesa, New York Athletic Club

Zackery Bickford, Toro World Club

Tommy Brackett, New York Athletic Club

Zachary Braunagel, Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC

Richard Carlson, Minnesota Storm

Jacob Clark, Minnesota Storm

Ryan Epps, Minnesota Storm

Evan Grazzini, Izzy Style Wrestling

Alex Hamm, Florida

Tyler Hannah, Combat W.C. School of Wrestling

Jack Lucie, DC Elite Wrestling

Michael O'Malley, Pennsylvania RTC

Lukas Poloncic, 10 Year Active Athlete List

Ben Provisor, New York Athletic Club

Matthew Rohrdanz, Idaho

Fritz Schierl, Minnesota Storm

Mahmoud Sebie, Florida

Barrett Stanghill, 10 Year Active Athlete List

John Stefanowicz, Navy Wrestling Club

Spencer Woods, Army (WCAP)

Keenan Wyatt, Knights RTC

Timothy Young, Army (WCAP)

Terrence Zaleski, Marines

97 kg Preview

Josef Rau, an experienced Senior World Team member and Senior Pan American Championships gold medalist, leads the tough group at 97 kg. Christian DuLaney, positioned second on the Senior National Team, challenges this group of athletes. Another Senior National Team member, Alan Vera, makes the jump to 97 kg, after making U.S. World Teams at 86 kg. Vera has had a strong year that includes a top finish at the US Open and Senior Pan American Championships. Wrestlers to watch at 97 kg include Nicholas Boykin, Orry Elor and Eli Pannell. 2019 U23 World Team member David Tate Orndorff makes the drop down from 130 kg.

97 kg Entries

Nicholas Boykin, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club

Anthony Brown-Garcia, 505 Wrestling Club

Austin Craig, 10 Year Active Athlete List

Christian DuLaney, Minnesota Storm

Orry Elor, New York Athletic Club

Timothy Eubanks, NMU-National Training Center

Kaleb Gaede, NMU-National Training Center

Eric Gamble, Pennsylvania

Sterling Hecox, Illinois

Erik Hinckley, Kansas

Cameron Hudson, Rise RTC

Khymba Johnson, New York Athletic Club

MacAron Kukowski, Minnesota Storm

Brandon Marshall, Big Game Wrestling Club

David Tate Orndorff, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

Eli Pannell, Illinois

Josef Rau, Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)

Eric Schwark, California

Alan Vera, New York Athletic Club

130 kg Preview

A clash of powerful athletes is expected at 130 kg, as experience meets young talent. Cohlton Schultz, Senior World Team member and silver medalist at the Pan American Games, will sit out until the finals in Fort Worth. Adam Coon is a tough competitor in the mix, with a 2018 World silver medal and Pan American Championships silver medal under his belt. Alongside them is two-time U20 Pan American champion and U20 World bronze medalist Aden Attao. Donny Longendyke, a Senior National Team member at this weight, and Kaleb Reeves, U23 World Team member, add depth to the group at 130 kg. Courtney Freeman, who has already qualified for the Olympic Trials by placing second to Coon at the Bill Farrell Memorial, is also entered, along with past U.S. Open champion Malcolm Allen.

130 kg Entries

Malcolm Allen, Legends of Gold

Daimon Altamirano, 505 Wrestling Club

Aden Attao, Suples Wrestling Club

Brandon Ballard, Minnesota

West Cathcart, New York Athletic Club

Adam Coon, Cliff Keen Wrestling Club

Tom Foote, New York Athletic Club

Courtney Freeman, Marines

Cameron Groncki, NMU-National Training Center

Donovan King, Olivet Wrestling Club

Donny Longendyke, Minnesota Storm

Elijah Marshall, NMU-National Training Center

Chad Plaisted, Spire Wrestling Club

Kaleb Reeves, Big Game Wrestling Club

Michael Rogers, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club

Cohlton Schultz, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club