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Utah, Oklahoma Red, Colorado, California Red win their pools at Junior Women’s National Greco-Roman Duals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Jael Miller (Pennsylvania Blue) battles Aurellia Ramos (Utah) in Junior Women's Greco-Roman National Duals.
Jael Miller (Pennsylvania Blue) battles Aurellia Ramos (Utah) in Junior Women's Greco-Roman National Duals. Photo by Austin Bernard.

TULSA, Okla. – Day one of the Junior Women’s Greco-Roman National Duals consisted of preliminary pool competition, setting the stage for Saturday’s finals. A record 19 teams are competing in the classic style this year in the Junior Women’s division.

Winning their pools were Utah (Pool A), Oklahoma Red (Pool B), Colorado (Pool C) and California Red (Pool D).

Utah went 4-1 in the six-team Pool A, with wins over Texas Red (44-23), Indiana (41-25), Pennsylvania Red (54-16) and North Carolina (66-1). No teams in this pool went undefeated. Second place Texas Red was also 4-1 as was third place Missouri at 4-1. Utah won the tiebreaking procedure and was award the pool title.

Oklahoma Red was a perfect 4-0 in Pool B. In the dual meet against second-place Kansas, Oklahoma Red emerged with a 37-33 win. Oklahoma Red opened with three big pin from Bella Williams (122), Lynn Horn (127) and Kendra Perrien (132) for a 15-0 lead. Oklahoma Red also won two of the last three bouts, with Addie Morse (106) and Aiyana Perkins (117) closing out the win.

Colorado was a perfect 3-0 to win Pool C, with victories over South Carolina (54-11), Pennsylvania Blue (36-30) and Idaho (57-11). In a see-saw match against Pennsylvania Blue, Colorado scored the last 10 points, with a pin by Ciara Monger (225) getting a pin and Katey Valdez (100) securing a forfeit.

Pool D went to California Red, also 3-0 with wins over Ohio Red (36-31), Michigan (52-12) and Minnesota (37-30). The dual against Ohio Red was the closest, not determined until the final match when Alysse Phillips scored a technical fall at 225 pounds.

The top two teams in each pool advanced to the Gold Pool, which will determine the top eight teams in the tournament. The teams that advanced by placing second in their pool were Texas Red (Pool A), Kansas (Pool B), Pennsylvania Blue (Pool C) and Michigan (Pool D).

The tournament continued with a two rounds of the Color Pools, which includes the Gold/Silver Pool, Bronze/Copper Pool, and the Red/Blue Pool. In the Gold/Silver Pool, teams that have won their first two matches include Utah, California Red, Oklahoma Red and Colorado.

The final rounds of the color pools will be held on Saturday, including the finals.

All of the action is live on FloWrestling.

At Tulsa, Okla., June 16, 2023

Pool A Results
1st Place - Utah
2nd Place - Texas Red
3rd Place - Missouri
4th Place - Indiana
5th Place - Pennsylvania Red
6th Place - North Carolina
Texas Red defeated N Carolina 46-14.
Indiana defeated Pennsylvania Red 43-24.
Missouri defeated Utah 32-30.
Utah defeated Texas Red 44-23.
Missouri defeated Pennsylvania Red 52-13.
Indiana defeated N Carolina 41-25.
Texas Red defeated Missouri 39-26.
Pennsylvania Red defeated N Carolina 34-32.
Utah defeated Indiana 44-24.
Texas Red defeated Indiana 36-27.
Utah defeated Pennsylvania Red 54-16.
Missouri defeated N Carolina 58-8.
Texas Red defeated Pennsylvania Red 54-15.
Missouri defeated Indiana 43-24.
Utah defeated N Carolina 66-1.

Pool B Results
1st Place - Oklahoma Red
2nd Place - Kansas
3rd Place - California Blue
4th Place - Georgia
5th Place - Ohio Blue
Kansas defeated California Blue 52-15.
Georgia defeated Ohio Blue 41-27.
Oklahoma Red defeated Georgia 36-30.
Kansas defeated Ohio Blue 40-29.
Oklahoma Red defeated Ohio Blue 41-25.
California Blue defeated Georgia 35-30.
Oklahoma Red defeated California Blue 35-27.
Kansas defeated Georgia 51-14.
Oklahoma Red defeated Kansas 37-33.
California Blue defeated Ohio Blue 46-21.

Pool C Results
1st Place - Colorado
2nd Place - Pennsylvania Blue
3rd Place - Idaho
4th Place - South Carolina
Colorado defeated South Carolina 54-11.
Pennsylvania Blue defeated Idaho 48-16.
Idaho defeated South Carolina 37-30.
Colorado defeated Pennsylvania Blue 36-30.
Pennsylvania Blue defeated South Carolina 51-16.
Colorado defeated Idaho 57-11.

Pool D Results
1st Place - California Red
2nd Place - Michigan
3rd Place - Minnesota
4th Place - Ohio Red
California Red defeated Ohio Red 36-31.
Michigan defeated Minnesota 40-24.
California Red defeated Michigan 52-15.
Minnesota defeated Ohio Red 39-28.
California Red defeated Minnesota 37-30.
Michigan defeated Ohio Red 37-30.

Gold/Silver Pool (first two rounds)
Utah defeated Kansas, 34-34
California Red defeated Pennsylvania Blue, 35-30
Oklahoma Red defeated Texas Red, 37-29
Colorado defeated Michigan, 47-18
Utah defeated Pennsylvania Blue, 40-26
California Red defeated Kansas, 37-26
Oklahoma Red defeated Michigan, 44-21
Colorado defeated Texas Red, 49-17
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