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Women's freestyle seeds released for World Team Trials Challenge Tournament

by USA Wrestling

Jacarra Winchester with her arm raised in victory.

Below are the seeds in women's freestyle for the World Team Trials Challenge tournament as determined by the seeding committee on Monday, May 16.

Please note that the No. 1 seeds were the champions from the U.S. Open.

The Club/RTC affiliations will be updated as needed prior to the competition.

Seed/First Name/Last Name/ Club

50 kg
1 Erin Golston New York Athletic Club
2 Alyssa Lampe Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
3 Sage Mortimer King/TMWC
4 Nyla Valencia TMWC
5 Emily Shilson Twin Cities RTC/TMWC
6 Nina Pham Texas Wrestling Club
7 Caitlyn Walker New York City RTC
8 Charlotte Fowler River Valley Wrestling Club
9 Arelys Valles Grand View Wrestling Club
10 Danielle Garcia Team Tornado Wrestling Club
11 Mariah Anderson Air Force Regional Training Center
12 Sydney Petzinger Cardinal Wrestling Club
13 Natalie Reyna-Rodriguez McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club

53 kg
1 Felicity Taylor McKendree Bearcat WC/TMWC
2 Ronna Heaton Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
3 Areana Villaescusa Army (WCAP)
4 Dominique Parrish Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
5 Alisha Howk Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
6 Estrella Dorado Marin Army (WCAP)
7 Haley Franich Air Force Regional Training Center

55 kg
1 Jacarra Winchester USOPTC/TMWC
2 Marissa Gallegos Colorado Mesa WC/TMWC
3 Lauren Mason Brunson UVRTC
4 Torieonna Buchanan Red Cobra Wrestling Academy
5 Victoria Smith Grand View Wrestling Club

57 kg
1 Adriana Dorado Marin Army (WCAP)
2 Cameron Guerin McKendree Bearcat WC/TMWC
3 Alexandra Hedrick USOPTC/TMWC
4 Amanda Martinez Cardinal WC/TMWC
5 Ngao Shoua Whitethorn Victory School of Wrestling
6 Tateum Park Twin Cities Regional Training Center
7 Elvie Villa McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club
8 Genesis Ramirez All Navy Wrestling

59 kg
1 Nanea Estrella Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
2 Abigail Nette Army (WCAP)
3 Michaela Beck Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
4 Lexie Basham Spartan Mat Club
5 Niya Teresita Gaines Cardinal Wrestling Club
6 Claire DiCugno Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
7 Bridgette Duty Army (WCAP)
8 Montana DeLawder Team Tornado Wrestling Club
9 Esther Han Bruin Wrestling Club
10 Hailey Corona Brunson UVRTC

62 kg

1 Jennifer Rogers Nittany Lion WC/TMWC
2 Macey Kilty Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy
3 Andrea Schlabach Grand View Wrestling Club
4 Cierra Foster Idaho/TMWC
5 Emmily Patneaud McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club
6 Alexandria Liles Army (WCAP)
7 Sierra Brown Ton Twin Cities Regional Training Center

65 kg

1 Emma Bruntil USOPTC/TMWC
2 Mallory Velte Beaver Dam RTC/TMWC
3 Maya Letona New York City RTC
4 Amanda Hendey Colorado Mesa WC/TMWC
5 Ashlynn Ortega New York Athletic Club
6 Emily Se California
7 Rachel Watters Hawkeye WC/TMWC
8 Dalia Garibay Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
9 Destiny Lyng California

68 kg
1 Sienna Ramirez Southern Oregon Regional Training Center
2 Nahiela Magee Army (WCAP)
3 Alara Boyd McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club
4 Solin Piearcy Menlo Wrestling Club
5 Ana Luciano Team Tornado Wrestling Club
6 Kairah Cantillo Grand View Wrestling Club
7 Aury Naylor Georgia
8 Olivia Pizano Southern Oregon Regional Training Center

72 kg
1 Skylar Grote New York Athletic Club
2 Amit Elor NYC RTC/TMWC
3 Marlynne Deede Twin Cities Regional Training Center
4 Marilyn Garcia California
5 Skie Roulo Cougar Wrestling Club
6 Jessica Kemgne New York City RTC

76 kg
1 Dymond Guilford USOPTC/TMWC
2 Precious Bell Victory School of Wrestling/TMWC
3 Yelena Makoyed Cardinal WC/TMWC
4 Victoria Francis Hawkeye WC/TMWC
5 Tristan Kelly Army (WCAP)
6 Jordan Nelson Hawkeye WC/TMWC
7 Olivia Robinson Peninsula Wrestling Club (PWC)
8 Melissa Jacobs Twin Cities Regional Training Center
9 Joye Levendusky McKendree Bearcat Wrestling Club
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