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USA Wrestling Executive Committee approves recommendation seeking tabling of NCAA Division I Proposal 2019-50

by USA Wrestling

In its annual in-person meeting on March 26, held in Iowa City, Iowa, USA Wrestling’s Executive Committee approved a recommendation outlining efforts to advocate for greater collegiate cooperation and the tabling of NCAA Division I Proposal 2019-50, which is currently up for a vote during the April 13-14, 2022 NCAA meeting.

The USA Wrestling community is concerned with the implementation and precedent of such NCAA legislation, which would restrict the sport of wrestling from using the NCAA tryout exception for “state, regional, national or international training programs.” The original legislation allows for national team development training to occur among prospects, student-athletes and post-graduate/non-college elite athletes. Such access to coaches and training partners in a distinct style/weight/skill is vital to male and female wrestlers seeking elite development opportunities. The USA Wrestling Executive Committee is urging the college community to further vet proposal 2019-50, examine the specific concerns/related data and to formulate recruiting remedies that do not harm athletes nor stall the growth of women’s wrestling.

USA Wrestling’s Executive Committee is a group of volunteer leaders, elected to represent the organization’s many constituencies, who act on behalf of the Board of Directors between meetings, which sets policy and direction for the organization. This committee believes the efforts in 2019 to narrow the Regional Training Center athlete criteria and establish an infractions process is only the beginning of increased cooperation with the collegiate community to collectively support elite development. Should Proposal 2019-50 be tabled, the committee would look to formalize collegiate oversight mechanism related to RTC program management.

The proposal approved by the USA Wrestling Executive Committee is:

“We support tabling NCAA Division I Proposal 2019-15 for the opportunity for more research and exploration of the impact of this proposal on college wrestling and the entire sport, including its adverse effect on women’s wrestling.”

Div. I Proposal 2019-50 has been presented by the Mid-American Conference and the Southern Conference.

Div. I Proposal - 2019-50


According to the proposal document as posted by the NCAA, the intent of the proposal is:

“To remove wrestling from the tryout exception that permits an institution's athletics department staff member to participate in recognized state, regional, national or international training programs or competition organized and administered by the applicable governing body that include prospective student-athletes.”

Women’s wrestling is an Emerging Sport within the NCAA in all three divisions and has grown to a level which could qualify for official championship status within a few years. This proposed regulation, which initially focuses on men’s wrestling, would clearly have an impact on the development of wrestling for girls and women.

“The RTC model has opened the pathway for women’s wrestling to gain access to elite athletic and academic training while reducing barriers to entry that previously existed. The removal of RTC’s, in the 50th Anniversary year of Title IX, would derail the progress the women’s wrestling movement has generated under the larger umbrella of supporting women’s sports. We need to continue to allow elite women to train at RTCs with men’s varsity athletes as the women’s collegiate programs develop,” said Sally Roberts, Wrestle Like A Girl Founder/CEO .

USA Wrestling is asking the wrestling community at all levels to read this proposal prior to this proposed NCAA vote and encourage them to consider using their influence and voice to seek the delay of a vote until all of the potential consequences are further discussed and considered.