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California, Michigan Blue, Washington, Colorado win their preliminary pools at Junior National Women’s Duals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Aspen Barber (CO) scores a pin to give Colorado a win over Illinois and take the Pool D title at the Junior Women's National Duals. Photo by Tammy Barber, Colorado USA Wrestling.

TULSA, Okla. – The 2022 Junior Women’s National Duals featured 30 teams from 26 states, with literally dozens of nationally ranked wrestlers competed during the day. Champions in each of the four pools were crowned on Wednesday afternoon.

Defending champion California had an easy time in its Pool A final, defeating Indiana, 47-10. California won 10 of the matches, nine with bonus points, including five by fall. California wrestlers with pins in the pool finals were Maliya Castillo (180), No. 1 Sam Calkins (200), Isabella Marie Gonzales (122), Chloe Overgaag (138) and Desiree Vasquez (144).

Michigan Blue won a 35-29 match over a talented Missouri 1 team in the Pool B final. Michigan Blue won eight bouts, with Missouri 1 claiming six wins. Michigan Blue was dominant in the upper weights, winning four of the five highest weights, all by fall from Brynn Green (152), Amarisa Manuel (164), No. 1 Sabrina Nauss (180) and No. 1 Eliana Bommarito (225).

The Pool C and Pool D finals both went down to the last match, which showed that both of the teams in those pool finals have very strong lineups.

In Pool C, Washington edged Pennsylvania Blue, 33-32. Washington won the first four matches, but Pennsylvania Blue went on a run, taking seven of the next nine matches, including wins by Kayla Husti-Luca (138) and Paige Yatcilla (144) which gave Pennsylvania Blue the lead. In the final match of the dual meet, Aynslee Hester of Washington pinned Leyna Rumpler in 3:41 in the final bout at 152 to earn the one-point win for Washington.

In Pool D, in what would be considered a slight upset, Colorado secured a 36-28 victory over 2021 national runner-up Illinois. The dual meet went back and forth early on. Two big wins for Colorado came at 112 pounds, when Janessa George scored an 11-0 technical fall over Shea Reisel at 112 pounds and Sarah Savidge scored a 13-2 technical fall over Alexis Janiak at 132. Illinois Netavia Wickson (138) and Jasmine Hernandez (144) scored wins over ranked opponents to close the match to 31-28 for Colorado going into the final bout. In a high-scoring bout with much drama, Aspen Barber pinned Alexis Ritchie in 4:45 at 152 pounds to clinch the Colorado win.

The second-place squads in each pool join the winners in the Gold/Silver Pool. Two pools held true second place duals to decide the spots. The Gold/Silver Pool is split into two pools, which will determine the medal matches among the top eight teams.

In Pool C, Texas Blue, which was third in the pool, stopped runner-up Pennsylvania Blue 44-25 in the True Second match. Texas Blue had nine wins in the dual meet, all by bonus points, which included two forfeits.

In Pool D, pool runner-up Illinois stopped Missouri 2, 38-28 in the True Second match. Illinois won six of the final seven matches of the dual meet, including four technical falls and two pins.

A round of the color pools mawas held on Tuesday night. The completion of the color pools will occur on Thursday morning, with sessions at 9tches :00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Central time. The final placement matches will be in the second session.

All of the action is live on FloWrestling.


At Tulsa, Okla., June 15

Pool A Results

1st Place - California

2nd Place - Indiana

3rd Place - Wisconsin

4th Place - Texas Red

5th Place - Virginia

6th Place - Georgia Blue

7th Place - Idaho

8th Place - Pennsylvania Red

1st Place Match - California defeated Indiana 47-18.

164 Abby Siecienski (California) over Lainey Wooley (Indiana) Fall 0:56

180 Maliya Castillo (California) over AVALYN MOSCONI (Indiana) Fall 0:54

200 Sam Calkins (California) over Leila Thomas (Indiana) Fall 0:37

225 Haley Thompson (Indiana) over Alysse Phillips (California) Dec 4-1

100 Amelia Murphy (Indiana) over Megan Valdez (California) TF 11-0

106 Mikayla Garcia (California) over Makenize Smith (Indiana) Dec 11-2

112 Kiely Tabaldo (California) over AnnaMae Mosconi (Indiana) TF 10-0

117 Arieana Arias (California) over Rianne Murphy (Indiana) TF 15-4

122 Isabella Marie Gonzales (California) over Rose Kaplan (Indiana) Fall 1:59

127 Catharine Campbell (Indiana) over Makayla Correa (California) TF 10-0

132 Cailin Campbell (Indiana) over Hannah Ripper (California) Fall 1:26

138 Chloe Overgaag (California) over Josie Hause (Indiana) Fall 1:06

144 Desiree Vazquez (California) over Elly Janovsky (Indiana) Fall 2:50

152 Johanna Forman (California) over Kaylie Petersen (Indiana) Inj 0:42

3rd Place Match - Wisconsin defeated Texas Red 34-31.

5th Place Match - Virginia defeated Georgia Blue 33-33.

7th Place Match - Idaho defeated Pennsylvania Red 35-27.

Pool B Results

1st Place - Michigan Blue

2nd Place - Missouri 1

3rd Place - Ohio Blue

4th Place - Oklahoma

5th Place - South Carolina

6th Place - Georgia Red

7th Place - North Dakota

8th Place - North Carolina

1st Place Match - Michigan Blue defeated Missouri 1 35-29.

164 Amarisa Manuel (Michigan Blue) over Hannah Eberhardt (Missouri 1) Fall 1:07

180 Sabrina Nauss (Michigan Blue) over Mariyah Brumley (Missouri 1) Fall 2:33

200 Catherine Dutton (Missouri 1) over Kailyn Garrett (Michigan Blue) Fall 5:19

225 Eliana Bommarito (Michigan Blue) over Kennedy Eggering (Missouri 1) Fall 0:33

100 Zoey Haney (Missouri 1) over Emaline Hicks (Michigan Blue) Fall 4:32

106 Gigi Bragg (Michigan Blue) over Jayden Keller (Missouri 1) Dec 8-6

112 Angelina Vargas (Missouri 1) over Savannah Winkleblack (Michigan Blue) TF 12-0

117 Jessa Joiner (Missouri 1) over Hannah Arledge-Teran (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

122 Margaret Buurma (Michigan Blue) over Chloe Herrick (Missouri 1) Dec 12-8

127 Caylynn Chandler (Michigan Blue) over Brenya Crahan (Missouri 1) Fall 1:54

132 Belicia Manuel (Michigan Blue) over Madison Leverknight (Missouri 1) TF 10-0

138 Amitria McNack (Missouri 1) over Terra Booe (Michigan Blue) Fall 1:55

144 Maddie Kubicki (Missouri 1) over Danni Swihart (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

152 Brynn Green (Michigan Blue) over Maria Slaughter (Missouri 1) Fall 2:33

3rd Place Match - Ohio Blue defeated Oklahoma 36-29.

5th Place Match - South Carolina defeated Georgia Red 47-15.

7th Place Match - North Dakota defeated North Carolina 64-5.

Pool C Results

1st Place - Washington

2nd Place - Texas Blue

3rd Place - Pennsylvania Blue

4th Place - Kansas

5th Place - Iowa

6th Place - Arkansas

7th Place - Michigan Red

8th Place - Tennessee

1st Place Match - Washington defeated Pennsylvania Blue 33-32.

164 Ruby Rios (Washington) over Abbie Miles (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 2:02

180 Shannon Workinger (Washington) over Kaitlyn Pegarella (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:47

200 Alivia White (Washington) over Trinity Monaghan (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

225 Erin Kremer (Washington) by forfeit

100 Natalie Handy (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jhaile De Guzman (Washington) Fall 2:11

106 Mia Zuniga (Washington) over Jayleah Pletz (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 12-9

112 Ana Malovich (Pennsylvania Blue) over Zeta Lee (Washington) TF 12-2

117 Sierra Chiesa (Pennsylvania Blue) over Malia Welch (Washington) TF 10-0

122 Savannah Witt (Pennsylvania Blue) over Bianca Johnson (Washington) Fall 4:58

127 Zoe Furman (Pennsylvania Blue) over Karianne Baldwin (Washington) Fall 2:23

132 Alanna Haney (Washington) over Jordyn Fouse (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:55

138 Kayla Husti-Luca (Pennsylvania Blue) over Julianna Kilroy (Washington) Fall 1:15

144 Paige Yatcilla (Pennsylvania Blue) over Ruby Clark (Washington) Dec 6-0

152 Aynslee Hester (Washington) over Leyna Rumpler (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 3:41

2nd Place Wrestleback – Texas Blue defeated Pennsylvania Blue, 44-25

3rd Place Match - Texas Blue defeated Kansas 43-24.

5th Place Match - Iowa defeated Arkansas 39-27.

7th Place Match - Michigan Red defeated Tennessee 41-17.

Pool D Results

1st Place - Colorado

2nd Place – Illinois

3rd Place - Missouri 2

4th Place - Florida

5th Place - Ohio Scarlet

6th Place - Minnesota Storm

1st Place Match - Colorado defeated Illinois 36-28.

164 Wendy Riley-Washington (Illinois) over Jenna Joseph (Colorado) TF 14-3

180 Taylor Knox (Colorado) over Ella Rejman (Illinois) Fall 2:03

200 Blythe Cayko (Colorado) over Chloe Hoselton (Illinois) Fall 2:48

225 Kiara Ganey (Illinois) over Ciara Monger (Colorado) Dec 10-1

100 Katey Valdez (Colorado) by forfeit

106 Harlee Hiller (Illinois) over Alexsys Jacquez (Colorado) Dec 13-12

112 Janessa George (Colorado) over Shea Reisel (Illinois) TF 11-0

117 Maya Davis (Illinois) over Mia Hargrove (Colorado) TF 13-2

122 Breaunnah Robles (Colorado) over Khylie Wainwright (Illinois) TF 10-0

127 Cadence Diduch (Illinois) over Alexis Segura (Colorado) TF 10-0

132 Sarah Savidge (Colorado) over Alexis Janiak (Illinois) TF 13-2

138 Netavia Wickson (Illinois) over Taylor Miess (Colorado) TF 10-0

144 Jasmine Hernandez (Illinois) over Desza Munson (Colorado) Fall 2:37

152 Aspen Barber (Colorado) over Alexis Ritchie (Illinois) Fall 4:45

2nd Place Wrestleback – Illinois defeated Missouri 2, 38-28

3rd Place Match - Missouri 2 defeated Florida 48-19.

5th Place Match - Ohio Scarlet defeated Minnesota Storm 33-31