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Virginia Duals Day 1 wrap: Oklahoma, Maryland win two Div. I duals; semifinals set in the other divisions

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Along with the rest of the sporting world, a number of changes were made this week at the 41st Virginia Duals, as some teams and individuals were not able to compete due to the ongoing pandemic. Adjustments were made, with some last minute additions and adjustments made, and this legendary dual meet tournament on the college and high school levels moved forward today in Hampton, Va.

Even before adjustments were made in the National College Division, which features Div. I teams, it was decided to host a series of dual meets this year, rather than conduct a bracketed event which determined team placements.

On day one of the Virginia Duals, Oklahoma and Maryland won a pair of dual meets.

Oklahoma opened with a 24-15 victory over Lock Haven (a late addition to the field). The Sooners won six of the 10 bouts, including four that featured bonus points wins. In their second match, Oklahoma handled Kent State, 35-3, winning nine of the 10 bouts.

Maryland opened with a 25-14 victory over Kent State, sweeping the four highest weight classes. Three of the Terrapin victories were with bonus points. In their second dual meet, Maryland secured a 24-14 victory over Chattanooga, again claiming six victories in the dual meet.

Virginia was affected by the pandemic and was only able to fill seven weight classes, but still competed against two teams, Chattanooga and Lock Haven, with no team scores. In addition, six extra countable matches were held with athletes from the Div. I teams in attendance. Additional dual meets and extra countable matches will be hosted on Saturday in the National College Division.

National College Division Day One results

Maryland 25, Kent State 14
125 Jake Ferri (Kent State) over Tommy Capul (Maryland) Maj 21-8
133 King Sandoval (Maryland) over Brandon Fenton (Kent State) Fall 1:29
141 Louis Newell (Kent State) over Danny Bertoni (Maryland) Dec 6-4
149 Michael North (Maryland) over Kody Komara (Kent State) Fall 3:39
157 Enrigue Munguia (Kent State) over Lucas Cordio (Maryland) Dec 7-4
165 Brady Chrisman (Kent State) over Gaven Bell (Maryland) Maj 11-0
174 Dominic Solis (Maryland) over Michael Ferre (Kent State) Dec 7-6
184 Kyle Cochran (Maryland) over Colin McCracken (Kent State) Dec 4-1
197 Jaron Smith (Maryland) over Tyler Bates (Kent State) Maj 11-0
285 Zach Schrader (Maryland) over Jacob Cover (Kent State) Dec 5-1

Chattanooga v Virginia, No team score
125: Fabian Gutierrez (UTC) over Patrick McCormick (UVA) (TF 16-1)
133: Brayden Palmer (UTC) over Brian Courtney (UVA) (DEC 4-0)
149: Jarod Verkleeren (UVA) over Noah Castillo (UTC) (DEC 8-1)
157: Jake Keating (UVA) over Weston Wichman (UTC) (DEC 11-10)
165: Justin McCoy (UVA) over Drew Nicholson (UTC) (DEC 10-5)
174: Carial Tarter (UTC) over Robby Patrick (UVA) (SV DEC 6-4)
184: Michael Battista (UVA) over Matthew Waddell (UTC) (SV DEC 3-1)

Oklahoma 24, Lock Haven 15
125 Anthony Noto (Lock Haven University) over Joey Prata ( Oklahoma) Dec 8-3
133 Gable Strickland (Lock Haven University) over Caleb Tanner ( Oklahoma) Fall 3:45
141 Jacob Butler ( Oklahoma) over Tyler Dilley (Lock Haven University) Maj 14-4
149 Dom Demas ( Oklahoma) over Connor Eck (Lock Haven University) Maj 14-5
157 Justin Thomas ( Oklahoma) over Ben Barton (Lock Haven University) Dec 4-1
165 Ashton Eyler (Lock Haven University) over Joe Grello ( Oklahoma) Dec 5-3
174 Anthony Mantanona ( Oklahoma) over Tyler Stolzfus (Lock Haven University) Fall 4:02
184 Darrien Roberts ( Oklahoma) over Colin Fegley (Lock Haven University) Dec 3-1
197 Jake Woodley ( Oklahoma) over Parker McCleallan (Lock Haven University) Maj 9-0
285 Isaac Reid (Lock Haven University) over Josh Heindselman ( Oklahoma) Dec 3-1

Lock Haven v Virginia, No team score
125: Anthony Noto (LHU) major dec. Patrick McCormick (UVA) / 18-5
133: Brian Courtney (UVA) dec. Gable Strickland (LHU) / 5-0
149: Jarod Verkleeren (UVA) major dec. DaShawn Farber (LHU) / 14-5
157: Jake Keating (UVA) dec. Ben Barton (Lock Haven University) / 10-6
184: Michael Battista (UVA) major dec. Colin Fegley (LHU) / 19-6
197: #14 Jay Aiello (UVA) pinned Parker McClellan (LHU) / 2:22

Maryland 24, Chattanooga 14
285 Zach Schrader (Maryland) over Grayson Walthall (UTC) Maj 12-3
125 Fabian Gutierrez (UTC) over Tommy Capul (Maryland) Maj 8-0
133 King Sandoval (Maryland) over Brayden Palmer (UTC) Fall 1:25
141 Danny Bertoni (Maryland) over Franco Valdes (UTC) SV-1 6-4
149 Noah Castillo (UTC) over Michael North (Maryland) Dec 10-6
157 Lincoln Helk (UTC) over Lucas Cordio (Maryland) Maj 13-4
165 Andrew Nicholson (UTC) over Gaven Bell (Maryland) Dec 9-4
174 Dominic Solis (Maryland) over Carial Tarter (UTC) Dec 3-0
184 Kyle Cochran (Maryland) over Matthew Waddell (UTC) Dec 7-3
197 Jaron Smith (Maryland) over NIck Benton (UTC) TF 15-0

Oklahoma 35, Kent State 3
125 Joey Prata ( Oklahoma) over Jake Ferri (Kent State) Dec 6-4 
133 Gabe Vidlak ( Oklahoma) over Brandon Fenton (Kent State) Dec 7-0 
141 Louis Newell (Kent State) over Jacob Butler ( Oklahoma) Dec 3-2 
149 Dom Demas ( Oklahoma) over Kody Komara (Kent State) Dec 6-3 
157 Justin Thomas ( Oklahoma) over Enrigue Munguia (Kent State) Fall 1:02 
165 Troy Mantanona ( Oklahoma) over Brady Chrisman (Kent State) Dec 7-6 
174 Anthony Mantanona ( Oklahoma) over Michael Ferre (Kent State) Fall 0:16 
184 Keegan Moore ( Oklahoma) over Colin McCracken (Kent State) Maj 17-7 
197 Jake Woodley ( Oklahoma) over Tyler Bates (Kent State) Maj 12-4 
285 Josh Heindselman ( Oklahoma) over Jacob Cover (Kent State) Dec 3-1 

Extra Countable Matches
133 Cole Manley (Lock Haven) over Gabe Vidlak (OK) Dec 4-1
149 Willie McDougald (OK) over Dashawn Farber (Lock Haven) Dec 4-3
157 John Errico (UVA) over Ian Senz (Kent St.) Fall 0:52
165 Conner Decker (MD) over Bobby Pryhocki (Kent St)Dec 4-1
184 Chase Mielnik (MD) (ECM B) over Michael Caniglia (Kent. St) (ECM A) Fall 4:48
197 Jay Aiello (UVA) (ECM A) over Tanner Clark (Kent St.) (ECM B) TF4 16-1

National College complete results

The other college division, as well as the three high school divisions were all set up in brackets, as has been the tradition in this tournament. The American College Division includes a number of schools from a variety of college wrestling levels. The three high school divisions (National, American, Black and Blue) features numerous teams from around the nation, as well as a large number of strong programs from the host state Virginia.

All of these divisions competed through the quarterfinals, with the semifinals now set for Saturday morning. The competition in all divisions will be completed on Saturday evening. All of the action is live on FloWrestling.

American College Division

Semifinal pairings
Kutztown vs. Davis & Elkins
Liberty vs. Averitt

Quarterfinal results

Davis & Elkins 24, Roanoke 15
Liberty 25, Johns Hopkins 17
Averett 42, Apprentice School 12

American College complete results

National High School Division

Semifinal pairings
Lake Highland Prep (Fla.) vs. New Kent (Va.)
St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) vs. Nazareth (Pa.)

Quarterfinal results

Lake Highland Prep (Fla.) 52, St. Anthony's (N.Y.) 22
New Kent (Va.) 70, Northern Lebanon (Pa.) 6
St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) 58, Brooke Point (Va.) 24
Nazareth (Pa.) 39, St. Mary's Ryken (Md.) 31

First Round results
St. Anthony's (NY) 47, Benedictine College Prep (VA) 29
Northern Lebanon (PA) 84, King's Fork (VA) 0
Brooke Point (VA) 53, Western Branch (VA) 18
St. Mary's Ryken (MD) 75, Lafayette (VA) 6

National High School complete results

American High School division

Semifinal pairings

Great Bridge (Va.) vs. Grundy (Va.)
Hempfield (Pa.) vs. Skyline (Va.)

Quarterfinal results

Great Bridge (Va.) 58, First Colonial (Va.) 21
Grundy (Va.) 36, Butler (Pa.) 32
Hempfield (Pa.) 53, Grassfield (Va.) 24
Skyline (Va.) 51, Eastern View (Va.) 30

First Round
(Virginia schools unless noted)
First Colonial 44, Westfield 30
Grundy 47, Hayfield 27
Butler Area (Pa.) 76, Mills Godwin 0
Hempfield (Pa.) 64, Oscar Smith 6
Eastern View 45, Currituck County (NC) 30

American High School complete results

Black and Blue High School division

Semifinal pairings
Kellam vs. Staunton River
Nansemond River vs. Cox

Quarterfinal results
Kellam 44, Spotsylvania 18
Staunton River 48, Landstown 28
Nansemond River 49, Ocean Lakes 28
Cox 40, Powhatan 33

First Round
Kellam 59, Gloucester 21
Spotsylvania 49, Heritage (Lynchburg) 27
Landstown 57, Granby 24
Staunton River 57, Tabb 24
Ocean Lakes 40, Poquoson 30
Powhatan 57, Tallwood 21
Cox 78, York 6

Black and Blue High School complete results

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