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Motivated Junior and Cadet boys & girls should attend Journeymen World Classic in Troy, N.Y., April 9-10

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Want to improve your wrestling, while getting a unique opportunity to compete at the international level? Junior and Cadet boys and girls can do both at the Journeymen World Classic and Duals in Troy, N.Y., April 9-10. This event will be contested in freestyle.

In most cases, Junior and Cadet wrestlers from the USA either have to make a U.S. World Team or spend a ton of money to compete against foreign athletes in Europe or Asia. At this unique event, wrestlers from around the world travel to the United States to wrestle against American athletes on our home soil.

Nations planning to enter athletes come from North and South America, Europe and Asia. Those who have committed to attend include (alphabetically): Afghanistan, Austria, Bahamas, Bolivia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Peru and Poland. Nations applying for visas and seeking to attend include Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Normally, a U.S. athlete has to purchase a UWW license for international competition, which costs $100 or more. However, United World Wrestling has waived the UWW license fee for U.S. wrestlers to compete in this event. All you need is a current USA Wrestling membership and pay the entry fee, and you can test yourself against top U.S. athletes as well as talented international opponents.

Want to get ready for the upcoming age-group World Team Trials or major national events on the USA Wrestling schedule? Competing at the Journeymen World Classic and Duals will give you quality matches prior to events such as the National Recruiting Showcase for girls, the UWW Cadet and UWW Junior Nationals for boys, and the U.S. Women’s Nationals. Competing in Troy, N.Y., will help you at these important events later in the season.

Not a “world beater,” but like freestyle? Don’t worry, event organizers pair competitors with like skill levels.

Like great awards? The Hammer Award at this event is unlike any other competition. Hammers awarded to each “A” bracket winner of the freestyle and women’s division. MOW hammer award for middle school division. All bracket winners will receive singlets, with medals to second and third-place finishers.

Girls want to test themselves against top U.S. athletes with some international opponents also included? This is the first year that there is a girls division at this popular event and it is expected to be challenging and fun.

There are so many great reasons why you should register to compete at the Journeymen World Classic and Duals.

Here is some basic information to get you started….

Saturday, April 9 is the individual tournament for boys.

Sunday, April 10 is the individual tournament for girls, as well as the dual meet tournament for boys.

For the boys, there is a high school and a middle school division in the individual tournament, and for the girls, Cadets and Juniors are combined in one division.

Boys High school weight classes: 100 lbs (45.5 kg), 106 lbs (48.2 kg), 113 lbs (51.4 kg), 120 lbs (54.5 kg),126 lbs (57.3 kg), 132 lbs (60 kg), 138 lbs (62.7 kg), 145 lbs (65.9 kg), 152 lbs (69.1 kg), 160 lbs (72.7 kg),170 lbs (77.2 kg), 182 lbs (82.7 kg), 195 lbs (88.6 kg), 220 lbs (100 kg), 285 lbs (129.5 kg).

Boys Middle School (14-U) division freestyle weights: 70 lbs (31.8 kg), 75 lbs (34.1 kg), 80 lbs (36.4 kg),85 lbs (38.6 kg), 90 lbs (40.9 kg), 95 lbs (43 kg), 100 lbs (43.2 kg), 105 lbs (47.7 kg), 112 lbs (50.9 kg),120 lbs (54.55 kg), 128 lbs (58.2 kg), 140 lbs (63.6 kg).

Girls weights (combined Junior/Cadet): 100 lbs (45.5 kg), 106 lbs (48.2 kg), 112 lbs (50.9 kg), 117 lbs (53.8 kg), 122 lbs (55.45 kg), 127 lbs (57.7 kg), 135 lbs (61.3 kg), 143 lbs (65 kg), 155 lbs (70.5 kg), 167 lbs (75.9 kg), 180 lbs (81.8 kg).

Individual Tournament format: 8-, 12-, 16- or even 24-wrestler modified round-robin brackets with all decorated and accomplished opponents (four to 5 matches for each wrestler). World, National, State or New England place finishers, followed by state qualifiers.

Do yourself a favor and check out these fliers with complete information on the events and how to get involved.



The competition will be held at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, N.Y., which is a suburb of the capitol of New York State, which is Albany.

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