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Indian Hills CC seeks to repeat as champions in individual and dual meet events at Junior College Nationals for women

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Action image courtesy of Indian Hills CC Athletics

For the second straight year, the junior colleges which have varsity women’s wrestling teams will come together for the Junior College National Championships (JCNC) in women’s wrestling.

The individual tournament will be held on Saturday, February 19, and the dual meet tournament is set for Sunday, February 20, both at Umpqua CC in Roseburg, Ore.

In the inaugural JCNC, also hosted by Umpqua, Indian Hills CC of Iowa won both the individual tournament, as well as the dual meet tournament.

The top three teams in the individual tournament last year were Indian Hills in first, Big Bend CC in second and Southwestern Oregon CC in third. The top three teams in the dual meet tournament were Indian Hills in first, Southwestern Oregon CC in second and Big Bend CC in third.

According to tournament director Craig Jackson, the size of the tournament should grow by about 30%, from about 60 athletes last year to almost 90 this year. There will also be some new teams involved, as Junior College women’s wrestling continues to grow.

Teams that have entered athletes at this time include Indian Hills CC, Big Bend CC, Southwestern Oregon CC, Umpqua CC, Grays Harbor College, Iowa Western CC

There are five 2021 NCJC champions, four 2021 NCJC runners-up and 29 2021 NCJC placewinners who have returned for this year’s event. The returning champions are Chloe Clemons of Indian Hills at 109, Heaven-Leigh Jackson of Indian Hills at 116, Krista Warren of Southwestern Oregon CC at 143, Avery Ackerman of Big Bend CC at 155 and Sofia Rubio of Indian Hills at 191. Three of these returning champions are at different weight classes this year, as Jackson was at 109 pounds last year, Clemons was at 123 pounds last year and Ackerman was at 170 pounds last year.

A list of the returning placewinners is listed below, based upon the weight where they are currently registered.

Competition is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time each day. Brackets will be available on TrackWrestling, with a live stream on FloWrestling.

Returning JCNC place winners, by their weight this year, with last year’s placement


Violeta Evangelista (Umpqua CC), 3rd at 101

Mya Turnmire (Indian Hills CC), 3rd at 109


Chloe Clemons (Indian Hills CC), 1st at 123

Analee Razo (Southwestern Oregon CC) 4th at 109


Heaven-Leigh Jackson (Indian Hills CC), 1st at 109

Jamesa Robinson (Indian Hills CC), 2nd at 116

Mikayla Jardine (Big Bend CC), 3rd at 116

Kathryn Philbrook (Umpqua CC), 6th at 109


Alexie Donohue (Big Bend CC), 3rd at 130

Kaya Akana (Umpqua CC), 4th at 123

Kaci Bice (Southwestern Oregon CC), 4th at 130

Angelique Torres (Indian Hills CC), 5th at 130

Dallas Gomez (Grays Harbor College), 6th at 130


Tatum Pine (Grays Harbor College), 2nd at 130


Alondra Rosado Martinez (Indian Hills CC) 2nd at 136

Kayla Trujillo (Big Bend CC), 3rd at 143

Maya Lindskog (Umpqua CC), 4th at 136

Celeste Tellez (Indian Hills CC), 4th at 143


Krista Warren (Southwestern Oregon CC), 1st at 143

Ginamarie Santiago Ayala (Indian Hills CC), 3rd at 155

Andrea Jones (Grays Harbor College), 5th at 143


Avery Ackerman (Big Bend CC), 1st at 170

Tiyanna Leal (Umpqua CC), 2nd at 155


Adele Moulton (Big Bend CC), 4th at 170

Clarissa Alvarez (Southwestern Oregon CC), 4th at 191

Valerie Osborn (Southwestern Oregon CC), 5th at 155

Brittney Zenteno (Indian Hills CC), 5th at 170

Sarah Hamilton (Big Bend CC), 6th at 170


Sofia Rubio (Indian Hills CC), 1st at 191

Annalease Barraza (Indian Hills CC), 3rd at 191

2021 JCNC individual champions

101- Madison Shearer (Umpqua CC)

109 - Heaven-Leigh Jackson (Indian Hills CC)

116- Marissa Ritchie (Southwestern Oregon CC)

123 - Chloe Clemons (Indian Hills CC)

130 - Cora Orton (Big Bend CC)

136 - Aliyah Yates (Big Bend CC)

143 - Krista Warren (Southwestern Oregon CC)

155 - Jennifer Tongi (Grays Harbor College)

170 - Avery Ackerman (Big Bend CC)

191- Sofia Rubio (Indian Hills CC)

235 - Quinn Lacy (Grays Harbor College)