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No. 1 Penn State stops No. 5 Iowa State, 22-12 in Blue Pool finals of Journeymen Collegiate Duals

by Pat Donghia, Penn State

Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) controls Ramazan Attasauov (Iowa State) at Collegiate Duals.
Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) dec. Ramazan Attasauov (ISU) in Collegiate Duals finals. Photo by Sam Janicki.

NEW ORLEANS, La.; Dec. 20, 2022 – Penn State (7-0, 0-0 B1G) took down No. 5 Iowa State (7-2) 22-12 in the Blue Pool final at the 2022 Collegiate Duals. Penn State closed out the two-day event in New Orleans’ Morial Convention Center with a 3-0 record after the big win in the top-five match-up with the Cyclones.

The dual meet featured six bouts pitting ranked wrestlers against each other. The Nittany Lions sent four freshmen into action in the dual as well. All rankings listed are InterMat TPI and individual (12/13/22).

Action began at 125 where Penn State freshman Gary Steen lost a tough 4-0 decision to Corey Cabanban, giving Iowa State an early 3-0 lead. Roman Bravo-Young, ranked No. 1 at 133, quickly gave Penn State the lead however, dominating No. 21 Ramazan Attasauov. Bravo-Yong used two near fall points, three takedowns and an escape to post the 10-2 major decision and put Penn State up 4-3.

Beau Bartlett, ranked No. 5 at 141, dominated Zach Redding as he rolled to an 8-3 win. Bartlett notched the bout’s only three takedowns, two in a superb third period. In an anticipated bout at 149, No. 17 Shayne Van Ness chased No. 5 Paniro Johnson around the mat and nearly pulled off the upset before dropping a tough 3-2 decision. Nittany Lion true freshman Levi Haines once again took the mat at 157 and rolled to an 8-3 win over Jason Kraisser, using a two takedown first period and a strong third period for the win. His victory gave the Nittany Lions a 10-6 win at the midway point.

Redshirt freshman Alex Facundo, ranked No. 14 at 165, battled No. 3 David Carr for the full seven minutes but lost a tough 4-2 decision, cutting Penn State’s lead to 10-9. Carter Starocci, ranked No. 1 at 174, used two takedowns to post a strong 5-1 win over No. 21 Julien Broderson to put Penn State up 13-9.

Aaron Brooks, ranked No. 1 at 184, was leading No. 4 Marcus Coleman 3-0 in the second when Coleman countered a Brooks shot and caught him for a six-point move. The flurry eventually led to a 9-7 Coleman upset of Brooks. Max Dean, ranked No. 5 at 197, thrilled the Nittany Lion faithful in the Morial Center by taking care of No. 2 Yonger Bastida in a top-five bout. Dean used a takedown, an escape and 1:02 in riding time to roll to a 4-1 win and give the Lions a 16-12 lead. Greg Kerkvliet, ranked No. 1 at 285, won by forfeit at 285 and the Lions walked away with a 22-12 victory.

Penn State owned a 14-4 takedown edge. The Nittany Lions picked up four bonus points off a forfeit (Kerkvliet) and a major (Bravo-Young).

The Nittany Lions are now 7-0 the year Iowa State falls to 7-2 Penn State returns to action in the New Year, opening up Big Ten action at Wisconsin on Jan. 6, 2023. The dual in Madison is a B1G Network national telecast and starts at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Blue Pool Championship Results
#1 Penn State 22, #5 Iowa State 12
December 20, 2022 – Morial Convention Center – New Orleans, La.

125: Corey Cabanban ISU dec. Gary Steen PSU, 4-0
133: #1 Roman Bravo-Young PSU maj. dec. #21 Ramazan Attasauov ISU, 10-2
141: #5 Beau Bartlett PSU dec. Zach Redding ISU, 8-3
149: #5 Paniro Johnson ISU dec. #17 Shayne Van Ness PSU, 3-2
157: Levi Haines PSU dec. Jason Kraisser ISU, 8-3
165: #3 David Carr dec. #14 Alex Facundo PSU, 4-2
174: #1 Carter Starocci PSU dec. #21 Julien Broderson ISU, 5-1
184: #4 Marcus Coleman ISU dec. #1 Aaron Brooks PSU, 9-7
197: #5 Max Dean PSU dec. #2 Yonger Bastida ISU, 4-1
285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet PSU win by forfeit

Extra matches (official NCAA bouts – do not count in dual score):
174: Konner Kraeszig PSU pinned Joel Devine ISU, WBF (6:33)
Records: Penn State (7-0, 0-0 B1G); Iowa State (7-2)
Up Next for Penn State: at Wisconsin, Friday, Jan. 6, 2023, 9 p.m. Eastern.

Blue Pool Third Place Results
Cornell 31 North Carolina 9

125 - Brett Ungar (Cornell) dec Jack Wagner (North Carolina) 4-0
133 - Vito Arujau (Cornell) fall Joey Melendez (North Carolina) 4:25
141 - Lachlan McNeil (North Carolina) dec Vince Cornella (Cornell) 4-0
149 - Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) maj Danny Nini (North Carolina) 13-1
157 - Jayden Scott (North Carolina) dec Gage McClenahan (Cornell) dec 3-1SV
165 - Julian Ramirez (Cornell) dec Nick Fea (North Carolina) 6-2
174 - Chris Foca (Cornell) fall Cade Tenold (North Carolina) 1:54
184 - Gavin Kane (North Carolina) dec Evan Canoyer (Cornell) 2-0
197 - Jacob Cardenas (Cornell) dec Max Shaw (North Carolina) 4-0
285 - Brendan Fuhrman (Cornell) fall Aydin Guttridge (North Carolina) 3:53

Blue Pool Fifth Place Results
Oregon State 39, Central Michigan 10

125: Brandon Kaylor (OSU) pinned Anthony Walker, 5:34
133: Jason Shaner (OSU) decisioned Vince Perez, 8-3
141: Cleveland Belton (OSU) pinned Jimmy Nugent, :41
149: Riley Gurr (OSU) dec. Mason Shrader, 9-4
157: Corbyn Munson (CMU) major dec. Graham Gambrall, 10-1
165: Matthew Olguin (OSU) pinned Tracy Hubbard, 1:14
174: Mateo Olmos (OSU) dec. Alex Cramer, 7-1
184: Trey Munoz (OSU) pinned Ben Cushman, 1:50
197: Tanner Harvey (OSU) pinned Cameron Wood, 2:52
285: Bryan Caves (CMU) pinned Ryan Reyes, 3:36


125: Gary Steen took on Corey Cabanban at 125. Steen worked the center of the mat, fighting off a couple slight Cabanban shots. Steen maintained position in the center of the circle and looked to find an opening on offense. Cabanban connected on a high single and worked Steen to the mat for a takedown with just :30 left, taking a 2-0 lead. Steen was unable to break free from bottom and trailed 2-0 after one. Steen chose down to start the second period. He tried to roll out of the Cyclone’s control, but Cabanban maintained control and worked his riding time over 1:00. Steen was unable to work his way from bottom and trailed 2-0 after two periods and Cabanban had 2:35 in riding time. Cabanban chose down to start the third period and quickly escaped to a 3-0 lead. Steen turned a low shot into a scramble and nearly took the Cyclone down, but Cabanban countered nearly took the Lion down. But Steen worked his way back to his feet and action continued neutral at the :55 mark. Steen took another low shot, forcing a scramble at :30. The Nittany Lion was unable to score the takedown and dropped the 4-0 decision.

133: No.1 Roman Bravo-Young met No. 21 Ramazan Attasauov at 133. Bravo-Young set the early tempo, forcing Attasauov back to the outside circle over the first minute-plus. The Nittany Lion looked to set up his offense, but Attasauov was able to defend each Bravo-Young effort as the clock hit :30. Bravo-Young continued to shoot and forced a first stall warning at :20. Tied 0-0, Attasauov chose down to start the second stanza. Bravo-Young kept control of the Cyclone over a minute, working the clock down with top control. Bravo-Young worked his way into a cradle, locking him up and turning him for two near fall points as the period ended to lead 2-0 with 2:00 in time after two. Bravo-Young chose down to start the third period and quickly escaped. He turned in on offense and took the Cyclone down to open up a 5-1 lead after a quick escape. Bravo-Young bulled his way through another takedown and took Attasauov down again to open up a 7-2 lead after cutting him loose. With riding time clinched, he countered a slight Cyclone shot and notched his third takedown with :20 left. Bravo-Young finished on top and, with 2:40 in time, posted the 10-2 major decision.

141: No. 5 Beau Bartlett battled Zach Redding at 141. Bartlett and Redding worked in neutral for the first minute-plus and Bartlett nearly connected on a quick slide by, but Redding moved back and away to keep the bout scoreless. Redding worked his way in on a single at the :20 mark but Bartlett was able to fight the move off, kill the clock, and sent the bout the second period tied 0-0. Bartlett chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 1-0 lead. Bartlett took a flurry of shots at the 1:00 mark but Redding blocked each effort. Bartlett notched a takedown at the :15 mark, nearly taking Redding to his back. But the Cyclone fought that effort off, giving Bartlett a 3-0 lead after two. Redding chose down to start the third and quickly escaped to a 3-1 Bartlett lead. Bartlett snapped Redding’s head to the mat, circled behind him and took a 5-1 lead with another takedown. Redding escaped off a reset to a 5-2 score. Bartlett snapped up Redding’s leg with a quick shot and took a 7-3 lead with another takedown and cut. Bartlett took an 8-3 lead on an illegal trip by Redding in the final seconds and rolled to a strong 8-3 win.

149: Shayne Van Ness, ranked No. 17 at 149, took on No. 5 Paniro Johnson. Van Ness and Johnson circled each other in the middle of the mat. Van Ness began to set up his offense, forcing Johnson backwards as the clock hit the 1:30 mark. Van Ness controlled the tempo over the next minute and Johnson was forced into defense. The first period ended in a 0-0 tie. Van Ness chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 1-0 lead. Johnson dropped in on a low shot and Van Ness worked his way out of his grip and maintained his 1-0 lead at the 1:10 mark. Van Ness chased a fleeing Johnson around the mat at the :40 mark, resetting his offensive pressure. Trailing 1-0 after two, Johnson chose down to start the third period and escaped to a 1-1 tie. Johnson countered a Van Ness shot, Van Ness rolled to a quick escape and trailed 3-2 at 1:30. Johnson worked his way in deep on single and Van Ness fought the move off as the clock moved below :50. Van Ness broke the grip and moved back in on offense with :30. With Johnson backing away, Van Ness continued to shoot and yet no stalling calls came until :08 was left on the clock. Van Ness dropped the hard-fought 3-2 decision.

157: Levi Haines faced off against Jason Kraisser at 157. Haines dominated the opening minutes. The Lion true freshman took Kraisser down early and opened up a 2-1 lead. He scrambled his way to a quick second takedown to up his lead to 4-2 as the clock hit 1:20. Haines forced a late scramble with a low shot at :15 but Kraisser was able to fight the move off as the clock hit 0:00. Trailing 4-2, Kraisser chose down to start the second period. The Cyclone quickly escaped to a 4-3 score and action continued in neutral. Haines continued to shoot, working a high shot into another chance to score. But Kraisser counter scrambled. Haines fought off the counter scramble over the last :30 and kept his 4-3 lead after two periods. Leading by one, Haines chose down to start the third period and quickly escaped to a 5-3 lead. Haines went chest-to-chest with Kraisser and muscled the Cyclone to the mat for a takedown and a 7-3 lead with 1:00 on the clock. Haines worked his riding time up over 1:00 as the clock hit :28, maintaining offensive control. The Nittany Lion freshman finished the period on top and posted a strong 8-3 win with 1:36 in riding time.

165: Alex Facundo, ranked No. 14 at 165, met No. 3 David Carr. Carr took a quick low single and was able to finish off the shot to take an early 2-0 lead. Carr was able to control the Nittany Lion freshman long enough to build up a large riding time advantage before Facundo escaped with :08 on the clock. Facundo trailed 2-1 after one and Carr had 2:09 in time. Carr chose down to start the second and escaped to a 3-1 lead. Facundo moved in on offense, taking numerous shots and forcing Carr backwards. The Cyclone’s defense worked the clock under 1:00 in the second. Carr took a shot off a reset and Carr worked his way out of trouble. The Nittany Lion freshman trailed 3-1 after two. Facundo chose down to start the third period and quickly escaped to a 3-2 deficit, but Carr had 2:13 in riding time. Carr worked his way in on a low shot at the 1:20 mark and Facundo fought off the effort for over :30 before a reset was called at :40. Facundo forced Carr backwards over the final :30 and no stall was called. The Lion freshman dropped a hard-fought 4-2 decision.

174: No. 1 Carter Starocci met No. 21 Julien Broderson at 174. The duo battled evenly in the center of the mat for the first 2:00 of the opening stanza. Broderson had a quick chance at the :50 mark but Starocci skipped out of trouble and the match continued in neutral tied 0-0. Starocci turned a high single at the :20 mark into a late takedown and a 2-0 lead after the opening stanza. Starocci chose down to start the second period and escaped to a 3-0 lead at the 1:27 mark. Starocci battled in neutral for the remainder of the period and led 3-0 after two. Broderson chose neutral to start the third period and Starocci answered with a high single to a takedown at 1:30 to take a 5-0 lead. Broderson escaped to a 5-1 score and Starocci went back to work on offense. Starocci forced Broderson into a stall warning before posting the 5-1 decision.

184: Aaron Brooks, ranked No. 1 at 184, met No. 4 Marcus Coleman. Brooks took a couple quick shots off the opening whistle to set the tempo early. Brooks slid down from neutral and nearly took Coleman down at 1:46, but action rolled out of bounds and the match continued tied 0-0. Brooks continued to shoot and forced a scramble that moved the clock down below 1:00. Brooks picked up the takedown to open up a 2-0 lead at :40 and then went to work on top. Brooks finished the period on top and led 2-0 after one. Brooks chose down to start the second period and steadily worked his way to his feet and the escape at 1:22, leading 3-0. Brooks stumbled on a takedown effort and threw Brooks to the mat for a takedown and four near fall points, nearly pinning the Lion. Brooks fought off his back but found himself trailing 6-3 after two. Coleman chose down to start the third and Brooks cut him loose immediately. Brooks worked in on a single and eventually took the Cyclone down to cut the lead to 7-5, but Coleman reversed the Lion to lead 9-5 with :55 on the clock. Coleman controlled Brooks for a bit then Brooks reversed the Cyclone to cut the lead to 9-7. Brooks tried to turn Coleman in the final seconds, but the Cyclone was able to fight off the effort and posted the 9-7 upset victory over Brooks.

197: Max Dean, ranked No. 5 at 197, took on No. 2 Yonger Bastida. Dean and Bastida battled evenly over the first minute-plus. Action stayed neutral throughout the opening period and moved to the second tied 0-0. Dean chose down to start the second and quickly escaped to a 1-0 lead. Dean forced Bastida back to the outer circle as action moved under 1:00. Bastida looked to score on a solid shot, nearly taking Dean down. But the Lion senior deftly rolled through the effort and scrambled his way to a counter takedown in the final seconds. He finished on top and led 3-0 after two. Bastida chose down to start the third period and Dean was able to keep control until he had 1:02 in riding time. Bastida escape to a 3-1 score and action continued in neutral. Dean fought off a series of late Bastida shots. The Lion maintained neutral as the clock hit 0:00 and with 1:02 in riding time posted the 4-1 win.

285: No. 1 Greg Kerkvliet received a win by forfeit at 285 to close out the dual.

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