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Saturday World Cup non-USA dual meets, updated throughout the day

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

70kg FS - Aliakbar Aliasghar FAZLIKHALILI (IRI) vs Keitaro ONO (JPN).
70kg FS - Aliakbar Aliasghar FAZLIKHALILI (IRI) vs Keitaro ONO (JPN). Photo by Kadir Caliskan, United World Wrestling.


Iran men win four of last five bouts to beat All-World Team, 6-4, to advance to World Cup finals

Iran came out strong at the end of the dual meet, winning four of the last five matches to defeat the All-World Team, 6-4, and to claim first in Pool B among men. Iran will compete against the host USA in the Sunday finals. Among the Iran winners were 2022 World champion Rahman Mousa Amouzadhalili at 65 kg, two-time World silver medalist Mohammad Nokhodarimi at 79 kg and three-time World medalist Alireza Mohammad Karimimachiani at 86 kg.

Group B Men
Iran 6, All-World Team 4
57 kg –Zelimkhan Abakarov (All World/Albania) tech. fall Reza Hossein Momenijoujadeh (Iran), 12-2, 5:42
61 kg –Georgi Vangelov (All World/Bulgaria) dec. Ebrahim Elahichouran (Iran), 5-1
65 kg – Rahman Mousa Amouzadhalili (Iran) dec. Zhumashbek Uulu Taiyrbek (All World/Kyrgyzstan), 5-0
70 kg – Amirmohammad Yazdanicherati (Iran) dec. Ernazar Akmataliev (All World/Kyrgyzstan), 10-7
74 kg –Tajmuraz Salkazanov (All World/Slovakia) dec. Mohmmadsadegh Firouzpourbandpei (Iran), 9-0
79 kg – Mohammad Nokhodarimi (Iran) tech fall Arsalan Budazhapov (All World/Kyrgyzstan), 12-2, 1:57
86 kg – Alireza Mohammad Karimimachiani (Iran) dec. Azamat Dauletbekov (All World/Kazakhstan), 4-0
92 kg –Osman Nurmagomedov (All World/Azerbaijan) dec. Amirhossein Firouzpourbandpei (Iran), 10-10
97 kg – Amirali Azarpira (Iran) tech fall Batyrbek Tsakulov (All World/Slovakia), 10-0,5:38
125 kg – Amirreza Masoumi Valadi (Iran) tech fall Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi (All World/Ukraine), 12-0, 4:25
Records – Iran 2-0, All-World Team 1-1

Ukraine women beat Japan 5-5 by criteria, and advance to gold-medal finals

Ukraine doubled down on dual wins today clinching their spot in the World Cup finals tomorrow against China. The battle with Japan was highly competitive as the teams’ traded wins throughout the dual. They closed out with five wins each and Ukraine advanced to the finals with more classification points. Japan forfeited the 72 kg weight class which was a big help for the Ukranians. World champion Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk of Ukraine blanked Ruka Natami at 57 kg, 4-0. Tetiana Sova Rizhko, wrestling at 68 kg for Ukraine, was the only wrestler from either team to secure a fall in the dual meet. She was undefeated for the day.

Group A Women
Ukraine 5, Japan 5

50 kg – Hanano Sakurai (Japan) dec. Oksana Livach (Ukraine), 3-1
53 kg – Rino Kataoka (Japan) dec. Albina Rillia (Ukraine), 2-2
55 kg – Alina Hrushyna Akobiia (Ukraine) dec. Moe Kiyooka (Japan), 3-0
57 kg –Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk (Ukraine) dec. Ruka Natami (Japan), 4-0
59 kg – Iryna Bondar (Ukraine) dec. Himeka Tokuhara (Japan), 6-4
62 kg – Yui Sakano (Japan) tech. fall Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine), 13-2
65 kg – Miyu Imai (Japan) dec. Kateryna Zelenykh (Ukraine), 4-4
68 kg –Tetiana Sova Rizhko (Ukraine) pin Kumi Kobayashi (Japan), 1:19
72 kg – Alla Belinska (Ukraine) forfeit over Yuka Fujikura (Japan)
76 kg – Nodoka Yamamoto (Japan) dec. Anastasiia Osniach Shustova (Ukraine), 2-2
Team Records: Ukraine 2-0, Japan 0-2


China clinches spot in finals, with 5-5 criteria win over All-World Team, Wang beats Adar in final bout

China clinched their spot in the finals with 5-5 criteria win over the All-World team. In an exciting dual that came down to criteria, China won the first four matches. This included a win by Olympic silver medalist Qianyu Pang over World bronze medalist Karla Godinez (All World/Canada) at 55 kg.

2022 World Champion Anastasia Nichita of Moldova and the All-World team defeated Zhang Qi at 59 kg to change the trajectory of the dual. The All World team won five matches of their own. In the final match of the dual, China’s Juan Wang upset 2022 World champion Yasemin Adar (All World/Turkey), 5-1 to tie the dual meet, 5-5. In the end China had more classification points, having scored a pin and a win by injury default.

Yongxin Feng showed great sportsmanship after the 57 kg match versus Zhala Aliyeva. When Aliyeva injury defaulted the match Feng helped Aliyeva on her back and carried her over to the medical area.

China 5, All World 5 (criteria – most classification points)
50 kg - Jiang Zhu (China) pin Anna Lukasiak (All World/Poland), 5:25
53 kg - Li Deng (China) dec. Maria Prevolaraki (All World/Greece), 2-1
55 kg - Qianyu Pang (China) dec. Karla Godinez (All World/Canada), 4-0
57 kg - Yongxin Feng (China) inj. dft. Zhala Aliyeva (All World/Azerbaijan), 3:56
59 kg - Anastasia Nichita (All World/Moldova) pin Zhang Qi (China), 3:17
62 kg - Aisuluu Tynybekova (All World/Kyrgyzstan) dec. Xiaojuan Luo (China), 4-0
65 kg - Mimi Hristova (All World/Bulgaria) dec. Jia Long (China), 10-8
68 kg - Irina Ringaci (All World/Moldova) dec. Feng Zhou (China), 7-4
72 kg - Zhamila Bakbergenova (All World/Kazakhstan) dec. Qiandegenchagan (China), 4-2
76 kg - . Juan Wang (China) dec. Yasemin Adar (All World/Turkey), 5-1
Team Records: China 2-0, All World 0-1

All World Team men open Group B action with 9-1 win over Japan with six technical falls

The first-ever All World men’s freestyle team opened its Group B action with an impressive 9-1 win over Japan. Scoring technical fall victories for the All World Team were Ernazar Akmataliev of Kyrgyzstan (70 kg), Tajmuraz Salkazanov of Slovakia (74 kg), Azamat Dauletbekov of Kazakhstan 086 kg), Osman Nurmagomedov of Azerbaijan (92 kg), Batyrbek Tsakulov of Slovakia (97 kg) and Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi of Ukraine (125 kg). Dauletbekov defeated 2022 U23 World champion Tatsuya Shirai. Japan’s only winner, Kaito Morikawa, won two matches today. Japan will be third in the Group, and will not advance to Sunday’s matches.

Group B men
All-World Team 9, Japan 1

57 kg: Zelimkhan Abakarov (All World/Albania) dec. Taichi Yamaguchi (Japan), 3-0
61 kg: - Kaito Morikawa (Japan) tech. fall Georgi Vangelov (All World/Bulgaria), 10-0, 1:18
65 kg - Zhumashbek Uulu Taiyrbek (Kyrgyzstan) dec. Ryoma Anraku (Japan), 4-1
70 kg: Ernazar Akmataliev (All World/Kyrgyzstan) tech fall. Keitaro Ono (Japan), 11-0, 1:34
74 kg: Tajmuraz Salkazanov (All World/Slovakia) tech. fall Kirin Kinoshita (Japan), 10-0 2:33
79 kg: Arsalan Budazhapov (All World/Kyrgyzstan) dec.Yajiro Yamasaki (Japan), 5-2
86 kg: Azamat Dauletbekov (All World/Kazakhstan) tech. fall Tatsuya Shirai (Japan), 11-0, 5:49
92 kg: Osman Nurmagomedov (All World/Azerbaijan) tech fall Sotoshi Miura (Japan), 11-0, 0:40
97 kg: Batyrbek Tsakulov (All World/Slovakia) tech fall Takahashi Ishiguro (Japan), 10-0, 0:43
125 kg: Oleksandr Khotsianivskyi (All World/Ukraine) tech. fall Hiroto Ninomiya (Japan), 11-0, 1:38
Team Records: All World 1-0, Japan 0-2

Georgia men beat Mongolia 7-3, to win its first Group A match

Georgia, bolstered by three forfeit wins, handily beat Mongolia, 7-3, to claim its opening Group A match. Georgia won six matches in a row in the middleweights to guarantee the win. Georgia secured a pin from Giorgi Salava (74 kg) and technical fall victories from Giorgi Edbakidze (70 kg) and Vladimeri Gamkrelidze (79 kg). Of the seven bouts actually held, Mongolia had three wins, all by past World medalists: Zanabazar Zandanbud (57 kg), Tulga Tumur Ochir (65 kg) and Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur (285). Mongolia is finished at the World Cup with an 0-2 record as third-place finishers in each Group do not compete Sunday.

Group A men
Georgia 7, Mongolia 3
57 kg –Zanabazar Zandanbud (Mongolia) dec. Beka Bujiashvili (Georgia). 9-6
61 kg – Teimuraz Vanishvili (Georgia) won by forfeit
65 kg - Tulga Tumur Ochir (Mongolia) tech fall Beka Lomadze (Georgia), 11-0, 5:10
70 kg – Giorgi Ekbakidze (Georgia) tech fall Tsogtbaatar Damdinbazar (Mongolia), 11-1, 1:54
74 kg - Giorgi Sulava (Georgia) pin Sumiyabazar Zandanbud (Mongolia), 5:37
79 kg - Vladimeri Gamkrelidze (Georgia) tech fall Batmagnai Batchuluun (Mongolia), 12-2, 3:36
86 kg – Sandro Aminashvili (Georgia) dec. Bat Erdene Byambasuren (Mongolia), 8-1
92 kg - Miriani Maisuradze (Georgia) won by forfeit
97 kg - Givi Matcharashvili (Georgia) won by forfeit
125 kg - Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur (Mongolia) pin Soloman Manashvili (Georgia), 2:48
Records: Georgia 1-0, Mongolia 0-2

Ukrainian women beat Mongolia in Group A, 7-3, with four pins

Ukraine defeated Mongolia 7-3 in their first match of the day. After dropping matches at 50 and 53 kg, three Ukrainians won consecutively by fall, including Alina Hrushyna at 55 kg who defeated Olympic bronze medalist Bolortuya Bat-Ochir. The others with pins for Ukraine were past World champ Yulia Tkach Ostapchuk (57 kg), Iryna Bondar (59 kg), and later Anastasiia Osnaich Shustova (76 kg), The only wrestler to halt the remaining Ukrainian win-steak was Mongolia’s World champion Tserenchimed Sukhee at 62 kg. Kateryna Zelenykh’s win by decision at 65 kg came in the final seconds of the match as she secured a late takedown to advance her win to 12-10.

Group A Women
Ukraine 7, Mongolia 3
50 kg – Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) dec. Oksana Livach (Ukraine), 8-2
53 kg –Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia) dec. Albina Rillia (Ukraine), 6-4
55 kg – Alina Hrushyna (Ukraine) pin Bolortuya Bat-Ochir (Mongolia), 2:12
57 kg – Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk (Ukraine) pin Erdenesuvd Bat Erdene (Mongolia), 0:25
59 kg – Iryna Bondar (Ukraine) pin Davaachimeg Erkhembayar (Mongolia), 1:00
62 kg – Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia) dec. Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine), 12-7
65 kg – Kateryna Zelenykh (Ukraine) dec. Orkhon Purevdorh (Mongolia), 12-10
68 kg – Tetiana Sova Rizhko (Ukraine) dec. Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia), 5-2
72 kg – Alla Belinska (Ukraine) dec. Davaanasan Enk Amar (Mongolia), 6-5
76 kg – Anastasiia Osniach Shustova (Ukraine) pin Ekhkbayar Tsevegmed (Mongolia), 0:56
Team Records: Ukraine 1-0, Mongolia 1-1


Mongolia women beat Japan 5-5 in Group A, on criteria with late rally

Mongolia opened its Group A women’s action with a comeback 5-5 win over a young Japanese team on criteria. Japan won four of the first five matches, but all were by decision. After past World champion –Tserenchimed Sukhee of Mongolia edged Yui Sakano, 7-5 at 65 kg, Mongolia got on a run, winning four of the last five matches. At 68 kg, Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan of Mongolia pin Kumi Kobayashi in 1:30, getting key bonus points, and a forfeit win by Davaanasan Enk Amar of Mongolia at 72 kg added more points. Japan won the last match at 76 kg by decision, not enough to catch up with Mongolia in classification points

Group A Women
Mongolia 5, Japan 5 (criteria - classification points)

50 kg – Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) dec. Hanano Sakurai (Japan), 3-3
53 kg – Rino Kataoka (Japan) dec. Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia), 5-1
55 kg – Moe Kiyooka (Japan) dec. Bolortuya Bat Ochir (Mongolia), 6-4
57 kg – Ruka Natami (Japan) dec. Erdenesuvd Bat Erdene (Mongolia), 3-0
59 kg – Himeka Tokuhara (Japan) vs. Davaachimeg Erkhembayar (Mongolia), 5-3
62 kg –Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia) dec. Yui Sakano (Japan), 7-5
65 kg –Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia) dec. Miyu Imai (Japan), 5-1
68 kg – Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia) pin Kumi Kobayashi (Japan), 1:30
72 kg – Davaanasan Enk Amar (Mongolia) forfeit Yuka Fujikura (Japan)
76 kg – Nodoka Yamamoto (Japan) dec. Burmaa Ochirbat (Mongolia), 2-0
Team Records: Mongolia 1-0, Japan 0-1

Iran men hammer Japan, 9-1 in Group B action

Iran outclassed a young Japanese men’s team, 9-1, to open its Group B action. Iran even sat out a few of their top athletes. Five Iranians scored technical falls, all in the upper weights. Ali Bakhtiar Savadkouhi (79 kg), Alireza Mohammad Karimimachiani (86 kg), two-time World champion Kamran Ghasempour (92 kg), Amirali Azarpira (97 kg) and Amirreza Masoumi Valadi (125 kg). Japan’s only winner was Kaito Morikawa (61 kg)

Group B Men
Iran 9, Japan 1

57 kg – Reza Hossein Momenijoujadeh (Iran) dec. Taichi Yamaguchi (Japan), 6-5
61 kg – Kaito Morikawa (Japan) tech. fall Ebrahim Esmaili Elahichouran (Iran), 13-2, 5:32
65 kg – Mohammadreza Bagheriheidarabadi (Iran) dec. Ryoma Anraku (Japan), 2-1
70 kg – Aliakbar Fazlikhalili (Iran) dec. Keitaro Ono (Japan), 9-6
74 kg – Mohmmadsadegh Firouzpourbandpei (Iran) dec. Kirin Kinoshita (Japan), 3-1
79 kg –Ali Bakhtiar Savadkouhi (Iran) tech. fall Yajiro Yamasaki (Japan), 11-0, 4:09
86 kg – Alireza Mohammad Karimimachiani (Iran) tech. fall Tatsuya Shirai (Japan), 11-0, 5:44
92 kg – Kamran Ghasempour (Iran) tech. fall Sotoshi Miura or Hikaru Abe (Japan), 10-0, 2:27
97 kg – Amirali Azarpira (Iran) tech. fall Takahashi Ishiguro (Japan), 13-2, 3:24
125 kg – Amirreza Masoumi Valadi (Iran) tech. fall Hiroto Ninomiya (Japan), 10-0, 1:51
Team Records: Iran 1-0, Japan 0-1
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