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The first National Girls High School Pound-For-Pound Rankings released, which will become a regular feature

by USA Wrestling, FloWrestling, National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Kennedy Blades in her wrestling stance during the finals of the U.S. Olympic Team TrialsKennedy Blades of Illinois at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.

USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum partner on the National Girls High School Wrestling Rankings.

Today, the committee which selects the rankings published its first Pound-For-Pound ranking, in which athletes from all weight classes are evaluated. This ranking evaluates all girls enrolled in grades 8-12, and athletes from all 50 states are eligible for selection.

The committee has noted that Pound-For-Pound rankings are often provided within boys high school wrestling, and that the girls high school wrestling community should also have this ranking. From this point on, whenever the National Girls High School Rankings are published, a Pound-For-Pound ranking will be included alongside the individual rankings in each weight class.

The first Pound-For-Pound ranking comes shortly after the most recent national ranking in each weight class, which was published on May 28.

Athletes who are injured for an extended time frame will not be included in the ranking until they are able to return to competition. Those athletes being considered are expected to have competed in a major national competition within the past year in order to be included in the Pound-For-Pound ranking.

The No. 1 athlete in the first Pound-For-Pound ranking is Kennedy Blades of Illinois, who was second in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, and earned a spot on the 2021 U.S. Junior World Team. The No. 2 spot went to Kylie Welker of Wisconsin, also an Olympic Trials runner-up and 2021 U.S. Junior World Team member.

No. 3 Amit Elor of California and No. 4 Korina Blades of Illinois earned spots on both the 2021 U.S. Junior World Team and the 2021 U.S. Cadet World Team. No. 5 Sage Mortimer of Utah was third in the recent UWW Junior World Team Trials.

Coaches, parents and athletes are encouraged to provide information about specific athletes and their achievements throughout the year for the committee to consider. If they have information on specific girls who should be considered for ranking or updates on their achievements, please send it by email to The quality of these rankings continue to improve as people choose to share updated information.


Developed by USA Wrestling, Flowrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

June 2, 2021

1. Kennedy Blades, junior, Broadview, Ill., Wyoming Seminary (1 at 152)

2. Kylie Welker, junior, Waterford, Wis., Springs Studio (CO) (1 at 164)

3. Amit Elor, Concord, Calif., junior, College Park High School, (2 at 152)

4. Korina Blades, junior, Broadview, Ill., Wyoming Seminary (PA) (1 at 138)

5. Sage Mortimer, senior, Mapleton, Utah, American Leadership Academy (1 at 117)

6. London Houston, senior, Federal Way, Wash., Federal Way High School (1 at 132)

7. Samara Chavez, senior, Arlington, Texas, Arlington Martin High School (1 at 112)

8. Lillian Freitas, junior, Modesto, Calif., Wyoming Seminary (PA) (2 at 164)

9. Chloe Ogden, senior, Geneva, Fla., Lake Highland Prep High School (2 at 138)

10. Katie Gomez, junior, Van Nuys, Calif., Birmingham High School (2 at 117)

11. Katerina Lange, senior, Sherburn, Minn., Martin County West High School (1 at 144)

12. Cheyenne Bowman, senior, LaHabra, Calif., Rowland High School (3 at 152)

13. Claire Dicugno, senior, Lake Tapps, Wash.,White River High School (1 at 127)

14. Mia Palumbo, senior, Oak Lawn, Ill., Richards High School (2 at 112)

15. Audrey Jimenez, freshman, Tucson, Ariz., Sunnyside High School (1 at 106)

16. Faith Cole, junior, Pacific, Mo., Wildwood High School (2 at 106)

17. Olivia Shore, senior, St. Paris, Ohio, Miami East High School (3 at 106)

18. Ava Ward, eighth grader, Centralia, Mo., Centerline High School (1 at 100)

19. Savannah Cosme, junior, Denver, Colo., Chatfield High School (2 at 127)

20. Amani Jones, senior, McDonough, Ga. Ola High School (1 at 122)

21. Brittyn Corbishley, senior, The Woodlands, Texas, College Park High School (1 at 180)

22. Grace Stem, junior, Snow Shoe, Pa., Bald Eagle Area High School (2 at 144)

23. Shelby Moore, sophomore, Buckley, Wash., White River High School (2 at 122)

24. Alexis Janiak, junior, Plainfield, Ill., Plainfield South High School (3 at 127)

25. Eliana Bommarito, junior, Brighton Mich. Hartland High School (1 at 225)