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FLASH: Lehigh wins EIWA title with four champions and 10 qualifiers, Navy takes second

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling,

Photo of EIWA champion Malyke Hines of Lehigh by Sam Janicki.

MANHEIM, Pa. - Lehigh won the 117the EIWA Championships, held for the first time in an off-campus setting, at Spooky Nook Sports Complex on Friday.

Led by four champions, Lehigh repeated as EIWA team champions with 158.5 points, with Navy in second with 129 points and Army West Point in third with 119.5 points. It was Lehigh's fourth straight conference title.

Individual champions for Lehigh included Jaret Lane (125), Malyke Hines (133), John Jakobsen (197) and Jordan Wood (285). Lehigh qualified all 10 of its wrestlers for the NCAA Championships.

Wood became the first four-time EIWA heavyweight champion in the 117 year history of the EIWA, which is the nation’s longest-running conference event. He defeated Robert Heald of Army West Point in the finals, 6-0.

Lehigh won three of the major awards for the tournament: Coach of the Year (Pat Santoro), Fletcher Award for most cumulative team points at EIWA during career (Wood), and Billy Sheridan most falls (Jakobsen).

Navy had only one individual champion, Cody Trybus (141), but added four runners-up and seven NCAA qualifiers. Trybus repeated as an EIWA champion, defeating Lane Peters of Army West Point in the finals 4-0. Cary Kolat, in his first year as Navy head coach, led the Midshipmen to seven NCAA qualifiers.

Other individual champions were PJ Ogunsanya of Army West Point (149), Holden Heller of Hofstra (157), Zach Hartman of Bucknell (165), Ben Pasiuk of Army West Point (174) and Lou DePrez of Binghamton (184).

DePrez repeated as EIWA champion, beating Navy’s David Key, 8-3, with dominance from his feet. Hartman beat defending champion Tanner Skidgel of Navy in the finals, 9-0, getting a number of tilts in the final period. Hartman was named Outstanding Wrestler of this year's EIWA Championships.

Sacred Heart had its first EIWA finalist ever, with No. 7 seed Nick Palumbo reaching the finals at 157 before falling to Heller, 6-2.

NCAA qualifiers were Lehigh (10), Navy (7), Hofstra (7), Army West Point (6), Drexel (6), Binghamton (3), Sacred Heart (2), Bucknell (2) and American (2).

Seven teams did not participate this year due to the pandemic, the six Ivy League programs (Cornell, Penn, Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, Brown) and Franklin & Marshall.

More information will be updated soon.

at Manheim, Pa., February 26

125 pounds (3 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - Jaret Lane (Lehigh) DEC Logan Treaster (Navy), 5-0
3rd - Gage Curry (American) DEC Micah Roes (Binghamton), 6-2
5th - Dylan Ryder (Hofstra) DEC Brandon Seidman (Bucknell), 6-2 SV
7th - Kyle Waterman (Drexel) DEC Ryan Chauvin (Army West Point), 4-3

133 pounds (3 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - Malyke Hines (Lehigh) DEC Jacob Allen (Navy), 4-2
3rd - Darren Miller (Bucknell) DEC Garrett Lambert (Hofstra), 5-0
5th - Mark Montgomery (Army West Point) MD Chandler Olson (Drexel), 16-3
7th - Anthony Sobotker (Binghamton) DEC Kyle Randall (Sacred Heart), 10-6

141 pounds (5 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - Cody Trybus (Navy) DEC Lane Peters (Army West Point), 4-0
3rd - Connor Mcgonagle (Lehigh) DEC Julian Flores (Drexel), 3-0
5th -Vinny Vespa (Hofstra) DEC Drew Witham (Long Island U), 6-1
7th - Kurt Phipps (Bucknell) M FOR Patrick Ryan (American)

149 pounds (4 NCAA qualifiers)

1st - Pj Ogunsanya (Army West Point) DEC Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh), 8-3
3rd - Luke Nichter (Drexel) DEC Greg Gaxiola (Hofstra), 6-2
5th - Matthew Kolonia (Bucknell) DEC Michael Zarif (Binghamton), 3-2
7th - Chris Gomez (Long Island U) DEC Seth Brown (Sacred Heart), 8-3

157 pounds (5 NCAA qualifiers)

1st - Holden Heller (Hofstra) DEC Nick Palumbo (Sacred Heart), 6-2
3rd - Andrew Cerniglia (Navy) MD Luca Frinzi (Lehigh), 10-1
5th - Parker Kropman (Drexel) DEC Jaden Fisher (Bucknell), 6-5
7th - Rhise Royster (Long Island U) DEC Matt Swanson (Binghamton), 9-4

165 pounds (5 NCAA qualifiers)

1st - Zach Hartman (Bucknell) MD Tanner Skidgel (Navy), 9-0
3rd - Brian Meyer (Lehigh) DEC Evan Barczak (Drexel), 6-3
5th - Ricky Stamm (Hofstra) DEC Clayton Fielden (Army West Point), 4-3
7th - Ryan Ferro (Long Island U) DEC Brevin Cassella (Binghamton), 3-0

174 pounds (5 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - Ben Pasiuk (Army West Point) DEC Michael O'Malley (Drexel), 2-1
3rd - Tim Fitzpatrick (American) M FOR Jake Logan (Lehigh)
5th - Jacob Nolan (Binghamton) DEC Vincent Andreano (Bucknell), 11-4
7th - Dean Caravela (Navy) M FOR Ross Mcfarland (Hofstra), 5-2 5:03

184 pounds (6 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - Lou Deprez (Binghamton) DEC David Key (Navy), 8-3
3rd - Charles Small (Hofstra) DEC Taylor Brown (Army West Point), 3-2
5th - Dylan Ammerman (Lehigh) FOR Joe Accousti (Sacred Heart), 0-0
7th - Josh Stillings (Drexel) DEC Frank Guida (Bucknell), 3-2

197 pounds (5 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - John Jakobsen (Lehigh) DEC Jt Brown (Army West Point), 3-0
3rd - Jacob Koser (Navy) M FOR Bryan Mclaughlin (Drexel)
5th - Trey Rogers (Hofstra) M FOR Robert Hetherman (Sacred Heart)
7th - Mason Mccready (Bucknell) DEC Sam Deprez (Binghamton), 9-7 SV

285 pounds (4 NCAA qualifiers)
1st - Jordan Wood (Lehigh) DEC Robert Heald (Army West Point), 6-0
3rd - Zachary Knighton-ward (Hofstra) DEC Joe Doyle (Binghamton), 7-2
5th - John Birchmeier (Navy) DEC Sean O'malley (Drexel), 3-2
7th - Dorian Crosby (Bucknell) MD Dante Delbonis (Sacred Heart), 16-4

Team Standings
1. Lehigh 158.5
2. Navy 129
3. Army West Point 119.5
4. Hofstra 106.5
5. Drexel 89.5
6. Bucknell 84.5
7. Binghamton 75.5
8. Sacred Heart 39
9. American 30.5
10. Long Island U 24.5

Coaches' Trophy for Outstanding Wrestler of the EIWA Championships
: Zach Hartman, Bucknell University
John Fletcher Memorial Award for most cumulative team points at the EIWA Championships during his career - Jordan Wood, Lehigh University -- 87.0 points
Billy Sheridan Memorial Award for most falls in least time in the championship bracket - John Jakobsen, Lehigh University, 2 falls in 9:34
EIWA Coach of the Year, voted by the head coaches - Pat Santoro, Lehigh University
Good Sportsmanship Award, voted by the working officials of the EIWA Championships - Long Island University

The 118th EIWA tournament will be held at The Palestra at the University of Pennsylvania, on the weekend of March 4-6, 2022.

NCAA qualifiers

Lehigh (10)
Jaret Lane (1st at 125)
Malyke Hines (1st at 133)
Connor McGonagle (3rd at 141)
Jimmy Hoffman (2nd at 149)
Luca Finzi (4th at 157)
Brian Meyer (3rd at 165)
Jake Logan (4th at 174)
Dylan Ammerman (5th at 184)
John Jakobsen (1st at 197)
Jordan Wood (1st at 285)

Navy (7)
Logan Treaster (2nd at 125)
Jacob Allen (2nd at 133)
Cody Trybus (1st at 141)
Andrew Cerniglia (3rd at 157)
Tanner Skidgel (2nd at 165)
David Key (2nd at 184)
Jacob Koser (3rd at 197)

Hofstra (7)
Vinny Vespa (5th at 141)
Greg Gaxiola (4th at 149)
Holden Heller (1st at 157)
Ricky Stamm (5th at 165)
Charles Small (3rd at 184)
Trey Rogers (5th at 197)
Zachary Knighton-Ward (3rd at 285)

Army West Point (6)

Lane Peters (2nd at 141)
P.J. Ogansanya (1st at 149)
Ben Pasiuk (1st at 174)
Taylor Brown (4th at 184)
JT Brown (2nd at 197)
Robert Heald (2nd at 285)

Drexel (6)
Julian Flores (3rd at 141)
Lyke Nichter (3rd at 149)
Parker Kropman (5th at 165)
Evan Barczak (4th at 165)
Michael O’Malley (2nd at 174)
Bryan McLaughlin (4th at 197)

Binghamton (3)
Jacob Nolan (5th at 174)
Lou DePrez (1st at 184)
Joe Doyle (4th at 285)

Sacred Heart (2)
Nick Palumbo (2nd at 157)
Joe Accousti (6th at 184)

Bucknell (2)
Darren Miller (3rd at 133)
Zach Hartman (1st at 165)

American (2)
Gage Curry (3rd at 125)
Tim Fitzpatrick (3rd at 174)

Semifinal results

Jaret Lane (Lehigh) DEC Micah Roes (Binghamton), 6-0
Logan Treaster (Navy) DEC Gage Curry (American), 4-0

Malyke Hines (Lehigh) MD Chandler Olson (Drexel), 8-0
Jacob Allen (Navy) DEC Mark Montgomery (Army West Point), 3-1 SV

Cody Trybus (Navy) DEC Connor Mcgonagle (Lehigh), 2-1
Lane Peters (Army West Point) MD Vinny Vespa (Hofstra), 10-2

PJ Ogunsanya (Army West Point) DEC Greg Gaxiola (Hofstra), 10-4
Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh) TF Luke Nichter (Drexel), 16-0 4:33

Holden Heller (Hofstra) MD Jaden Fisher (Bucknell), 11-3
Nick Palumbo (Sacred Heart) DEC Parker Kropman (Drexel), 10-4

Zach Hartman (Bucknell) DEC Evan Barczak (Drexel), 5-2
Tanner Skidgel (Navy) DEC Brian Meyer (Lehigh), 3-0

Michael O'malley (Drexel) DEC Jake Logan (Lehigh), 2-1 TB2
Ben Pasiuk (Army West Point) TF Tim Fitzpatrick (American), 19-3 6:38

Lou Deprez (Binghamton) DEF Charles Small (Hofstra), 6-1 1:31
David Key (Navy) DEC Taylor Brown (Army West Point), 7-2

John Jakobsen (Lehigh) F Bryan Mclaughlin (Drexel), 6:44
JT Brown (Army West Point) DEC Jacob Koser (Navy), 3-2 TB2

Jordan Wood (Lehigh) DEC Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra), 2-0
Robert Heald (Army West Point) DEC John Birchmeier (Navy), 5-1

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