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Urbas earns Outstanding Wrestler honors with quick technical fall, Walz defeats Honis at PRTC’s Summit 2

by Mike Willis, USA Wrestling

Feature Photo of Cole Urbas courtesy of Justin Hoch.

The Pennsylvania Regional Training Center and the Wrestlers in Business Network Philadelphia Chapter hosted their second event tonight, “Summit 2”. The card featured middle school, high school, U23 and Senior-level action.

The PRTC’s Cole Urbas earned the night’s Outstanding Wrestler Award with an impressive, 10-0, victory over the NJRTC’s CJ Brucki. Urbas, a 2020 NCAA qualifier as a true freshman, scored a quick takedown, locking up a gut wrench and promptly wrapped the match up with four consecutive turns.

This was Brucki’s second match of the night. The two-time Senior Nationals place winner also wrestled a barnburner with Max Dean of the Spartan Combat RTC. Brucki got off to a 5-0 lead, but Dean pulled ahead, 6-5, at the end of the first period with a go-behind and two turns with a gut wrench. Brucki reclaimed the lead briefly in the second period with a feet-to-back blast double to pull ahead, 9-6. However, Dean would not be stopped, hitting a go-behind into a big lift for four points. He then added an exposure, extending his lead to 12-9. Keeping the pressure on, Dean hit a powerful cement job, taking Brucki to his back for the fall.

At 99 kg, National Team member Ty Walz of the SERTC defeated the PRTC’s Ben Honis, 9-3, avenging an 11-3 loss from the 2019 U.S. Open semifinals. Honis struck first, scoring on a passivity point, but Walz took the lead before the break, scoring a takedown right before the whistle. In the second period, Walz added a passivity point, extending his lead to 3-1. With a minute remaining in the match, Honis converted on a takedown to take the lead on criteria, 3-3. At the 15 second mark, Walz answered with a feet-to-back takedown, pulling ahead 7-4. He then added two more points with a head pinch before the final whistle.

Matt Cover of the NJRTC registered an impressive win at heavyweight with a, 13-2, technical fall over the PRTC’s Mauro Correnti. Cover quickly took a 9-0 lead in the match on the strength of a step out, a takedown and three sets of exposure points. Correnti scored two step-outs of his own before Cover, who was a freshman at Princeton last season, ended the match with a four-point chest wrap.

Canadian World Team member and Spartan Combat RTC Athlete Jevon Balfour also logged a technical fall victory over the PRTC’s Dan Vallimont. Balfour utilized four takedowns, a step-out point and a passivity point to best Vallimont, 10-0.

In a late addition to the card, the PRTC’s Ryan Miller scored a 12-2 technical fall over Nick Masters of the NJRTC. Masters took the match after competing on the U23 card as well.

The U23 card consisted of 14 matches featuring athletes from the PRTC, the NJRTC and the Spartan Combat RTC. In these bouts, PRTC wrestlers went 9-4 overall and Spartan Combat RTC athletes went a combined 4-1, while NJRTC competitors had a tougher night, finishing 1-9.

Main Card Results
61 kg: Ryan Miller (PRTC) TF Nick Masters (NJRTC), 12-2
92 kg: Max Dean (Spartan Combat RTC) FALL CJ Brucki (NJRTC)
125 kg:  Matt Cover (NJRTC) TF Mauro Correnti (PRTC), 13-2
77 kg: Jevon Balfour (Spartan Combat RTC) TF  Dan Vallimont (PRTC), 10-0
99 kg: Ty Walz (SERTC) DEC Ben Honis (PRTC), 9-3
92 kg: Cole Urbas (PRTC) TF CJ Brucki (NJRTC), 10-0

U23 Results
125 kg: Aiden Connor (NJRTC) DEC Nate Hoaglund (PRTC), 3-1
125 kg: Ben Goldin (PRTC) DEC Matt Cover (NJRTC), 9-3
72 kg: Jeremy Ridge (PRTC) DEC Jack Lang (NJRTC), 5-0
86 kg: Chris Foca (Spartan Combat RTC) DEC Jake Hendricks (PRTC), 6-4
86 kg: Jon Lowe (Spartan Combat RTC) TF John Stout (PRTC), 12-2
76 kg: Cam Connor (PRTC)  DEC Blaine Bergey (NJRTC), 11-8
82 kg: Neil Antrassian (PRTC) DEC Nate Dugan (NJRTC), 19-14
79 kg: Nick Incontrera (PRTC) DEC Grant Cuomo (NJRTC), 9-3
72 kg: Hunter Richard (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Lucas Revano (PRTC), 12-2
71 kg: Doug Zapf (PRTC) DEC Josh Saunders (Spartan Combat RTC), 8-2
76 kg: Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Quincy Monday (NJRTC), 10-0
61 kg: Carmen Ferrante (PRTC) TF Nick Masters (NJRTC), 10-0
63 kg: Michael Colaiocco (PRTC) TF Anthony Clark (NJRTC), 12-0
70 kg: Anthony Artalona (PRTC)  TF Marshall Keller (NJRTC), 10-0