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2022 Southern Scuffle pre-seeds announced

by Southern Scuffle

Pre-Seeds for the 2022 Southern Scuffle, presented by Compound Sportswear, were announced this morning. Missouri leads the field with nine wrestlers in the top-8 spots.

Chattanooga has two listed in the top-8. Senior Fabian Gutierrez is No. 4 at 125 pounds, while junior Matthew Waddell is No. 8 at 184.


1. Killian Cardinale- West Virginia

2. Pat McKee- Minnesota

3. Noah Surtin- Missouri

4. Fabian Gutierrez- Chattanooga

5. Caleb Smith- Appalachian State

6. Reece Witcraft- Oklahoma State

7. Tristan Daugherty- Buffalo

8. Eddie Ventresca- Virginia Tech


1. Rayvon Foley- Michigan State

2. Chance Rich- CSU-Bakkersfield

3. Codi Russell- Appalachian State

4. Jake Gliva- Minnesota

5. Kellyn March- North Dakota State

6. Jackson Disario- Stanford

7. Richie Koehler- Rider

8. Sean Carter- Appalachian State


1. Clay Carlson- South Dakota State

2. Andrew Alirez- Northern Colorado

3. Real Woods- Stanford

4. Allan Hart- Missouri

5. Dusty Hone- Oklahoma State

6. Angelo Martinoni- CSU- Bakersfield

7. Dylan Droegemueller- North Dakota State

8. Cody Phippen- Air Force


1. Jaden Abas- Stanford

2. Jonathan Millner- Appalachian State

3. Josh Finesilver- Duke

4. Josh Edmond- Missouri

5. Alex Madrigal- George Mason

6. Zach Price- South Dakota State

7. Victor Voinovich- Oklahoma State

8. Chris Sandoval- Northern Colorado


1. Brayton Lee- Minnesota

2. Brock Mauller- Missouri

3. Jared Franek- North Dakota State

4. Jarrett Jacques- Missouri

5. Chase Saldate- Michigan State

6. Joe Lee- Penn State

7. AJ Kovacs- North Carolina State

8. Dazjon Casto- The Citadel


1. Keegan O'Toole- Missouri

2. Shane Griffith- Stanford

3. Luke Weber- North Dakota State

4. Peyton Hall- West Virginia

5. William Formato- Appalachian State

6. Thomas Bullard- North Carolina State

7. Andrew Sparks- Minnesota

8. RJ Mosley- Gardner Webb


1. Matt Finesilver- Duke

2. Cade DeVos- South Dakota State

3. Mickey O'Malley- Drexel

4. Peyton Mocco- Missouri

5. Tyler Eischens- Stanford

6. Triston Wills- Little Rock

7. Thomas Flitz- Appalachian State

8. Scott Joll- West Virginia


1. Jon Loew- Cornell

2. Hunter Bolen- Virginia Tech

3. Jeremiah Kent- Missouri

4. Isaiah Salazar- Minnesota

5. Layne Malczewski- Michigan State

6. Kyle Cochran- Maryland

7. Cade King- South Dakota State

8. Matthew Waddell- Chattanooga


1. Rocky Elam- Missouri

2. Michael Beard- Penn State

3. Owen Pentz- North Dakota State

4. Cam Caffey- Michigan State

5. Michael Foy- Minnesota

6. Tanner Sloan- South Dakota State

7. Alan Clothier- Northern Colorado

8. Jaron Smith- Maryland


1. Wyatt Hendrickson- Air Force

2. Lewis Fernandes- Cornell

3. Michael Wolfgram- West Virginia

4. Brandon Metz- North Dakota State

5. AJ Nevills- South Dakota State

6. Hunter Catka- Virginia Tech

7. Owen Trepham- North Carolina State

8. Deonte Wilson- North Carolina State


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