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National No. 1 Gomez, Garcia, Calkins among eight ranked high school titlists at Women’s West Coast Tournament of Champions

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Photo of Katie Gomez of Birmingham High School (CA) by Sam Janicki.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Many of the nation’s best high school girls were showcased in the growing and respected Women’s West Coast Tournament of Champions, which was completed on Saturday night. While most of teams in the tournament were from California, a number of tough out-of-state high schools also entered.

Among the individual champions were three nationally-ranked No. 1 stars, Katie Gomez of Birmingham High School at 127 pounds, Janida Garcia of Central Catholic High School at 138 pounds and Samantha Calkins of Liberty High School at 236 pounds.

Gomez, ranked No. 1 in the nation at 122 pounds, competed at 127 pounds, and scored a 22-8 major decision over Karianne Baldwin of Glacier Peak High School in the finals.

Garcia, who holds her No. 1 ranking at 132 pounds, also move up in weight. She secured a 4-1 win over nationally ranked No. 19 Alexia Bensoussan of Menlo-Atherton High School.

Calkins went undefeated in her weight class, which included pool competition, finished off her gold medal effort with a pin over Casey Rankin of Casa Roble High School in 1:14.

In total, there were eight nationally ranked wrestlers who won Women’s West Coast Tournament of Champions titles. Other champions ranked in the top 10 nationally who came home with titles were No. 2 Paige Morales of Central High School at 107, No. 3 Kiely Tabaldo of Menlo-Atherton High School at 112, No. 5 Shannon Workinger of Quincy High School (WA) at 171, and No. 7 Elena Ivaldi of Del Oro High School at 122.

Paige Morales and Kiely Tabaldo beat other nationally ranked wrestlers in their finals. For Paige Morales, she defeated No. 21 Isabella Morales of Toppenish High School (WA) in the finals, 7-0. Kiely Tabaldo stopped No. 24 Mikayla Garcia of James Logan High School in a 9-0 major decision in the finals.

The other nationally ranked wrestler to win a Women’s West Coast TOC title was No. 16 Lexy Beadles of Calaveras High School, who secured a ranked win in the finals. She pinned No. 22 Karen Salais of Calexico High School in 1:16 for her title.

Two wrestlers who are not yet nationally ranked defeated ranked opponents in their finals.

At 102 pounds, Megan Morales of Central High School, a freshman who is not nationally ranked, scored a pin in 3:24 over nationally ranked No. 23 Jalen Bets of Granada High School in 3:24.

At 132 pounds, Luiza Nogueira of Birmingham High School, stopped No. 20 Gianna DiBenedetto of Bella Vista High School, 6-5.

Other individual champions were Alana Ontiveros of Pitman High School (144), Leah Brown of Whitney High School (151), Ruby Rodriguez-Rios of Toppenish High School of Washington (161) and Haley Gumpfer of Casa Roble High School (190).

The team champion was Toppenish High School of Washington state, which scored 205 points, with Birmingham High School of California in second with 123 points. In addition to Rodriguez-Rios winning a gold medal, Toppenish had five other wrestlers place in the top six of their weight classes.

The tournament had a competitive college division again this year, as well as a new middle school division. The college results will be posted in a different article on

“I started this tournament around five years ago so girls and women could have a quality Tournament of Champions tournament like the boys andmen have in Reno.. It is crazy how it has grown. We added a middle school division this year and will add an elementary division next year. I want it to be the premiere female wrestling event in the country. Next year we will start inviting top high school and middle school girls from out the country,” said tournament director Don J. Martinez, III.

At Roseville, Calif., December 17-18

High School results

1st Place Match - Megan Morales (Central) 17-1, Fr. over No. 23 Jalen Bets (Granada) 3-1, Sr. (Fall 3:24)
3rd Place Match - Jhaile DE Guzman (Moses Lake) 11-2, Jr. over Diamond Lopez (Folsom) 9-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
5th Place Match - Isabel Garcia-Lule (Merrill West) 7-3, Jr. over Taylor Wells (Granite Bay) 4-3, So. (For.)

1st Place Match – No. 2 Paige Morales (Central) 14-0, Jr. over No. 21 Isabella Morales (Toppenish) 6-1, Sr. (Dec 7-0)
3rd Place Match – No. 18 Marisol Rodriguez (James Logan High School) 11-2, Sr. over Lauren Nguyen (Granada) 9-3, So. (Fall 4:30)
5th Place Match - Brianna Vollendroff (Oroville) 10-3, Sr. over Camiya Cook (River City) 3-3, Sr. (Fall 1:30)

1st Place Match – No. 3 Kiely Tabaldo (Menlo-Atherton) 13-0, Jr. over No. 24 Mikayla Garcia (James Logan High School) 9-1, So. (MD 9-0)
3rd Place Match - Jacqueline Hernandez (Frontier) 5-1, Sr. over No. 17 Mia Zuniga (Toppenish) 10-2, Jr. (Dec 6-0)
5th Place Match - Cynthia Meza (Calaveras) 9-5, Fr. over Domonique Lopez (Folsom) 2-3, So. (Fall 1:35)

1st Place Match – No. 16 Lexy Beadles (Calaveras) 8-0, Sr. over No. 22 Karen Salais (Calexico) 7-1, Sr. (Fall 1:16)
3rd Place Match - Amaya Yoshizumi (Bella Vista) 9-1, Sr. over Sara Vela (Westmont) 11-3, Sr. (Dec 8-6)
5th Place Match - Isabelle Silva (Reed) 12-3, Sr. over Hailey Kagle (Orland) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 4:00)

1st Place Match – No. 7 Elena Ivaldi (Del Oro) 14-0, Jr. over Lillian Avalos (Pitman) 12-2, Jr. (Fall 0:58)
3rd Place Match - Jazy Vega (Westmont) 10-2, Sr. over Gabriella Fernandez (Upper Lake) 5-2, So. (Fall 4:58)
5th Place Match – No. 24 Carmella Foley (James Logan High School) 8-3, Jr. over Bailey Cathey (Liberty Ranch) 3-3, Fr. (Fall 1:48)

1st Place Match – No. 1 Katie Gomez (Birmingham) 4-0, Sr. over Karianne Baldwin (Glacier Peak) 10-1, So. (MD 22-8)
3rd Place Match - Kaydence Boyd (Highland (Bakersfield)) 15-1, Jr. over Vanessa Chand (Yuba City) 4-2, Sr. (Fall 0:50)
5th Place Match - Yadhira Rodriguez (Manteca) 8-4, Sr. over Aaliya Crawley (Del Oro) 14-5, Sr. (For.)

1st Place Match - Luiza Nogueira (Birmingham) 11-0, Jr. over No. 20 Gianna DiBenedetto (Bella Vista) 7-2, So. (Dec 6-5)
3rd Place Match - Amadee Garcia (Yuba City) 5-1, Sr. over Madeline Young (Upper Lake) 4-2, Jr. (Fall 3:43)
5th Place Match - Nhu Tran (James Logan High School) 11-4, Sr. over Kayleen Tuavao (Tokay) 4-3, Fr. (Fall 2:45)

1st Place Match – No. 1 Janida Garcia (Central Catholic) 14-0, Jr. over No. 19 Alexia Bensoussan (Menlo-Atherton) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match – No. 11 Taydem Khamjoi (Chavez (Stockton)) 5-1, Jr. over Ruby Clark (Toppenish) 9-2, So. (Fall 1:18)
5th Place Match - Celina Cooke (Reed) 13-4, Sr. over Cynthia Isordia (Tokay) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 1:12)

1st Place Match - Alana Ontiveros (Pitman) 12-1, Jr. over Estella Rodriguez (Foothill High (Bakersfield)) 13-4, Sr. (Fall 3:02)
3rd Place Match – No. 5 Avangeline Turner (Davis) 16-1, So. over Megan Stottsberry (Orland) 4-2, Jr. (Fall 1:47)
5th Place Match - Monique Young (Natomas) 5-2, Sr. over Kaylee Ceja (Liberty Ranch) 11-5, Jr. (Fall 1:43)

1st Place Match - Leah Brown (Whitney) 7-0, Sr. over Katelyn Cardoza (Ripon) 11-3, Sr. (Fall 1:56)
3rd Place Match - Abby Siecienski (Albany) 8-2, Sr. over Jocelyn Velasco (Toppenish) 7-4, Jr. (Dec 5-1)
5th Place Match - Hannah Henriquez (Mt Eden) 9-3, Sr. over Audrey Chavez (Golden Valley (Bakersfield)) 9-3, Jr. (For.)

1st Place Match - Ruby Rodriguez-Rios (Toppenish) 10-0, Jr. over Brooke Logan (Live Oak) 10-1, Sr. (Fall 4:54)
3rd Place Match - Kalila Shrive (Merrill West) 9-1, Jr. over Kylie Leaty (Yuba City) 5-2, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:26 (16-1))
5th Place Match - Tayler Marshall (Tokay) 4-3, Sr. over Ashleigh Cavender (Ponderosa) 10-5, Jr. (Fall 1:45)
7th Place Match - Mariah Fales (East Nicolaus) 8-8, So. over Bethsabee Juarez (Toppenish) 5-7, Jr. (Fall 1:31)
9th Place Match - Ava Begovic (Eureka Senior) 9-4, Jr. over Bailey Gutierrez (Birmingham) 3-3, Fr. (Fall 3:08)
11th Place Match - Anikah Mercado (Golden Valley (Bakersfield)) 10-6, Fr. over Reybline Alvarez (Mission Oaks) 2-16, Sr. (For.)
13th Place Match - Cherish Teasley (Liberty) 5-7, Fr. over semaurah collins (Monterey Trail) 5-5, Sr. (For.)
15th Place Match - Bella Hensley (Folsom)

1st Place Match – No. 5 Shannon Workinger (Quincy) 11-0, Sr. over Kathryn Hingano (Rio Linda) 11-1, So. (Fall 1:28)
3rd Place Match - Jolette Torres (Windsor) 10-3, Jr. over Sophia Yurkovich (Liberty) 6-4, Jr. (Fall 0:35)
5th Place Match - Jayden Knox (Mountain House) 6-2, Sr. over Alex Lujan (Menlo-Atherton) 10-4, Sr. (SV-1 6-4)

1st Place Match - Haley Gumpfer (Casa Roble) 8-0, Sr. over Naomi Roby (Golden Valley (Bakersfield)) 14-3, Jr. (Fall 3:38)
3rd Place Match - Myles Medrano (Foothill High (Bakersfield)) 10-5, Sr. over Leah Sim (Casa Roble) 7-2, Sr. (Fall 2:30)
5th Place Match - Czharris Sanders (Natomas) 3-2, So. over Madison Lee (Oroville) 6-7, Jr. (Fall 3:50)
7th Place Match - Rylee Blackham (Morro Bay) 2-3, Jr. over elizabeth reynaga-nunez (Monterey Trail) 1-4, Jr. (For.)

1st Place Match – No. 1 Samantha Calkins (Liberty) 9-0, Sr. over Casey Rankin (Casa Roble) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 1:14)
3rd Place Match - Makayla Torres (Toppenish) 10-2, Fr. over Gemma Templeman (Rocklin) 12-2, So. (M. For.)
5th Place Match - Emma Ford (Bella Vista) 10-3, Fr. over Angela Schykerynec (Orland) 3-4, Jr. (Fall 3:25)
7th Place Match - Rebekkah Westmoreland (Windsor) 8-5, Sr. over Julia Gomez (East Nicolaus) 9-7, So. (Fall 4:27)
9th Place Match - Calista Randolph (Calaveras) 8-3, Sr. over Amber guglielmi (Colfax) 11-5, Sr. (Dec 8-1)
11th Place Match - Skyler Bruno (Golden Valley (Bakersfield)) 14-8, Jr. over Chandlyr Hewitt (Oroville) 3-6, Jr. (Dec 7-4)
13th Place Match - Elora Parises (Lodi) 3-4, Jr. by forfeit
15th Place Match - Georgina Mendez (Birmingham) 1-5, Jr.

Team Standings
1 Toppenish, WA , 205.0
2. Birmingham, CA 123.0
3 Yuba City, CA 102.0
4 Liberty, CA 97.0
5 James Logan High School, CA 92.5
6 Menlo-Atherton, CA, 89.5
7 Casa Roble, CA 87.0
8 Tokay, CA 86.0
9 Golden Valley (Bakersfield), CA 84.0
10 Bella Vista, CA 82.0
11 Orland, CA 77.0
12 Merrill West, CA 74.5
13 Calaveras, CA 74.0
14 Central, CA 71.0
15 Foothill High (Bakersfield), CA 70.0
16 Windsor, CA 64.0
17 Reed, NV 63.5
18 Pitman, CA 58.0
19 Del Oro, CA 55.0
19 East Nicolaus, CA 55.0
19 Granada, CA 55.0
19 Live Oak, CA 55.0
Of 90 teams represented
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