The U.S. men’s freestyle team poses after the U17 Pan American Championships.

The U.S. men’s freestyle team poses after the U17 Pan American Championships.


U.S. wins six men’s freestyle golds, Saldate awarded Golden Boot at U17 Pan American Championships

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Team USA concluded the U17 Pan American Championships at Pabellón de Balonmano in Santo Domingo with its third 10-for-10 medal performance of the week, claiming six gold medals, a silver medal and three bronze medals in men’s freestyle.

Nevada native Manuel Saldate brought home the Golden Boot award presented to the outstanding wrestler of the tournament. He dominated the 60 kg bracket to the tune of one pin and three technical falls across four matches. Saldate posted an 11-0 win over Canada’s Ryan Dahcha in the gold medal match.

Saldate was one of four American men to pick up gold medals in both Greco-Roman and freestyle this week. Illinois’ Wyatt Medlin achieved the feat at 65 kg, Oklahoma’s Joseph Jeter did so at 71 kg, and Utah’s Trayvn Boger pulled the double at 110 kg. Jeter was the Golden Boot recipient for the Greco-Roman tournament.

Maryland native Emmitt Sherlock rebounded from a bronze medal performance in Greco-Roman to bonus his way through the 80 kg freestyle bracket. Sherlock went 3-0 with two shutout technical falls and an 11-second pin. He took out Luis Figuereo Suero of Dominican Republic, 11-0, in the gold medal final.

Also upgrading his medal from Greco-Roman to freestyle was 45 kg champion Loc Webber of Ohio. Webber tuned up his first two foes, 10-0, before exacting some revenge against Ecuador’s Ronald Morales Garcia in the finals, 12-10. Morales Garcia defeated Webber 9-0 in the Greco-Roman final on Thursday.

Virginia native Carter Shin was upended in the 48 kg finals by Andre Huarcaya Lopez of Peru, 12-0, to bring home a silver medal. He was the Greco-Roman champion in the weight class earlier in the week.

Three more Americans made it to the podium with bronze medal finishes—Arseni Kikiniou at 51 kg, Slater Hicks at 55 kg and Evan McGuire at 92 kg.

All told, the U.S. freestylers gathered a 30-4 combined record with three victories by pin, 20 by technical fall, six by decision and one via forfeit.

Team USA emerged atop the team standings with 215 points. Canada finished in second place with 141 points. Puerto Rico rounded out the top three with 140 points.

Five competitors in Santo Domingo will represent the U.S. at the upcoming U17 World Championships in Amman, Jordan—Webber, Jeter, Sherlock, McGuire and Boger. All five won the U17 World Team Trials in Greco-Roman. Sherlock was a champion in both styles.

Brackets for each style and match-by-match results are available on UWW Arena. Archived matches of the event can be found at

2024 U17 Pan American Championships | June 27-29, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Men’s Freestyle Results

Team Standings

1. United States, 215

2. Canada, 141

3. Puerto Rico, 140

4. Peru, 95

5. Dominican Republic, 72

6. Mexico, 67

7. Guatemala, 61

8. Brazil, 59

9. Venezuela, 54

10. Ecuador, 36

45 kg

Gold – Loc Webber (United States)

Silver – Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador)

Bronze – Jan Claude Franco Acho (Peru)

Bronze – Fabian Sanchez Molina (Puerto Rico)

5th – Tayim Dahcha (Canada)

5th – Deivy Ortiz Cuervo (Colombia)

7th – Joan Hernandez Tavarez (Dominican Republic)

8th – Pyetro Pereira Oliveira (Brazil)

Gold – Loc Webber (United States) dec. Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), 12-10

Bronze – Jan Claude Franco Acho (Peru) tech. fall Tayim Dahcha (Canada), 10-0

Bronze – Fabian Sanchez Molina (Puerto Rico) dec. Deivy Ortiz Cuervo (Colombia), 7-2

48 kg

Gold – Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru)

Silver – Carter Shin (United States)

Bronze – Nathaniel Lyttle (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Christopher Archila Gutierrez (Guatemala)

5th – Anderson Franco Guzman (Venezuela)

5th – Wane Galan Perez (Dominican Republic)

7th – Carlos Orozco Flores (Mexico)

8th – Ben Remillard (Canada)

9th – Claudio Sosa Carpio (Ecuador)

Gold – Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru) tech. fall Carter Shin (United States), 12-0

Bronze – Nathaniel Lyttle (Puerto Rico) dec. Anderson Franco Guzman (Venezuela), 8-4

Bronze – Christopher Archila Gutierrez (Guatemala) dec. Wane Galan Perez (Dominican Republic), 7-4

51 kg

Gold – Frederick Bachmann Jr (Puerto Rico)

Silver – Jhon Ramirez Munoz (Colombia)

Bronze – Arseni Kikiniou (United States)

Bronze – Aaharen Piranavan (Canada)

5th – Moises Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador)

5th – Yerison Matos Romero (Dominican Republic)

7th – Erick Choc Choc (Guatemala)

8th – Luan Alves Cabral (Brazil)

9th – Dariel Rosas Bernal (Mexico)

10th – Ezekiel Ivri (Jamaica)

Gold – Frederick Bachmann Jr (Puerto Rico) tech. fall Jhon Ramirez Munoz (Colombia), 10-0

Bronze – Arseni Kikiniou (United States) dec. Moises Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador), 8-6

Bronze – Aaharen Piranavan (Canada) fall Yerison Matos Romero (Dominican Republic), 1:18

55 kg

Gold – Joseph Bachmann (Puerto Rico)

Silver – Gabriel Licon Ramirez (Venezuela)

Bronze – Slater Hicks (United States)

Bronze – Hugo Lopez y Lopez (Guatemala)

5th – Nathan Nash (Canada)

6th – Mario Acosta Ortiz (El Salvador)

7th – Victor Lopez Davila (Mexico)

8th – Josting Ramirez Herrera (Colombia)

9th – Eduardo Davila Davila (Ecuador)

10th – Reik Valiente Huayllasco (Peru)

Gold – Joseph Bachmann (Puerto Rico) dec. Gabriel Licon Ramirez (Venezuela), 5-2

Bronze – Slater Hicks (United States) tech. fall Nathan Nash (Canada), 13-2

Bronze – Hugo Lopez y Lopez (Guatemala) forfeit Vicente Rodriguez Bustamante (Chile)

60 kg

Gold – Manuel Saldate (United States)

Silver – Ryan Dahcha (Canada)

Bronze – Jaden Perez (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Joseph Chavez Ortiz (Venezuela)

5th – David Martinez Gambino (Mexico)

5th – Angel Ramirz Guardia (Peru)

7th – Franly Mora Batista (Dominican Republic)

8th – Maik De Souza Almeida (Brazil)

9th – Juan Orozco Perez (Ecuador)

10th – Melvin Carrillo Vasquez (El Salvador)

Gold – Manuel Saldate (United States) tech. fall Ryan Dahcha (Canada), 11-0

Bronze – Jaden Perez (Puerto Rico) tech. fall David Martinez Gambino (Mexico), 16-4

Bronze – Joseph Chavez Ortiz (Venezuela) tech. fall Angel Ramirz Guardia (Peru), 10-0

65 kg

Gold – Wyatt Medlin (United States)

Silver – Liam Gorton (Canada)

Bronze – Yandro Soto Rivera (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Benjamin Aguilar Gutierrez (El Salvador)

5th – Enzo Dos Anjos Pegorette (Brazil)

5th – Albeyro Mejia Morillo (Dominican Republic)

7th – Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru)

8th – Steven Tenorio Vasquez (Ecuador)

9th – Kamar Williams (Barbados)

10th – Marco Gomez Jimenez (Mexico)

Gold – Wyatt Medlin (United States) dec. Liam Gorton (Canada), 10-2

Bronze – Yandro Soto Rivera (Puerto Rico) tech. fall Enzo Dos Anjos Pegorette (Brazil), 11-0

Bronze – Benjamin Aguilar Gutierrez (El Salvado) fall Albeyro Mejia Morillo (Dominican Republic), 0:57

71 kg

Gold – Joseph Jeter (United States)

Silver – Sergio Espinoza Muniz (Mexico)

Bronze – Kawayran Vazquez Jr (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Tyler Silva Neiva (Brazil)

5th – Anthony Molina Rubio (Peru)

5th – Angel Catalan Martinez (Guatemala)

7th – Jose Diaz (Dominican Republic)

8th – Santiago Valenzuela Mendez (Chile)

9th – Daniel Tejeda Rivera (Honduras)

Gold – Joseph Jeter (United States) tech. fall Sergio Espinoza Muniz (Mexico), 10-0

Bronze – Kawayran Vazquez Jr (Puerto Rico) tech. fall Anthony Molina Rubio (Peru), 10-0

Bronze – Tyler Silva Neiva (Brazil) tech. fall Angel Catalan Martinez (Guatemala), 10-0

80 kg

Gold – Emmitt Sherlock (United States)

Silver – Luis Figuereo Suero (Dominican Republic)

Bronze – John Saenz Corea (Guatemala)

Bronze – Beau Chartrand (Canada)

5th – Jorge Gonzalez (Argentina)

6th – Kodi Marshall (Barbados)

7th – Fernando Bencke Brandao Lopes Dias (Brazil)

8th – Jean Zambrano Longas (Ecuador)

9th – Allen Duarte Rodriguez (Venezuela)

10th – Maycki Flores Ayala (Peru)

Gold – Emmitt Sherlock (United States) tech. fall Luis Figuereo Suero (Dominican Republic), 10-0

Bronze – John Saenz Corea (Guatemala) forfeit Juan Lopez Ulloa (Mexico)

Bronze – Beau Chartrand (Canada) dec. Jorge Gonzalez (Argentina), 8-0

92 kg

Gold – Michealjeet Grewal (Canada)

Silver – Brandon Hernandez Ramirez (Mexico)

Bronze – Evan McGuire (United States)

Bronze – Franco Latorre (Puerto Rico)

5th – Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela)

5th – Marcelo Miranda De Sousa (Brazil)

7th – Kenyiro Gonzales Huaman (Peru)

8th – Adalberto Almonte Sanchez (Dominican Republic)

9th – Cristhoper Perez Dominguez (Guatemala)

Gold – Michealjeet Grewal (Canada) tech. fall Brandon Hernandez Ramirez (Mexico), 14-4

Bronze – Evan McGuire (United States) tech. fall Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela), 10-0

Bronze – Franco Latorre (Puerto Rico) fall Marcelo Miranda De Sousa (Brazil), 0:20

110 kg

Gold – Trayvn Boger (United States)

Silver – Jagroop Dhinsa (Canada)

Bronze – Mizael Llontop Cruz (Peru)

4th – Ayden Williams (Barbados)

5th – Jonatan Marizan Alvarez (Dominican Republic)

Round Robin Bracket Records: Boger (4-0), Dhinsa (3-1), Llontop Cruz (2-2), Williams (1-3), Marizan Alvarez (0-4)

U.S. Men’s Freestyle Results

45 kg – Loc Webber (Dublin, Ohio/Beast Mode Wrestling), gold

WIN Tayim Dahcha (Canada), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Jan Claude Franco Acho (Peru), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), 12-10

48 kg – Carter Shin (Fairfax, Va./Integrity WC), silver

WIN Nathaniel Lyttle (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Carlos Orozco Flores (Mexico), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Anderson Franco Guzman (Venezuela), tech. fall, 10-0

LOSS Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru), tech. fall, 12-0

51 kg – Arseni Kikiniou (Escondido, Calif./Poway Wrestling), bronze

LOSS Frederick Bachmann Jr (Puerto Rico), 3-1

WIN Moises Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador), 8-6

55 kg – Slater Hicks (Valencia, Calif./Central Coast RTC), bronze

WIN Eduardo Davila Davila (Ecuador), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Reik Valiente Huayllasco (Peru), tech. fall, 10-0

LOSS Joseph Bachmann (Puerto Rico), 3-3

WIN Nathan Nash (Canada), tech. fall, 13-2

60 kg – Manuel Saldate (Las Vegas, Nev./Gold Rush Wrestling), gold

WIN Melvin Carrillo Vasquez (El Salvador), fall, 1:15

WIN David Martinez Gambino (Mexico), tech. fall, 15-5

WIN Jaden Perez (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 11-0

WIN Ryan Dahcha (Canada), tech. fall, 11-0

65 kg – Wyatt Medlin (Deer Creek, Ill./Illini WC/Illinois RTC), gold

WIN Vicente Chacon Maturana (Chile), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Enzo Dos Anjos Pegorette (Brazil), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Yandro Soto Rivera (Puerto Rico), 6-4

WIN Liam Gorton (Canada), 10-2

71 kg – Joseph Jeter (Edmond, Okla./Husky WC), gold

WIN Kawayran Vazquez Jr (Puerto Rico), 9-6

WIN Anthony Molina Rubio (Peru), fall, 1:57

WIN Sergio Espinoza Muniz (Mexico), tech. fall, 10-0

80 kg – Emmitt Sherlock (Linthicum, Md./HeadHunters WC), gold

WIN Juan Lopez Ulloa (Mexico), tech. fall, 11-0

WIN John Saenz Corea (Guatemala), fall, 0:11

WIN Luis Figuereo Suero (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 10-0

92 kg – Evan McGuire (Mahtomedi, Minn./Pinnacle WC), bronze

WIN Kenyiro Gonzales Huaman (Peru), tech. fall, 10-0

LOSS Michealjeet Grewal (Canada), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela), tech. fall, 10-0

110 kg – Trayvn Boger (Kamas, Utah/Sanderson Wrestling Academy), gold

WIN Ayden Williams (Barbados), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Mizael Llontop Cruz (Peru), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Jagroop Dhinsa (Canada), 6-4

WIN Jonatan Marizan Alvarez (Dominican Republic), forfeit, 0:04