Pennsylvania Blue, 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior Nationals Duals Women’s Freestyle Champions
Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

Pennsylvania Blue, 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior Nationals Duals Women’s Freestyle Champions


Five finals pins push Pennsylvania Blue to women’s freestyle title at AFSW Junior National Duals

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

TULSA, Okla. – A powerful five-pin effort in the championship dual meet catapulted No. 1 overall seed Pennsylvania Blue to the women’s freestyle title at the 2024 Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals. The Keystone State squad upended No. 2 seed Missouri Blue, 38-31, in the finals.


In a dual meet that split eight matches to seven, bonus points proved the difference. Pennsylvania Blue’s Savannah Witt, Aubre Krazer, Avry Ryhal, Jael Miller and Alyssa Favara shut the door on their opponents with pins. A 30-second fall from Favara at 235 pounds clinched the team title.


Missouri Blue opened the dual strong with wins from Zoey Haney, Sandy Breeden and Aroma Marrufo to jump out to an early, 11-2, lead. While Pennsylvania Blue ended up overcoming the hot Missouri Blue start, there were a couple exceptional showings from Missouri Blue’s Jayci Shelton and Isabella Renfro, who earned pins to keep their squad in the running late.


Pennsylvania Blue finished with a 6-1 record on its way to first place—Its only loss coming in the Gold/Silver bracket to sixth-place finisher Colorado, 36-33. Five wrestlers in Pennsylvania Blue’s finals lineup went undefeated throughout the event—Krazer (6-0), Favara (7-0), Ana Malovich (7-0), Sierra Chiesa (7-0) and Haylie Jaffe (7-0).


Finishing in third place was California Blue, who defeated Illinois, 38-24, in its placement dual. Kailey Salazar and Eliana Caro picked up falls to lead California Blue in the victory.


Michigan Blue took down Colorado, 44-26, to wind up in fifth place with a six-pin performance. Nakayla Dawson, Cheyenne Frank, Tyler Swanigan, Belicia Manuel, Halle Spears and Sabrina Nauss earned sticks to end the event for Michigan Blue.


Rounding out the Gold/Silver bracket results are Iowa and Arizona, who finished in seventh and eighth place overall. Five Iowans earned pins— Reanah Utterback, Kiara Djoumessi, Kyleigh James, Naomi Simon and Bella Porcelli—giving Iowa a 43-28 final.


29 more teams battled it out for bragging rights in the Bronze/Copper, Red/Blue, Yellow/Green and Purple brackets on Thursday at the Cox Business Convention Center. USA Wrestling will announce the Women’s Freestyle All-Tournament Team, athletes who went undefeated with a minimum of five wins, at the conclusion of the event.     


The Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals is streaming live and on-demand at Multiple subscription options are available to watch. Updated brackets and match-by-match results are available at


The women’s tournament continues Friday at 8 a.m. (CT) with the start of the Greco-Roman preliminary rounds. A complete schedule of events for this weekend’s tournament in Tulsa is available at

Air Force Special Warfare Junior National Duals | June 19-22, Tulsa, Okla.


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Women’s Freestyle Gold/Silver Results

1st Place – Pennsylvania Blue

2nd Place – Missouri Blue

3rd Place – California Blue

4th Place – Illinois

5th Place – Michigan Blue

6th Place – Colorado

7th Place – Iowa

8th Place – Arizona


1st Place Match – Pennsylvania Blue defeated Missouri Blue, 38-31

100 – Zoey Haney (Missouri Blue) dec. Miranda Lajevic (Pennsylvania Blue), 8-5

105 – Sandy Breeden (Missouri Blue) tech. fall Kate Hollinger (Pennsylvania Blue), 15-2

110 – Aroma Marrufo (Missouri Blue) tech. fall Daylee Watson (Pennsylvania Blue), 10-0

115 – Ana Malovich (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Cassidy Benwell (Missouri Blue), 11-0

120 – Sierra Chiesa (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Angelina Vargas (Missouri Blue), 11-10

125 – Savannah Witt (Pennsylvania Blue) fall Kailey Benson (Missouri Blue), 1:39

130 – Aubre Krazer (Pennsylvania Blue) fall Jena Gumahin (Missouri Blue), 0:44

135 – Jacinda Espinosa (Missouri Blue) tech. fall Sarah Pearson (Pennsylvania Blue), 12-0

140 – Haylie Jaffe (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Louise Juitt (Missouri Blue), 11-2

145 – Avry Ryhal (Pennsylvania Blue) fall Payton Weese (Missouri Blue), 2:17

155 – Jayci Shelton (Missouri Blue) fall Leyna Rumpler (Pennsylvania Blue), 5:36

170 – Jael Miller (Pennsylvania Blue) fall Alana Thelin (Missouri Blue), 1:17

190 – Isabella Renfro (Missouri Blue) fall Jurelys Peguero del Rosario (Pennsylvania Blue), 1:14

235 – Alyssa Favara (Pennsylvania Blue) fall Alexis Stinson (Missouri Blue), 0:30

95 – Lilly Breeden (Missouri Blue) tech. fall Nila Bland (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 14-4


3rd Place Match – California Blue defeated Illinois, 38-24

100 – Celia Esquivel (California Blue) tech. fall Alycia Perez (Illinois), 10-0

105 – Kailey Salazar (California Blue) fall Kameyah Young (Illinois)

110 – Abbi Cooper (California Blue) tech. fall Eliana Paramo (Illinois), 11-0

115 – Gabriella Gomez (Illinois) tech. fall Eden Hernandez (California Blue), 10-0

120 – Angelina Cassioppi (Illinois) fall Savannah Talmadge (California Blue), 4:15

125 – Norah Swaim (Illinois) dec. Alejandra Valdiviezo (California Blue), 11-2

130 – Janie Houser (California Blue) tech. fall Sophie Bowers (Illinois), 13-0

135 – Samantha Sachs (California Blue) tech. fall Claudia Heeney (Illinois), 10-0

140 – Lexi Ritchie (Illinois) tech. fall Delarie Juarez (California Blue), 16-6

145 – Sydney Perry (Illinois) tech. fall Alexandria Perez (California Blue), 12-2

155 – Eduarda Rodrigues (California Blue) tech. fall Autumne Williams (Illinois), 10-0

170 – Chrystina Ballejos (California Blue) tech. fall Kiernan Farmer (Illinois), 12-2

190 – Josephine Larson (Illinois) tech. fall Katianna Martinez (California Blue), 15-5

235 – Chloe Hoselton (Illinois) dec. Fernanda Canedo (California Blue), 14-12

95 – Eliana Caro (California Blue) fall Lily Enos (Illinois), 4:48


5th Place Match – Michigan Blue defeated Colorado, 44-26

100 – Katey Valdez (Colorado) fall Tomasin Mair (Michigan Blue), 0:11

105 – Eyvori Jacquez (Colorado) forfeit

110 – Nakayla Dawson (Michigan Blue) fall Rylee Balcazar (Colorado), 3:29

115 – Lindsey Lopez (Colorado) dec. Gigi Bragg (Michigan Blue), 9-5

120 – Cheyenne Frank (Michigan Blue) fall Jaydin Cuevas (Colorado), 1:06

125 – Alexis Lazar (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Lexie Lopez (Colorado), 11-1

130 – Tyler Swanigan (Michigan Blue) fall Faith Vondy (Colorado), 2:47

135 – Margaret Buurma (Michigan Blue) dec. Timberly Martinez (Colorado), 9-8

140 – Vivienne Gitke (Colorado) dec. Emily Medford (Michigan Blue), 14-8

145 – Belicia Manuel (Michigan Blue) fall Mollie Dare (Colorado), 1:07

155 – Kaili Manuel (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Desza Munson (Colorado), 10-0

170 – Alison Evans (Colorado) dec. Madison Ward (Michigan Blue), 9-4

190 – Halle Spears (Michigan Blue) fall Claris McCoy (Colorado), 1:16

235 – Sabrina Nauss (Michigan Blue) fall Ciara Monger (Colorado), 3:54

95 – Justice Gutierrez (Colorado) forfeit


7th Place Match – Iowa defeated Arizona, 43-28

100 – Katie Biscoglia (Iowa) tech. fall Rhyan Tijerina (Arizona), 10-0

105 – Layla Phillips (Iowa) tech. fall Khyla Lipumano (Arizona), 12-2

110 – Elizabeth Valenzuela Smith (Arizona) tech. fall Gable Hemann (Iowa), 12-1

115 – Reanah Utterback (Iowa) fall Kayla McNatt (Arizona), 4:09

120 – Miyah R. Palacios (Arizona) fall Caitlin Reiter (Iowa), 4:50

125 – Molly Allen (Iowa) forfeit

130 – Danica Torres (Arizona) fall Calista Rodish (Iowa), 4:09

135 – Jamie Laswell (Arizona) tech. fall Kallie Gibbons (Iowa), 10-0

140 – Emma Chacon (Arizona) tech. fall Leah Chandler (Iowa), 10-0

145 – Kiara Djoumessi (Iowa) fall Danica Smith (Arizona), 0:57

155 – Kyleigh James (Iowa) fall Monique Turpin (Arizona), 0:55

170 – Naomi Simon (Iowa) fall Nylease Yzagere (Arizona), 2:13

190 – Bella Porcelli (Iowa) fall Lillian Gradillas-Flores (Arizona), 4:38

235 – Taina Uasike (Arizona) tech. fall Savannah Sistad (Iowa), 11-0

95 – Siera Becker (Iowa) tech. fall Amy Ramirez (Arizona), 14-3

Women’s Freestyle Bronze/Copper Results

1st Place – Texas Blue

2nd Place – Florida

3rd Place – Ohio Red

4th Place – Oklahoma

5th Place – California Red

6th Place – Nebraska

7th Place – Kansas

8th Place – Wisconsin


1st Place Match – Texas Blue defeated Florida, 42-28

3rd Place Match – Ohio Red defeated Oklahoma, 41-30

5th Place Match – California Red defeated Nebraska, 44-28

7th Place Match – Kansas defeated Wisconsin, 49-22


Women’s Freestyle Red/Blue Results

1st Place – Utah

2nd Place – Missouri Red

3rd Place – Georgia Blue

4th Place – Texas Red

5th Place – Virginia

6th Place – North Dakota

7th Place – Indiana

8th Place – Michigan Red


1st Place Match – Utah defeated Missouri Red, 37-33

3rd Place Match – Georgia Blue defeated Texas Red, 37-31

5th Place Match – Virginia defeated North Dakota, 48-23

7th Place Match – Indiana defeated Michigan Red, 38-33


Women’s Freestyle Yellow/Green Results

1st Place – Idaho

2nd Place – Ohio Blue

3rd Place – South Carolina

4th Place – Arkansas Red

5th Place – Pennsylvania Red

6th Place – South Dakota

7th Place – Georgia Red

8th Place – North Carolina


1st Place Match – Idaho defeated Ohio Blue, 56-11

3rd Place Match – South Carolina defeated Arkansas Red, 40-29

5th Place Match – Pennsylvania Red defeated South Dakota, 47-25

7th Place Match – Georgia Red defeated North Carolina, 35-23


Women’s Freestyle Purple Results

1st Place – Minnesota

2nd Place – Tennessee

3rd Place – Alabama

4th Place – Arkansas Blue

5th Place – Louisiana