Wednesday Session I Blog: Bruntil, Elor reach semifinals, Gray will go for bronze, Parrish possible for repechage, Miracle is out

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Amit Elor (USA) gets lock on Nesrin Bas (Turkey) at 2023 Worlds
Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors

Amit Elor gets lock on Nesrin Bas (TUR) at 2023 World Championships. Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.


Emma Bruntil (68 kg) and Amit Elor (72 kg) have advanced to the semifinals tonight. Dom Parrish lost, but her opponent Antim (UWW) is in the semifinals. If Antim makes the finals, Parrish is pulled back into repechage. Kayla Miracle (62 kg) has been eliminated, as the athlete who beat her, Incze (ROM) was beaten in quarterfinals. Adeline Gray won a repechage bout, and will go for bronze tonight at 76 kg.


Women’s Freestyle Group Three Semifinal pairings

53 kg

Akari Fujinami (Japan) vs. Maria Prevolaraki (Greece)

Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (Individual Neutral Athlete) vs. Antim (UWW)

62 kg

Grace Bullen (Norway) vs. Sakura Motoki (Japan)

Luisa Niemesch (Germany) vs. Aisuluu Tynybekova (Kyrgyzstan)

68 kg

Emma Bruntil (United States) vs. Delgermaa Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia) 1

Buse Cavusoglu Tosun (Turkey) vs. Ami Ishii (Japan)

72 kg

Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan) vs. Davaanasan Enkh Amar (Mongolia)

Kendra Dacher (France) vs. Amit Elor (United States)

Women’s Group Three quarterfinals results

53 kg

Akari Fujinami (Japan) pin Lucia Yepez Guzman (Ecuador), 16-7 4:51

Maria Prevolaraki (Greece) dec. Andreea beatrice Ana (Romania), 1-1

Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (Individual Neutral Athlete) dec. Emma Malmgren (Sweden), 9-4

Antim (UWW) dec. Natalia Malysheva (Individual Neutral Athlete), 9-6

62 kg

Grace Bullen (Norway) tech fall Kriszta tunde Incze (Romania), 10-0 1:18

Sakura Motoki (Japan) tech. fall Lais Nunes (Brazil), 10-0 3:18

Luisa Niemesch (Germany) dec. Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia), 4-3

Aisuluu Tynybekova (Kyrgyzstan) VPO1 Iryna Koliadenko (Ukraine), 2-2

68 kg

Emma Bruntil (United States) dec. Vusala Parfianovich (Individual Neutral Athlete), 2-1

Delgermaa Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia) dec. Koumba Larroque (France), 2-1

Buse Cavusoglu Tosun (Turkey) dec. Adela Hanzlickova (Czechia), 8-0

Ami Ishii (Japan) forfeit Meerim Zhumanazarova (Kyrgyzstan)

72 kg

Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan) dec. Kseniia Burakova (Individual Neutral Athlete), 7-1

Davaanasan Enkh Amar (Mongolia) dec. Sofia Georgieva (Bulgaria), 9-1

Kendra Dacher (France) dec. Manola Skobelska (Ukraine), 9-4

Amit Elor (United States) dec. Miwa Morikawa (Japan), 6-0


Grace Bullen (Norway) just scored a tech fall over Kriszta Incze (Romania) in the quarterfinals, eliminating Kayla Miracle (USA). Incze beat Miracle in the last round, and had to get to the finals for Miracle to get into repechage.


WFS 68 kg 1/4 final – Emma Bruntil (USA) dec. Vusala Parfianovich (Individual Neutral Athlete), 2-1

Parfianovich put on shot clock and does not score in 30 seconds, Bruntil up 1-0. We go to the break with Bruntil leading 1-0. Parfianovich put on shot clock again, and no score, Bruntil goes up 2-0. Bruntil on shot clock and does not score, making it 2-1 for Bruntil. Time runs out and Bruntil wins a 2-1 war.


WFS 72 kg 1/4 final - Amit Elor (USA) dec Miwa Morikawa (Japan), 6-0

Morikawa put on the shot clock, and she can not score in 30 seconds, Elor up 1-0. We go to the break with Elor leading 1-0. Morikawa on shot clock again, Elor scores a takedown on edge, then shot clock ends, Elor up 4-0. Spin behind for Elor late makes it 6-0. Time runs out and Elor wins 6-0. On to the semifinals.


Antim (UWW from India), who beat Dom Parrish, won her quarterfinals. If Antim wins in the semifinals tonight, Parrish gets back into repechage.


We head into the quarterfinals. The USA has two in the round, Emma Bruntil (68 kg) and Amit Elor (72 kg). Our two athletes who lost, Dom Parrish (53 kg) and Kayla Miracle (63 kg) need some help, as the athletes who beat them must make the finals.


WFS 62 kg 1/8 final - Kriszta Incze (Romania) dec. Kayla Miracle (USA), 6-3

Snap behind for Incze to lead 2-0. Incze gets behind again to lead 4-0. We go to the break with Incze leading 4-0. Miracle gets takedown 4-2 but is reversed to exposure, making it 6-2 for Incze. Miracle forces step out, 6-3. Miracle forces action, Incze backs up. Time runs out, with Incze winning 6-3.


WFS 68 kg 1/8 final – Emma Bruntil (USA) dec. Feng Zhou (China) , 6-3

Bruntil scores the first takedown to lead 2-0. Zhou earns a step out point to make it 2-1. We go to the break with Bruntil leading 2-1. Bruntil shoots and gets takedown and Zhou exposes, then Bruntil comes out on top, leading 5-3. Time runs out, 5-3, with Zhou on the attack, but no score. Bruntil wins 5-3, but China challenges but it is lost. Final score is Bruntil, 6-3.


WFS 72 kg 1/8 final - Amit Elor (USA) dec. Nesrin Bas (Turkey), 7-0

Takedown for Elor, to lead 2-0. Bas tries a headlock on the edge, Amit counters for takedown, 4-0. We go to the break with Elor leading 4-0. Bas placed on the shot clock, Elor scores a takedown 6-0, then gets the point from the shot clock, 7-0. Time runs out and Elor wins, 7-0.


Kayla Miracle will next face Kriszta Incze (Romania) in the 1/8 final at 62 kg


Adeline Gray will face Milaimys Marin Potrille (Cuba) in a 76 kg bronze medal bout tonight.


WFS 76 kg repechage – Adeline Gray (USA) v Yuanyuan Huang (China), 2:54

Gray gets takedown and adds a tilt for a 4-0 lead. Gray gets behind and scores a takedown, Gray does a bar and a half, for a pin at 2:54.


WFS 62 kg 1/16 final - Kayla Miracle (USA) tech fall Subeen Jo (Korea) , 12-2

Miracle gets duck under takedown, up 2-0. Jo gets an exposure, Miracle gets reversal, and adds two leg laces to lead 7-2 at the break. Miracle gets takedown and a leg lace to lead 11-2. Miracle gets a single leg and gets the step out to win, 12-2


WFS 68 kg 1/16 final – Emma Bruntil (USA) dec. Alexandra Anghel (Romania), 2-2

Anghel gets the first takedown to take a 2-0 lead over Bruntil. We go to the break with Anghel leading 2-0. Bruntil gets behind and gets a takedown, tying it at 2-2 and taking criteria. Time runs out, and Bruntil wins a 2-2 criteria decision.


WFS 53 kg preliminary - Antim (UWW) dec. Dominique Parrish (USA), 3-2

Parrish gets a leg and scores takedown, 2-0. We go to the break with Parrish leading 2-0. Parrish put on the shot clock. Antim gets a takedown, to tie it at 2-2. Antim also gets a point when the 30 seconds end on the shot clock, 3-2. There is one minute left. Antim beats Parrish, 3-2.


We know the opponent for Adeline Gray in her 76 kg repechage bout later this morning: Yuanyuan Huang (China), who beat Kamile Gaucaite (Lithuania) in repechage


We know the opponent for Sarah Hildebrandt in her 53 kg bronze medal match tonight: Evin Demirhan (Turkey), who beat Kseniya Stankevich (Individual Neutral Athlete) in repechage


Day 5 in Belgrade is all women’s freestyle wrestling, as Group Three competes in preliminary action in the morning and semifinals in the evening, and Group Two has its repechage in the morning and medal matches in the evening. It is the busiest day of the entire tournament for Team USA, as eight U.S. athletes will hit the mats at some point during the day.

Getting rolling in Group Three are 2022 World champion Dominique Parrish (53 kg), 2022 World champion Amit Elor (72 kg), two-time World silver medalist Kayla Miracle (62 kg) and first-time Senior World Team member Emma Bruntil (68 kg). All will have preliminary matches, and aim to compete in the first session quarterfinals. Should they advance, they would wrestle in Wednesday night’s semifinals.

There is one athlete competing Wednesday morning from Group Two, six-time World champion Adeline Gray (76 kg), who needs one repechage win in order to advance to Wednesday night’s bronze medal bout. The three others in Group Two are already in a medal match, with Macey Kilty (65 kg) going for gold, and Olympic champion and three-time World champion Helen Maroulis (57 kg) and three-time World medalist and Olympic medalist Sarah Hildebrandt (50 kg) going for bronze.

This session will also help clarify the team race big time. The USA led the team race after the first two weights were completed (55 kg, 59 kg), but Japan had the best first day in Group Two by putting four wrestlers in the finals. If Japan has a great Group Three effort, it could nail down the team title today,. The USA must work hard to keep pace with Japan today, and also stay ahead of any of the other nations. In the head-to-head matches between Japan and the USA, Japan has won two of the three showdowns so far.

Amit Elor (USA) competing in the 2022 Senior World Championships. (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)