Tuesday Session I live blog: Maroulis, Hildebrandt, Kilty into the semifinals, Snyder wins repechage and will get bronze

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

This session, three U.S. women powered to the semifinals, Sarah Hildebrandt (50 kg), Helen Maroulis (57 kg) and Macey Kilty (65 kg). Adeline Gray (76 kg) was defeated in the quarterfinals. The USA had one men's freestyler in the repechage, Kyle Snyder (97 kg) who won his match. He will win a bronze medal, because his medal-round opponent, Abdulrashid Sadulaev (AIN), pulled out with an injury


Women’s Freestyle Group Two semifinals pairings

50 kg

Yui Susaki (Japan) vs. Ziqi Feng (China)

Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) vs. Sarah Hildebrandt (United States)

57 kg

Elvira Kamaloglu (Turkey) vs. Anastasia Nichita (Moldova)

Tsugumi Sakurai (Japan) vs. Helen Maroulis (United States)

65 kg

Macey Kilty (United States) vs. Tatsiana Paulava (Individual Neutral Athlete)

Nonoka Ozaki (Japan) vs. Lili (China)

76 kg

Tatiana Renteria (Colombia) vs. Aiperi Medet Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan)

Yuka Kagami (Japan) vs. Milaimys Marin Potrille (Cuba)

Women’s Freestyle Group Two quarterfinals results

50 kg

Yui Susaki (Japan) pin Emilia Vuc (Romania), 0:44

Ziqi Feng (China) pin Neelam (UWW), 1:46

Otgonjargal Dolgorjav (Mongolia) tech fall Kseniya Stankevich (Individual Neutral Athletes), 12-1 4:54

Sarah Hildebrandt (United States) tech fall Mariya Stadnik (Azerbaijan), 14-3 5:26

57 kg

Elvira Kamaloglu (Turkey) dec. Ramona Galambos (Hungary), 1-1

Anastasia Nichita (Moldova) tech. fall Odunayo folasade Adekuoroye (Nigeria), 10-0 2:32

Tsugumi Sakurai (Japan) dec. Anhelina Lysak (Poland), 7-0

Helen Maroulis (United States) dec. Zhala Aliyeva (Azerbaijan), 8-3

65 kg

Macey Kilty (United States) dec. Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria), 11-2

Tatsiana Paulava (Individual Neutral Athletes) pin Oksana Herhel (Ukraine), 4:42

Nonoka Ozaki (Japan) dec. Kadriye Aksoy (Turkey), 9-0

Lili (China) pin Antim (UWW), 10-4 4:40

76 kg

Tatiana Renteria (Colombia) pin Samar Hamza (Egypt), 1:55

Aiperi Medet Kyzy (Kyrgyzstan) tech fall Justina Di Stasio (Canada), 11-0 5:46

Yuka Kagami (Japan) dec. Adeline Gray (United States), 4-1

Milaimys Marin Potrille (Cuba) dec. Anastasiya Alpyeyeva (Ukraine), 6-2


WFS 57 kg 1/4 final - Helen Maroulis (USA) dec. Zhala Aliyeva (Azerbaijan), 8-3

Maroulis gets a takedown but Aliyeva gets a reversal for two and ties it up at 2-2. Maroulis attacks and forces a step out to lead 3-2. We go to the break with Maroulis leading 3-2. Maroulis gets behind and secures a takedown, 5-2. Maroulis stretches to 7-2. Aliyeva forces a step out to make it 7-3. Maroulis gets a step out of her own, 8-3. Time runs out and Maroulis wins 8-3.


WFS 50 kg 1/4 final - Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) tech fall Mariya Stadnik (Azerbaijan), 14-3

Hildebrandt put on the shot clock, and can not score in the 30 seconds, so Stadnik leads 1-0. Hildebrandt gets a takedown off a scramble and takes the lead at 2-1 at the break. Stadnik shoots at the start of the period and gets the takedown, 3-2 over Hildebrandt. A nice ankle pick for Hildebrandt gives her the 4-3 lead. Spin behind for Hildebrandt makes it 6-3. Another spon behind for Hildebrandt makes it 8-2. Azerbaijan challenges. They hit Stadnik for a finger foul and a caution so Hildebrandt now leads 10-3, and they start in par terre. Hildebrandt spins behind and gets the ankle lace for a turn and finishes off a 14-3 technical fall.


WFS 76 kg 1/4 final - Yuka Kagami (Japan) dec. Adeline Gray (USA), 4-1

Kagami on a low single for a takedown and a 2-0 lead. We go to the break with Kagami leading 2-0. Kagami put on shot clock and does not score in the 30 seconds, making the score 2-1. Kagami takes a double leg shot for a takedown and a 4-1 lead. No more points are scored, and Kagami beats Gray, 4-1.


WFS 65 kg 1/4 final - Macey Kilty (USA) dec. Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria), 11-2

Hristova gets in on Kilty's leg, but Macey counters and Hristova gets the takedown, 2-0. Kilty on a double leg for the takedown and 2-0. Hristova is on her back, Macey keeps pressing, but Hristova turns out. Macey did not get any exposure points, even though Hristova was on her back, 2-2. It seems they gave Hristova a late takedown to make it 4-2. The USA challenges. We win the challenge so Kilty leads 4-2 going into the second period. Hristova gets onto Macey's leg, but it stalemates. Bulgaria challenges. There is no takedown or turn, so challenge is lost. Macey is up 5-2. Another Kilty takedown makes it 7-2. Kilty wins a scramble to make it 9-2. She gets a leg lace to make it 11-2. Time runs out, and Kilty wins, 11-2 and is on to the semifinals


All six U.S. women's wrestlers so far have made the quarterfinals. Just saying.


WFS 57 kg 1/8 final - Helen Maroulis (USA) vs. Graciela Sanchez Diaz (Spain)

Maroulis gets a slick trip to a takedown to lead 2-0. Helen gets behind for a takedown and a 4-0 lead. Maroulis takes Sanchez down to her back and secures the pin in 2:13.

Helen Maroulis (USA) turns opponent at 2023 World Championships
Durwood Tenny

Helen Maroulis (USA) turns Nesmarie Rodriguez (PUR) at 2023 World Championships. Photo by Durwood Tenny.


WFS 50 kg 1/8 final - Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) v Miseon Kwon (Korea)

Hildebrandt hits a nice ankle pick for 2-0 lead. Add a gut wrench out of bounds and it is 4-0. Another ankle pick makes it 6-0. Add two more ankle lace turns and its a fast 10-0 technical fall for Sarah.


We know some opponents for USA women moving forward. Helen Maroulis will battle Graciela Sanchez Diaz of Spain at 57 kg. Macey Kilty will face Mimi Hristova of Bulgaria at 65 kg. Adeline Gray will face Yuka Kagami of Japan at 76 kg.


WFS 76 kg 1/8 final - Adeline Gray (USA) tech fall Epp Maee (Estonia), 11-0

Maee on the shot clock and is unable to score in 30 seconds, putting Gray up 1-0. Gray gets takedown and a turn, adds a gut tilt and three more gut wrenches to secure a dominant 11-0 technical fall.


WFS 65 kg 1/8 final - Macey Kilty (USA) pin Albina Drazhi (Albania), 2:28

Kilty scored a single leg takedown to lead 2-0. A gut wrench was out of bounds. Kilty spins behind to lead 4-0. Another spin behind fo Kilty makes it 6-0 and add a turn for an 8-0 lead. Kilty gets a single leg, finishes for at 10-0 score but is able to get the pin at 2:28.


WFS 57 kg 1/16 final - Helen Maroulis (USA) pin Nesmarie Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), 1:26

Maroulis hits a knee pick and takes Rodriguez to her back to lead 4-0. Helen drives Rodriguez down on the edge for a takedown for a 6-0 lead. Helen takes Rodriguez down to her back for a pin in 1:26.

Kyle Snyder (USA) hits double leg on Magomed Ibragimov (UZB) at World Championships
Durwood Tenny

Kyle Snyder (USA) gets double leg on Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan) in repechage match. Photo by Durwood Tenny.


We know the opponent for Sarah Hildebrandt in her first match at 50 kg, Miseon Kwon (Korea), who defeated Emma Wangila (Kenya) in their preliminary bout.


MFS 97 kg repechage - Kyle Snyder (USA) dec. Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan), 10-6

This match is actually a bronze medal match, as Abdulrashid Sadulaev (AIN), who is in the bronze-medal match after this, withdrew with an injury. Snyder wins, and he not only will win a bronze medal but also qualify the USA for the Paris Games. Snyder shoots and gets the first takedown to lead 2-0. We go to the break with Snyder leading 2-0. Snyder gets a four-point takedown and Ibragimov counters for two, with the score now 6-2. Uzbekistan challenges. Instead, they give Ibragimov four and Snyder two, tying the match at 4-4 with Ibragimov holding criteria. Snyder locks a cradle for a takedown and turns Ibragimov for two, now leading 8-4. Snyder is back in a cradle and gets behind for a takedown and a 10-4 lead. Ibragimov gets two to make it 10-6. Time runs out and Kyle Snyder wins 10-6. He advances to the bronze-medal bout, which he will win by injury default. Snyder qualifies the USA for the Paris Olympics with this victory!!!

Adeline Gray (USA) raises both arms after a victory at 2023 World Championships
Durwood Tenny

Adeline Gray (USA) raises both arms after a victory at 2023 World Championships. Durwood Tenny photo.


Adeline Gray will face Epp Maee of Estonia in her next match. Gray beat Maee in the finals of the 2021 Worlds.


WFS 76 kg preliminary - Adeline Gray (USA) v. Jimin Baek (Korea)

Adeline gets a takedown and four straight ankle laces for a 10-0 technical fall in 31 seconds.


Macey Kilty's next opponent at 65 kg will be Albina Drazhi (Albania)


WFS 65 kg preliminary - Macey Kilty (USA) tech. Valeriia Dondupova Suvorova (Individual Neutral Athlete), 10-0

KIlty scores the opening takedown to lead 2-0. She gets a few gut wrenches, 6-0, then pops a four-point throw for a slick 10-0 technical fall to start her first Senior Worlds!!!


We know Kyle Snyder’s opponent in his repechage match later this morning. He will battle a true veteran, 38-year-old Magomed Ibragimov of Uzbekistan, who beat Max Lacey of Costa Rica in a 10-0 technical fall


Great article on Adeline Gray today on, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee website:. Wrestler Adeline Gray seeks her record seventh World title, first as a Mom



Tuesday match order for USA

Mat B

Bout 4 Macey Kilty (USA) v Valeriia Dondupova Suvorova (Individual Neutral Athlete)

Bout 6 Adeline Gray (USA) v. Jimin Baek (Korea)

Bout 10 Kyle Snyder (USA) v Max Lacey (Costa Rica)/Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan)

Bout 15 Helen Maroulis (USA) v Nesmarie Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)

Mat C

Bout 20 Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) v Miseon Kwon (Korea)/Emma Wangila (Kenya)


All four of the new weight classes on Tuesday morning are in women’s freestyle, and the USA brings a powerful group to the mats today. Six-time World champion Adeline Gray (7 kg), Olympic champion and three-time World champion Helen Maroulis (57 kg) and three-time World medalist and Olympic medalist Sarah Hildebrandt (50 kg) are today’s headliners. Add in first-time Senior World Team member and multiple age-group World medalist Macey Kilty (65 kg) and the USA women in Group Two are impressive indeed.

There are four weight classes which started on Monday in their repechage round, as well this morning. The only American in these weights is 2016 Olympic champion and three-time World champion Kyle Snyder (97 kg). Win one match and Snyder will advance to Tuesday night’s bronze-medal match, where he would receive an injury default win over two-time Olympic champion Abdulrashid Sadulaev (AIN), who was injured in yesterday’s semifinals. Snyder has a chance to qualify the USA for the Paris Olympics at 97 kg by placing in the top five.

The other story of the day is the men’s freestyle team race, which according to those who are good at math, is already over. Team USA is expected to stand on the top of the team podium tonight, for the first time winning back-to-back World Team titles in men’s freestyle.

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Adeline Gray (USA) competes in 2021 World Championships finals (Photo by Tony Rotundo, UWW)