WOW defeats Misfits Girls Onyx 56-25 in Ultimate Club Duals Fall Freestyle Championship

by Savannah Asmann, USA Wrestling

WOW celebrates winning the 2023 Ultimate Club Duals Fall Freestyle Championship

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – WOW emerged victorious in the Ultimate Club Duals Fall Freestyle Championship, defeating Misfits Girls Onyx 56-25 in a hard-fought dual on Sunday.

Misfits Girls Onyx came out ahead in the first bout of the final dual, with Muireen Bagnell (24 kg) scoring five team points by defeating Stella Grayer by fall at 2:33. WOW fired off two straight victories by fall in under a minute. Kayleigh Vest (26 kg) and Mia Emili (29 kg) pushed WOW ahead 10-5 with the bonus point victories.

A forfeit at 32 kg pushed London Powell of Misfit Girls Onyx ahead for five team points, as the teams were tied at 10-10 after four weights. The next four matches were in favor of WOW, as Azyah Rice (35 kg), Presley Sandobal (39 kg), Madison Healey (43 kg) and Lyric Hetzer (46 kg) picked up strong wins, including a technical fall and two victories by fall, to propel WOW back on top.

Julia Horger of Misfit Girls Onyx earned the win at 49 kg with a 10-0 technical fall over Rain Scott. The next match went to WOW as Mary Manis came out on top in a 10-5 decision at 52 kg. Misfits Girls Onyx claimed three points following Savannah Witt’s 9-6 decision over Cecilia Williams at 55 kg.

The next four matches went to WOW as they were able to seal the team victory. Fargo runner-up Carley Ceshker gave five more points to WOW at 58 kg, defeating Julie Ortiz by fall. Valerie Hamilton (61 kg), Zoe Griffith (64 kg) and Savannah Holderby (69 kg) won their matches and totaled 10 team points for WOW.

At 77 kg, Kaylie Hall claimed the final win for Misfits Girls Onyx with a fall at 1:55. Cheya Bishop (85 kg) and Chole Hoselton (105 kg) both pinned their opponents in under a minute, closing out the dual and tallying 10 team points for WOW.

Misfits Girls Onyx won Pool A, Charlies Angels-Pink won Pool B, Wyoming SEM came out on top in Pool C and WOW was victorious in Pool D. Wyoming SEM was dominant in its 54-26 victory for third place. Bager Girls Elite pulled ahead in a close 42-37 battle for fifth place.

The results of the competition can be found on FloArena.


At State College, Pa., September 16-17

Gold Pool (Places 1-8)


2 Misfits Girls Onyx

3 Wyoming SEM

4 Charlies Angels- Pink

5 Bager Girls Elite

6 Ranger Pride Wrestling

7 Michigan Blue

8 WOW Black

1st Place – WOW 56, Misfits Girls Onyx 25

24 kg - Muirenn Bagnell (Misfits Girls Onyx) pin Stella Grayer (WOW), 2:33

26 kg - Kayleigh Vest (WOW) pin Reagan Brown (Misfits Girls Onyx), 0:16

29 kg - Mia Emili (WOW) pin Riley Jones (Misfits Girls Onyx), 0:40

32 kg - London Powell (Misfits Girls Onyx) by forfeit Kynlie Tackett (WOW)

35 kg - Azyah Rice (WOW) tech. fall Keira Cunningham (Misfits Girls Onyx), 12-0

39 kg - Presley Sandobal (WOW) dec. Natalie Andrade (Misfits Girls Onyx), 9-2

43 kg - Madison Healey (WOW) pin Bella Manno (Misfits Girls Onyx), 3:01

46 kg - Lyric Hetzer (WOW) pin Payton Hinkle (Misfits Girls Onyx), 1:18

49 kg - Julia Horger (Misfits Girls Onyx) tech. fall Rain Scott (WOW), 10-0

52 kg - Mary Manis (WOW) dec. Cordy Zalota (Misfits Girls Onyx), 10-5

55 kg - Savannah Witt (Misfits Girls Onyx) dec. Cecilia Williams (WOW), 9-6

58 kg - Carley Ceshker (WOW) pin Julie Ortiz (Misfits Girls Onyx), 1:54

61 kg - Valerie Hamilton (WOW) dec. Haylie Jaffe (Misfits Girls Onyx), 4-2

64 kg - Zoe Griffith (WOW) tech. fall Alahna Morris (Misfits Girls Onyx), 13-0 1:05

69 kg - Savannah Holderby (WOW) dec. Selina Moore (Misfits Girls Onyx), 10-5

77 kg - Kaylie Hall (Misfits Girls Onyx) pin Autumne Williams (WOW), 1:55

85 kg - Cheya Bishop (WOW) pin Shaelie Young (Misfits Girls Onyx), 0:34

105 kg - Chole Hoselton (WOW) pin Lily Decker (Misfits Girls Onyx), 0:58

3rd Place – Wyoming SEM 54, Charlies Angels-Pink 26

24 kg – Chelsea Goldsby (Charlies Angels-Pink) tech. fall Tyanna Evans (Wyoming SEM), 10-0

26 kg - Alsea Goldsby (Charlies Angels-Pink) tech. fall Victoria Soto (Wyoming SEM), 12-2

29 kg - Herra Fisher (Wyoming SEM) tech. fall Nora Rauen (Charlies Angels-Pink), 10-0

32 kg -  Lanaia Selig (Charlies Angels-Pink) by forfeit

35 kg - Hailey Mintz (Wyoming SEM) pin Kennedy Hogan (Charlies Angels-Pink), 0:32

39 kg - Riley Karwowski (Wyoming SEM) dec. Samantha Massey (Charlies Angels-Pink), 10-7

43 kg - Libertie Nigh (Wyoming SEM) tech. fall Lily Enos (Charlies Angels-Pink), 12-2

46 kg - Lisa Pastoriza (Wyoming SEM) pin Aislin Kellner (Charlies Angels-Pink), 1:37

49 kg - Amelia Murphy (Wyoming SEM) dec. Alexandra Sebek (Charlies Angels-Pink), 5-4

52 kg - Clare Booe (Wyoming SEM) tech. fall Eliana Paramo (Charlies Angels-Pink), 10-0

55 kg - Savannah Arroyo (Wyoming SEM) dec. Ella Hughes (Charlies Angels-Pink), 10-4

58 kg - Taina McGowan (Wyoming SEM) tech. fall Milly Hughes (Charlies Angels-Pink), 10-0

61 kg - Isis France (Wyoming SEM) pin Ella Gahl (Charlies Angels-Pink), 1:24

64 kg - Kryssceah Ravenelle (Wyoming SEM) dec. Mackenzie Pratt (Charlies Angels-Pink), 13-6

69 kg – Remington LaFlamme (Wyoming SEM) pin Ariel Maicon (Charlies Angels-Pink), 1:03

77 kg - Alicia Tucker (Charlies Angels-Pink) dec. Emily Brown (Wyoming SEM), 5-3

85 kg – Ella Brown (Charlies Angels-Pink) pin Ella Johnson (Wyoming SEM), 0:54

105 kg - Savannah Isaac (Wyoming SEM) tech. fall Jessica Komolafe (Charlies Angels-Pink), 10-0