Monday Session I Blog: Valencia wins repechage, Winchester & Page to semifinals, Lee & Snyder lose in quarterfinals

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Women's Group One semifinal pairings

59 kg

Jennifer Page (United States) vs. Qi Zhang (China)

Yuliia Tkach (Ukraine) vs. Elena Brugger (Germany)


Haruna Okuno (Japan) vs. Mariana Dragutan (Moldova)

Anastasia Blayvas (Germany) vs. Jacarra Winchester (United States)

Women's Group One quarterfinal results

55 kg

Haruna Okuno (Japan) dec. Karla Godinez Gonzalez (Canada), 5-2

Mariana Dragutan (Moldova) dec. Erika Bognar (Hungary), 8-3

Anastasia Blayvas (Germany) dec. Min Zhang (China), 8-8

Jacarra Winchester (United States) tech fall Mariia Vynnyk (Ukraine), 11-1 5:40

59 kg

Jennifer Page (United States) dec. Sae Nanjo (Japan), 6-4

Qi Zhang (China) pin Alyona Kolesnik (Azerbaijan), 4:32

Yuliia Tkach (Ukraine) dec. Othelie Hoeie (Norway), 5-0

Elena Brugger (Germany) tech fall Diana Kayumova (Kazakhstan), 11-0 3:44

Men's freestyle Group Three semifinal pairings

65 kg

Rahman Amouzadkhalili (Iran) vs. Ismail Musukaev (Hungary)

Vazgen Tevanyan (Armenia) vs. Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico)

97 kg

Akhmed Tazhudinov (Bahrain) vs. Abdulrashid Sadulaev (Individual Neutral Athlete)

Givi Matcharashvili (Georgia) vs. Erik Thiele (Germany)

Men's freestyle Group Three quarterfinal results

65 kg

Rahman Amouzadkhalili (Iran) dec. Nick Lee (United States), 7-4

Ismail Musukaev (Hungary) dec. Shamil Mamedov (Individual Neutral Athletes), 5-4

Vazgen Tevanyan (Armenia) tech fall Haji Aliyev (Azerbaijan), 12-2 5:37

Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico) tech fall Maxim Sacultan (Moldova), 15-4 2:41

97 kg

Akhmed Tazhudinov (Bahrain) tech fall Kyle Snyder (United States), 11-0 2:51

Abdulrashid Sadulaev (Individual Neutral Athletes) pin Mojtaba Goleij (Iran), 4-4 5:54

Givi Matcharashvili (Georgia) dec. Alisher Yergali (Kazakhstan), 2-0

Erik Thiele (Germany) pin Magomedkhan Magomedov (Azerbaijan), 3:21


Wild match on the other mat, as Mojtaba Goleij of Iran was winning late in the match 4-2 over World and Olympic champion Abdulrashid Sadulaev of AIN. But Sadulaev gets Goleij onto his back for a pin with 5 seconds left and advances to the semifinals over Tazhudinov.


MFS 97 kg 1/4 final - Akhmed Tazhudinov (Bahrain) tech. fall Kyle Snyder (USA), 11-0

Tazhudinov gets a four-point toss on the edge to take a 4-0 lead on Snyder. Tazhudinov gets a takedown on the edge to make it 6-0. On a Snyder takedown attempt, Tazhudinov gets a four-point toss to win it 10-0. The USA challenges but it is denied, giving Tazhudinov another point and an 11-0 technical fall over Snyder.


MFS 65kg 1/4 final – Rahman Amouzadkhalili (Iran) dec. Nick Lee (USA), 7-4

Amouzadkhalili gets the opening takedown to lead 2-0. Amouzadkhalili adds a takedown at end of period to lead 4-0 at the break. Another Amouzakhalili takedown midway through the second period makes it 6-0. Amouzakhalilili forces a step out for a 7-0 lead. Lee tosses Amouadhallili to his back to make it 7-4. Time runs out and Lee falls to Amouzadkhalllil, 7-4.


WFS 55 kg 1/4 final - Jacarra Winchester (USA) tech fall Mariia Vynnyk (Ukraine) , 11-0

Winchester gets ankle pick for takedown, 2-0. Winchester forces a step out to make it 3-0 as we head to the break. Right off the bat in second, Winchester gets takedown to lead 5-0. Winchester blasts for takedown on the edge and a 7-0 lead. Another takedown and WInchester ups it to 9-0. Vynnyk forces a step out, 9-1. Winchester gets a counter takedown for an 11-1 technical fall win


WFS 59 kg 1/4 final - Jennifer Page (USA) dec. Sae Nanjo (Japan), 6-4

Nanjo scores the first takedown to lead 2-0. Page gets a head pinch turn for two and ties it up at 2-2. Nanjo gets a takedown for a 4-2 lead, then we go to the break. Page gets two points on a little headlock to tie it at 4-4 at take criteria. At the end of the match, another little headlock for two ended it for Page with a big win over Nanjo, 6-4.


Jen Page (USA) smiles with her arm raised in victory
Photo by: Durwood Tenny

Jennifer Page celebrates her win over Anjli (UWW). Photo by Durwood Tenny.


Kyle Snyder will wrestle Akhmed Tazhudinov (Bahrain) in the quarterfinals. All of the USA wrestlers starting today have advanced into the quarterfinals.


MFS 97 kg 1/8 final -  Kyle Snyder (USA) vs. Radu Lefter (Moldova)

Snyder starts with a quick step out, then adds another step out, 2-0. Snyder gets a takedown for a 4-0 lead. Add a blast double leg for a 6-0 margin. Snyder gets behind for a takedown and 8-0. Lefter gets a high single and takes it out of bounds for a point and an 8-1 score. Snyder gets a takedown for a 10-1 lead. A high single leg finishes off a Kyle Snyder 12-1 victory.


We know some USA opponents in the quarters. Jen Page has v Sae Nanjo (Japan). Jacarra Winchester has Mariia Vynnyk (Ukraine). Nick Lee has Rahman Amouzadkhalili (Iran)


MFS 65kg 1/8 final - Nick Lee (USA) dec. Umidjon Jalolov (Uzbekistan) , 4-3

Jalolov forces a step out and leads 1-0. Jalolov rolls with a leg shot and officials give a 2-and-2, making the score 3-2. Jalolov takes injury time. Lee gets a takedown for a 4-3 lead at the break. Jalolov gets injury time again. There are no scores in the second period, and Lee comes out with th 4-3 win.

55 kg 1/8 final - Jacarra Winchester (USA) dec. Neha Sharma (UWW), 7-2

Sharma gets the first takedown to lead 2-0. Winchester forces a step out to close it to 2-1. Winchester powers Sharma over for a takedown 3-2, then gets her in danger, but unalbe to finish the fall. A High gut makes it 5-2 for Winchester. Abother Winchester takedown makes it 7-2.


We might have our first double posting of the week, as both Nick Lee on Mat A and Jacarra Winchester on Mat D are both in the hole.


FS 59 kg 1/8 final - Jennifer Page (USA) tech fall Anjli (UWW), 11-0

 Page forces a step out to take a 1-0 lead. We go to the break with Page winning 1-0. Page hits a four-point headlock but is not able to finish her off, going out of bounds, now 5-0. Page powers Anjli to her back for another four points, 9-0. Referees discuss the call, no change. Page finishes it with a two-point hip toss for an 11-0 technical fall.


Next up for Kyle Snyder at 97 kg is Radu Lefter (Moldova)


MFS 97 kg 1/16 final -  Kyle Snyder (USA) tech fall Nishan Randhawa (Canada), 11-0

Snyder forces a step out to lead 1-0. Add another step out to make it 2-0, with a caution and one, now 3-0. Takedown for Snyder makes it 5-0. Add a spin behind for a takedown and a 7-0 lead. Snyder spins behind to make it 9-0. One more go behind makes it 11-0 for Snyder.

Nick Lee (USA) tosses Austin Gomez (Mexico) at the World Championships
Photo by: Durwood Tenny

Nick Lee tosses Austin Gomez (Mexico). Durwood Tenny photo


We know who Nick Lee has in the next round, Umidjon Jalolov (Uzbekistan)


MFS 65kg 1/16 final - Nick Lee (USA) pin Austin Gomez (Mexico) , 3:58

Single leg takedown for Lee, 2-0. Add a few gut wrench turns and it is 6-0 for Lee. Gomez gets a two point tilt with a front headlock to make it 6-2. Lee gets a step out, but Mexico challenges. They give the point to Gomez, as Lee stepped out first, making the score 6-3. We go to the break with Lee leading 6-3. The wrestlers go upper body, Lee ends up tossing Gomez to his back and gets the fall with 2:02 left in the second period.


Nick Lee will next face Austin Gomez of Mexico in the 1/16 round. Yes, that’s Austin Gomez who wrestled for Iowa State and Wisconsin. There are lots of U.S. collegians on other national teams this week, and Nick Lee gets to wrestle one of them.


MFS 65kg preliminary - Nick Lee (USA) dec. Kryztof Bienkowski (Poland), 6-0

Bienkowski put on shot clock and can not score in 30 seconds, giving Lee a point to lead 1-0. No other points occur in first period and it's 1-0 for Lee at the break. Lee adds a point early in the second to lead 2-0. A single leg takedown by Lee makes it 4-0. The stop for blood time for Lee. A late spin behind by Lee for a takedown closes out his 6-0 victory.


We now know the opponent for Jen Page in her 59 kg opener, Anjli of UWW (from India), who scored a tech over Beauregard of Canada.


With his win in repechage Zahid Valencia will now face Arash Yoshida (Japan) in a bronze-medal bout at 92 kg tonight.


MFS 92 kg repechage - Zahid Valencia dec. Denys Sahaliuk (Ukraine), 6-0

Zahid gets behind for a takedown and leads 2-0. There are no other good attacks in the first period and we go to the break at 2-0 for Valencia. Zahid takes a leg shot midway into second period. He breaks out of a whizzer and gets behind for a takedown and 4-0 lead. Sahaliuk Takes a shot, which Zahid counters for a takedown and 6-0 lead. Time runs out and Valencia wins 6-0. On to the bronze-medal match.



U.S. mat assignments

Mat B

Bout 1 Zahid Valencia v Denys Sahaliuk (Ukraine)

Bout 9 Nick Lee v. Kryzsztof Bienkowski (Poland)

Bout 23 Kyle Snyder v Nishan Randhawa (Canada)

Bout 26 Jen Page v Laurence Beauregard (Canada)/Anjli (UWW)

Mat D

Bout 31 Jacarra Winchester v Neha Sharma (UWW)


This is day three in Belgrade. So far, it has been a good start for Team USA. Last night, we had three gold medalists, Vito Arujau (61 kg), Zain Retherford (70 kg) and David Taylor (86 kg), and a bronze medalist, Mason Parris (125 kg) from men’s freestyle Group 1. Taylor and Parris qualified the USA to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In Group 2, Kyle Dake (74 kg) has reached the finals, which brings another Olympic berth for Paris. Zahid Valencia (92 kg) is in repechage, with a chance to battle back for a medal. Two U.S. wrestlers are out, Zane Richards (57 kg) and Chance Marsteller (79 kg). Team USA leads the team race after four weight classes in men’s freestyle.

We have four new athletes competing on Monday morning. There is Group 3 in men’s freestyle, with Nick Lee (65 kg) and Kyle Snyder (97 kg), both in Olympic weight classes. Women’s freestyle starts with Group 1, with Jacarra Winchester (55 kg) and Jennifer Page (65 kg), both non-Olympic weight classes.

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Kyle Snyder (USA) hand fights during 2022 World Championships (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)