U.S. women add four golds on Saturday, claim U15 Pan Am team title with nine champs

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

The 2023 U15 Pan American Women's Freestyle Champions - The United States of America (Photo by Christina Hargrove)

PANAMA CITY, Panama – The United States added four gold medals and a bronze medal on Saturday, finishing the two-day women’s freestyle competition at the U15 Pan American Championships with the team title.

Team USA ended up with nine champions and a bronze medalist, dominating the team standings with 240 points. (The maximum amount of points is 250). Ecuador was second with 120 points and Puerto Rico was third with 93 points. Five women’s weights were held on Friday and five on Saturday.

Winning gold medals on Saturday were Haley Delgado (42 kg), Kayla Batres (50 kg), Amaya Hinojosa (58 kg) and Violette Lasure (66 kg). Lasure pinned all four of her opponents. Delgado, Batres and Hinojosa all won three matches on the day.

Capturing a bronze medal at 38 kg was Timmery Condit.

The Golden Boot in women’s freestyle, which recognizes the Outstanding Wrestler, was awarded to Epenesa Elison, the 46 kg champion on Friday. Elison won three straight technical falls, then scored a pin in 49 seconds in the finals.

Team USA swept the five weights contested on Friday, with gold medals from Maise Elliott (33 kg), Gail Sullivan (39 kg), Epenesa Elison (46 kg), Kaylyn Harrill (54 kg) and Taina Fernandez (62 kg).

The Greco-Roman competition was also held on Saturday. Team USA won the title with seven champions and 10 medalists. A separate article on Greco-Roman will be posted.


At Panama City, Panama

Women’s freestyle medalists on Saturday

36 kg

Gold - Corangelys Torres Kuilan (Puerto Rico)

Silver - Sareth Manjarres Cerezo (Ecuador)

Bronze - Timmery Condit (USA)

42 kg

Gold - Hailey Delgado (USA)

Silver - Alejandra Salinas Betancourt (Chile)

Bronze - Xiomara Meza Alava (Ecuador)

Bronze – Heilyn Aguirre Nieto (Colombia)

50 kg

Gold - Kayla Batres (USA)

Silver – Aneishka Santos Baez (Puerto Rico)

Bronze - Danna Chavez Martinez (Mexico)

Bronze – Clara Ramirez Guardia (Peru)

58 kg

Gold - Amaya Hinojosa (USA)

Silver - Camila Chasipanta Sandoval (Ecuador)

Bronze - Yasim Neper Oliveira Santos (Brazil)

Bronze – Kristeen Olaya Piza (Ecuador)

66 kg

Gold – Violette Lasure (USA)

Silver – Mayara Neper Oliveira Santos (Brazil)

Bronze - Mariana Munoz Chacon (Colombia)

Bronze – Maria Jose Paz Rangel (Mexico)

U.S. Women’s freestyle performances on Saturday

36 kg - Timmery Condit (Pomona Elite (PWCC)/Littleton, Colo.), Bronze Medal

LOSS Sareth Manjarres Cerezo (Ecuador), tech fall 10-0, 1:39

WIN Corangelys Torres Kuilan (Puerto Rico), tech fall 14-4, 2:31

42 kg – Hailey Delgado (NXT Level Wrestling Academy/El Paso, Texas), Gold Medal

WIN Jennifer De Souza Queiroz (Brazil), pin, 1:33

WIN Xiomara Meza Alava (Ecuador), tech fall, 12-2 2:46

WIN Alejandra Salinas Betancourt (Chile), pin 2:34

50 kg – Kayla Batres (South Side WC/Milford, Conn.), Gold Medal

WIN Danna Chavez Martinez (Mexico), tech fall, 10-0, 0:33

WIN Azumi Arenas Cuadras (Mexico)

WIN Aneishka Santos Baez (Puerto Rico)

58 kg – Amaya Hinojosa (Goldman`s Wrestling Academy of the Rockies/Colorado Springs, Colo.), Gold Medal

WIN Yasim Neper Oliveira Santos (Brazil), 8-4

WIN Daliana Cartagena Casiano (Puerto Rico), 6-5

WIN Camila Chasipanta Sandoval (Ecuador), inj. dft, 1:06

66 kg – Violette Lasure (Orchard WC/New Paris, Penn.), Gold Medal

WIN Maria Jose Paz Rangel (Mexico), pin 0:31

WIN Deborah Garcia Pacheco (Mexico), pin 2:40

WIN Mariana Munoz Chacon (Colombia), pin, 0:59

WIN Mayara Neper Oliveira Santos (Brazil), pin 2:40

Final Women’s Freestyle Team Standings

1. United States 240

2. Ecuador 120

3. Puerto Rico 93

4. Mexico 89

5. Colombia 76

6. Brazil 65

7. Peru 43

8. Guatemala 39

9. Chile 30

10. Panama 22

11. Honduras 9

12. Barbados 6

Women’s freestyle medalists on Friday

33 kg

Gold - Maisie Elliott (USA)

Silver - Katherine Gutierrez Munoz (Ecuador)

39 kg

Gold – Gail Sullivan (USA)

Silver - Indra Trejo Jimenez (Mexico),

Bronze - Kristel Sosa Carpio (Ecuador)

46 kg

Gold – Epenesa Elison (USA)

Silver - Camila Pachas Huaroto (Peru)

Bronze - Miayalee Ortiz Martinez (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Maylin Escobar Marroquin (Guatemala)

54 kg

Gold - Kaylyn Harrill (USA)

Silver - Luisianna Naviua Corozo (Ecuador)

Bronze - Savannah Arroyo (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Alejandra Serrano Roa (Colombia)

62 kg

Gold - Taina Fernandez (USA)

Silver - Meissy Valdez Obando (Guatemala),

Bronze - Linda Martinez Armenta (Mexico)

Bronze – Sylvua Espinosa Muniz (Mexico)

U.S. women’s freestyle results on Friday

33 kg – Maisie Elliott (Mat Demon WC/Puyallup, Wash.), Gold Medal

WIN Katherine Gutierrez Munoz (Ecuador), pin 1:13

WIN Andrea Mitchell Flores (Honduras), forfeit

39 kg – Gail Sullivan (Apex Wrestling NYC LLC/Monroe, N.Y.), Gold Medal

WIN Indra Trejo Jimenez (Mexico), tech fall 10-0, 1:49

WIN Kristel Sosa Carpio (Ecuador), tech fall, 10-0, 1:27

46 kg – Epenesa Elison (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage/Downey, Calif.), Gold Medal

WIN Miayalee Ortiz Martinez (Puerto Rico), tech fall 10-0, 0:37

WIN Luitciany Itzell Orano (Panama), tech fall 10-0, 0:17

WIN Karoline Cerqueira Doerl (Brazil), tech fall 10-0, 1:13

WIN Camila Pachas Huaroto (Peru), pin 0:49

54 kg – Kaylyn Harrill (The Best Wrestler/Elkhorn, Neb.), Gold Medal

WIN Jaqueline Ortega Andrade (Mexico), pin 0:46

WIN Ximena Balderas Martinez (Mexico), pin 0:22

WIN Savannah Arroyo (Puerto Rico), pin 1:01

WIN Luisianna Naviua Corozo (Ecuador), pin 0:38

62 kg – Taina Fernandez (Cavalier WC/Bowie, Md.), Gold Medal

WIN Elizabeth Casiano Macario (Mexico), tech fall 10-0, 1:07

WIN Shantallee Barrios Bonalde (Colombia), pin 0:33

WIN Linda Martinez Armenta (Mexico), pin 1:25

WIN Meissy Valdez Obando (Guatemala), tech fall 10-0, 1:38